Chapter 27 – Extending The Range of Magic

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“That’s why I’m going to make this next.”

The day after the tea party, I was talking to Mabel while looking at the [Mail Order Catalogue].

On the opened page, you can see a black cylinder.
The surface is glossy and has a transparent plate at the tip.
It seems that a red light would come out when it starts up.

“What is this? Thor-sama.”

“It says it’s a [Laser Pointer]”


“Laser pointer” (It can also be used as a laser sight!)

Make sure to convey your instructions with this [Laser pointer]!

With the light of a [Laser pointer], your intentions are clearly conveyed, no matter how chaotic the situation is!

Especially recommended for those who are in a position to guide people!
If you use this product, you will be able to accurately hit the “mark”!

The red light emitted from this product reaches a surprisingly long distance and makes the place you want to show clearly stand out.
The distance is about 5 times that of regular products!
The boldness is increased 10 times!

Even in noisy places or where your voice won’t reach, the goals you point at are clearly visible.
Your instructions will definitely be transmitted and the surroundings will soon quiet down.

In addition, our [Laser pointer] can be attached to a crossbow or air gun to create a [laser sight]!
The hit rate is increased by 10 times.
The range will be increased 5 times!
(For competition.
Never point it at people)


“… This is something amazing.”

Mabel listens to my explanation and her eyes were shining.
I’m surprised too.
I don’t know what an “eh-r-gan” is, but “Crossbow” is something that is in this world.
The point is that if you use it on a flying weapon, the hit rate and flight distance will be increased.

“But, Thor-sama, what does it mean to say,[Recommended for those who are in the position of instructing.
You will be able to accurately hit the mark]?”

“I think it means that the captain of the soldier can accurately convey which enemy to defeat.”

“[Your instructions will definitely be transmitted, and the surroundings will soon be quiet.]”

“It means that the screaming enemies will soon be defeated and silenced.”

“[Never point it at people]…”

“I think it’s for the exclusive use of monster subjugation.”
“What is [for competition]:”

“For the Hero, subduing the monsters is like a competition, because they were competing for the score and the speed of levelling up.”

“It sure is easy to understand.”


Mabel and I nodded.

“Because it is exclusively for monster subjugation, there is no record that it was used against demons and subhumans.
I wonder if the hero only used it to defeat monsters and raise their level.”

“There is a legend that a hero defeated a powerful monster in a blink of an eye.”

“And they were unscathed.”

“If the range is increased 5 times, that monster couldn’t even come close…”

That’s right.
They’ll be knocked down before they get close.
There is also a record that a huge monster bird was pierced by the magic of a hero from a long distance.

“But it’s perfect for getting rid of monsters this time.
If you can’t use it against humans, you don’t have to worry about stray shots.”

“The Empire’s people are coming too…”

“Well, that’s okay.”

I don’t want to get involved with the empire.
I just want to make an item for Demon Lord Rukie that can safely subdue monsters.

“Then I’ll start.
Will you prepare the material?”

“Got it! Thor-sama.”

Mabel saluted.
I got out the materials from the [Simple warehouse].

Of course, you need a light magic stone because it emits light.
I got Chancellor Kelve to give me some of the ones used for lighting.
It’s part of the “All-you-can-use magic stone plan” I talked about earlier.

The problem is how to make the light go straight …
Let’s use the dark attribute for this.
Light and darkness are contradictory attributes, so if I wrap the light around with darkness, I may be able to shoot the light in only one direction.
let’s try it.
If I make a mistake, I can just remake it.

“Activate [Creation Alchemy]! “

I activated my skill.
I imagine the [Laser pointer] as seen in the [Mail order catalogue].

A black, metal cylinder.
Inside of it is a light magic stone.
I imagine wrapping it with dark attributes and dark magic stones.
It’s like making a tunnel inside a bag of water.
The output of the magic stone of light must be large, so I inject my own magic power.

The metal materials.”


The metal lump from Mabel was placed on the table.
I move the image of the [Laser pointer] that emerged in the air onto the table.
The metal lump changed into a tube.
I then embedded the light magic stone into it and added dark attributes to the surrounding metal.
In addition, a dark magic stone is also incorporated into it to further strengthen the contradiction between light and dark.

In addition, let’s add wind attributes to it.
“Wind attribute” also means “circulate” and “carry far away”.
It should carry the light of the [Laser pointer] even further.

“……This should do it”

It’s much bigger than it is in the [Mail order catalogue].
Well, this can’t be helped.
I haven’t caught up with the techniques in the Hero’s world yet.

“Execute [Creation Alchemy]!!! “


A cylindrical [laser pointer] was on the table.
The length is about 60 cm.
The diameter is less than 10 cm.
It’s pretty big.
I don’t think that it’s possible to attach it to a crossbow.


Laser pointer (Can also be used as a Laser sight)
(Attributes: Light, Dark, Wind, Wind) (Rarity: ★★★★)

A light source is created by the light magic power.
With the strong dark magic power, the light is compressed tightly and stretched, forcing it to go straight.
The wind magic power creates a flow of magic power to the place where the light hits.

A light magic stone and a dark magic stone are needed.
Since magic stones are consumables, they need to be replaced regularly (replace them with new ones once every three months).
Physical Destruction Resistance: ★★★ (Can only be destroyed with a magic weapon)
Includes a personal safety device: Cannot be used against humans, demons, or subhumans.
Includes a user-support for 1 year.
Service life: 15 years


“Let’s test it out.
Was there a magic training ground in the castle?”

“Yes, I’ll take you there.”

“Thank you.
I’m relying on you, Mabel.”

Therefore, we headed to the magic training ground.

“── When fighting a demon beast, the vanguard should be as close as possible.

“── Then the rearguard magic unit would be in danger! If the enemy suddenly approaches us, our magic will not be able to activate in time!”

“──The monster [Gargarossa] has many subordinates.
It’s better to defeat it before they assemble.”

“── Minotaurs and the others should be fine, but what if us elves who are weak at defence get attacked from the side──”

“── So to prevent that from happening we have to do reconnaissance.”

“── We’ll be in danger if we get too close to the enemy!!”

This is a training ground for soldiers in a corner of Demon Castle.
The place is surrounded by a short wall and fences.
In the corner, stone targets are lined up.
The magic training ground should be there.

“Excuse me.
I would like to experiment with magic for a whil── “

” ── Quickly defeating the enemy is the fastest way to reduce the damage.”

“── Think about the magician that’s going to accompany you!!”

Near the entrance to the training ground, a Minotaur warrior and an elf magician were arguing.
Behind them are warriors and people in magician robes.
Is this supposed to be a briefing session?

“They should be the commanders of the soldier unit and the mage unit.”

“Maybe it’s meeting about subduing the monster?”

It seems that they are talking about how to fight it.”

It seems that they are discussing the formation during the battle.

The monster to be subdued this time is called “Gargarossa”, and it seems that it has a large number of subordinates under its control.
If it was left unchecked, it would attract more and more subordinates.

The vanguard troops, including the Minotaurs, want to assault and destroy the demon beast at once.
The mage unit wants to fight as far away as possible as to not be surrounded by enemies.

However, if the vanguard unit rushes in, the magic unit must also move forward.
If you move too far away, the magic wouldn’t be able to reach.
That’s why they are exchanging opinions in this way.

“… Wow”

I muttered unintentionally.

“In the empire, the lower-ranked officers follow the strategy decided by the upper echelons unconditionally.
I think it’s amazing that people in the field can exchange opinions like this.”

“That’s right.
It’s always like this in the Demon territory…”

“Well then, I’ll go get permission to use the magic training ground.”

── She went to talk to an elf who was free.
Then we moved to the magic training ground.

“From this line to the target is the general range for magic.”

Mabel pointed to the white line on the ground.
Behind her, there are lines at regular intervals that indicate the location of the magic launch.
It seems that they train to increase the accuracy of attack magic by approaching and moving away from the target.

“This is the limit of the range …”

“The target is the stone slab over there, right?”

“That’s right.
They train by trying to hit the circle in the centre.”

Let’s see if the [Laser pointer] will increase the hit rate.”

I took out a [Laser pointer] from the [ultra-small simple warehouse] (remade for myself) in my pocket.
After all, it’s a little bit big.
I wonder if putting it on my shoulder would make it more stable.
This should be good.
Pour magical power into it──

── Pou.

Alright, it’s activated.

“Thor-sama! A big red dot has appeared at the target!?”

“That’s the effect of the [Laser pointer].
I think we’re supposed to shoot magic at that place…”

“……I see”

Mabel looks at the target with interest.

A large red dot emerged on the target of the magic training ground.
There is a black border around the red dot, probably due to the effect of the dark attribute.
It’s very easy to see.
Furthermore, a straight red line appears from the [Laser pointer] to the target.
Do I use this to aim? It’s easy to use.

“Now that we’re ready, can we shoot magic now?”

I think it’s okay because there is no one around.
But for the time being, it’s better to get permission ──

“── In other words, if you can attack the monster with magic from behind us──”

“── There is no way that can be done !!”

Everyone seems to be busy.
I shouldn’t disturb them.
I got permission to use the facility, so it should be fine.
Let’s start the testing then.

Can you use ice-based magic?”

Thanks to Thor-sam, my magic circulation of water has improved, so I can do most of the things.”

“Then, shoot an ice attack magic.”

“Yes, then [Icicle Arrow]!!”

Mabel casts magic.
An ice arrow hits the center of the red dot.



“What happened?”

“When I shot it, I felt that my aim was off, but … I hit it.”

“It’s fine if you hit it.
Next, let’s extend the distance a little more.”

We moved 1.5 times further from the target.
Mabel casts the magic again.
It hit.

We moved to the point where the distance to the target is doubled.
Mabel casts the magic.
It hit.

We got hooked and continued experimenting with magic.
The briefing session is still going on at the entrance of the training ground.
I can’t hear it from here, but I wonder what they’re talking about…


“── Why don’t you understand?”

“──It’s you who don’t understand!? The mages need a safe distance!”

“── While we are fighting the monster, the magician can move back──”

“──Magic has something called a “range”, so that’s impossible ──”

“Hmm? Someone is experimenting with magic.”

“── They’re pretty far away from the target.
It woudn’t hit it at such a
distance …”

“── Oh.”

“── What!?”

“── Whhhhat!?”


“” ……………… “”


We backed up further and released the magic──
Is this the limit?
We are at the edge of the training ground.
It’s impossible to go any further.
I was able to confirm that the range of it was at least 3.5 times the usual.
Mabel’s magic all hit the target.
The experiment was successful, but ──

“It’s weird, Thor-sama!!”

“What’s weird?”

“Why does the Ice Arrow hit even if we have exceeded the general range!? Moreover, in the exact same place … without any deviation …”

“It can’t be helped.
It’s an item from the world of heroes.”

“…That’s right.
But I’m still not convinced as an elf …”

I understand that.
But well, there’s nothing I can do about it.
Let’s check the target.

We held hands and moved to the target.
When we came near it, we could see the icicles sticking in the stone target.
It’s the “Icicle Arrows” released by Mabel.
However, the ice is attached only to the part where the light of the [Laser pointer] was shining.
The ice arrow shot by Mabel hit the exact same place without any deviation.
In other words──

“Was the magic pulled by the flow of magic power created by the [laser pointer]?”

“The flow of magical power?”

“This [laser pointer] sends the light magic power and the dark magic power to the target, right? In other words, there is a line of magic power between the [laser pointer] and the target.”


Maybe she noticed what I meant, Mabel opened her eyes wide.

“In other words, if you shoot magic so that it touches the light of the [laser pointer]──”

“It means that it will reach its goal by following the flow of magical power.”

“It’s a dreadful ability…”

“I think people can safely fight the monsters with this.”

This [laser pointer] was made for the monsters in the first place.
In the world of heroes, I think they used this to efficiently defeat monsters.

“The scary thing is the items in the world of heroes …”

I was able to accurately hit the “mark”.
At the direction of the leader, all the noisy monsters are made quiet.
Never point at people, an item dedicated to monster subjugation.

Dedicated to demon subjugation means that the hero was not using it in the battle with the Demon Lord.
Even so, the fact that they were able to beat the Demon Lord ── As expected they’re in a different league.

“Then let’s take this to her majesty.
We’ll talk to Chancellor Kelve and ask if he can use it.”

“That’s right.
Let’s go Thor-sama.”

“Before that, let’s clean up the training ground ──”

Before I knew it, the training ground was quiet.
Minotaur-san and the elf-san were ── silently looking at me.
I guess I scared them? Well, that can’t be helped.

“Thank you for using the training ground.
I will clean up no── “

Furu Furu Furu Furu!

Minotaur-san and Elf-san simultaneously shook their head.
Eh? Is it ok?

“Is that ok?”

Koku Koku Koku Koku!

This time, Minotaur-san and Elf-san nodded simultaneously.
Is that okay? Well then, I’ll accept your kind offer.
Demon Lord Rukie and Chancellor Kelve seem to be busy.
I should go and make an appointment as soon as possible and tell them about the [laser pointer].

“I’m sorry to bother everyone.”

“Excuse me.”

Mabel and I bowed and left the training ground.


── After Thor and Mabel left ──

“… What were we talking about?”

“… Did you forget? We were talking about the vanguard assaulting the monster and the rearguard supporting them with magic.”

“…That should be it.
I forgot.”

“… I understand you.
I too forgot after seeing the shocking scene.”
“What was the problem? Elf-san, the commander of the magic unit.”

“It was about the range of magic.
Minotaur-san, the commander of the vanguard unit.”

“” ………… “”

The Minotaurs and the elves looked at each other.

“The one who used magic earlier was the maid, Mabel-sama, right?”
“Y, yes.
Before, she couldn’t use magic, and it seems that she was ostracized by the heartless people of the elf village.”

“But she just used magic?”

The range is amazing too.”

“What’s going on?”

“I think it’s because of the items used by the human alchemist, Thor-sama.”

“I see it’s Thor Regas-sama, who reports to Her Majesty.”

“But I’ve never heard of an item that extends the range of magic …”

“It’s possible for Thor-sama.”

“Is it possible?”

“A fellow Minotaur who was a guard said that he is an alchemist with great power.”

“Anyway, if we have the previous item, it will be easier to subdue the monster Gargarossa.”

“What was the problem we were talking about?”

“It’s a matter of the range of magic…”

“The problem is gone now…”

“What should we do……”

The minotaurs and elves remain silent for a while.
Then they stood up all at once and start walking.
Thor and Mabel said that they would go see Her Majesty or Chancellor Kelve to get permission to use the item.
We must go and put in a good word for it.
It takes time to get an audience with her majesty, but Chancellor Kelve might be free at the moment.
Thinking so, they set out for the Chancellor’s office.

After a dozen minutes later.

“Wa, wait.
I don’t know what you’re talking about !? What? Thor and Mabel? I think they’re with Her Majesty… eh? Permission to use the item.
No, wait.
Seriously, wait.
I haven’t heard the story yet.
Calm down now, eh? Um … Thor Regus-dono! Please come here and explain ── !! “

Chancellor Kelve was told by soldiers and mages a passionate story about “permitting Thor’s items.”

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