Chapter 41 – Events In The Empire (4) Part 2

── Princess Liana’s perspective ──

After returning to the imperial capital, the third princess, Liana, returned the Holy sword to the treasury
The holy sword is the “symbol of power” of the empire, not her property.
When you’re finished using it, you have to follow a formal procedure.

“I humbly return the Holy Sword of the Hero.

After speaking the pre-determined words, Liana handed the holy sword to the person in charge.

“── Did you fight bravely so the Heroes wouldn’t be ashamed?”

“── Did you improve your level efficiently?”

“── Did you lead your friends to victory?”

When asked by the person in charge, Liana replied, “Yes,” “Yes,” and “I didn’t lose.”
The person in charge nods and held the Holy Sword.
From now on, the holy sword will be cleansed and put in a box.

She bowed to the person in the treasury and left.

(… I made a mistake, didn’t I?)

Liana heads for the main gate quickly.
She was afraid that someone would scold her for the mistake she made.

The commander of the Monster Gargarossa subjugation operation was Zagran, the Minister of Military Affairs.
But Liana, the third princess was the top on paper.
The achievements would belong to her, so the failures would belongs to her too.

I made a big mistake this time.

One was that I didn’t notice the small spider waiting for an ambush under the belly of the Monster Gargarossa.
And, in order to defeat the small spider, I wasted my [Holy sword’s light].

As a result, I was attacked by a flock of small spiders, and the formation of the soldiers collapsed.
Eventually, we were saved by the Demon Lord’s corps.
The empire’s desired plan to “show the strength of the nation to the Demon territory” was unsuccessful.

(In the end, my punishments were lessened because of Zagran.
I guess that old man is somewhat reliable…)

Thanks to Zagran’s movement, the Monster subjugation this time was “both the empire and the demon territory’s victory.”
The empire was not defeated.
Liana’s punishment was not publicly announced, and it was decided to be a light one.

(As expected, there would be no mistake if I follow what Zagran says)

With that in mind, Liana nodded powerfully.

To protect her position, Zagran negotiated with the Demon Territory and offered his personal property in addition to the letter of appreciation.
His judgment and loyalty is wonderful.

With Zagran, countermeasures against the Demon Territory should be no problem
From now on, let’s do things according to that old man.

(But … I’m curious about the wandering alchemist)

There was a high possibility that the Wandering Alchemist who fixed Liana’s sword was in the Demon Territory
It is clear from the words of the Demon Lord, Rukie Evergard.
The Demon Lord said this after defeating Monster Gargarossa──

──The power to defeat the Monster is “only with the help of that alchemist.”
──The alchemist is “someone who wandered into the Demon Territory.”

Then the Demon Lord said to Liana, who asked, “I want you to introduce me to the alchemist.”
“I won’t give him to you,” “that person makes me happy.”

(The Demon Lord is so attached to a human…)

The alchemist, even the has the power to fascinate the Demon Lord?
What happened between the Demon Lord and the alchemist?
I’m curious.
I want to know more and more about that alchemist.

However, Liana couldn’t do anything now.

After a meeting with the Demon Lord, Liana was fiercely reprimanded by Zagran.
He said that I shouldn’t say anything extra and I should be aware that I am the representative of the army.
And the decision of what to do with the Alchemist will be left to him, Minister of Military Affairs, Zagran.

At that time, Zagran was furious, to the point that I turning pale and trembling.
She involuntarily thought of the time when she was young and green and got Zagran angry.
The only reason that she didn’t cry was because of the guards outside.

(Forget about that alchemist… for now)

Liana sighed.

(It seems that I am still not ready to be the princess of the empire.
I have to become a person who can be recognized by Zagran as soon as possible …)

With that in mind, Liana stepped into the carriage that had been waiting for her in front of the palace.
The destination is a detached palace in a remote corner imperial capital where few people know.

Liana arrived at the palace in the evening.
When she asked for a visit, Liana was taken to the courtyard.
The person sitting on the chair laughed as she saw Liana.

“Welcome back.

“I have returned to the Imperial City safely.
Sophia onee-sama.”

Holding the hem of her skirt she bowed to the princess.
Seeing that, Sophia, a girl who looks just like Liana, smiled gently.

“Your polite greeting really touches me.
“Princess of the Holy Sword.””

“Please stop.
It’s embarrassing to be called by Sophia onee-sama by that name …”

Liana said so and sits in a chair next to her sister.
Seeing that Liana was the split image of a little girl, Sophia had a gentle smile.

“And my magical power is no match for onee-sama.
If onee-sama didn’t have any physical problems, onee-sama would be the Princess of the Holy sword.
Maybe onee-sama would be even stronger than me …”

“Physical strength is also one of the strengths.

Sophia said with an embarrassed face.

“I would run out of strength completely if I marched with the army.”

“If you can keep up, onee-sama’s light magic would be really powerful, right?”

Liana laughs with a childish look.

“If onee-sama was with me, I could have taken-No, I’m sorry.”


“The results of this subjugation haven’t been announced yet.
I don’t have old man Zagran’s permission, so forgive me onee-sama”

“If Liana returns safely, I won’t say anything, but …”

Sophia waves her hand and dismisses the maid on her side.
Then she cast a spell and create a glowing wall around them.
The wall glows faintly and surrounds Liana and Sophia.

“Sophia onee-sama.
Using magic for this …”

“I’m fine.

“Don’t overdo it, onee-sama.
Your fever … See, your forehead is getting hot.”

“I’m a defective princess.
Instead, Liana, listen carefully.”

“Y, yes onee-sama.”

“This wall of light prevents any noise from leaking outside, lets have a secret talk”

Sophia shakes her short platinum blonde and speaks to her sister princess that had the same face.

Liana and Sophia’s appearance is almost the same.
The only difference is the length of the hair.
Liana has long hair that extends to her back, but Sophia has her hair trimmed around her shoulders.
That’s because it’s easier to care for.

Liana has more than a dozen side servants, but Sophia has only one.
Even if it’s a little bit, it makes her job easier.

I advise you as your twin sister.”

Quietly in the wall of light, Princess Sofia said,

“It’s dangerous to get tainted by Zagran’s thinking.
Be careful not to rely solely on his words.”

“But Zagran has been my educator since I was little…”

“I know.
But he only thinks about whether he can use something or not.
I admit that he is capable.
But that person’s way of thinking is tainting Liana …”

“Maybe onee-sama is dissatisfied with your treatment?”


“Even though you can use light magic, you’re trapped in such a detached palace.
If so, I’d like to tell Zagran to treat you better.”

“Stop now!”

Princess Sofia screamed.

“I’m fine with this.
It’s enough as it is.”

“… Sophia onee-sama”

“I can’t keep up with the march unless I keep resting.
I can’t even hold a weapon because of my weak basic strength.
After fighting with magic, I fall asleep for three days.
The princess of the empire who worships the Hero.
I am aware that I am difficult to handle.”

“But my sister has light magic…”

“I see~ Without it, would I be used as a sacrifice to another country … or maybe a political marriage?”

Princess Sofia nods to her sister’s words.

“I can still be in the empire as a princess because I can handle the light magic that the hero also used.
That’s how I can meet Liana, so I have no complaints about the treatment.”

“That’s no good.
Sophia onee-sama!”

Liana shook her head.

“I want my sister to live a better life.
I want us to live together in a mansion where people admire us.
I will do it in the future.
That’s why I am doing “the princess of the holy sword”.

“… Liana”

“But this time, I made a small mistake, but Zagran protected me.
So, if we talk to him about one-sama properly ──”

Eventually, the wall of light disappears.
Liana still tried to continue, but Sofia stopped it.

Liana Dolgaria and Sophia Dolgaria are twin sisters.
One sister is good at magic, and the other sister is good at swordsmanship.

However, Sophia has little physical strength, so she cannot fight on the front line.
Although she is a valuable user of light magic, but after she uses it her physical health crumbles.
She may fall asleep for a few days and there have also been cases where she fell asleep during battle.

To harness the power of Sophia, there is no choice to hire a lot of healers and buy recovery medicine, but that is too costly.
There is no reason to use her in the empire so far.
Therefore, Sophia is not suitable for actual battles.

Still, the light magic she has is valuable.
Some people want to study it, and it can be used as a trump card when a strong enemy comes to the Imperial City.
Even if she can’t fight, she could still use the light magic power to activate the holy sword.
It is also possible to raise the morale of soldiers on behalf of “Princess of the Holy Sword”.

That’s why Sophia lived in a detached palace in a corner of the imperial capital as a “human resource that could be used someday.”

“Let’s finish the serious talk.
Please tell us the story of your trip next.”

Princess Sofia raised her hand and summoned the maid.
While the maid was making tea she asked Liana

What happened before you went to the Demon territory? Even if you can’t talk about the monster subjugation, isn’t it okay to talk about that?”

Sophia onee-sama.
First of all, it’s about the lodging.”

Princess Liana begins to talk.

Even though they are in the same imperial capital, they rarely meet each other.
This is because Liana has a job as a princess of the Holy Sword.
Sophia is also training to use her magic better.

The two can only meet when their father, the emperor, and Liana’s educator, Zagran, allows it.

“Actually, I would like to talk to my sister about the Demon territory.”

“Is that so?”

I saw something unexpected over there.
It has the power to change the world.”

“Then, I’ll look forward to it next time.”

“… Yes.
Sophia onee-sama.”

After a little less than an hour of tea, Liana left the palace with her sister.
For a while, she continued to work on subduing the Monster and reporting to the emperor and senior officials.
She also has to re-train the soldiers.
It should be a long time before I can see one-sama.
Thinking that Liana got onto the carriage.

A few days later.
There was a rumour that Liana and her Sister, Sophia had a secret meeting with the Minister of military affairs Zagran.

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