Chapter 36 – Operation To Subjugate Monster Gargarossa (3) [Demon Territory’s Army vs The Giant Monster]

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── Demon Lord Rukie’s point of view ──

“It’s odd.
What is this power?”

The Demon Lord Rukie tilted her head at the sight in front of her.
When I shot magic with the [Laser Pointer] it hit brilliantly at the point where I wanted to hit.

In addition, the attack magic for more than a dozen people is concentrated on one point, and the Monster’s leg was blown away.

“Thor’s [Laser Pointer] didn’t just extend one’s range of magic?”

“This Kelve seemed to have seen that everyone’s magic was flying toward one point but …”


After calling him multiple times, Rukie remembered that he wasn’t here.
She had sent Thor to the rear before because it’s dangerous to be on Rukie’s side as the battlefield is close to her.

“Your Majesty.
How did Thor describe the [Laser Pointer]?”

“He said that the magical powers of light and darkness will fly in a straight line toward the enemy.
By riding the flow of that magical power, the range of magic will be extended.”

“Then, if a lot of people shoot magic all at once …?”

“That’s right … magic that follows the flow of magical power forms a line and heads toward one point….


She noticed.
This [Laser Pointer] does more than just extend the range of magic.
The attack magic emitted by multiple people is attracted to the line of red light-that is, the flow of magical power, and converges.
It’s the same as hitting a dozen or so attack magic to one point.

“There’s no way any monster that can withstand getting hit by that many attack magic.”

“Thor! What did you make …!”

During the testing, I didn’t notice it because only one person used a [Laser Pointer].
If you use this item in a group, everyone’s magic will hit one point in a row.
Moreover, its range is 3 to 4 times the normal range.

Moreover, it penetrates the small spiders and goes right into the Monster Gargarossa
This [Laser Pointer] is not an attack support item.
Specialized for magic, it’s an attack magic amplification item

“Anyways, attack the Monster Gargarossa now! We have to help the Empire retreat!”

“Your Majesty … but they tried to outsmart us …”

“I know, but we can’t afford to watch them die.”

Demon Lord Rukie nodded to herself.
She didn’t expect the empire to start fighting the Monster Gargarossa on their own.

Before Thor left he said that the Princess might want to gain some fame.
He might be right this time

“If we don’t help them, we wouldn’t be able to get the truth.”

“Did the Empire really intend to defeat the Monster Gargarossa on their own?”

“I’m afraid that, that is the case since they sent some soldiers to lure the spiders all the way here.”

“I agree.
the only way to deploy a large force is to draw enemies away from this area.”

Chancellor Kelve nodded.

“They probably tried to surround the small spiders and then use the Holy sword to deal a fatal hit to the Monster.
It would have been a good plan if they succeed.”

“But their blockade got broken through.”

“Their miscalculation as that they underestimated the strength of the monster.”

“No wonder.
That Monster is not in the record of the Demon Territory and is also not in any history books.
It is a nonstandard Monster that suddenly appeared.
I wonder where it came from?”

Since it is a nonstandard Monster, the Demon territory was careful to subdue it.
They gathered many soldiers, scouted it and even Demon Lord Rukie and General Reisenga came to the site.

“I should have already conveyed that sense of crisis to the empire, but … should I have sent a more persistent letter?”

Currently, Rukie is looking down on the battlefield from a hill.
Below, the Empire’s Army is beginning to retreat.

Soldiers with shields have become walls, helping other soldiers escape.
They were trained properly and skilled but the little spiders still managed to push on.
They will need assistance

“I have something to say to the empire, but … that’s for later.”

“I agree.
Let’s let them survive so we can complain.”

“There is no change in our strategy.
The enemy is stopped by long-range magic.
When the opponent stops moving, General Reisenga’s unit and Minotaur’s unit are going to engage them! Got it?”

Rukie told the soldiers and the generals.

“Haha! Let’s show your Majesty the power of this Reisenga flames!”

“The minotaur unit is already equipped with the [Health promotion pendant].”

“Our elf unit will fire magic until we run out of magic power!”

General Reisenga, the captain of the Minotaur, and the captain of the elf unit spoke out.
It’s a pity that I couldn’t hear Agnis’ reply as she was escorting Thor and Mabel.

Rukie gave the instructions.
Of the three “laser pointers” at hand, one is aimed at the Monster Gargarossa.
The purpose is to restrict it with magic.

The second one is held by the elf captain and aims at the moving spider.
The last one is held by Kelve, who is going to use it to support Rukie’s magic.

“My dark magic is enough to kill the small spiders alone.”

This Kelve will also be holding a [Laser Pointer].”

“The general and the Minotaur unit should prepare to engage with the monster.
After taking down some small spider to some extent, attack the main body of the Monster Gargarossa.”

“”We understand!!””

“Elf unit, start the attack.
Release the magic!”

“” Ohhhhh!! “”

Elven troops fire attack magic all at once.
The aim is the red light spot on the body surface of Monster Gargarossa.

It’s a long distance making it hard to aim properly.
Some people are too far away to see the light.
Some of the magic were slightly off the mark.

Still, the [Laser Pointer] didn’t let any of them out of the mark.

The flow of magic power that extends toward the target forcibly pulled in all of the magic.
The ones that are off-target and the ones that are delayed in timing are put together and their trajectory was corrected.

Furthermore, the flow of magical power extends the flight distance of magic ──

Zudododooooooooooooon! !!


The flood of attack magic that was shot blew off one of the legs of Monster Gargarossa.

“Thor-dono is so scary…”

“… Umu, this [Laser pointer] may change the course of this battle.

“But I can’t figure it out.”

Chancellor Kelve shook his head.

“There should be alchemists in the Empire too.
But why didn’t the princess of the empire use similar magic items? “

“I have an idea.”

“What is it?”

“In this battle, the empire wanted to outwit us.
They also refused to discuss the strategy with demons and demi-human.
I think those block-headed people wouldn’t be able to master this magic item.”


“Thank you, ancestors, for leaving the motto of “Learn from humans”.
Otherwise, I might have missed Thor’s talent.

If I hadn’t allowed Thor to use his power and couldn’t make the most of his talent … maybe there wouldn’t have been a tea party at that [Simple warehouse].
I couldn’t talk to Mabel like I do now, and I couldn’t be a friend of Thor.
Imagining such a situation, Chills ran down Rukie’s back.

“Now, I have to work too.
Kelve, please.”


Chancellor Kelve raised the [Laser Pointer].
The aim is the small spiders on the ground.

“The princess of the empire showed us the power of the holy sword, so the Demon Lord must show them the power of dark magic too.”

The Empire fought without the Demon territory and used the holy sword to show their strength.
Although the two countries have promised peace, they are not friendly countries.
It’s natural to show their power so the other doesn’t think of attacking.

(But what is the princess doing without keeping her promise!)

Besides, Rukie personally has something to worry about.
Earlier, Thor saw the light of the holy sword and his eyes were shining.
He said that he wanted to make Rukie’s magic sword with reference to the holy sword, but I didn’t like him staring at the princess.
That’s why she thought she should show her strength too.

“In the name of the Demon Lord Rukie Evergard I call upon the Purgatory Flame.”

Rukie raised her hand.
Dark magic power overflowed from her body.

The magical power of darkness means “nothing,” “blank,” and “a space with nothing.”
The magic of Rukie, the Demon Lord who manipulates it, can create a flame that destroys the existence of the enemy itself.
It has the drawback of having a short-range, but the [Laser Pointer] should make up for it.

“‘Appear! The flame of darkness!'”

The trembling soldiers look in awe of the flame.

“Eat my pitch-black flame! [Void Magic Flmae]!! “

Demon Lord Rukie unleashed the jet-black flame.
The black flame follows the flow of the [Laser Pointer] and lands on the body of the small spider as it is.


A human-sized spider screamed.
Burned by black flames, its arms and torso disappear.
This was the power of dark magic that the Demon Lord manipulated.

“── Guia … Ah”

The small spider burned in black flames quickly disappears.
Upon seeing it, Rukie, the Demon Lord, gives instructions to Kelve to move on to the next.

“It’s done for already.
Let’s point the [Laser Pointer] to the next enemy.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Be sure to aim properly..”

Rukie reached out and pointed the light of Kelve’s [Laser Pointer] at the next small spider.
The red light moved to the next small spider.
The black flame that was shot before also moved to the next small spider.


The small spider, which was hit directly by the flame, screamed.

“” ── What? “”

“” Ohhhhhhhhh!! “”

Demon Lord Rukie opened her mouth.
The Demon territory army, including General Reisenga, cheered.
By the way, Chancellor Kelve was shocked too.

“Wh, why did the flames of the [Void Flame] move!?? “

“I, I don’t know what the power of the [Laser pointer] that Thor made is…”

“……Let me see”

Anyway, the black flame should go out soon.
With that in mind, Rukie, the Demon Lord, begins chanting magic again.
After collecting the Dark magic power and, she saw that … the first magic flame was still burning.

As a bonus, Rukie’s magic began to burn the third spider because Kelve moved the [laser pointer slightly.

The second one has already been burned, leaving only its legs behind.

“I’m casting it.
[Void Flame]!!! “

Rukie’s second [Void Flame] was cast.
The black flame hits the third small spider as a matter of course.
The next magic flame hits the disappearing magic flame and combined it with it.

“──── Guuii”

The small spider was burned by the black flame and disappeared without leaving any legs behind.

Rukie didn’t know what was going on.
Every time she moved the light of the [Laser Pointer], the [Void Flame] also moved
I’ve never seen such a phenomenon before ──

“… Is it because I am using the dark magic power for the [Laser pointer]?”

Rukie suddenly came up with a theory.

“Thor said.
This [Laser Pointer] compressed the light magic power with that dark magic power and shoots it out.
And my magic is made of dark magic too.
In other words, through the magical power of [Laser Pointer], the void flame and my magic power are connected.

Therefore, the magic flame never extinguished.
This is because Rukie continues to supply magic power through the [Laser Pointer].

“That imagine that the [Void Flame] is connected to me.
We can tell if it’s true if we sweep the [Laser pointer] around.”

“That means when your Majesty uses this[Laser Pointer]…”

“The void flame that I cast can be moved around freely …”

While talking about such things, Rukie moves the aim of the [Laser Pointer].
The black flame also moved with it, and the small spiders are extinguished one after another.

(… Hey, Thor)
(You said that you would make a magic sword for me, but … with this item … it might not be necessary …)

Rukie was stunned and stared at the sight in front of him.

Just by moving the [Laser Pointer] a little, the magic flame moves with it.
It is faster for Rukie to move the [Laser Pointer] slightly as the little spider desperately escapes.
In addition, the attack of the elf magic unit is combined, and the number of small spiders is steadily decreasing.

“… What should we do? Your Majesty.”

“… We’re prepared for the assault …”

General Reisenga and the Minotaur unit are stationary with their weapons in their hands.
The enemies are disappearing even without the assault unit.
All that remains is the main body of Monster Gargarossa.
It is also in a state of being under a concentrated attack of magic by the remaining two [laser pointer].

“── Hi, higgy!!”

Finally, Monster Gargarossa tried to escape.
It may be an intelligent monster, as he also hid an ambush under its belly.
So it should also understand that it was in a pinch.

If it decided to chase down the human army, it would be hit by long-range magic which caused a lot of damage.
When it sent the small spiders under its control, it was wiped out in less than a few minutes.
It was no wonder that Monster Gargarossa panicked.

“── Higgii! Guiii Guii!!”

“Don’t let the Monster Gargarossa escape! Everyone, attack!”

Demon Lord Rukie moved her troops.

“Reisenga’s troops and Minotaur’s troops will attack from the left and right.
Hunt it down towards the rock wall ahead! The rest will attack with magic!”

Rukie aimed the [Laser Pointer] at the Monster Gargarossa.
The remaining magic flame was moved towards it.

“Giaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa …………”

The black flame burned the legs of the Monster Gargarossa.
The Monster moves its remaining legs and desperately tries to escape.

Rukie moves the aim of the [Laser Pointer].
The black flame also moves with it, chasing the fleeing Monster Gargarossa.

“… Gaaaa! Ah ………… ”

Eventually, the monster Gargarossa who was cornered by the rock wall stopped struggling.
He laid his huge body on the ground and burned himself in the flames.

Finally, the eyes of the Monster were staring at the corps of the Demon Lord’s territory.
As if honouring a worthy opponent the monster Gargarossa raised his remaining foreleg.
And then it fell to the ground──

The Monster Gargarossa was dead.

“” Uoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

After a while, cheers came from the Demon Territory army.

“Your Majesty the Demon Lord is amazing!!”

“To annihilate Monster Gargarossa and its subordinates with just a few magic shots!!”

“Your Majesty is even more powerful than the first Demon Lord-sama…”

Both elves and dwarves praise the Demon Lord Rukie in unison.
In contrast, General Reisenga and the Minotaurs were stunned.
They immediately tried to charge at the enemy but the enemy disappeared.

“… I wanted to brag to Agnis.”

“… It’s fine if it was settled peacefully.”

“… I’m sorry.
I didn’t expect this to happen too.”

Demon Lord Rukie murmured vaguely.

Suddenly, the Empire’s army that was still trying to get in formation stopped moving.
Both the princess and the soldier are staring at the dead Monster Gargarossa.
As expected, it is a huge military nation.
The speed of their response was fast.

But I still need to complain about their arbitrary decision.
I also want to know why they behaved like this.
But there was something I had to do before that.

“The monster Gargarossa has been subjugated!!!”

Demon Lord Rukie shouted out their victory

“” Ohhhhh !! “”

The soldiers of the Demon territory also raised their voices.
Then Rukie turned to the Empire’s army and,

“This was the first joint operation between the Demon Lord and the Dolgarian Empire! I have a lot to say, but I did see the light of the holy sword from princess Liana!”

In front of Rukie’s view, Princess Liana’s expression distorted.
Rukie didn’t mean to be sarcastic though.

“Would it be possible to talk about this operation and the tactics of the Empire with princess Liana?”

Rukie then shouted at Princess Liana.

Even Rukie knows that the Empire has moved on its own.
I also know how the empire sees the Demon territory because he sent Thor as a hostage.
When I was approached for a joint operation, I expected them to be sensible, but it was betrayed completely.

Still, I have to talk to the Empire.
It is also for the peaceful world that Rukie seeks.
I want to maintain a country where the people of the Demon Territory can live in peace by making the most of their abilities.
That’s what she wants.

To that end, the fact that the Empire and the Demon territory conducted a joint operation can be used.
If the story spreads, the emperors and aristocrats aside, the ordinary people of the empire may be able to associate with the demon territory normally.

(There should be people like Thor.
There will be a few people who likewise want to get along with demons and subhumans.)

Rukie, the Demon Lord, was waiting for an answer, looking down at the Empire’s army.
The [Laser Pointer] has already been retracted to show that we have no intention of fighting.
Instead, Chancellor Kelve and General Reisenga guarded her left and right.

It seems that the Empire discussed it for a little ──

“… Let’s talk …”

Eventually, Princess Liana and an old man started walking towards Rukie.

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