Chapter 31 – Making a Comfortable Sleeping Tool

“This is what I will make this time.”

I opened the [Mail Order Catalogue] page for Rukie and Mabel.
The thing printed there was──


[Latest Model Body Pillow]

Have you ever had a problem with pillows that doesn’t fit you or you’re having trouble falling asleep?
Then, let’s experience a gentle sleep with the latest body pillow!

This new body pillow is made with magic-like new material!
The surface is smooth and the inside is so soft, that you would feel that you would sink in.
Just like the feeling of hugging an important person!

The fabric is as gentle as human skin, finely tuned and stretches freely!
With the special beads inside, you can change the shape to your liking.

The shape is unrestricted.
It changes into every form.
You can make it look different every day, or you can make it stay in your favourite shape.
How you hug it is up to you!

This hug will heal your worries and sorrows.
When your important person is not by your side, please put this pillow on your side.
You can always feel like you are connected to your loved one!


“” “… Oh” “”

Rukie and Mabel were impressed and stared at the [Mail Order Catologue].

“Hey, Thor”

“Yes, Rukie-sama”

“Why is this an alternative to Thor and I holding hands and sleeping?”
“Because I think this [Body Pillow] will transform into a human figure.”

“── What!?”

Rukie opened her eyes wide.

“No … it’s true that there is a feeling of hugging an important person and a feeling of being connected to a loved one, but it’s too much to think that this [Body Pillow] will transform … … “

“But when I look at this [Body Pillow], I remember the legend of a Hero.”
“The Legend of a Hero?”

“Manipulating magic power and freely changing his form… he was a hero who used a [Shapeshifting] magic.”

“” ── Ah “”

Both of us seemed to have noticed.
Some of the heroes summoned from another world used to be able to use magic to change their appearance freely.

“Oh yeah, there was a person like that.
That guy changed his appearance and infiltrated the Demon army.”

“Once his identity was revealed, he transformed into a dragon … I know that too.”

“The hero used a [Granular] attribute magic power.
With this, he could change a mass of magic power into any shape, any colour he wanted.
The hero used it to make a fake body and he also wore it like a cartoon costume.”

I point to the [Mail Order Catologue] and continued,

“In other words, it’s this [With the special beads inside, you can change the shape to your liking] mentioned in the catalogue right?”

“… That’s true.”

“Now that you mention it, you’re right.”

Recalling the legend, Rukie and Mabel nod with serious faces.

“After his fake self was destroyed, it was said that [Bead like magic power] scattered out… “

“Do you think that this [Body Pillow] has the same ability?”

So, that’s why in the [mail order catalogue] it mentioned “Magic like new material.” I think that would enable it to “change the shape freely”.”

The legend of the shapeshifting heroes is heard throughout the Empire.
Like the grains made of magic power used by the Hero, this [Body Pillow] also contains beads that can be freely rearranged with magic power.
That’s why this catalogue says, “It’s like hugging an important person.”
There is a legend that even a family member couldn’t detect the transformation ability of a hero.

“… Surely, I don’t think the items in the brave world are just ordinary [Body pillows].”

“… Then, this [Body Pillow] really has the ability to transform …?”
“You can see that by making it.
If we succeed, you can transform this [Body pillow] into my shape and Rukie can sleep while holding my hand.”

“… Uumu”

“I agree! Please let me help in any way possible!”

Rukie has a complicated face.

Mabel is motivated.

“If your majesty doesn’t want it… By all means, I would love to use this [Body Pillow].
I’m curious how hugging Thor-sama would feel like?”

“No no, the person who will hold Thor’s hand and sleep is me!”

Rukie raises her face as if she had decided something.

“I feel like it’s different from what its original purpose was, but … I’ll allow it! If you can make a comfortable pillow, the people of the Demon Territory will be able to sleep well! Then everyone should be able to live comfortably!”

“Yes, Rukie-sama”

“I will prepare the necessary materials.
Have a go at it, Thor!”

I got permission.
Let’s start making it right away.

I told Rukie and Mabel about the materials I needed.

“I brought it.
I’m taking it out.”

White sheets popped out from the [Ultra-small simple warehouse].
This is the cloth material I asked Rukie to get.
She ordered the maids to get the extra bedsheets.

“I have also prepared this.

What Mabel took out was a barrel of bean shells.
These are called Sulala beans, which are light and cannot be eaten.
Instead, the shell of it is used for the contents inside of pillows and cushions.
Good thing that it was also in the Demon Territory.

“Thank you.
Rukie-sama, Mabel.”

“Is there anything else you need?”

“Please order me anything.

“I prepared the rest of the material here.
You guys can just watch.
Take out the magic stones and”

I arranged the magic stones prepared by the Chancellor on the table.
These magic stones does not contain any magical power.
It is a blank magic stone that has used up its magical power.
I’m going to use this, this time.

“Then I’ll be starting.
Activate ──[Creation Alchemy]!”

I activated my skill.

First, spread the sheets on the table.
On top of that, the magic stones are lined up.
Combine the sheets and magic stones to create a cloth that reacts to magical power.

“──[Material Refining]”


When I activated this skill, the magic stone on the sheets began to tremble.
Like ice melting, it spreads thinly and melts into the sheets.
[Material Refining] was a success.

When I appraised it ── I understood that every one of the threads has magic stone infused in them.
When I poured magic power into it … it changed shapes as I thought.
The “cloth that expands and contracts freely” is completed.

Next, I did the same to the Sulala beans.
Cast [Material Refining] on this,

Please hold this bean for a moment.”

“U, umu.
Like this?”

And then wish for a shape you like.
For example, a circle or a triangle.”

“Circle and triangle? Circle and triangle ……… Oooooooohhhhhhhh!? Wh, what is this!?”

“The bean shells! It became a circle and a triangle!?? “

It works too.
The beans gathered and formed a circle and a triangle as I thought.

“It looks good.
Then I’ll finish it.”

I stare at the [Body Pillow] page of the [Mail Order Catologue].
I burn the image in my head ──

“Develop a template of [Body Pillow]!”

When I declared it, a translucent [Body pillow] emerged in the air.
It’s about the same size as my height.
The thickness should be about the same as my waistline.

I move the template onto the table.
The sheets and bean shells I left behind on the table was swallowed by the template
The sheets are on the outside of the pillow, and the bean shells become the contents

Also, let’s add water attributes so that [Body Pillow] becomes soft.
Water is smooth and can take any shape.
By adding the water attribute, similar characteristics can be given.

I also added Wind attributes so that breathability will continue to improve.
This will give you peace of mind even on hot nights.

Let’s make a pillow cover as well.
Let’s make it have the ability to store magic power.
Everyone’s magic power has its own characteristics.
If someone injects magical power into the cover and puts it on the [Body Pillow], the shape should change into the person itself.

Finally, I reconfirmed it with [Creation Alchemy].
Yep … looks good.
Then let’s finish it.

“Execute Creation Alchemy.”


On the table, a [Body Pillow] with a length of about 2 meters appeared.


“This is the Hero’s world’s… [Body Pillow]…”


[Body Pillow(Main Body)] (Rarity: ★★★★★★★★★★★ ☆)
(Attribute: water, water, wind)

A pillow made of cloths that reacts to magic power and bean shells that reacts to magic power.
Due to its strong water attribute, it has a smooth feel and deforming ability.
Due to the wind attribute, it has excellent breathability.

It can change its shape in response to the user’s magical power and thoughts.

This is the highest-class body pillow and can also be used as an ordinary pillow.
If you put it under your head, it will deform along the shape of your neck, and if you put it on your back, it will deform along the shape of your spine.

Physical destruction resistance: ★★★★★ (Because it absorbs all impacts, it is very difficult to destroy.)
Service life: 5 years
Notes: Washing is OK.

[Body Pillow Cover] (Rarity: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ☆)
(Attributes: water, wind, light)

Due to its strong water attribute, it has a smooth feel and free deformation ability.
Due to the wind attribute, it has excellent breathability.
The surface color and pattern can be freely changed because of the light attribute.

A cover exclusively for [Body Pillow].
It has a higher ability to store magic power than the main body.
By putting it on the main body of [Body Pillow], you can change the shape of the [Body pillow] itself to your liking.

・ How to use it
(1) The subject touches this cover and injects magical power.
(2) When you want to use it, put the cover on the [Body Pillow].
(3) The cover and the main body will change to the person who injected the magic power by default.

Transformation duration: 1 hour.
Only if the person who injected the magical power is nearby (in the same building) and the person agrees, the pillow and the person’s senses can be shared.


“Then Mabel.
Will you help me try it out?”

What should I do?”

“You just have to pour your magic power while holding this [Pillow cover].”

I handed a plain [Pillow Cover] to Mabel.

“Well then, let’s try it.”

Mabel hugs it tightly.
When she closes her eyes, the [Pillow cover] began to emit white light.

What’s happening?”

“The magic stone that melted into the fabric is reacting.”

“So that’s it! Magic stones have the ability to absorb magic power ──”

“Yes, that’s why the cover can absorb it.”

“The magic power also contains a person’s character.
So if you put on a cover that absorbed Mabel’s magic power … Does that mean that the [Body Pillow] will look like Mabel …?”

“… I hope it works.”

Eventually, the light of the [Pillow cover] went out.

It seems that it has absorbed enough of Mabel’s magic power.

I took it and put it on the [Body Pillow].
When I closed the opening of the cover ──


The [Body Pillow] began to tremble.
While emitting a white light, it slowly changed its shape.
The time taken was about 10 seconds.

When the light went out, The [Body Pillow] was transformed into Mabel wearing a maid outfit.
The height and the flowing silver hair are just like the person herself.
She stretched out her white limbs, bends them, and sat on the table.

“I, I am there! Your Majesty … There is another me!”

“A, amazing.
It looks like Mabel herself.
So this the [Body Pillow] of the Hero’s world …”

“On top of that, it moves with just a thought from me.
Raise your right hand, raise your left hand.
It’s amazing.
It really looks just like me …”
“The terrifying power of the Hero ── No, the amazing thing is Thor who realized this …”

“It’s a great success! Thor-sama.
It’s wonderful!”

Mabel opened her eyes and stares at the [Body Pillow] that looked like her.
Rukie was also impressed.
Even she thought that the [Body Pillow] looked like Mabel.

What’s in front of me is a human model of Mabel.
Moreover, it works according to Mabel’s will, who gave it magic power.

The [Body Pillow] is completed.
If I change this to my appearance, Rukie’s wish to hold hands together and sleep should be fulfilled.
But ──

“── It’s a failure”

“”ehhhhhhhh!? “”

I was overwhelmed by the feeling of defeat.
Although it’s completed, this is not even close to the [Shapeshifting] skill of the Hero.

“What’s the matter? Thor-sama! This [Body Pillow] is me!?”

“That’s right.
This is Mabel herself.
What are you dissatisfied with!?”

“… This doesn’t even express half of Mabel’s cuteness.”

Indeed, it looks like Mabel.
But something is different.
As the creator, I know that.

“Thor-sama…? What are you talking about!?”

“Half of Mabel’s cuteness …? eh, eh, ehhh?”

“I … when I first met Mabel, I thought that a forest fairy had appeared.
I thought was there such a beautiful person in this world? And I still have a lot of things I don’t know.
Until then.
I forgot that I was trapped in a carriage for more than a dozen days, and I felt like my world had expanded.”

“Um, um.

“What are you talking about suddenly!?”

“Glittering silver hair and white skin.
Beautiful long ears.
But those aren’t the only charms of Mabel, right?
In the forest of the Demon Territory, the kind hand that reached out to me when I was about to fall, and to not make me worried she smiled even though her precious pendent was broken, isn’t things like that one on Mabel’s charms?
If such a Mabel wasn’t on my side, I wonder if I could live in the Demon Territory.”

“── Um.
Th, that…!”
“U, umu.

“Mabel always supports me and helps me with my experiments.
If I think that I’m thirsty, she would serve me tea.
She’s always worrying about me.
That’s the charm of Mabel.
Beside her is a place where you can feel at ease just by being there … It’s a place that makes you happy just by being there.”

“… Thor, pl, please stop.
Please forgive me.”

“… It’s my first time seeing Mabel writhe in shyness.
It’s a valuable experience …”

“So, I can’t really feel the charm of Mabel from this [Body pillow[.
Since it is an item in the Hero’s world, that kind of thing should be expressed, right?
I must be still inexperienced because I can’t do it.
That’s why I instinctively said “failure”.
Ah, but the Mabel of [Body Pillow] is still cute, isn’t it? However, it still cannot match the original person.

“………… (Twitch.

“… Thor.
Let her off already.
Mabel is at her limit.”

When I noticed, Mabel was sitting on the table.
Rukie is hitting my shoulder with one hand and trying to cover my mouth with one hand.
I realized that I was talking too much.

“… I’m sorry.
I just … I couldn’t stop talking too much …”
“………… Y, yes, it’s okay.
I’m just throbbing.”

But Mabel hasn’t raised her face yet.
While holding her chest with one hand she’s still prostrating on the table.
Next to me, Mabel of the [Body Pillow] is doing the same thing.
They look exactly the same, but you can tell the difference at a glance.
The real thing is cuter.

After all, I am still not as good as a Hero.
It seems that the hero who used the [Shapeshifting] ability has even transformed into a dragon itself.
At that time, the scales were completely reproduced one by one, and his true identity was not revealed at all.
Compared to that, I’m still far behind …

“So that’s why.

“What were we talking about before?”

“If you use this [Body pillow], Rukie-sama can sleep in her room while holding my hand.”

“After you say that, that’s right, I think we made it for that.”

“What do you do? I think has quite a high functionality as a pillow without the [Pillow Case].”

“… It was made by Thor.
Let’s use it.

For some reason, Rukie stared at me and

“It’s because this [Body Pillow] and you are different! The real you is much more … um … important to me.
D, don’t forget ever forget it!”

“… yes”

I nodded involuntarily.

“… It’s embarrassing to be told face to face.”

“Do you understand Mabel’s feelings now?”

“Okay, then, next, let’s make the [Body Pillow] in the shape of Rukie-sama.”

“You’re going to talk about things again right!? Do you want to stop my heart!?”

That’s why Rukie got a set of [Body Pillow] and [Pillow Cover].
For the time being, I reset the Mabel-shaped one and injected my magic power instead.

After that, if she puts on the [Pillow cover] before going to bed, it should look like me.

“… Your Majesty.
I have a request.”

“I will allow it, Mabel.
Will you be sleeping with me tonight?”

“Y, you understood?”

You should decide which one you want the right hand or the left hand.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“I wanted to talk slowly with Mabel for the first time in a long time.”

“Thank you.
Your Majesty!”

In this way, the two-piece set of [Body Pillow] and [Pillow Cover] that I made was safely taken over by Rukie.
Until she put the cover on, it’s just a plain [Body Pillow], so it’s okay for Rukie to bring it into her room.
It seems possible for Mabel to stay in Rukie’s room by submitting an application to the maid chief.

I’m glad they both were happy.
I’m glad that they are happy with the magic item I made.

No matter what the empire or father does, this is my job.
I will spread these items in the Demon Territory and make this a more comfortable place.
That’s my job and what I want to do.

The empire is no longer relevant.
It’s fine if I could do my job and there are people who are going to be please with that.

“Well then”

There is still time before night.
By then, let’s make some cloths with melted magic stones.
This material may have other uses besides the Body pillows.

With that in mind, I started refining the materials.

This is what a Body pillow is:

Normal one

Anime one for cultured ppl


For confused ppl on why there is a need for a Pillow Cover.
It serves as something like an battery to store magic power as the main body of the body pillow can’t.
It turns into someone by default cuz you can’t imagine someone exactly.
I think, maybe I have imagination inability.
Comment if your confused and I will enlighten you.

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