Chapter 34 – Operation To Subjugate Monster Gargarossa (1) [Preparations]

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After that, the preparations for the monster subjugation continued.
Mabel told me about the monster Gargarossa in the mining area.
It seems that the Monster suddenly appeared in the Demon Territory with his subordinates and built a nest.
I understood that it was a brutal monster just by hearing about it.


Monster Gargarossa

A Monster that appears in a mountainous area under the control of General Reisenga, in the South of the Demon territory.
It’s a super large spider and if its legs are stretched, the size of it is over a dozen meters.

Its body is as tough as metal.

It spits threads from its mouth.
The thread is very dangerous because you would be helpless if you were entangled.
Flames are effective in eliminating threads.
However, its subordinate, the little spiders may also spit out threads making it harder to burn it completely.

The skin of the small spider is hard, though not as much as the main body of Gargarossa.
The small spiders attack by flocking over the person who attacked.

Only death awaits those who are surrounded by the spiders and caught by the web of the monster Gargarossa.


Monster is fundamentally classified by being not able to communicate and aim to hurt other intelligent beings.
There are many types of them, such as animal types, insect types, and aquatic types.
From the hero era, it has come to be collectively called “Monster”.
Among them, this one is really a troublesome monster.

Being a big spider itself is a big threat already.
However, having a lot of subordinates makes it scarier.
Or rather, you can’t cut the threads because it’s sticky, and you wouldn’t be able to chant magic if they seal off your mouth.
If someone like me encounters them it would be an instant kill.

If something like this had a nest nearby, I wouldn’t be able to develop a mine.
You wouldn’t know when it would attack you while mining, and you would be trapped if it blocked the entrance.
If possible I’d like to collect and study this thread.

“From the Demon territory, Her Majesty and Chancellor Kelve and dozens of soldiers are going to the subjugation.”

“Rukie herself?”

By the way, they said that the Monster subjugation will be done jointly with the empire.
If Rukie is accompanying the army then,

“Is someone important coming from the empire?”

“Thor-sama is sharp.”

Mabel nodded as if impressed.

“According to her majesty, there is a person from the empire called Princess Liana coming.”

“The third Princess?”

“It seems that this subjugation is also a test for the swordswomen, Princess Liana.”

“I see”

“Are you interested in the Princess of the Empire?”


“That’s right.
Thor-sama… doesn’t have much of good memories in the empire.”

“Especially because I don’t want to get involved with His Majesty’s family, because that is the headquarter of the Empire’s strength.”

“I understand your feelings”

“If possible, I wanted to accompany Her majesty to the battlefield and see her using the [Laser pointer], but if the princess of the empire comes, I think it’s better to take another action.”

“That’s right.
So, as planned, would you like to accompany the army halfway and take another action when you enter the territory of General Reisenga?”

“That’s right.
Is there any other information about the empire?”
“The Princess of the Empire seems to use something called the [holy sword].”

“Holy sword”

I heard a rumor that the letter from the empire said, [Let’s show everyone the light of the holy sword that is going to smash through the monsters].

“Holy sword.
A transcendental rare magic item left by the Heroes…”

I see.
Will the princess of the empire come to subdue the Monster with her holy sword?
A holy sword? I’ve never seen it…
By the way, I was trying to make a magic sword for Rukie.
A magic sword that surpasses the holy sword.
So they’re going to use that holy sword? I see … Hmm.

“Hey Mabel”

“Yes, Thor-sama”

“After all, I think I have a responsibility as an Alchemist.”

“Y, yes?”

“This time, the Demon territory will use the [Laser pointer] and the [Magic Cloth].
The [Health promotion pendant] and the [ultra-small simple warehouse] will be also brought there.
So, I need to check if they work, right?”

“U, um.

“That’s why I think it’s better for me to got to the battlefield.”

I’m not interested in the empire at all.
But if the holy sword is going to be used, I would like to see it closer.
One day, I plan to make a magic sword that surpasses the holy sword for the Demon Lord Rukie.
To do that, I need to see the strength of the real holy sword with my own two eyes.

“I’m sorry that I suddenly changed my mind.”

I understand that Thor is interested in magic items.”

“…So you saw through me?”


With that said, Mabel gently smiled.

“But I also like to see the Thor who is absorbed into it.”

“… Um”

“S, sorry.
It doesn’t mean anything strange! However, when I see Thor-sama, who is researching magic items… I think that you’re so lucky.
That’s why I always want to help out…”

“Thank you.

“Th, then I will arrange it so that you will accompany the monster subjugation!”

Mabel bowed vigorously as if she was shy.

“Thank you”

I bowed my head in the same way.
Mabel bowed vigorously again and left the room.

Before I knew it, Mabel was able to read my mind.
It’s been a month since I came to this Demon territory, but it’s amazing.
But when I’m with Mabel, I feel very calm.
It feels natural to be together and I feel relieved.
I’m really glad Mabel was my attendant.
I have to thank Mabel and Rukie later.

With that in mind, I continued to prepare for the trip.

A few days later we departed from the Demon Castle to subjugate the monster [Gargarossa].
The destination is a mountainous area to the south of the Demon territory.

The subjugation forces formed a long line and proceeded along the highway.
Demon Lord Rukie is in the centre of the line, waving at the people sending us off.
Behind me, Mabel and I are riding in a carriage.

The line consists of Minotauros infantry units, the engineer units consisting of Dwarves, the magician elf units, followed by the supply line unit carrying daily necessities and weapons.

Carrying food and essentials in a [Simple Warehouse] was rejected by Chancellor Kelve.

The reason was ──
“Carrying supplies is also meant to show soldiers that they are properly preparing food and other items.
If you put only a [Simple warehouse] on a carriage, the soldiers will be worried.
And the morale may also drop.”
── That was a good opinion.

Even useful items can cause unexpected confusion if you are not familiar with them.
In particular, you have to be careful about dangerous Monster subjugation and war.

That’s why this time only the tested items are being used.
Also there is user support and I’m accompanying them too

The Demon Territory army that looked like they were wearing usual equipment, slowly advance along the highway ──
Over the course of a few days, we arrived at General Reisenga’s mansion.

Then the Rukie and the army joined the general and had a strategy meeting.
The next day, they gathered the soldiers and we left again.

The Demon Territory’s army headed for the meeting point with the Imperial army.

“A report from General Reisenga’s came.
It seems that the general arrived at a position where he could see the nest of the Monster [Gargarossa] a dozen minutes ago.”

Said the reconnaissance soldier.
Upon hearing the report, the masked Demon Lord Rukie nods.

This is a mountainous area in the southeastern part of the Demon territory.
We’re in a tent at the foot of a mountain

The Demon Terrtory’s [Monster Gargarossa Subjugation Unit] is currently camping around here.
Minotaurs who report directly to the Demon King.
Giants under the control of General Reisenga.
Elves were gathered by Chancellor Kelve.
It was an army composed of the elite of the Demon Territory.

The representatives are in the tent.
Demon Lord Rukie and Chancellor Kelve.
The captains of the Minotaurs, Dwarfs, and Elf unit.
Also, there is Mabel and I

By the way, General Reisenga and his subordinates are camped near the nest of the Monster [Gargarossa].
That way, if the Monster had any movement, it would be possible to respond immediately.

“It will be a while until we meet up with the Imperial Army.
Please rest in the meantime.
Everyone, thank you for your hard work.”

In the tent, Rukie said.
While sitting on a chair, I sighed as I was relieved.
The people around me also are the same.
It seems that we can finally take a breather after marching so far.

“Even so, I never expected this.”

“I agree Your Majesty, I would have never thought of this.”

“We agree, too.”

Rukie, Chancellor Kelve, and Minotaur’s captain said,

“” … It’s so cool and comfortable in the tent.

They looked at me and muttered such a thing.

I also didn’t expect the tent made with the wind [Magic Cloth] would be this comfortable.
The tent cloth is not moving at all.
But there is a slight breeze inside.
There should be hot air because there is a volcano near us, but that also flows out in a blink of an eye.
In addition, everyone is wearing clothes and underwear made from the same wind [Magic Cloth].
It seems that the sweat evaporates because of that, and you feel refreshed.
Everyone is hydrated and having a strategy meeting with a refreshing face.

“The clothes of the wind [Magic Cloth] has a good reputation among the soldiers.”

“It’s always cool, it’s not sticky and it’s always refreshing ── This is a first.”

“Some elf magicians are weak, so this kind of equipment is helpful.
Thank you … Thor-dono.”

I’m glad that it has a good reputation.
The wind [Magic Cloth] can be used.

“I think… it’s time to take down the hood.”

It’s almost time to join the Imperial Army.
It stands out when there are humans, in the army so I decided to wear a hood.

“But this robe and hood feel so good.”

“Thor-dono’s robe is also made of wind [Magic Cloth], isn’t it?”

I’ve brought another attribute,” Maori Cloth Robe, “just in case.”

I hit the [ultra-small simple warehouse] on my waist.
Robes of other attributes are in this.
Depending on the situation, it’s always available.

“Reporting to Demon Lord-sama! Please check the food, weapons, and other pieces of equipment!!”

The entrance to the tent opens and a soldier appeared.
Rukie and Chancellor Kelve nodded and left the tent.
Just in case, I followed behind Mabel.

Next to the tent for executives is a large tent covered with a white cloth.
This is for storing weapons and food.

“Then, please check the inside!”

The Soldier touched the tent.
The tent has become transparent and the state inside looked very good.

“Because of this we haven’t lost anything on the move, everything is accounted for.
Even if it takes a few days to subdue the Monster, there is enough food for the soldiers …um, your excellency?”

“What is it?”

“… About this new model of tent.”

“Is it convenient?”

“It’s convenient”

“Then, isn’t it fine?”

“…Y, yes.”

“Just to be sure, do you guys want to check the contents inside the bags?”

“That’s right.
Please lead the way.”

“… I understand.”

The Soldier entered the tent.
He touched a bag of wheat.
The bag became transparent.

“J, just like this we have confirmed that all the bags are full!”

“It’s convenient”

“Yeah, it’s convenient!”

“Then, your Majesty is it okay?”

“… Umu.
Isn’t it fine?”

Why are you looking at me, Your Majesty Rukie? His Excellency, too.
His excellency said that “the soldiers should see that the supplies are being prepared” before.

“Then, thank you for your management.”

“Thank you for your hard work.”

“” Haa! Thank you! “”

Soldiers bowed to Rukie and Chancellor Kelve.
Then we start walking towards the original tent.

“I’m glad that the light [Magic Cloth] was useful.”

“I never thought there was such a way to use it…”

Mabel nods to my words.
The light [Magic Cloth] becomes transparent when magic power is passed through it.
If you use it for clothes, it will be a big deal.
The moment you put it on, you’ll be naked.

But, conversely, it also means that you can easily check the contents inside.
For example, if you use it for a water bag, you can immediately see how much water is left, and if you use it in a warehouse tent, you can easily check whether you have all the food and weapons.
That’s why I advised Rukie and Chancellor Kelve, to use it like that.

“Thanks to Mabel for coming up with this method.
Thank you.”

I said to Mabel.

She said, “How about making clothes with the light [Magic cloth] to check the physical condition of the soldiers?” That made me come up with this kind of usage.
Mabel is amazing”

“…It, it was just a random thought.”

I know, but I’m still grateful.”

Thanks to that, I was able to use the light [Magic Cloth].
It feels so good to see the materials I made are useful.

While talking about that, when I return to the tent ──

“… I’m sorry, Thor.”

Suddenly, Rukie said that.
Looking left and right, looking around the captains who are waiting around,

“Originally, I wanted to use more magic items made by you.
If there was a [Simple Warehouse] transporting supplies should have been easier too.”

“It’s not your Majesty’s responsibility.
I’m the one who suggested restrictions on the use of magic items.”

Chancellor Kelve nodded at me.

“Magic items that are too effective can cause trouble if they are spread all at once.
Therefore, this time, we have restricted the use of Thor items to some people.”

“I think it can’t be helped.”

I said.

Well, even if you suddenly say, “The alchemist has created a storage space, so you can carry your troops empty-handed,” it doesn’t matter to everyone.
I don’t think it’s too much of a concern for the “breathable clothes”.

“And the captain-ranked people are using magic items.”

“That’s right.
Some people are trained and equipped.”

“As an alchemist, that’s enough.”

I will make effective use of them.
Then everyone ──”

The masked Demon Lord Rukie looked away from me and looked around at the people around her.

“Before joining the Imperial Army, let’s confirm the military strategy first.”

“” Yes! Your Majesty Demon Lord Rukie !! “”

“The purpose of the operation is to subdue the Monster [Gargarossa].
It is possible to subdue it with only the forces of the Demon territory, but because this was near the Empire’s territory.
It was decided that this would be done by the Demon Territory and the Empire.
This is also an opportunity to establish friendly relationships.”

“This is the first time that the two countries have jointly operated.”

Chancellor Kelve continues,

“If successful, we will deepen our friendship between the two countries.
It seems that trade after the development of the mine will proceed smoothly.
You should keep that in mind.”

“””We understand!!”””

“Now let’s talk about the strategy.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Kelve-sama, the Chancellor, stepped out to the front.
He pointed to the map on the table and start the explanation.

“According to the scout’s information, Monster Gargarossa and its small spiders are living in this rocky area on the mountainside.
Because they are very dangerous, it’s a good idea to lure them out to the nearby forest and fight so that you won’t be surrounded.”

“As a measure against threads, General Reisenga’s unit will be very important as they will burn the threads.”

Demon Lord Rukie nods.

General Reisenga and his subordinate Salamanders will be on the front line.
The powerful fire magic will burn the enemy’s thread.”

Chancellor Kelve continues to explain.

“They are also given Thor-dono’s [Simple warehouse] to suck in the threads that they can’t burn.”

“I think the thread measures are sufficient.
Does anyone have any opinion?”

No reaction.
Demon Lord Rukie looked around and continues to talk

“After sealing the thread, General Reisenga’s unit and the Minotaur unit will fight in close combat next.”

In terms of power and speed, the General’s unit is superior, but the Minotaur unit is equipped with a [health promotion pendant] made by Thor.
If they convert the water magic power, it has been confirmed that they can exert the same power as the general’s unit.”

“U, umu … There doesn’t seem to be any oppositions to this.”

“There doesn’t seem to be any.”

“Finally, long-range attacks.”

“The elf unit is in charge of the rearguard.
That is where the headquarters where Her Majesty is.
Originally, magic attacks will not be able to reach unless you approach the Monster, but this time it is a trial of Thor’s [Laser pointer] which we have prepared 3 of them.
It has been confirmed that the range will be extended, so I don’t think that there would be any problems… “

“… That’s right.”

“Well then, let’s go over it together.”

Countermeasures against the thread that the Monster spits out: General Reisenga’s troops burn it down.
The portion that could not be burned out is stored in the [ultra-small simple warehouse].

Countermeasures against variations in the strength of the close combat units.
Countermeasure: Strengthen the Minotaur unit with the “Health Promotion Pendant”.

About the safety issue of the magic attack unit.
Countermeasure: Increase the range of magic with [Laser Pointer].

“… Is there anyone who has noticed any problems?”

“” “………” “”

So why are you looking at me, the captains of the Demon Territory army?

“… You’ve done a countermeasure against the” Monster Gargarossa “and the small spider’s thread attack.”

“… The difference between us minotaurs and General Reisenga’s troops has been solved..

“… Our elves can be calm and can attack from a safe place.
Your Majesty can also be safe.”

All the captains exhaled as if they were relieved.

Don’t let your guard down!”

Suddenly, the Demon Lord Rukie said.

“I don’t know what will happen on the battlefield.
No matter how much Thor’s magic items have boosted your strength, the idea that we can absolutely win distorts our perceptions.
It leads to an unexpected defeat.
Keep that in mind !! “

“” Yes!! “”

As expected, it’s Rukie.
She values ​​”learning from humans.”
The slogan that was born from the defeat of the first Demon Lord to a hero in another world will never be forgotten.

“So, Kelve.
What about the partnership with the Empire?”

“I’m sorry, Your Majesty.”

Chancellor Kelve muttered in a heavy tone.

“There is still no contact from the Empire about the operation.”

“Not yet?”

“We are exchanging messengers.
I have told them how we are going to operate but I have received no information about how the Imperial Army is going to move.”

“… Umu.
I wonder what they are thinking?”

Demon Lord Rukie is angry.

I suddenly remembered the history book I read when I was in the Imperial government office.
There are several patterns in how the empire fights.

The Imperial Corps is always cautious when the opponent is strong.
They scout them out first, send a small number of people in to test the waters, and then launch a surprise attack.
The theory is to create an advantageous situation in this way and then do everything in your power to defeat the enemy.

On the contrary, when the enemy is weak, the story changes completely.
The Empire sometimes fights strangely when they decide to “win.”

It is the traditional way of fighting called “levelling” that has been passed down since the hero era.

This is a method of enclosing enemies in a group and letting the weakest of allies attack, and is used when soldiers and adventurers raise their overall level.
The enemy’s attack is prevented by the stronger ally, and the weak one slowly attacks the enemy.

The “Monster Gargarossa has a lot of subordinates this time.
There are many small spiders, but they are not so strong.
“Leveling” is also possible if you have the power to suppress the main body of “Monster Gargarossa”.

They shouldn’t be doing that since the demon territory is here.
I think I think too much──

“We have received a message from General Reisenga!! It’s an emergency situation!”

──A messenger soldier jumped into the tent.

“Soldiers of the Dolgarian Empire have already begun to fight the Monster’s subordinate !! The location is a rocky place at the foot of the mountain! It seems that they have provoked the monster Gargarossa and its subordinates.
What do you think, Demon Lord Rukie-sama!! “

The blue-faced messenger reported to Rukie.

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