Chapter 28 – General Reisenga Negotiates With an Imperial Aristocrat

──When Thor was making the [Laser Pointer], in the territory of Reisenga──

This is the territory of General Reisenga, in the south of the Demon Territory.
A messenger from the empire came to the General’s mansion in the center.

The name of the messenger is Margrave Garoa.
He is an imperial aristocrat with a territory closest to the Demon Territory.

“Nice to meet you.
Flame General Reisenga.
I’m from the Dolgarian Empire, my name is Margrave Garoa.”

A man wearing a cloak indicating that he was an imperial aristocrat bowed to General Reisenga.
On the other hand, Reisenga returned the greeting with a light nod.

“I’m Reisenga Frazad, the general who governs the territory south of the Demon Castle.”

This meeting was agreed upon by Demon Lord Rukie.
The purpose is to negotiate about the mine development.

A few months ago, a new ore vein was discovered in the mountainous area of ​​General Reisenga, near the border of the Empire.
Right beside it is the Territory of Margrave Garoa.

The Demon Lord intended to start developing the mine soon, but as a result of an investigation, a powerful monster was found to be settled nearby.
Before the mine development, you must first defeat the monster.

However, if we gather soldiers in the border area, we may be mistaken by the empire as “the demon territory has the intention of invading us.”
Also, if the monster is provoked and the monster and attacks a town on the Empire’s side, the empire will be inconvenienced.

With that in mind, Reisenga sent a messenger to explain the situation to the Margrave Garoa of the Empire.
After several exchanges, we came up with the following plans:

・ The Demon territory cooperates with the empire to subdue the demon beast.
・When the mine is developed, the empire will receive a portion of the mined silver as a reward.

Then, the written negotiations continued between the General and Margrave ──
We were in the final stages of finalizing.

“May I check the conditions? Reisenga-dono?”

“Oh, I don’t mind.”

Reisenga placed a piece of parchment in front of Margrave.

“The conditions are as written here.
Is there anything you are concerned about? Margrave Garoa”

“Well … First of all, I’d like to confirm.
Is it okay for the Empire to provide troops to subdue the monster Gargarossa? The number of troops will be about 50 to 100.”

No problem.
It would be great if you could cooperate.
That monster has a lot of subordinates too.”

Reisenga nodded to Margrave’s words.

“Are you sure that the soldiers from the empire will fight in cooperation with us, the Demon Territory’s soldiers? Margrave Garoa.”

So, about the rewards we receive …”

“After the mine is developed, a part of the silver that is mined will go to the Empire.”

“Is Your Majesty the Demon Lord okay with this condition?”

“Of course.
Her Majesty Rukie Evergard said that this condition is okay.”

“So we receive an set amount of silver for 1 year?”

Margrave Garoa raised his face from the paperwork.

“Is it possible to extend the period of receiving silver a little longer?”

“I don’t know how many silver there are in the vein.
I can’t say for sure.”

“If possible, two years, no, I’d be happy if you could give us four years.”

“I have already told Her Majesty the Demon Lord that it’s a year.”

“That’s it … there’s something I can do.”

Margrave Garoa grinned while rubbing his hands.
The Margrave is muscular.
He is not as tall as Reisenga, but he is a well-known warrior in the empire.

Margrave left his weapon to his servant and came to Reisenga’s mansion.
I think he is a courageous person.
However, the meeting place was chosen to be a room near the exit of the mansion, and a large number of soldiers were kept outside.

To respect brave warriors is the policy of Reisenga’s house.
I have no complaints that Margrave Garoa is a negotiator.
But this sticky look…

“… What is something that you can do?”

“I don’t want to say this out loud.”

“I won’t know what you want without you saying it.”

“Then, let me tell you.
As a thank you for extending the period of giving the silver to four years, I will give General Reisenga a part of the silver sent to the empire.
This is a personal thank you to the general.”

Margrave Garoa distorted his lips and laughed.

“The empire’s share will be reduced, but the period will be longer.
His Majesty will be pleased.
Of course, General Reisenga will also benefit.”

“Be quiet.
If I do that, I would be deceiving Her Majesty.”

“She wouldn’t know about it if you keep your mouth zipped.”

“Did you know the truth?”

“This Garoa has a stiff mouth.”

“… Are you a trustworthy person?”

Reisenga drinks a cup of tea, takes a breath and then continues,

“You wrote in the letter that the guest sent to the Demon territory was a “powerful warrior”.
Even if it doesn’t look strong, he’s a strong man who is perfect for testing my skills were also written on there.”

“That’s right.
Did the general fight him?”

“No way.
I knew just by looking at him.
He wasn’t the one who fights with weapons.”

“That’s a shame, but as a general, don’t you like that person? He can’t fight, but he’s still alive with the blood of an imperial aristocrat.
You could use him to raise your character.”


“The empire and the demon territory are now at peace, but we were nations that once fought.
Some may have still harbour a grudge against the empire.
By all means, give him to them.
This way the one’s that habour a grudge against the Empire would be refreshed.”

“So that was why you introduce … Thor as a [warrior] then?”

The Duke also said that Thor Regus is a shame for the Duke’s family.
At least that life should help the empire.
So, let’s return to the previous story …”

Margrave Garoa placed both of his hands on the table and leaned forward.

“I have a good idea.
You extend the contract between the Demon Territory and the Empire to four years.
If we are found out we would pin all the blame on Thor Regus… How about it?”


“He tricked the General and rewrote some documents.
Then he put the silver that was supposed to go to the empire into his own pocket.
He was going to use that silver to do some dodgy dealings in the Empire.


“This will not bother the general.
Only Thor Regus will disappear with all his sins on his back.
He will be useful to the empire and the general with his life.
Don’t you think that this is a good idea?”

“……I will only ask 1 question.”

General Resisenga said, lowering his gaze.

“Was it your decision to put the responsibility on Thor Regus-dono?'”
“I’m not the only one.
It was the suggestion of his father, the Duke Regus.”

I’m asking if your emperor knows this.”

His Majesty only knows that we want to extend the contract period to 4 years.”

Margrave Garoa shrugged.

“Serving the empire is a nobleman’s job, but reporting each and everything is not a nobleman’s job.”

“…I see.
I’m glad.”


“I didn’t have to hold the Empire in Contempt.
Her Majesty has the ideal of ​​”learning from humans.” I didn’t want to make Her Majesty sad.”
“U, um … General Reisenga?”

“… Enough.
Shut up.
Don’t open your mouth anymore.”


In the hands of General Reisenga the pottery cup shattered.
The general closed his fist as it is and grinds the debris until it becomes powder.

A flame broke out from the general’s hair.
His bronze skin becomes redder and the crimson eyes begin to turn golden.
The general silently stretched his arm-pointing to the exit of the mansion.

“Get out”

“Pa, pardon?”

“I don’t have anything to say to lowly humans like you! Get out! Never show up in front of me again!!!”


Bam! Reisenga’s fist violently hit the table.
It split right in half.
The scattered pieces of wood became ashes as they came into contact with him.

“Even though it’s sinful just to deceive Her Majesty … Of all things to use my Benefactor, Thor-dono? If things go south everything will be pinned on him…? On my friend, Thor and the benefactor of my daughter!?? Stop messing around.”

“Y, your friend!? That person!?”

I respect Thor-dono.
So I pledged my loyalty to Her Majesty.”
“Why!? For the likes of Thor Regus!?”

“What “For the likes of Regus”? How much do you have to insult him to feel satisfied!”

The temperature of the room rises.
Heat is being released from General Reisenga’s body.
The flames swaying and the general’s anger.
Overwhelmed by both, Margrave’s face becomes deep blue.

“I, I don’t know why.
What happened with Thor Regus!?”

“I have decided that Thor-dono is my daughter, Agnis’ husband.”

General Reisenga glared at Margrave Garoa with his crimson eyes.

“It’s impossible to use Thor-dono! That’s all for negotiations with you! I’ll report all this to Her Majesty!! Her Majesty would probably send a letter to the Emperor of the Empire.
You have used your dirty hands to trick Her Majesty and tried to use me and Thor-dono!!”

“N, no way.
If you accept this offer, General will also benefit from it.”

“Such a thing, compared to Agnis’ smile is equivalent to dust!!!”

“Then, what about the mine!?”

“Originally, this negotiation was for the friendship between the empire and the demon territory.
We negotiated with the empire because we did not want the soldiers who gathered to subdue the monsters to be mistaken for an invasion.”

Suppressing his angry voice, General Reisenga continues.

“But it turns out that you can’t understand it.
I’ll tell the Emperor of the Empire directly in writing that the Demon Territory has no intention of hostility.”

“It’s not like that! You’re telling the Emperor about the mine!? If the negotiations here fall through, what about the position of me and the duke…!??”

“This matter is left to me by Her Majesty.”

Reisenga shook his arm toward the window.
The window reinforced with metal shattered easily.

They should have already heard the commotion.
Under the window, the subordinates of Reisenga and the Margrave of Garoa were gathered.

“I tell you in the name of General Reisenga! Margrave Garoa, said a statement to Her majesty and my friend that I could not turn a blind eye on! It is my responsibility to negotiate for Her majesty and this is the end of the negotiations with the Margrave!!! “

General Reisenga shouted at those who gathered outside the window.

“Now, go home promptly! Margrave, The negotiations have broken down!!”
“H, how are you going to deal with the monster, General? Even if you guys go subjugate the mon──”

“You don’t need to mention it.
I know it’s horror well.”

“Apologize now! And then──”

“I don’t have a head to bow to the ones who insulted my friend!”


“It’s better to give this life to the monster rather than doing such a thing! If you understand it, disappear immediately!”

Reisenga shouted.
For a while, Margrave Garoa was looking back at the general.

“…It, its different from what they previously said.
Why is this happening …”

──Muttering, he jumped out of the room.

After a while, outside the window, Margrave and his soldier left.
They’ll probably return to the Empire.
It would take some time to report to the emperor and then make a move for the opposite side.
Let’s report this to Her Majesty ──
When Reisenga began to think about that ──

“… Father”

“Agnis? I’m sorry, I broke the window.
I tried to replace the unpleasant air, but it seems that I overdid it.”

Reisenga looks back at the voice he heard.
Agnis stood at the entrance of the room.

“What happened? Father”

“It’s not something you should care about.”


“… the messenger from the empire insulted Thor…”

I’ll go … chase and burn him… for a bit.”

Agnis tries to run out reflexively.
The pendant on the chest shines, activating the physical strengthening of the five attributes.

“Wait! Agnis!!”

“The one who insults Thor-sama is the enemy of Agnis!!”

“I feel the same too! Can’t you see that I’m holding back my anger!?”

Reisenga shouted.
Agnis turned around and saw flames rising from her father’s hair.
The temperature of the room also rises, and the heat makes the air waver.
Even Reisenga, who can control his fire magic power, couldn’t control the flames because of his anger.

“… Agnis.
It’s okay to get revenge, but how are you going to tell Thor-dono about that?”


“A nobleman from the Empire insulted you so Agnis took revenge for you? Also, if he knew the Empire’s true face, wouldn’t he be hurt? Moreover, because of that, if the Demon Territory and the Empire fight, wouldn’t he have a hard time?”

Hearing the words of her father, Agnis and stopped running.
Agnis kicked the wall and used the recoil to jump and landed in front of Reisenga.

“… I see.
Agnis doesn’t want to hurt Thor.”

“… The empire seems to think of Thor as a hostage to the Demon Territory, something that can be used freely.
But I don’t think Thor knows it.
If he knew, he wouldn’t be so calm.”

“Agnis also thinks that’s the case.
Thor-sama is kind.”

“I understand.
Therefore … let’s keep this matter a secret to Thor-dono.”

Reisenga and Agnis were looking out the window side by side.
The soldiers of the empire are no longer visible.
They probably want to get out of the Territory quickly, Reisenga thought.

Because they thought that I might chase and burn them.

After all, I should have relinquished my title of General-he muttered silently.
If you are just a citizen, and you burn someone that insulted your friend.
Only you are held responsible.
No one will be inconvenienced.
However, I am a general of the Demon territory.
If I attack the Margrave, it would become a matter between the Demon territory and the Empire.

“First of all, I have to report to Her Majesty that the negotiations broke down.”

Reisenga sighed.

“Let’s write a letter to the Demon Castle.
In this case, all the sins are on this Reisenga.
If Her Majesty is angered, I will relinquish my title of General and start over as a Foot Soldier.”

“Father …”

Then Agnis … I think that it’s good if you become Thor Regus-dono’s servent.

“………… It’s embarrassing.”

In this way, the negotiations between General Reisenga and the Margrave broke down.

“That Margrave seems to have insulted a friend of His Excellency!”

“If so it couldn’t be helped that the negotiations broke down!!!”

“We will defeat the monster alone!!!”

──The soldiers under his control did not complain at all.

After that, Reisenga wrote a letter to the Demon Lord Rukie and reported everything.
A few days later, he got a reply.

“I read the report.
To reject Margrave Garoa’s idea was a wise decision.
I write here that you are not guilty in the name of the Demon Lord Rukie.

Also, about the same time I received the report from you, a letter came from the Emperor of the Empire.
This was Margrave’s arbitrary decision without the Emperor knowing.
The people involved are likely to be disposed of by the Emperor.

There was also a new proposal for subduing the monsters.
The Empire will send out soldiers to subdue the monsters as planned.
Since it also serves as an apology, no reward is required.

However, it seems that the third princess who uses the Holy sword will come from the empire.
Since the Emperor’s relative is coming, I am also obligated to go out to greet them.

Therefore, I have decided to lead the soldiers and go subdue the monster.
I order Flame General Reisenga to prepare for the Demon Lord’s conquest.”

“Her Majesty Rukie Evergard’s first conquest!!! “

After reading the letter, General Reisenga screamed at his men.

“It’s a great honour to accompany it.
Everyone prepare to welcome Her Majesty.
Agnis I’ll get you new clothes right now!!!”

General Reisenga and his men began to prepare to welcome the Demon Lord.

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