Chapter 38 – Revealing The Letter

── Thor perspective ──



It’s been a while since I received a message from Rukie that the Monster subjugation was over.
Me, Mabel, and the troops led by Agnis were moving towards where the Monster’s Nest is to find out if there are any surviving spiders and Imperial soldiers.

“Thor-sama it would have been okay if you were in the main team behind.”

Next to me Agnis in armour.
As always, she’s wearing her helmet.
It’s still embarrassing for her to expose her face in front of the soldiers.

“Agnis will do the work myself.”

“I can’t let you do that because I’m also part of the army.”

“But … you might meet an Imperial soldier.”

Mabel worriedly called out.

“Thor-sama doesn’t want to meet anyone from that country right?”
“It’s okay.
I’m wearing a new robe now.”

I took down the hood of my robe.
As the sun went down and it became cooler, I changed from the wind magic cloth robe to another robe.
There are shades here and there so I can hide in it.

“In addition, I may also find Items for Alchemy.”

“It’s Thor-sama alright…”

“I wish I had the legs of a small spider.
If I knew the strength of their bodies, it might be a reference when making a magic sword that surpasses the holy sword.”

I saw the princess wield her holy sword in a battle against Monster Gargarossa.
The holy sword’s blade of light stretched out and the small spiders were cut apart.
Because of that, the power was lessened and it couldn’t deal damage to the main body of the monster Gargarossa itself.

In other words, if I know the strength of the small spider’s body, I should also know the power of the holy sword’s blade of light.
I think it will make a good reference for making magic swords.


“What is it? Mabel”

“I think Rukie would be more pleased that Thor is safe than receiving a magic sword.”

“… Agnis agrees too.”

Next to Mabel, Agnis nods.

“This time, the empire battled against the Monster at their own accord, and everyone is wary of the people of the empire.
What if Thor met such people …”

“In case of emergency, Agnis will defeat the enemy with my [health promotion pendant], though.”

“We don’t want Thor to get hurt.”

“I got it, I’ll return to the back after a little bit.”

I don’t want to let Mabel and Agnis worry.

But … why are they wary of the people of the empire?
I see.
Both Mabel and Agnis think I’m no longer an Empire’s person.
Thor Regus is not a child of an imperial aristocrat, but a human of the Demon Territory.
…… I’m really happy.

“I found an Imperial soldier!!”

Suddenly, a soldier’s voice echoed.

“” Thor-sama.
Please come here! “”

Mabel and Agnis pulled my hand and took me to a shade.
… I don’t think it’s necessary to hide though.
But I can’t let them worry about me.

I obediently moved to the tree shadow.
I took down my hood and poured magic power into my robe.
What I’m wearing now is a robe made from Dark attribute [Magic Cloth].
It has the property of absorbing light and turning black when you pour magic power in.
The time is just before the sun sets.
If I wear this and hide, my figure will blend into the darkness.

“Leave Agnis to handle the Imperial soldiers.”

Agnis in armor went to the front.

“My dad told me to command the troops while he was away.”

“I will absolutely protect Thor.”

Mabel shook the skirt of her maid outfit and declared.

The Imperial soldier hasn’t come to our place yet.
From a distance, the voices of Agnis’ subordinates can be heard.

“── I won’t do anything to you.
I’m just escorting you safely.”

“──We will send you back to the Empire later.”

“──So it’s fine if you relax.”

Eventually, a soldier in leather armor appeared from behind the trees.
He was a middle-aged man with a sword on his back.
Agnis’ subordinates surrounded the men.
I’m holding my hand on the tree and adjusting my breathing.
I’m nervous.

Because it’s dark from my position so I can’t see the soldier’s face.

“… Please help me.
I was attacked by the Monster Gargarossa … and ran away … and got lost.

The Imperial soldier said.
By the way, I was contacted by Rukie a while ago.
The Empire’s “runaway soldiers” attacked a swarm of monsters before the battle.
After that, they fled to the empire’s position-it seems that the empire’s troops had to fight the Monster Gargarossa.
──However, Rukie didn’t believe that, and I agree with her.

“I’ll allow you to check me.
I don’t have anything dangerous but you can check for yourself.
So …please take me to the Imperial Army…”

“It looks like you had a hard time …”

Agnis called out to the Imperial soldier.

“I’m Agnis, the daughter of Flame General Reisenga Frazad.
I’ll return you to the Imperial Army after getting permission from Her Majesty Demon Lord.
Please rest assured.”

“Oh! So you are Lord Agnis?”

The Imperial soldiers came forward.
I saw a face I was familiar with.

He was the Guard captain of Duke Regus and a trusted subordinate of the Duke Barga Regus.
He was also the man who made up my sins and my incompetence when I was banished.
…… Why is he here?

“… Thor-sama?”

“I have a bad feeling about this.
Mabel … Give this to Agnis-san.”

“Give this to Agnis … is this a cushion?”

It’s a cushion no matter how you look at it.”

I handed the cushion from the “ultra-small simple warehouse” to Mabel.

“The Imperial soldiers seem to be tired.
And you don’t want him to complain that we made a proud imperial soldier sit on the ground.
So … put that on that rock.
I think it will make a good chair.

“Yes, I understand.”

Mabel grabs the cushion and runs towards Agnis.
When she explained the situation, a soldier from the Reisenga army placed a cushion on the rock.
The soldier from the empire ── maybe because he was tired, he sat down on it obediently.

“… Do you know that soldier?”

He’s the Guard Captain of Duke Regus, my parents’ home.”

“──Eh ?”

Mabel opened her eyes and looked over here.

“Maybe you were on good terms?”

“No, no it was the complete opposite”

I shook my head.

“Rather, when I was banished from the empire, he was swearing that I didn’t have combat skills.
I was told by him “I don’t even get the feeling of an aristocrat from you.”

“Please give me permission to use attack magic.”


I quickly grabbed Mabel’s hand as she tried to jump out.

“More than that, I’m more concerned about his purpose.
It’s strange that the Guard Captain of the Duke’s family is away from my father, Barga Regus.”


“He says that he escaped from The Monster Gargarossa, but the soldiers of the Empire wouldn’t do such things.
They should have checked how many soldiers were in their unit.”

I think the Imperial army intentionally was to lure the Monster Gargarossa.
If the Guard Captain was one of them, it wouldn’t be possible for the army executives to leave him here.
Unless it’s for some purpose.

“Leave my weapon? Well, I guess it can’t be helped.”

The Guard Captain removed his sword from his waist when he was told by Agnis.
Then he took out the rolled letter from his pocket.

“I would like to ask Agnis Frazad-sama.”


“Would you please give this to my lord, Thor Regus-sama?”

“Your Lord Thor Regus-sama……?

No, I don’t remember being called by that by you.

“Barga Regus-sama did something wrong to Thor Regus-sama due to the evil of Margrave.
This is a document to apologize for that and a new proposal.”

“You are … Thor’s father!?”

“No, I’m just Thor-sama’s trusted aid.”

No, I don’t have any trusted aids.
At least at the empire.

“Mabel, lend me your ear.”

“… Yes.

I told Mabel about the plan.
Then Mabel stepped towards the soldier and said.

“Sorry for disturbing.
My name is Mabel Refrain, a subordinate of Thor-sama.”

“── What !?”

The Guard captain of the Regus family was shocked.
He probably didn’t expect to meet my people here.

“Well, I sure didn’t expect to meet a fellow aid of Thor-sama.”

“I don’t know if we’re same, but you mentioned earlier that you’re a subordinate of Thor-sama.”

“In, indeed.”

“If so, could you tell us about what Thor likes?”


“What is Thor’s hobby? What is Thor’s favorite color? Do you know what his favorite food is?”

“What, what …?”

“If you are trusted by Thor, shouldn’t you know? Can you answer me so I can serve Thor-sama better?”

“Agnis is also … interested.”

Agnis in armor walked out.

“If you’re a trusted aid of him… Do you know what kind of woman Thor likes?”

“Uu… ah”

The guard Captain was flustered.

Of course, he is.
I have hardly talked to that man.
That person’s a swordsman too.
He had no interest in me who didn’t have fighting skills.
He shouldn’t even know what kind of person I am.

“I can’t tell my master’s secret without permission.”

The guard captain turned to the side.
Mabel thought a little and said,

“That’s right.
Then, wouldn’t it be nice if you had permission from Thor-sama?”

──She turned towards me and bowed.

“Please permit him.

“It’s okay to talk about me guard captain of the Duke’s family.”

It was the right time
I took off my dark magic cloth robe and stepped out of the shade.

“── What !? Thor Regus …”

“I didn’t know that I had a trusted Retainer in the Duke’s house.
Please, feel free to tell me what you think of me.”

“N, no … that”


“Thor-dono is misunderstanding me.
The Regus family is now a count family, not a duke family.”

“……Is that so?”

Oh, by the way, the Duke of Regus was punished by the emperor.
So the Duke family became the Count family? I see.

“U, umu.
Time sure has passed.
The Thor-sama I know may be different from the Thor-sama now.
It’s not okay to say something rude okay?”

“Well, you don’t have to say that.”

“… Why are you in such a place?”

The Guard Captain was staring at me.

He had an “I can’t believe that your here” face.

“It’s okay because I just came to see the holy sword and the Monster.”

“No! Why are you protected by soldiers … to such an extent … why are you so trusted by the Demon Territory!? Why is that so!!”

“── After all, I can’t communicate with you.”

This person is really a trusted aid of Barga Regus.
They really have a similar personalities.
Maybe that’s why his talking doesn’t make sense.

“Then, please hand over the letter.”

“… Gunu”

“If it’s a letter to me, shouldn’t it be okay to give it to me now?”

The Guard Captian was glaring at me, but … he still handed over the letter he was holding.

“This is a letter from Count Regus.
So that you can read it when you are alone.”

“Agnis-san, Mabel.
Unseal this letter and read the contents so that everyone can hear it.”


When I received the letter, I walked away from the Guard Captain.
I handed over the letter to Agnis and read it with Mabel.

A letter from Barga Regus.
It might be a weird plan about how to make the Demon Territory fall.
To put it decently, there’s probably nothing good in it
If I ask Agnis and others to read it here, it should prove that I’m not involved in it.

“W, wait! It’s not fine for a noble’s son to make a letter from the Count public in front of demons or a demi-humans! If you’re an aristocrat, straighten your posture in your room, and read it as if the count was there.”

The Guard Captain is screaming, but it doesn’t matter.
Or rather, if I imagined Barga Regus in front of me, wouldn’t I want to rip the letter apart?

“I, I understand.”

“I will read it now Thor-sama”

Mabel and Agnis slowly read the letter.
The content was──


My son, Thor.
Your father was fooled by the words of Margrave and made a grave mistake.
Now I only regret it.
To make up make for it I have some proposals.

First of all, please tell us about the recent situation.
What kind of life are you living in the Demon territory?
What kind of person is the General, who is indebted to you? How many soldiers does he have?
I think it is necessary to exchange information as a parent and child in order to start over.

Once a month, on the day of the new moon, send a messenger to the forest on the border with the Demon territory.
If you give the letter to that person, he will safely deliver it to the empire.
When the time is up, it will be possible for you to return to the empire.

At that time, you should bring a close friend from the Demon territory.
How about Agnis Frazad?

I have already talked to the high-ranking officials of the empire.
If you wish, you could be invited to the Empire with Agnis Frazad.
If that happens, I’ll welcome you back to the Count house of Regus.

This is the thought of your father, Barga Regus.
Please answer as soon as possible.


“How is it? Did you understand the thoughts of Barga Regus-sama.”
“… Oh, I understood.”

That this letter is a pretty bad trap.
If you get rid of the decoration words this about sums it up.

“Tell me information about the Demon territory”

“Investigate the forces of General Reisenga, who has the territory closest to the empire.”
“Send a letter during the new moon”
“When you return to the empire, bring Agnis (probably a hostage).”
“Thanks to these achievements, I will return you to the Count family.”

── That’s it.

Moreover, this is probably not the letter that Barga Regus had in mind.
The handwriting belongs to that man, but the wording and context belongs to another person.
Maybe … the upper echelons of the Empire might have written this letter.

“… Thor-sama”

“… What is the content of this letter …”

Mabel and Agnis look anxious.
They probably understood the meaning of what was written in the letter.
Both of them know my situation.
They wouldn’t believe that Count Regus would welcome me back.

“Well, how about it? Thor Regus-sama”

The voice of the captain of the guard is trembling.
He probably didn’t expect me to reveal the contents of the letter in front of everyone.
He’s on his lap, holding his hands together.
It seems that he’s praying for the expected answer.

“If, if it’s okay, I’ll relay your reply to Barga Regus-sama after I return to the empire.
It’s also fated that I met you here.
Then, your answer please.”


I turned my back on the Guard Captain.
I shouted to Mabel, Agnis, and the soldiers under General Reisenga.

“Tell the soldiers of the Demon territory!”

I’m sick of the Regus family’s way of doing things.
Even the empire.
This letter probably involves the will of the upper empire.
Otherwise, there was no way that Guard Captain of the Count Regus could come to this monster’s subjugation.
Then it’s a good opportunity.
I will abandon my house in front of everyone, just as my parents abandoned me.

“The letter sent by my father, Barga Regus, is extremely rude and had hidden intentions.
He has ornamented his words, the content was to leak information on the Demon territory to the Empire and bring Agnis to the empire.
If you closely examine the letter you will see…”

“… Thor-sama”

“… I understand your feelings.”

Both Mabel and Agnis look like they were about to cry.
I’m sorry that I let you guys read such a letter.

“I don’t think it was my father who sent me this letter.
Whether they’re dukes or counts because they caused people sadness, because they caused harm to their important ones, I will throw the Regus name away.
From now on.
I’m going to live by giving my deceased mother’s surname.”

I proclaimed to Mabel, Agnis and the soldiers of the General.

“From today my name is Thor Canaan.
I will never call myself with the Regus family name again.
I’m just an alchemist Thor Canaan who came from the Empire to the Demon Territory.
Call me that from now on.”

From now on, I will ask the people of the Demon Castle to open letters addressed to Thor Regus.
If it was a letter addressed to Thor Canaan, it would mean that they officially admitted that I wasn’t a member of the Regus family.
The connection between me and my parents’ house would be completely cut off.

Anyway, the official record of the empire says, sacrificed as a hostage.
They would have no reason to complain about the person changing his name
No name is required for the offerings placed on the offering table.

There shouldn’t be any problems with me changing my name at the Demon Territory’s side.
I don’t know what would happen with my status as the messenger of the empire and a guest, but let’s talk to Rukie later.
It may also be a nuisance for her, so I have to serve her well and pay her back.

“I understand how you feel.
From now on, I will call you Thor Canaan.”

Mabel kneeled in front of me.

“… It’s a pity that the secret name only for me and Her Majesty has become everyone’ …”

“Sorry Mabel”

“But I’m glad that I can always call you my favorite name! This Mabel Refrain will serve harder than ever as a subordinate of Thor Canaan-sama.”

“The same is true for Agnis Frazad!”

Agnis took my hand.

“It doesn’t matter what your family name is.
Thor-san is … a benefactor of Agnis … Agnis wants to serve you forever.
Thank you for your continued support Thor Canaan-sama.”

“” Ohhhhh!! “”

The soldiers cheered.

“──I understand your feelings.
Thor Canaan-sama!”

“── No matter what letter comes from the empire, our trust will not fluctuate!”

“──You read the letter in front of.
I will live up to the name of flame giant Ifrit and return your trust!!”

I’m glad that the soldiers also seem to have accepted my new name.

“No way, I can’t believe you read the contents of your father in front of the people from the Demon Territory!”

Suddenly, the Guard Captain shouted.

“Moreover, you abandoned your family name! Have you forgotten your aristocratic grace and pride as an imperial aristocrat! You!!”

“I don’t want that, I don’t need it.”

I said.

“I’m Thor Canaan of the Demon Territory.
Tell your master when you get home that Thor Regus doesn’t exist anymore.
Just as he decided he didn’t need his son, I decided that I didn’t need it.”

“… Gununu!”

“And I have something to ask you.”

I ask again.

“Does the princess of the empire know about this letter? And why was it possible for you to get out of the army of the empire and come here? By all means, please tell me.
The leaders of the demon territory are also interested.”


The captain of the guard looks around to the left and right.
He seemed to have noticed.
From a while ago, a lot of footsteps were approaching us.

“… Impossible.
Even for an instant the people of the Demon Territory… a letter from the aristocrats.
They had that much trust.
He should have brought it to his room….
the plan.
Excuse me for this! “

The Guard Captain grabbed his sword and tried to stand up.
But he couldn’t move.
He couldn’t get up from the cushion on the rock.

“Wh, what is this … I, I can’t stand up !?”

He moved his legs.
However, his body remains wrapped in the cushion and does not move.

The [trap cushion] made with reference to [Body Pillow] worked well.
I made it to capture monsters alive, but it seems that it can also be used on humans.


[Trap Cushion] (Rarity: ★★★ ☆)
(Attribute: Earth)

It is made with Earth Attribute [Magic Cloth] and Salala bean shells.
With its large size, it is designed to wrap around your body softly.

Under normal conditions, it is just a comfortable cushion.
However, when it senses the magic power from the human body or a Monster, the bean shells inside gather together and hardens, while it is wrapped around the body of a person or Monster.
Therefore, their body cannot be move.

When this is placed on a rock or something similar, the backside of the cushion surface will also wrap around the rock by the magic power of the sitting human being.
Therefore, the cushion cannot be taken out from the rock.
As a result, there would be a sitting person and a rock stuck together with a cushion in between.

It is very durable because it has an Earth attribute too.
The only way to get out is to destroy the cushion with a knife.

Physical destruction resistance: ★★ ☆ (Flame resistant)
Service life: 1 year
Notes: If you make a hole in the cloth and take the contents out, the Bean shells inside can be reused.


“This, this is absurd! Did I, the Guard captain of the Regus family, get weak in my knees?

The Guard Captain was trying to break out of the cushion.

“It seems that you’re tired.
Please take your time.”

“…N, no way!?”

He seems to think that it’s because he’s not in good shape.
This cushion can be used unexpectedly.
It’s not an item in the [Mail order catalogue], so its ability is quite low, but it seems to be useful as it is.

Actually, if the contents of the letter were decent, The Guard Captain would be released as he was… But this letter is no good.
I have to meet Rukie and Chancellor Kelve to hear what they have to say.

After a while, the main army of the Demon Territory appeared.
It seems that they came to check the Monster’s nest, probably because of the cleanup after the battle area was over.

“I’ve been waiting for you.
Your Majesty Demon Lord.”

I knelt on the ground.
Mabel, Agnis, and the other soldiers did the same.

Demon Lord Rukie who appeared had a puzzled face.
I would be surprised too if there was an Imperial soldier who was squirming while sitting on a rock.
I’m sorry.

“Everyone, thank you for your hard work.”

Rukie looked around at me and the soldiers and told us.

“It seems that there were no remnants of the Monster, so I’m relieved.
And I also ordered for you to find if there were any Imperial stray soldiers but… what is this?”

Why are you looking at me?
Did you see that it was my work in an instant, Your Majesty?

“That’s the imperial soldier.”

“That’s right.
Why is he squirming?”

“Because he is stuck in the cushion of the rock.”

“Why is he stuck on the cushion? Oh well, whatever.
Let’s talk slowly later.
I want to know what’s happening with this Imperial soldier.”

With that said, Rukie looked at Chancellor Kelve and General Reisenga.

“Let’s protect this Imperial soldier here.
You should listen in detail of his job and the vents that happened.”

“I understand.
Your Majesty.”

Chancellor Kelve nodded.
Then, in a whisper, so that the Imperial soldier couldn’t hear.

“How should we deal with him?”

“I don’t want there to be rumours of the Demon Territory throwing away an Empire’s soldier.
The Empire has said they’ll come here in search of the missing soldiers.
Well just hand him to them then.

“I understand.”

“Until then, let’s see what we can get from this person.”

The Chancellor and the General walked towards the Guard Captain.
I told Agnis how to unlock the [Trap Cushion].
Agnis nodded and walked towards the general.

“The Monster subjugation is over.
Everyone, thank you for your hard work.”

Rukie said to the soldiers.

“Once we go back to the plain, we’re going to camp there today.
I’ve also brought wine from the castle Everyone, enjoy the feast to your heart’s content.

“” Ohhhhh!! “”

The soldiers cheer after the words.
Then we lined up and walk towards the camp.
On the way ── Suddenly, Rukie stopped me,

“I have to talk to you about something.
You should come to my tent later.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Come with Mabel.
There were various things that happened with the Empire.”

── And that’s what happened.

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