Chapter 3 – Awakening Creation Alchemy

“Thor isn’t afraid of us, is he?”

Mabel Refrain, an elf girl in a maid outfit, said.

We are at the entrance to the Demon King’s territory.
It’s a forest with tall trees.
Four Minotaurs are at the front.
I’m in the middle and next to me is the elf Mabel Refrain.
The rest of the Minotaur protects the back.

“When humans get close to the Demon Lord Territory, they are scared for some reason, but you’re the first to have so much courage.
“It’s not because I have courage though.”

But that was exactly what Mabel Refrain said.
I don’t think she or the Minotaurs are scary.

This is the territory of the Demon King, where non-humans live.
There are no allies.

Elves have a lot of magic powers.
That magic can easily kill me.

There are eight Minotaurs in front and behind.
I don’t have any weapons, but with a weapon, they can still easily kill me.

But I’m not scared.

For now, the Minotaurs treat me as a guest.
They help me where it’s difficult to walk, and (unexpectedly) watch over me with my blunt eyes so I don’t fall.
Compared to the soldiers of the empire, this is like a difference between heaven and earth.

But for the time being ──

“Human territory and Demon King territory have a non-war agreement so it is rude to be afraid unnecessarily.”

──I decided to say that.

” I see.
You came here alone.
A respectable person …”

Mabel Refrain is looking over here with her violet eyes.
I looked like a good person.

“Please tell me if you get tired.
The minotaurs will carry you.”
“No, it’s okay”

I shook my head.
It’s hard to walk on the bumpy ground, but I don’t feel tired.
Or rather, I feel like I’m feeling better after joining the Demon King’s territory.

I feel a mysterious magic power.
It’s a magic power that I have never felt before when I was in the empire.
It fills my body up.
And ── a voice echoed in my head.

『The absorption of the magical power of darkness is complete.』
『Absorption of the magic power of the six basic attributes has been completed, including the magic power of the light, earth, water, fire, and wind attribute.』

『Skill “Alchemy” has evolved into creation Alchemy』
『The “Material Refining” skill has awakened.』
『The “Attribute addition” skill has awakened.』

『The “Appraisal” skill has awakened.』

──What is this?
I check my stats unintentionally ──

Creation Alchemy

A skill that creates something out of nothing.
It is also the highest level of “Alchemy” skill.

Only those who have accepted the magic powers of the basic 6 attributes of light, dark, earth, water, fire, and wind will awaken this skill.
If you have information about the appearance, effects, and abilities of an item, you can create an equivalent item.

“Material Refining”
You can create substances from magic power.
You can synthesize substances and create new materials.
You can process the substance and change it into any shape you like.
The substances that can be produced vary depending on the current level.

“Attribute Addition”
You can add your favorite attributes to the target substance.
The number of attributes that can be added varies depending on the target substance.

Appraises the attributes, materials, and effects of the target item.
The appraised information is recorded as data.


── My “Alchemy” skill changed?
What’s more, I can create substances from magic power ….
Do I even have the skills to do that?

No, it’s true that the descirption tells me that I can do it.
But it’s too convenient.
I wonder if the reason that I didn’t have any combat skills is because of the potential for this Creation Alchemy skill.

“What happened? Thor-sama.”

I noticed Mabel Refrain’s face in the immediate vicinity.
Anxiously, She’s looking into my face.

“Are you tired? Or are you down because you feel like you’re in an unfamiliar place …”
“No, it’s okay”

I shook my head in a hurry.

“If you feel sick, please tell me.
In the territory of the Demon King, the density of magic power is different from that of humans.”
“By the way, in the territory of the Demon King, the magic power of the dark attribute is strong, isn’t it?”
“You’re right, and is the human realm full of the magic power of light attribute?”
“In the empire, the magic power of fire attribute and earth attribute is also strong.
Fire has the power to burn enemies, and earth attribute is as sturdy as iron ── Ah “

I just noticed
The skill was awakened because it took in the magic power of dark attribute.

In the human world, the magic power of light attibute is strong, and the dark attribute is weak.

In the Demon Lord’s territory, the magic power of dark attribute is strong, and light attribute is weak.

To awaken “Creative Alchemy”, you must accept the magical powers of the six basic attributes: light, dark, earth, water, fire, and wind.
I’m probably absorbing a lot of dark magic in this forest.
So, with all the necessary magic power, I awakened “Creation Alchemy”.

That’s all I know now for now.

“What’s wrong? Thor-sama
“……It’s nothing”
“Well, is that so?”

The elf Mabel nodded.
Close to me, at a distance that I could feel her breath, or rather, this person isn’t wary of me at all.

No matter how much magic I can use, it’s faster for me to restrain Mabel at this distance.
Well, she’s so unsuspecting that she doesn’t feel like that.

I could have ran away at any time.
Now I want to try this “creative alchemy” rather than that.

With that in mind, I also started walking alongside the Elf, Mabel.

“Thor-sama, Mabel-sama”

Suddenly, the leading Minotaur screamed.

“The road is getting worse around here.
Please be careful.”
“Thank you … oh.”

Mabel stumbles.
I involuntarily reach out and support her body.

“Are you okay?”
“I’m sorry! I didn’t want to bother the messenger…”

Mabel hurriedly leaves me.
I bow my head deeply.

“I’m sorry for bothering Thor-sama by stumbling…I’m embarrassed”


There was a cracking sound around Mabel’s neck.
The necklace she was wearing fell to the ground.

“Mabel-sama !?”

A hurried Minotaur picks up a necklace that has fallen to the ground.
It was a necklace with blue stones.
The golden chain was broken.

“When you stumbled, a tree branch got caught on the necklace.”
“I’m sorry.
We should have been more careful
“It’s okay, The chain was originally about to break anyways.”
“But that’s a keepsake of Mabel’s mother …”
“It’s okay.
Don’t worry.”

Mabel was holding a pendant with a blue stone in it.
It seems that the chain was caught on a branch and broke when she stumbled.

“Can I fix it?”
Before I noticed, those words came out.

“If it’s a broken chain, I’ve fixed many several times.”
“Is Thor a craftsman?”
“Yes, I’m an alchemist”

This is the first time I have called myself an alchemist.
But it comes out nicely.

“I’m Thor Regus, an alchemist from the Empire.
Maybe I can fix that chain.”

Mabel Refrain and the Minotaurs looked at me astonishingly.

“Is it okay to ask the messenger to do this?”

Mabel presented me with a pendant.

“This is my mother’s keepsake … it’s really important.
I’d like to ask if you can fix it for me bu-“

I sat down at the base of a tree.
I received the pendant and touch the chain ── Activate “Appraisal.”
Information on the pendant emerges in front of me.

“Water Spirit Stone Pendant”

A pendant blessed by the spirit of water.
A water magic stone is attached to the pendant.
The chain is made of metal (unknown because it is a material that has never been touched: under analysis).
Attribute: water

The broken part of the chain had deteriorated prior to it being broken.
I can fix it.
I can create the metal to fix the chain and add some water attributes to it.

“Activate ──”Material Refining”

I put my finger on the broken chain.

I “create” metal parts with my magic power.
Metal is born from “the magical power of the earth”.
It’s basically the same for any metal.
I can refine the metal, making it look the same as the chain and combine it.
After that, I should add “water attribute” to it.

When I activate the skill, the image of pouring magic power and stirring it comes to my mind.
This seems to be a substitute for the alchemist’s kettle.

“Material refining”.
Restoration started”

The pendant on my palm made a noise.
The missing part of the chain began to move like a living thing.
And ──

“── Oh, oh.
Mabel-sama, this is !?”
“── The chain is healing.”

“──There is no material? Metal is created !?”

The Minotaurs are surprised.
Actually, I’m surprised too.
I can really create materials with just magical power.
Moreover, the chain is completed according to the image.
Is this the Creation Alchemy’s power?


After a while, the pendant repair has been completed.
The missing chain has regained its original shape.

“it’s done.”
“It’s only like first aid, so there may be something wrong.
Just in case, when you return to town, have a professional look at it.”
“Of course, it’s just a precaution.
I’m didn’t do a sloppy job.
After all, I’m still an alchemist.
I have decided to call myself an Alchemist from now on.
“Ah, Mabel Refrain?”
“Messenger … No, Thor!”


It was sudden.
Mabel Refrain clasped my hand with both hands.

“Thank you! My mother’s keepsake.
It’s perfect.”

Oh, you mean there isn’t a mark left, right?
The broken part of the chain has been repaired without a trace.
I’m glad it went well.

“Thor-sama is probably a famous alchemist …”

Mabel Refrain is holding the pendant and weeping.

“I’m impressed, too.”
“Is this the technology of the human world?”
“It’s impossible even for a dwarf craftsman to fix it in just a few minutes …”
“An awesome person came from the human world …”

The Minotaurs are also complimenting me.
It’s the first time I’ve been thanked like this.
I have never worked as a formal alchemist.
So, when people around me thank me like this … It feels ticklish.

“… Yes.
Did alchemists in the world always feel like this?”

After that, we started walking towards the Demon King’s territory.
The elf girl Mabel is keeping pace next to me before I knew it.
She was laughed and said, “Please call me Mabel,” so I called her that way.
Mabel looks happy ──

Alchemist Thor!”

── She called me my name as an alchemist.

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