Chapter 32 – Sleeping With The Mysterious Sleeping Tool

── That night, in the room of Demon Lord Rukie──

I brought the [Pillow cover] that has the magic power of Thor-sama!”

“Mabel, you did it!”

Rukie smiled at Mabel who jumped into the room.

This is the room of the Demon Lord Rukie.

Located on the top floor of Demon Castle, it is divided into an office, a living room, and a bedroom.

This floor is basically forbidden to boys.

Maids with fighting abilities are patrolling in the corridors, checking what goes in and out.

The only boy allowed on this floor would be Rukie’s husband.

Of course, there is no problem with Mabel, who is a girl coming in.

The people in the castle also know that Mabel is Rukie’s childhood friend.

When Rukie, tired of her work, said, “I want to talk to Mabel for the first time in a long time,” and they let her go through.

Of course, when Mabel brought a strangely long pillowcase, no one said anything.

“The [Pillow cover] can store magical power for several hours.
The cover-covered [Body Pillow] can be transformed for one hour.”

“Until then, Mabel and I can hold Thor’s hand.”

“It seems that only the tactile senses are linked to Thor himself.”

“That means that he can’t hear our conversations.”

“It seems that he took that into consideration.”

“Well, it’s Thor after all.”

“Then without delay…”

“Don’t panic.
First, change into your nightwear.”

Rukie stopped Mabel, who was dashing into the bedroom with the pillow cover in her hand.

“You can only stay with [Body Pillow] Thor for an hour.
First, get dressed, wash your face, and then let’s go to bed together.”

“That’s right.
I’m sorry that I panicked.”

“Is Thor in his room ready to go to bed?”

he changed into his sleepwear and was about to go to bed.”

“I was worried that that guy would continue researching without going to bed.”

“He promised to sleep while holding Your Majesty’s hand.
Thor-sama is someone who keeps his promise.”

“… That’s right.”

Rukie involuntarily hugged her nightwear.

She blushed after remembering what she did during the day.

She heard about Thor’s circumstances and she started crying while talking to him.

After that, she said, “I want to hold Thor’s hand and sleep today.”

──It makes me embarrassed when I remember.

However, Thor accepted everything.

Besides, he listened to Rukie’s selfishness.

He even made a Shapeshifting [Body Pillow].

“Thor is really an extraordinary alchemist.”

No alchemist other than Thor would make a transcendental magic item just because “You wanted to hold his hand and sleep”.

Even in the world of heroes, no one would make an item for that reason.

Thor is the only such alchemist.

Thor is only in the castle of the Demon Territory.

That makes me happy.

For a different reason, she wants to cry.

(… Thor’s such a troublesome person)

“Your Majesty.
Don’t just hug your nightwear.
You have to change into it too.”

“… Uh, I, I know.”

“Do you need help?”

“I would the difference in growth between me and Mabel.
So, no.”

Turning her back on Mabel, who is already in her sleepwear, Rukie takes off her loungewear.

While listening to the sound of Mabel cleaning it up, she quickly changed into her nightwear.

Today’s work was all done.

Supper was over.
And I also took a bath.

Two people ──No, only 3 people sleeping together is left.

“… Sleeping while holding hands together.
Because there is the senses are shared, the feeling of holding hands is also transferred to Thor.
In addition to fulfilling my wishes, he also protected the no boys allowed rule of the Demon Castle.
Thor really accomplished the impossible.

“Are you ready? Your Majesty.
Then together.”

“Wait, calm down Mabel”

Looking back, there was a Mabel holding the pillow cover with excitement.

The main body of the [Body Pillow] is already on Rukie’s bed.

After that, if we put on the cover, the pillow will become Thor

“… THere is going to be a Thor on my bed … what a thing.”

It’s getting embarrassing now.

Of course, Rukie has never slept with a boy.

Today is actually the first time she has held hands with a boy.

Sharing the same bed on the very same day…

No, the other party is a [Body Pillow].
Not Thor himself.

It’s not the same person… But in the end it was me who offered.

But once the time came I felt embarrassed ──

──But I didn’t feel like quitting at all.

Mabel’s eyes are shining and she’s holding a [pillow cover], ready to put the [Pillow cover] on, on Rukie’s signal

If I stopped here, I feel like I would lose to Mabel.

Rukie didn’t become the Demon Lord with such a half-hearted resolution.

“It’s okay now, Mabel”

Therefore, Rukie declared.

“Put the [Pillow cover] with Thor’s magical power on the [Body Pillow]!”

“As you please.
Your Majesty!”



Mabel quickly put

The hugging pillow became Thor.

He was in his nightwear, with his eyes closed and seemed to be sleeping.

His chest is moving moving up and down.

Of course, [Body pillow[ is not breathing.

However, it was made to make it look more alive.

While thinking that it was Thor ……, Rukie instinctively stared at his face.

Thor who is breathing steadily and breathing peacefully.

Just the thought of that somehow makes me feel at ease.

“Your Majesty.
Do you want a blanket?”

“U, Umu”

Next to Rukie, Mabel puts a blanket on the [Body Pillow Thor].

She turned off the lights in the room and left only the bedside lamps ── waiting for Rukie.

I’m glad that [Hugging Pillow Thor] has his eyes closed.

It’s still a little embarrassing to be seen in my nightwear.

With that in mind, Rukie nods to Mabel.
Rukie is on the left side of Thor.
Mabel is on the right.

The two flip over the blanket and slide their bodies to the left and right of “Hugging Pillow Thor”.
Then they searched and touched for Thor’s hand.
Finally, when Mabel turned off the bedside lights, only the moonlight illuminated the bedroom.

Meanwhile, Rukie finally found Thor’s left hand ──

“… Mabel”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“… How should I hold a boy’s hand?”

“Huh? Didn’t you majesty hold hands at the tea party?”

“… I was in a trance so I don’t remember about it.”

“Even if you ask me… I don’t have that experience too …”

“Should I hold it normally? Or do I tangle my fingers…?”

“Pl, please do whatever you like”

“What is Mabel going to do?”

“th, the same as Your Majesty …”

“I, I see.”

“that’s right……”

In the darkness, their voices echo faintly.
The longer you wait, the less the duration of [Hugging Pillow Thor] will be.
Rukie, who was determined, touched Thor’s finger with her thin finger and entwined her fingers.

Did you hold hands with Thor?”


“How did you connect together?”

I think it’s the same as Your Majesty …”

“Oh, that’s right.”

“… Yes”

For a while, silence fell.
Rukie realized a fatal flaw.

Rukie wanted to sleep while holding Thor’s hand.
But ──

(Can you even sleep in this state?)

The connected hands are warm.
Her heart was beating faster
The other end is a [Body pillow] that looks just like Thor.

However, Rukie’s body gets hotter and hotter.
I’m only holding his hand but it feels like I’m holding a flame.
Only the people with Ifrit’s blood could sleep in this state.

“… Ma, Mabel.
Did you fall asleep…?”

“… I, it’s impossible”



“Then, can you talk to me?”

“I, I know.
Then, Thor-sama ──”

“No, I can’t sleep because I’m overly conscious of Thor, so what would happen if we talked about Thor?”

“…But I can’t think of anything else…”

“Mabel is so weak-willed.”

“Then, Your Majesty, please come up with something else.”

“U, umu.
That’s right.”






“It’s about Thor”

“Yes, Something about Thor.”

She gave up.

“The Duke and Margrave who tried to sacrifice Thor seems to be punished by the Empire.”

“Is that so?”

“The letter from the empire said, “At least we won’t leave them with their positions.”

“Is it because General Reisenga got angry?”

“That’s right”

Rukie nodded, staring at the ceiling.

“Because of that, the Empire knows that Thor is an important figure in the Empire.
That’s why Thor has become an untouchable existence for the empire.
The empire makes this Demon Lord’s territory quiet.
This is also because the Empire sent Thor here as a sacrifice.”

“His father, who tried to blame everything on Thor, an important figure in the Demon territory, also meant harming the Demon Territory.
Thor was also, on paper a person of the Empire so it also meant harming the Empire.”

“That’s it.”

Rukie nodded and turned to Mabel.
She looked at the [Body Pillow Thor].
She could see his cheeks illuminated by the moonlight.
There is a mole on his earlobe.
I wonder what kind of reaction he would have if I blew at him──Rukie quickly diverted her gaze.

“Anyway … As a result of this negotiation, the empire found out that Thor was an important figure in the demon territory.
As a result, the empire would have no choice but to treat Thor as an important guest “

“Even in the empire, you have to take good care of Thor …”

“It’s an ironic thing”

“They just realized that Thor was an important person now … They could have just taken care of him at the beginning …”

“I agree too.”

“Thor-sama’s treatment improved and the Duke was punished…”

Mabel murmured.

“But I still can’t forgive Thor’s father.”

“That’s right.
If it wasn’t Reisenga who was in the negotiations … No, I would have been wearing a mask at that time, I wouldn’t be able to do it … “

“Thor also knows your Majesty’s position.”

“Umu … that’s right.
I believe in him.”

“But Thor will continue to be Thor Regus, right?”

“I think he will continue to use the family name of his father who did something terrible to him.”

Rukie thinks while looking at the ceiling.
He couldn’t change his official name.
For the Demon Territory, Thor is just a messenger from the empire, and the son of a noble named Regus

“But when we are together, it might be good to call them by different names.”

“… Thor-sama used the name of his mother’s house when he was away from home and working.”

“What kind of name was it?”

“Thor Canaan-sama.”

“… Thor Canaan, Thor Canaan … Umu, it sounds good.”

Rukie turns to the [Body Pillow Thor].
She let go of Thor’s hand and trace Thor’s name on it’s palm.
“Thor Canaan” ── “Thor Canaan” …… Yeah.
not bad.
Much better than the family name of the father who tried to sacrifice him.

“Let’s talk to Thor tomorrow.
If we can use that name when there are only 3 of us together.”



“Yes! I’m sorry.
That’s right.
Let’s talk to him.”

“That’s right … fuaa”

Finally, I’m drowsy.
Rukie held the hand of the [Body Pillow Thor] again and closes her eyes.
I’ve calmed down a lot-or rather, it seems natural to be in this state.

It may not always be … but sometimes it may be good to sleep like this.
I can have a good dream with a sense of peace.

“I think it’s about time we sleep.
Good night, Mabel.”

“Yes … Good night.
Your Majesty.”

Then Rukie and Mabel fell asleep.
When they woke up the next morning, [Body Pillow Thor] returned to a cylindrical Body pillow.
Rukie and Mabel clung to it from the left and right.
After all, the Special Body pillow is the best even without the cover.
Then Rukie and Mabel parted ways, got dressed, and started working as a Demon Lord.
When they visited Thor’s room in the afternoon ──

“May I enter? Thor”
“Yes, Rukie-sama”

When Rukie entered Thor’s room, he was working on alchemy.
It seems that he is experimenting with a number of sheets spread out on the table.
I’m curious about the content of the experiment, but I have something to try first.

It’s the name of Thor, decided by Mabel yesterday.
Mabel is helping with the work in the room.
She may already called him but──

“How are you doing today? Thor Canaan.”

“Thank you.
I’m doing fine.
And I made this new material.”


It was lightly washed away.
When someone changed your name, there should be some kind of reaction.


“Yes, Rukie-sama”

“I just called you by your mother’s surname.
Was it Thor Canaan?”

“That’s right.
It’s definitely Tall Canaan.”

“… I suddenly changed your name, but don’t you feel out of place?”

“You know, I had a strange dream yesterday.”

“A strange dream?”

“It’s a dream that someone kept writing Thor Canaan on both of my hands.”

Both hands?

Rukie looked Mabel.
Mabel is looking away with a bright red face.
In other words, she seems to have done the same thing as Rukie.

“Since I had that dream, it seemed natural to be called Thor Canaan.
In any case, I didn’t like my father’s family name, it’s fine if Rukie-sama and Mabel call me Thor Canaan “

“O, okay.”

“Yeah, but it was a good dream.”

Thor smiled and nodded.
Then he looked at Rukie with a complicated look,

“… Maybe Rukie and Mabel wrote Thor Canann on both hands of the [Body Pillow]?”

“… Uu”

“No, that’s fine.
It’s fine if you guys want to use that name but as an alchemist, I want you to tell me how you used the Body Pillow me.
There may be places for improvement.”

“” … “”

Rukie and Mabel and Mabel was surpriesd

Thor has a point.
He is an alchemist.
It’s only natural that he would want to know what effect his creation has had.
I heard that it was fun brushing things up and remaking them.

“I’m sorry.
I was continuously writing the words, Thor Canaan, on Body Pillow Thor’s palm.
I’m afraid Mabel was doing it too.”

“Just as I expected”

“B, but that’s the only thing.
I didn’t do any other weird things!”

“I know.
I believe you.”

Rukie just wrote Thor’s name on “Hugging Pillow Thor”.
Those things can be said unreservedly.
…… He was glad they didn’t do anything other than that, he looked at Mabel thinking that──

(── Wait a minute, Mabel)

Mabel was holding her chest with both hands while being embarrassed.
Her big breast under the maid clothes.
Also, she was sneaking glances at my right arm.
What happened on the right side of “Hugging Pillow Thor” that I didn’t know?

“Did you guys notice anything else?”

Thor asked.
Mabel’s shuddered after hearing that voice.
Looking at the two, Rukie ──

“It’s a maiden’s secret!”

──She cried out unintentionally.

“Show some compassion by leaving that alone.
In the first place, it’s not good to ask what girls did after they got in bed.
It’s not good Thor”

“T, that’s true.”

“Mabel seems to have a lot on her mind too.
Anyways, the [Body Pillow] has become like Thor.
I’m satisfied already.
It’s fine!”

“U, understand!”

In this way, Rukie succeeded in keeping Mabel’s secret.

I decided to ask later what Mabel was doing on the other side of the bed last night.
As much as possible, like a Demon Lord.

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