Chapter 35 – Operation To Subjugate Monster Gargarossa (2) [The Affairs On The Empire’s Side]

── About an hour ago, the soldiers from the empire ──

“The purpose of the operation is to show the strength of the empire to the Demon Territory”

At the headquarters of the army, the Minister of military affairs, Zagran, shouted.

This is a rocky area near the Demon Territory’s Mountains.
It is a gentle flat land, and if you walk a bit, you will enter the border area with the empire.
It is a place far away from the meeting point with the Demon Territory.

The Imperial army positioned themselves here a few hours ago.
Without notifying the Demon Territory ── The Imperial Army has already begun the Monster Subjugation.

“Doing a monster subjugation in the Demon Territory is a valuable experience.
In addition to showing the strength of the empire, the Demon Territory would also owe us a favor.
Also, using the tactic used by the hero, surrounding the enemies and then attacking them individually.
It will be good training.”

“” Haa!! “”

“Then, Your Imperial Highness Liana, please say some words..”

Following the minister of Affair’s Zargran’s guidance, the third princess, Liana Dolgaria, came forward.
Princess Liana is a 15 year old, slightly slender and petite girl.
When she took her helmet off, a long platinum hair appears.
The silver armor she is wearing is a first-class item made for this battle.
The soldiers sigh in admiration of the crest of the Empire engraved on the armour.
But the beauty of her armour is no match for the big sword she holds with both hands.
Princess Liana is holding the [Holy Sword Dolgaria].
It is a sword used by a hero who came from another world.

In order to bring out the power of this sword, a powerful light magic power is required.
And Princess Liana who has the magic power to deserves it.
There have also been magic swords that have collapsed because her light magic power was too strong.

So when the story came that the Empire and the Demon Teritory would jointly subdue the Monster, the Empire’s leaders thought.
“This is an opportunity to show the strength of the empire to those in the Demon Territory.”

They would easily beat the monster.
Furthermore, the light of the great holy sword is shown to those of the Demon Territory.
That was the plan of the Imperial Leaders.

As a result, Princess Liana came to the mountainous area of ​​the Demon Territory with her educator, Zagran and the soldiers.

“We’re quite far away from the volcano but it’s still hot.
Are you tired?”

When Princess Liana calls out, the soldiers replied.


“── We are at full of power!”

“── Does Her Royal Highness doubt the power of our soldier !?”

── They said.
This should be the right attitude for the dauntless Dolgarian soldiers.
Princess Liana was sweating under the armour too.

However, she didn’t have time to change clothes.
The operation has already begun.
Besides, the Demon Territory army should be in the same state too.
So Princess Liana encourages to the soldiers.

“Show the power of the empire to the demons.
Like the Demon Territory in the past, unable to win against the Dolgarian Empire.
Defeating the monsters is also the mission of the Empire.”

Princess Liana raises the holy sword, pointing to the sky.
Showing it to the soldiers.
All soldiers kneeled on the ground and pay homage to the sword left by the hero of another world.
Then the Imperial Army moved on to the next action.

“We have 300 troops here.
It should be more than enough.”

Military Minister Zagran muttered, stroking his beard.

The operation has already begun.
They are currently waiting for the vanguard to contact them.
Meanwhile, Military Minister Zagran and Princess Liana had a final meeting.

“According to the information from the Demon Territory, there are 20 to 30 small spiders under the control of the monster [Gargarossa].
Even the small spiders are human-sized.
Each of them will be surrounded and blocked by 10 soldiers.”

With that said, Military Minister Zagran grins.

“You can win simply like this.
But this tactic is impossible for the Demon Territory anyways.”

“The Demon Territory can’t even send out such a small amount of soldiers?”

“They have a small population over there.
It’s also a jumble of different races.
They wouldn’t be able to make unified actions like that.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t have had to propose for joint operations.”

That was the estimation of the Minister of military affairs Zagran.
The Demon Lord probably brought less than 100 troops.

If we overwhelm the monster with more than three times their army, the strength of the empire should be transmitted.

“But Zagran.
Is the monster really here?”

Next to the Minister of Military Affairs, Princess Liana grumbled.

“This is taking a long time.
Is the advance unit even working as ordered?”

Her expression does not seem uneasy.
It’s just that it’s unpleasant when a plan doesn’t go forward.

“Please do not worry.
A few people should be approaching the nest and provoking it right now.”

“Are you sure that the advance troops would do as said?”

“In the advance troops there are some criminals that were nobles.
If they gain merit in the battle today, their crimes should lessen.”

The army of the empire has set up a camp and is waiting for the monster to come.
They are using several soldiers to lure the Monster [Gargarossa] and the small spider to this point.

It is not possible to send a large force inside the Demon Territory.
First of all, the Empire has no intentions to attack the Demon Territory at the moment, so they wouldn’t want them to misunderstand
Second of all, the area around the monster’s nest is full of rocks, and large numbers of troops cannot be deployed.
That’s why they set out to lure the Monster to a point where they had an advantage.

“Your majesty, do you know what you should do after the monsters come?”

“While the soldiers surround, block, and attack the small spiders, during that gap I’m going to attack the monster Gargarossa with the holy sword, right?”

“If you defeat the main body, only the small spiders will remain.
The soldier would be able to do levelling.”

The Military Minister Zagran said.

“Your Highness should pay extra attention to the remaining amount of magic power you have.”

“I know, Zagran.”

“Also, it takes a lot of magical power to activate the Holy Sword Dolgaria.
You can only activate the [Holy Sword’s light] twice … No, please think that you can only use it once── “

“Zagran, you don’t have to say it over and over.”

Overturning the platinum blonde, Princess Liana screamed.

“Isn’t the Demon Lord coming to this battle? I won’t expose an unsightly appearance in front of the Demon Lord.
Let’s show them the power of the [light of the holy sowrd].”

“Your Highness, you have to take care of your body too ── “

When Military Minister Zagran tried to continue talking ──

“The giant monster and the small spiders are here!!!”

The soldiers screamed.
Reflexively, Princess Liana and the Minister of Military Affairs Zagran held their swords.
The two look tense and nodded to each other.
To fight, accomplish the goal and aim to be the strongest.
That is the way of the Dolgarian Empire.

“They’re here, the monster and the advance unit.”

“── I have eyes too, Zagran.”

Soldiers are running from the mountains to the empire’s position.
They are the advance unit sent to the monster’s nest.
Chasing behind them is a large hoard of monsters.

The first thing they saw was a human-sized spider.
Silver limbs, a shell covering its body and multiple and bright red eyes.
It’s the subordinate small spiders.

From behind the small spiders, a shadow like a small mountain slowly comes toward them.
It’s the monster Gargarossa.

“So that is the monster [Gargarossa]…”

Princess Liana grasped the holy sword.

“The advance unit is safe-no, it seems that the number is less…?”

“Did they get lost in the Demon Territory … Or did they go and defeat the small spiders by themselves….

Military Minister Zagran had a headache.

“… It seems that some people have created more troubles.
Let’s help them later.”

“Are they okay?”

“Weak ones can’t be any good.
Your Majesty, we should go to the front!”

Princess Liana and the Minister of Military Affairs Zagran started to run.
The escort soldiers followed them.

On the front lines, soldiers are already fighting the small spiders.
According to the strategy, 10 people will face the small spider and surround it quickly.

The empire’s strategy is simple.

First, the rearguard mages and archers attack the enemy from a distance.
The infantry swarms around the small spiders and blocks them.
After that, the archers and magic soldiers concentrate their attacks on the main body of monster Gargarossa.

After stopping the movement of Monster [Gargarossa] it is time for Princess Liana and the Minister of Military Affairs Zagran.
The princess doesn’t have to defeat the monster.
All she has to do is do a lot of damage with the holy sword.
The purpose is to show the fact that the princess’s holy sword has torn through the monster that the Demon Territory was having trouble with.

After that, it doesn’t matter whether the spirited soldiers defeat the monster or the Demon Territory’s army ends it.
The important thing is to show the power of the holy sword.
It is to let the Demon Lords know that the empire is still powerful.


“For Her Royal Highness.
For the Empire!!”

“Show the strength of the empire to the demons!”

The soldiers are shouting.
Perhaps they are those with little combat experience.
They have to level up by ending the small spiders.

“──Please use [knockback cancellation] to defend.”

“── I have stopped the movement of the thread with freezing magic.
Please attack not.”

“──We have successfully surrounded them.
The swordfighter will unit continue to attack!!”

The skilled warriors continued to fight indifferently.
The small spiders are being besieged.
The number of them is less than 20.
Even if one is surrounded by 10 people, there are still plenty of troops left over.

“The spiders have stopped moving.
I’m heading to attack the Main Body, Your Highness!!”

“Got it!!”

Princess Liana continued running with the holy sword in her hand.
Four or more small spiders have already been killed.
The rest are in a state where the soldiers are restraining their movements.
When Princess Liana was about to give a blow to the monster Gargarossa.

“──── is already in battle ──”

“──── Didn’t you say── this was a joint operation?”

Suddenly they heard a voice.
Looking back for a moment, they saw many figures on the slope.

“Who is over there …?”

“The Demon Territory’s army seems to have noticed our movements.”
“They’re right on time”

“From there, even those in the Demon Territory will see the light of the Holy Sword.”

“Then, let’s show them the power of the Holy Sword Dolgaria to dispel the darkness and beat the enemy!”

Princess Liana drew out her sword.
A golden blade appears.
When the princess puts in the magical power of light, the blade becomes even more brilliant.
The blade of the holy sword becomes huge.

“The people of the Demon Territory please look over here! Look at the power of the [Holy sword Dolgaria] left by the hero ── !!”

[Holy Sword Dolgaria] can create a huge blade with light magic power.
It is said that the blade was several tens of meters long when it was used by a hero from another world.
But the blade of light that Princess Liana produced was less than 10 meters.
Still, it’s enough to do a lot of damage to the Monster Gargarossa.

“” ──── Oh! “”

──Was the cheers from the Empires soldiers or the residents of the Demon Territory who were looking at her from the mountain?
Princess Liana started running towards the monster.

The total length of the Monster Gargarossa is more than ten meters.
Zagran and his direct subordinates cut off the swinging legs with their swords.
Princess Liana arrived in front of the monster without any problem.
Then she held up the holy sword.

“[Holy Sword Dolgaria] answer to my magic power!!”


Perhaps the Monster Gargarossa noticed the approaching danger, he stood up on his hind legs.
But Liana had already produced a blade of light.

“Eat this monster! [Holy sword’s light]!! “

Princess Liana swings the sword from underneath.
This distance.
There is no way for it to escape.
Princess Liana’s [Holy Sword’s light] went right towards the monster ──

“── Eh”

── Just before severing the enemy, Princess Liana opened her eyes wide.

There were countless small spiders hiding beneath the Monster Gargarossa’s body.
Liana remembered the report that arrived from the Demon Territory.
The strength of Monster [Gargarossa] is unknown.
However, the number of small spiders under its control is growing too quickly.
It should be controlled as soon as possible.
It is also a new kind of monster that has never appeared before.
You should be careful about subjugation.
Wasn’t that written on the report?

“No way The subordinate spiders……are waiting for in ambush …!??”

“Giaaaa! “” Guia! “” Gigi!”

The spiders under the belly shot threads at Princess Liana all at once.
Princess Liana’s [Holy sword’s light] stopped for a split second.

If I swung up the sword as it is, I can do a lot of damage to the monster Gargarossa.
But I can’t get rid of all the spiders under its belly.
If she gets tangled in their strings and they rush at her all at once…

Princess Liana noticed that the operation had failed at this point.

Even if she slashed at the monster [Gargarossa] as it is, no fatal injury will be given.
The small spiders and their threads has already messed up her stance, diminishing the power of the [Holy sword’s light].

In addition, the remaining ambushing spiders will attack the soldiers surrounding the other spiders from behind.
When that happens, the army will have disastrous casualties.

“── !!”

Princess Liana changed the course of her blade of light.
At the same time, the small spiders under the belly of the Monster flew out.
She desperately cuts the small spiders.

“Gigigi! “Guy-a” “(Bosh)”

The little spiders scream as they evaporate.
In addition, the blade of light also damaged the main body of Monster Gargarossa.
Green bodily fluids spurt out and fall onto Princess Liana’s body.

That was it.
The blade of light only lightly scratched the monster.
It was far from being a critical hit, and it also made the monster [Gargarossa] angry.


The monster [Gargarossa] swings his huge leg and attacks Princess Liana.
The princess tried to move backwards, but her movement was sluggish.

She spent all her magic power on the ambushing small spiders.
However, due to the exhaustion of magic power, she could not move immediately.

“── Your Highness!”

She heard the voice of the military minister, Zagran.
She runs towards the princess.
However, the thread and legs of the monster are in the way.

The angry Monster [Gargarossa] continued to shoot large amounts of threads out.
Zagran is also doing his best to burn the thread with magic.

The monster’s eyes looked at the princess as it opened its mouth and showing its teeth.
Seeing this, the princess’s body became stiff.
She stared at the Monster’s face and noticed something strange.

“There’s a red dot on top of the monster’s head…? “

Princess Liana looked back.
A red line extended from dot light and connected to the Demon Territory’s army.

“We will provide assistance to you! We’re going to shoot at the magic dot.”

She heard a voice.

But ──it’s too far.
From the Demon Territory army to this point, it is far beyond the range of magic.
Attack magic wouldn’t be able to──

“Fire──── !!”


A large amount of attack magic hit the red dot.
A part of the head of the monster [Gargarossa] was blown away.


Princess Liana opened her eyes wide.
She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

From the position where the Demon Territory’s army is to this point, it was more than double the range of magic.
Yet, all the attack magic they released hit the Monster Gargarossa.
All of them hit the red dot.

“Guaaaaaaaaa! Gugaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

The Monster Gargarossa is struggling on the ground.
It’s a natural reaction since he was hit by multiple magic attacks.
A part of the head is blown away, and a large amount of body fluid is spouting from it.

“Your Highness! We’re leaving Your Highness!!!”

When she came back to her senses, Zagran was pulling Princess Liana’s arm.

“That’s retreat first and organize ourselves first! Your Highness, can you stand up?”

“── But Zagran…… Escaping from here…… ”

“Maybe because the Monster’s anger spread, the small spiders are becoming violent.
If nothing is done, the front line cannot be maintained …”

Hearing Zagran’s words, Princess Liana looked at the soldiers.
Every one of the blockades was about to be broken through.

This is because the small spiders are shooting a large amount of thread, just like the Monster Gargarossa.
Even a magician can’t burn it out and freeze it completely.
Only the hero’s ultimate magic or the legendary “storage skill” can handle such things.
The blockade of the soldiers was being breached.

“… In front of the Demon Lord … how awkward …”

Princess Liana clasped the holy sword.

“Counterattack! Father, I’m sorry for doing this.”

“You can’t! We have no choice but to retreat now.”

Military Minister Zagran shouted.

“The soldiers are in chaos! And the Demon Territory’s army has also appeared! They will be angry with us who has deviated from the plan.
With the Monster in front and the Demon Lord at the back.
We can’t fight! We must retreat here.
What’s your decision! “

“… U, U”

Princess Liana bit her lips.
This was her first battle as a holy swordsman.
It failed brilliantly.
She couldn’t master the holy sword and was saved by the Demon Territory.

“Okay … change from a blockade formation to a dense clump formation.
Let’s gather the soldiers and keep a distance from the Monster Gargarossa.”

“I understand.
And the battle isn’t over yet.
Your Highness.”

Military Minister Zagran whispered to Liana’s ear.

“We could also get the final kill after the Demon Territory has weakened the Monster Gargarossa.
In that case, you will need your Holy Sword again, so please rest for now.”

“… I know.”

“ In the first place, the monster Gargarossa was a difficult opponent even for us.
The Demon Territory shouldn’t be able …”


The attack magic of the Demon Territory’s army hit the leg of the monster Gargarossa in quick succession.
Then came the 2nd round.
Then came the 3rd.
The attacks are concentrated at the red dot on the monster’s leg.
The leg flew away after.

“──I don’t know what that unknown magic is.
Anyways we should withdraw for now.”

“… Yes, let’s go Zagran.”

Protected by the soldiers, Princess Liana left the battlefield.

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