Chapter 42 – Visiting General Reisenga’s Mansion

── Thor’s perspective ──

The next day after the subjugation of the Monster Gargarossa──

I’ll give you this alchemy permit “

Rukie gave me a parchment with her signature.
The parchment says, “In the name of the Demon King Rukie Evergard, the alchemist Thor Canaan is allowed to use alchemy everywhere in the Demon Territory.”

This means that I can do alchemy anywhere in the Demon Territory.
They’re even a simplified Demon Lord’s crest drawn on it, amazing.

“This is a temporary one, but use it as you please.”

Rukie nods satisfactorily at the permit.

“The official one will be created and delivered to you after you return to the Demon Castle.”
“Thank you.
Your Majesty!”

I’m on my knees in front of Rukie.
I didn’t expect it to be handed over the next day I asked for it.
Rukie sure is amazing.

“However, Kelve has a request for that permit.”

“Yes, Thor-dono.”

Following Rukie’s words, Chancellor Kerve stepped forward.

“This is this Chancellor’s request but, if you want to spread alchemy-made items to people, please get permission in advance.”


“Of course, it doesn’t matter if you give it to one or two people.”

Chancellor Kelve nodded.

“However, if you spread the item that Thor-dono made, it may have a big impact on the entire Demon territory.
So, when you do such a thing, please get permission in advance.”

“I understand.
I will follow the judgment of the Chancellor.”

It’s going to be a big deal if I unnecessarily spread the magic items of the Hero’s world.

“That’s why we have prepared a [Spreading Magic Items application].”

With the Chancellor’s signal, the soldier on standby brought a bunch of parchments.
This seems to be the [Spreading Magic Items Application].

There are spaces to write my name, the ability of the magic item, and the person you want to give it to.
If I want to spread an item, I can write the necessary information on it.

“Should I fill in all the items and send it back to the Demon Castle?”

Then Her Majesty and I will check and send it back to Thor.
Please do not spread the item before that.”

“Got it”

In addition, The Chancellor continued to explain.
After filling out the form, it seems that I can give it to General Reisenga or his subordinates and they would deliver it to the Demon Castle.

“If you have any questions, ask Reisenga.”

Rukie said to me when I received the [Spreading Magic Item Application].

“Of course, you can also ask us.
Just add a note to the application, and it will reach us too.
right, Kelve?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Kelve nodded.

“Anyways, it would be helpful if you could get in touch with us frequently.
If there is something I need to confirm, I will be able to reach you.
Anyways, keep in touch and report.”

“I understand.
Your Majesty, Chancellor, thank you.”

I bowed to Rukie and Chancellor Kelve.

“Thank you all for your concern.
I would like to see and experience various things in the General’s Territory bring what I have gained back to the Demon Castle.”

“You’re so earnest, Thor”

“I see?”

“This is also a vacation that I gave to you.
You have made great contributions to the Monster subjugation this time.
If I don’t reward you handsomely my name would be shamed.”

With the mask on, Rukie laughed with just her mouth.

“That’s why you should enjoy your vacation and travel in Reisenga territory.
Of course, it doesn’t matter if you use that experience in alchemy.”

“Thank you.
Your Majesty.”

I thanked Rukie again.
Then I turned to Chancellor Kelve and

“Thank you, Chancellor, for the application.”

“Y, yes, please use it in moderation.”

“It must have been difficult for Chancellor to prepare as many as 20 sheets overnight.
I will do my best to live up to your expectations.”

“I gave you a lot! You don’t have to use it up!?”

“… I know.”

Let’s limit it to half.
It’s also difficult to send a letter from the General’s territory to the Demon Castle.

After talking for a while, it was time to leave.
The Demon Territory army formed a line, and the door of the carriage swung open

“Reisenga, Agnis, Mabel.
Thank you for taking care of Thor.”

Rukie looked at the three and said so.

“Teach Thor about the various things outside of Demon Castle.
You guys are residents of the Demon Territory, so I wish that you would treat him as a guest.”

General Reisenga, Agnis, and Mabel bow to the words.

I’m worried because it’s my first time living outside the Demon Castle, but … I think it’s going to be okay since Mabel, General Reisenga, and Agnis are there.
Besides, I won’t be wandering around the territory right away either.
As soon as I get to the General’s mansion, I want to make something.

“Then everyone.
Stay healthy.”

Your Majesty should be careful along the way.”

While Mabel, Agnis, General Reisenga, the soldiers under the general and I were watching, the carriage carrying Rukie and the Demon Territory departed.
We were seeing them off until they disappeared into the far distance.

“Well then, Thor.
Let’s visit my mansion!”

After the carriage of Rukie disappeared, General Reisenga said.

“When we arrive at the mansion first have a meal … No, if it’s Thor-dono, would you prefer me to show you a map of the territory? Or the drawings for the mine that will be developed soon?”

If you talk so much at once, Thor will be confused …”

“Oh, oh.
That’s right.”

After being called out by Agnis, General Reisenga awkwardly scratched his head.

“It’s rare to have a friend in the mansion so I was too excited, I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t worry”

“That’s not the case.
Thor-dono, if you have something to say to me, please tell me.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a wish or something you want.”

“……Is that so”

By the way, there was one thing I wanted to confirm.
It’s related to alchemy research, so I think it’s better to talk about it as soon as possible.

“Actually, I have something to ask the general.
It’s a bit of a hassle.”

“Will it be long?”

“Just a little”

“Then, let’s go back to the mansion then talk.
We’ll arrive soon.
It’s better to talk in a comfortable place.”

The general laughed and said so.

“The troublesome stuff always goes with food and sake.
Then, let’s go.”

That’s why Mabel and I decided to go to the mansion with the general.

“Are there any acquaintances of General who have light-type attack skills?”

This is General Reisenga’s mansion.
Drinking hot tea, I asked General Reisenga.

The dishes prepared by the General are lined up on the table.
Roasted meat and soup that makes a sizzling noise.
It seems that there are many hot dishes because it’s the mansion of the General who has the blood of Flame Giant Ifrit.
It’s delicious, but both Mabel and I were hot and sweaty.

While in the territory, I should wear stuff made of Wind [Magic Cloth] because the cloth has good breathability and the sweat would dry quickly.

“The research on alchemy that I am about to begin involves light attribute attacks.”

I continue talking.

“Light attack magic is the best, but anything will do.
If you have such a person, I would like them to help me with my research.”

“Light attribute attack…”

The general had his arms folded and had a troubled face.

“There may be someone, but Thor-dono, why do you need a light attribute?”

“To study the Holy Sword of the Empire.”

I corrected my posture and said to the general.

“General also saw the blade of light used by the princess right?”

That was amazing.”

The general nodded as if he remembered.

“I saw it closer than Thor-dono, so I can understand it well.
The holy sword created a huge blade of light, and the small spiders under the control of the Monster Gargarossa were cut down one after another.
Their threads couldn’t even entangle that blade.
To be honest, I didn’t want to fight that holy sword.”

“I understand your feelings”

I nodded.

“That blade of light is powerful and seemed to last a long time …”

Perhaps that holy sword created a blade of light by using the light magic power of the user.
The princess had produced a blade that was a dozen meters long, but she should be able to adjust the output of it.
If she made the blade shorter, she might have been able to use the blade of light for a bit longer.

I don’t know if the princess was surprised by the little spider and turned it to full power, or if she couldn’t adjust it.
Either way, it’s a pretty strong ability.

“Can General fight a blade of light that exceeds 10 meters that suddenly pops out?”

“That’s impossible.
I wouldn’t be able to get the timing right.”

“That’s right …”

“Looking at the determination of Thor-dono, does Thor-dono want to make something like a holy sword?”

“I want to make that, but I can’t do it now.”

For that, it is necessary to study more another world items in the [Mail order catalogue].
Besides, I have to study the magic power of each attribute and find an efficient operation method.
There is still a long way to go.

“So before that, I would like to research whether I can make an item to prevent the blade of light.”

“So that’s why it’s necessary to have the light attributes.”

The general nodded.
It seems that he understood.

If you can’t prevent the attack magic of the light attribute, you can’t prevent the blade of light.
First, let’s try an experiment against weak light attack magic and then overcome the holy sword.”

What I want to make is a magic sword that surpasses the holy sword.
To do that, I’m going to start by preventing the attack of the Holy Sword.
If it’s the [Mail order catalogue] there will surely be items that can compete with light magic.

“Thor-dono is so eager to do research.”

General Reisenga smiled bitterly.

“Didn’t her majesty give you a holiday? It’s fine to relax more”

“I know, but I want to start my research while the image of the holy sword remains in my head…”

“Don’t apologize.
I appreciate that kind of thing about you.
Hey, Agnis.”

“Yes, father!?”

Agnis, who was eating next to me, made a tense voice.
Of course, she’s not wearing her armour.
She is wearing a red-based dress.
It fits you well.

I heard.
It’s about the light attribute right?”

“That’s right.
Does Agnis know anyone who can use light attack magic?”


Agnis shook her red hair, thought a little, and then said.

“Since the light magic power is weak in the Demon territory, people who can use light attack magic … Let’s see.
I think there should be someone… I’ll look it up.”

“You don’t have to hurry.
The experiment only starts after I make a defense item against the light attribute.”

“When will Thor-sama start making items?”

“I’m planning to start today or tomorrow.”

“Then, Agnis will contact my acquaintance immediately.”

Agnis looked at me and said so.

“There are some rare races in the forests of our territory.
Maybe … some of them can use light magic…”

“Sorry to bother you and I’m counting on you.”

“No, no.
I am in debt to Thor-sama.”

With that said, Agnis closed her eyes and grasped the [Health promotion pendant] on her chest.
The light of the pendant overflows through the gap between her fingers.
Of course, her flames are not coming from Agnis.
The beautiful dress would never burn.

“I’m glad that the [Health promotion pendan] seems to be working fine.”

“Yes, thanks to Thor-sama, I can now wear cute clothes.”

Agnis lightly pinched the skirt of the dress.

“No more flames will come out against Agnis’ will.
I can wear my clothes with confidence.”

Then Agnis saw the waiter standing by the wall and the maid,

“… But the people around me still seem to be worried …”

“When some people see Agnis who isn’t wearing armour, they seem to be tense”

General Reisenga continued Agnis’ words.

“Neither I nor Agnis doubts the effectiveness of Thor’s [Health promotion pendant], but others are not.
When Agnis wears normal clothes, some people are surprised and confused.”

“Are they afraid of Agnis’ flames?”

“No, descendants of the flame giant are all resistant to fire.
No one is afraid of fire.
Instead there worried about Agnis’ clothes burning”

“… I used to do that when Agnis was a kid.”

Agnis said that with an embarrassed face.

“I think everyone in the mansion … remembers that time.”

“Because everyone in this household is family, they also knew the old days.”

“I see.
I understand.”

“Well, over time everyone will calm down.
It’s not that they’re wary of Thor-dono.”

This is also a situation for [user support].”

And I’m also prepared.

“Then Mabel, the thank-you gifts.”

“Yes, Thor-sama”

At the seat next to me, Mabel took out the [Ultra-small warehouse] from her maid’s pocket.

Would this be a personal gift? Or does this count as spreading it?”

“It’s okay.
It doesn’t matter which one it is, I wrote about the Earth attribute [Magic Cloth] on the spot when I got the [Spreading Magic Items application] from the Chancellor and got his signature.”

I took out the application form with the signature of Chancellor-sama.
I’ve already got permission to spread this to General Reisenga’s territory.

“I was going to give it as a gift if I didn’t get permission but that’s not a problem now.”

“I understand.
Then ──”

Mabel tool out a pure white cloth that has been folded many times for the storage box.
This is the Earth attribute [Magic Cloth] that I prepared in advance.


“Thor-dono, what is this?”

“This is the [Magic cloth] that I recently made”

“[Magic Cloth]? Was it the one used for the tent?”

That was the wind [magic cloth] that emphasizes breathability and the light [magic cloth] that allows you to check the contents inside.
This is the fire-resistant Earth [magic cloth].”

“We have gotten permission from her majesty to give this to General and Agnis.”

Mabel held up the woven cloth to Agnis.
The hard-to-burn Earth [Magic cloth] is perfect for Agnis’ clothes.

“In addition, the extras will be used by the General’s territory.
Please give it to children who still can’t control their flames.”

Mabel said a line she prepared beforehand.
However, she had a mischievous smile on his face.
Mabel seems to be happy to be able to help Agnis.
Probably because she’s her childhood friend.

“In other words, we’ll be taken care of by you for a while, so please accept this gift.”

She said that to the shocked Agnis and General.

“I would like to test its fire-resistant ability in front of everyone later.
After that, if you make Agnis’s clothes with this earth [Magic Cloth] I think everyone will feel at ease.”

“Thor-sama … you … went that far to do …”

“This is also part of the [user support].”

I was the one who gave Agnis a [Health promotion pendant].
So I should give some support to her so that she can live with peace of mind even if she takes off her armour.

“… Thank you.

Agnis suddenly stood up and kneeled in front of me.

“I will never forget this favour.
This, Agnis Frazad … I will do my best to help Thor-sama…”

“No, you don’t have to go that far …”

“First of all, I will try to find someone who can use light magic!”

“Yes, thank you.”

Countermeasures against the light attribute are necessary for my research to create magic swords.

“I would like to thank you too, Thor-dono”

“Even the General … it’s fine, this is just a thank you gift.”

“What you bring is too unexpected.”

“No, no it’s I’ll be taken care of by General from now on.”

I will live in General Reisenga’s mansion for a while and look around the Demon Territory.
I’ll be asking Agnis for guidance, and even the general may also help out.
Oh yeah, I was supposed to have my workshop and house built near the mine.

“I’m indebted to the General a lot, so at least let me do this much.”


General Reisenga nodded.

“I have received General’s kindness.”

“I’m glad”

“Your room in the mansion is the largest at the corner of the second floor so that Thor-dono can work on alchemy without hesitation.
It’s okay to make a little noise.
I have talked to people about it so work as much as you like”

“Thank you.
Your Excellency.”

“What about Mabel? Is the room next to Agnis vacant?”

“I am coming as Thor’s maid.”

Mabel stood up, pinched the skirt of her maid outfit, and bowed.

“If possible, I would like to have the closest room to Thor-sama’s room.”

“Umu I understand.”

“By the end of the meal, I’ll have Mabel’s room ready.”

When the talk was settled, General Reisenga clapped his hands.
A waiter came and pours sake into the general’s glass.

I’m not good at drinking, so I asked for tea instead.
Mabel is working too, so Agnis had tea too.
Then General Reisenga lift up his cup

“To celebrate the visit of my friend, Thor Canaan, and his maid, Mabel, cheers!”


After that, for a while, the four of us enjoyed tea and chatted ──
After a reasonable amount of time, Mabel and I returned to our room.

── After Thor and his friends return to the room ──

Your father has something to apologize to you.”

He suddenly put down your glass and Reisenga muttered.

“Your father may not be able to support your love.”

“What are you talking about suddenly? Father!”

Agnis yelled at the words his father said.
However, Reisenga had a painful face,

“I can’t tell you the details.
I can’t just unilaterally support your love affair.
I … because I swore allegiance to Her Majesty Demon Lord.”

“Her Majesty?”

“That’s why I can’t tell you the details.”

“Perhaps, Her Majesty Demon Lord … Thor-sama”

“I’m not sure, but it feels like that …Hey, didn’t I say that I can’t say anything?”

Isn’t that the same as saying it? Thought Agnis.

Agnis also knows that her father swore allegiance to Her Majesty Demon Lord Rukie Evergard in the name of the Primordial Flame.
So there must have been something between Her Majesty Demon Lord and Thor-sama.

And Agnis has also pledged allegiance to Thor in the name of the primordial flame.
However, my father’s loyalty and Agnis’ loyalty are a little different.

“It’s not that my dad is sick …”

“… Agnis”

“That … um, Agnis just wants to serve Thor-sama with this body and soul.”

“Is that different from yearning for Thor?”

Reisenga muttered.

“Weren’t you glancing at Thor while you were eating? You were surprised when I called your name.
Is that just being nervous?”

“That … I don’t really understand …”

Her face turns red.
You can see that the [Health promotion pendant] attached to her chest is reacting.
Agnis instinctively looked up at the room where Thor and Mabel are.

“Agnis has always been wearing armour and I have looked at the world through the gaps of the helmet.
That’s why I don’t know if the feeling of yearning that I have for Thor-sama is … the same as a normal girl’s.”

“Is that so……?”

“Maybe … but”

“Sorry, Agnis …”

Reisenga sighed.

“If your mother was alive, you would have understood your feelings better.”

“Father has helped Agnis enough.”

Agnis praised her father,

“And if my mom was alive, I wouldn’t have forgiven father who tried to kidnap Agnis’ benefactor, Thor-sama.
Maybe I wouldn’t have spoken to you for five years …”

“That’s a problem! If you say that I wouldn’t be able to live on!”

“That’s why … this is fine.”

“But you swore to Thor, in the name of the primordial flame──”

“Yes, that’s true, not a single piece of that is a lie.
But Agnis got a lot of things from Thor-sama …”

Agnis murmured.

“Love … that comes after giving back more than I have received to Thor-sama.
Agnis wants to grow up and become the person that Thor needs …… ”


“So now, I want to do my best to help Thor while he is in the territory.”

Agnis hugged the Earth [magic cloth]that Thor had left behind.
It is a fire-resistant cloth that will be made into clothes from now on.
Thor makes such things easily.

But Thor doesn’t seem to be satisfied yet.
What he wants to make is an item that transcends the world of heroes.

Thor is probably looking far into the future.
Agnis wants to keep up with it.
I want to see the same thing as Thor and be able to help Thor.

“That’s why Agnis … will first of all, help Thor … I want to see what Thor is aiming for.
That’s what Agnis is aiming for now…”

“You’ve grown up, Agnis”

After I took off my armour, and my body became lighter … I started thinking about various things … “

“This is also thanks to Thor.
How happy would my wife be if she were alive …”


“If Agnis has thought so much, I won’t say anything anymore.”

Reisenga said so and drank a glass of liquor.

“What I can do … well, I should talk to Thor-dono while drinking.
I’ll ask him about his favourite type of woman.
A gentle woman like a moonless night or a passionate woman like a flame.
Which one does he prefer ──Mu? Agnis, why are you staring at me?

Oh, the [health promotion pendan]is shining.
eh? You don’t want me to do anything extra? No, but, as a father, it’s natural to worry about my daughter … Why are you grabbing my arm!??

No, stop Agnis.
You’re currently strengthening your body with the [Health promotion pendant].
Your father can’t resist …hmm? Where are taking me? eh? Sit in seiza? We’ll take our time to talk? Why do you have such a scary face? Wait, Agnis, c, calm down ──── “

The first night when Thor came ──
The voices of a parent and a child echoed in the mansion of General Reisenga.

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