Chapter 29 – Intermission: Events In The Empire (3)

── In the empire after Reisenga drove out the Margrave ──

“You failed to negotiate with the Demon Territory!?”

This is the duke’s mansion in the Royal Capital.
In the office, Duke Barga Regas was screaming.

Sitting on the opposite side of the table was Margrave Garoa.
He is looking down, shrinking his shoulders, as if frightened by the wrath of the Duke Regus.

“What do you mean!? Explain what happened, Margrave Garoa!!”

“I, I’m really sorry.
Something completely unexpected happened.”

“Enough excuses! Did the negotiation really fail? Is it no good anymore?”

Margrave Garoa silently nodded to the Duke’s menacing look.

“There is nothing I can do anymore.
The Demon Lord’s general isn’t going to negotiate with me anymore…”

“No way …the plan requested by the Minister of Military Affairs … “

Duke Regus sat in a chair, holding his head.
This plan was entrusted by high-ranking officials of the empire.
The unit that executed it was Margrave Garoa, and Duke Regus supported it.

It started when the Empire got information that the development of a mine would start in the Demon territory.
General Reisenga, who governs the mountainous region of the southern part of the Demon Territory, sent a letter to the Margrave, “For the development of the mine we are going to subjugate monsters.
Rest assured that we have no intention of invading the empire.”
Margrave Garoa brought the letter to Duke Regus who he is close to.
In addition, Duke Regus, thinking that “this can be used” approached a high-ranking official of the empire.

Then, the high-ranking official took the lead in planning to use the Demon King’s territory.
The plan of the high-ranking official was this:

First, propose to General Resisenga to help subdue the monsters and after the mine is developed, have some of the mined silver given to the Empire.
Then, Bribe General Reisenga to extend the contract period.

If you give General Reisenga silver, he may use it to revolt against the Demon Lord.
Conversely, you can stir the Demon territory by telling the Demon Lord that “Reisenga has received a bribe from the empire.”

That was the Minister of Military Affair’s plan.
The Margrave and Duke were willing to take on the role of the executor.
In addition, Duke Regus issued additional instructions to Margrave Garoa.

“You may as well use the incompetent child of my Duke’s house for the negotiations.”

The negotiating partner on the Demon Lord’s side is General Reisenga.
A person with a title of [General] should be a warrior
Then he should hate those who don’t have the power to fight.
He should have similar values ​​to ourselves
He should be happy to cooperate with the plan to use Thor Regus.

That was the expectation of Duke Regus and Margrave Garoa.

“I have decided for Thor-dono to be my daughter, Agnis’ husband.”

General Reisenga’s answer was too unexpected.
The Duke doesn’t know much about the Demon territory.
Still, making Thor the son-in-law of the general was an unlikely story.

“Thor is a hostage or sacrifice sent to the Demon Territory!?? If General Reisenga were a warrior, the best Thor could be would be his Training board!??”

“I, I don’t know about what’s happening in the Demon King’s territory …”

“That guy! He must have shamelessly spilled information about the Empire to try to curry favour with those sub-humans.
Or he cried and begged for their pity.
Yeah, it must be like that.”

“I, I wonder if it’s like that? Maybe something is happening in the Demon territory …”

“Do you understand the thoughts of demons and sub-humans!!?”

The Duke slammed his fist on the table.

“Thor! An embarrassment of an imperial Aristocrat.
If story of a Duke’s son becoming a bride of a sub-human, I wouldn’t be able to show my face anymore.”

Duke Regus held his head.
The Duke hasn’t appeared in social circles since he was kicked out of the party of Princess Liana.
The number of aristocrats visiting his mansion has decreased.
The failure to repair the princess’s magic sword was a gigantic mistake.

That’s why the Duke decided on this plan.
Manipulating the Demon Territory would have great merits to the empire.
The reputation of the Duke and Margrave will also increase.

The Duke decided to use his son Thor to further increase his fame.
“Duke Barga Regus, who sacrificed his own children for the sake of the empire” -the evaluation of him should be high among the emperor, princes and princesses.
Her Royal Highness Princess Liana should have also seen the Duke in a more positive view.

“… That is … why is this …”

“Let’s do something about it, Duke-sama.”

“It’s hopeless already!?”

“── Hiiii!?”

“I have already reported to His Majesty the Emperor! “The negotiations will definitely succeed.
The Empire will be able to obtain good quality silver from the Demon territory for the next four years!'”

“No way!?”

“His Majesty immediately gathered high-ranking officials and praised me.

It cannot be withdrawn anymore.
I have to buy time and think of a solution.

(Should I go to the Demon territory and negotiate with General Reisenga personally…?)

Thinking so, the Duke immediately shakes his head.
It’s impossible.
General Reisenga and the others has made Thor into a son-in-law.
I, the Duke accused Thor of being “useless” and “shameful,” and banished him to the Demon Territory.
The general should have heard the story.
He wouldn’t have a good impression of me.

(If so, do I bow down to Thor …?)

That is something impossible.
Margrave Garoa has already told the general that he would blame Thro Regus if things go south.
If I show this face there, my life may not be safe.
While the Duke was thinking about this and that,


“Shut up! I’m thinking about what to do from now on.
Be quiet for a moment.”

“No, no … It’s not that…”

“Didn’t I say to shut up!?”

“The minister of military affairs has come!”

The office door was opened.
An old man and several soldiers stood in the hallway.

“Minister of Military Affairs Zagran-sama.
Why are you here …”

“I received a report from the Margrave that the plan failed, so I came to verify it.”

“Ha, ha ha”

Duke Regus wiped his head on the floor.
Next to him, Margrave Garoa did the same.

“Both of you, please lift your head.
I just came here to confirm.
The report from Margrave was incomplete, so I cam here to hear the story directly.”

An old man with gray hair and a monocle slowly enters the room.

The man is the military minister, Zagran.
He is one of the three high-ranking officials of the Dolgarian Empire.
He is highly trusted by the emperor and also serves as an educator for the third princess, Liana.
He is in a much higher position than the Duke.

“Wi, with all due respect, the plan is still on its way.”

The duke spoke up while kneeling.

“There was a slight miscalculation, but it’s okay.
It will soon recove……”

“It’s unnecessary”

“── eh?”

“Your way of doing things is too crude.
I never thought you would choose a way that offended the Demon Lord’s general, so the plan to get silver from the Demon territory is halted.”

The gray-haired military minister said.

“To provoke the General’s anger.
It was also because you made your son a sacrifice.
No, it was totally unexpected.”

“… Wh, why do you know?”

“I planted a spy in the Margrave’s troops.
It was a report from that person.”

Hearing the words of the Minister of Military Affairs, the face of the Duke turns deep blue.

No more excuses or deceptions.
It turned out that the Minister had already received an accurate report from his subordinates.

“In the first place, this plan was to prevent Demon territory from meddling into the affairs of the empire.
The reason we sent your son as a hostage was to keep the Territory off guard.
However, why would you make the other side’s general angry? Jeez”

“But, but according to the plan──”

“Was it part of the plan to propose to blame your son!? I didn’t ask for that!”

“… Hiiii!?”

“You should have been withdrawn when General Reisenga refused.
If so, this event would have ended there …”

A long sigh echoed in the Duke’s office.

“Anyway, the plan to get silver from the Demon territory has been cancelled but the monster subjugation will be done as planned.
Empire and Demon Territory, jointly.

The Minister of Military Affairs looked down at the Duke and told him.

“There is no reward, but it’s a good opportunity to remind the Demon Territory of the strength of the Empire so that the demons and sub-humans won’t do any harm.”

“Y, yes.
For this occasion, this, Barga Regus will also help out.”

“No, I need you at another place.”

The room became silent.
After confirming that the Duke did not respond, the Minister of Military Affairs Zagran said

“Currently, there is a skirmish with a small country to the south of the empire and I want you to fight as one of the soldiers there.”


“I will tell you more about it at the high-ranking conference of the empire.
Everyone has already gathered.
Come here.”

“P, please wait! The opportunity to explain myself!!”

“Save that for the meeting.
Oh, and then ──”

The Duke’s words were swept away, and the Minister of Military Affairs continues.

“You shouldn’t talk about your son.”

“── Eh”

“The person who was sent to the Demon territory-Thor Regus is a taboo word in the meeting.
It is useless to claim this matter as the Duke’s house’s achievement.
On the contrary, that would make a bad impression on his majesty.”

“W, why …”

“Because your son is out of the norm.”

The military minister sighed.

“A few days after being sent to the Demon Lord’s territory, the famous General went so far as to acknowledge him as his son-in-law.
Moreover, the person himself knows he was offered as a sacrifice.
Of course, he will have bad feelings towards the empire and you.
How should we deal with such a person? “

“── Ah, ah, ahhh”

The Duke’s body begins to tremble.

The military minister’s point has sealed the Duke’s last trump card.

“Without of regard of the danger, Duke Regas sent his son as a hostage”

That claim would have protected the Duke at the high-ranking conference of the empire.
But it can’t be used anymore.

“You’re not thinking about using your son anymore, right?”

Military Minister Zagran sighed.

“I’m sorry to say that it was you who made your son like that.
You could have sent your son away without saying anything or you could have soothed and asked for his help, but you didn’t, did you? I heard from one of the people working here… You cursed him and sent him out saying it was fine for him to die.”


The Duke held his face down and groaned.

“… But, he can’t fight and is useless.
He’s an incompetent person ──”
“If he’s an incompetent person, then you can treat him that way, but was your son really incompetent? He seems to have already earned the trust of the Demon Lord’s general?”

“B, but, even if it’s like that! To sacrifice one’s life is a natural thing for an imperial aristocrat to do!”

“It’s a splendid thought, so you should carry it out too.”


“Currently, the empire needs the demon territory to the north to calm down.
Therefore, it is not good for the Empire that you are a High-ranking aristocrat.
Please be prepared to relinquish your “duke” title.”

A cold voice reached the Duke’s ears.

“Or … perhaps you can’t do what you expected your son to do?”
“………… Ah, ah, ah, ahhhhhh!”

“Personally, I regret that Thor Regus has gone to the Demon Territory, your son could have been a good tool.”


“Oh, Margrave Garoa won’t be accompanying you.
I’ll talk to him in another place.
For now, Margrave Garoa, you are under house arrest.
Then, please accompany me.
Duke Barga Regus.”

Duke Regus was at a loss for words.
He was put on a carriage and attended a meeting at the court.
The punishments handed down were the following:

・He will provide the funds for the monster subjugation this time.
・The amount will be the equivalent of the silver that the Empire was going to obtain from the Demon Territory.
・Demoted from Duke to count.
・If you want to redeem one’s self, he can go to the battle in the south.
・ After that, the empire will decide the treatment of count Regus.

During the meeting ──

“At least allow me an oppurtunity to earn credit! Please let me be a captain of 10 men.”

──At the request of count Regus, as a captain of 10 soldiers, he began to head to the south.

Thus, a great aristocrat house of the Empire, the Regas house, completely disappeared from the social circles for high aristocrats.
And the house of Count Regas was about to enter a long winter era.

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