Chapter 43 – Finding Items That Prevents Light Attribute Attacks

After the meal was over, I headed to the large room prepared for me at the corner of the second floor.
This will be my home and workshop from now on.

“The General prepared a very large room.”

The size of the room is about twice of a typical bedroom.
There is a large bed, a table and a bookshelf.
All the furniture on the window’s side was removed to make it easier for me to work.
There is also a [Simple warehouse] that I brought from the Demon Castle.

The [Simple warehouse] contains everything I need for alchemy.
I should be able to start working today.

“But … First of all, I have to find an item to counter the light attribute.”

I took out the [Mail order catalogue] from the [Ultra-small simple warehouse].
It would be nice if there was an item in this that prevents the attack of the light attribute.

While I was thinking about that, I heard a knock.

“May I come in, Thor-sama?”

“Mabel? Please do.”

“Excuse me”

The door opened and Mabel in her maid outfit came in.
She had a tray with cups of tea and fruits in her hand.
It’s my midnight snack.

“I was worried that you might be tired while travelling, so I got tea with honey and sweet fruits.”

“Thank you, Mabel”

“Have you started working yet?”

“I’m about to start.
Right now I’m looking for an item that prevents light attacks.”

“Don’t overdo it.
It’s only the first day since we came to the General’s territory.”

Mabel put the teacup in front of me,

“Wasn’t Her Majesty was also worried? Because it was Thor-sama, She thought that you would continue your research all night.”


“Yes, that’s why she ordered me to be your supervisor.”

Mabel said proudly.

“Directly from Her Majesty- Don’t let Thor-sama do unreasonable things.
If he stays up all night I have permission to scold you.
So please take care of your personal health.”

“…Perhaps she doesn’t trust me?”

“Her Majesty also cherishes Thor.”

“I won’t overdo it.
I was going to stop at a good point too.”

“Good point?”

When the item is completed ──”


Mabel shook her head.
She smiled, but her eyes didn’t.

“──While imagining the complete item, I will try to find the item I want to make.
So, when I find what I want to make, I will stop.”

I hurriedly rephrased it.
Perhaps Mabel was convinced, she nodding quietly,

“Is that so”

“That’s right.”




Mabel stared at me and then coughed.



“When we returned to the Demon Castle, if Thor-sama is sick, Her Majesty will be sad.
Please be aware that Thor-sama is an important person for us.”

“……Okay I understand”

I can’t let Mabel and Rukie worry about me.

Come to think of it, the reason they decided to hold a “tea party” might be because they wanted me to lead a regular life.

“Then for today, I’ll just look for the item I want to make.”


“Can Mabel please look at the [Mail order catalogue] with me? I will read the text in the catalogue, so please let me know if you notice anything.”

“I understand.”

With that said, Mabel sat in the chair next to me.
The two of us drank tea side by side and then turned the pages of the [Mail order catalogue].

“Thor-sama, I think I got it .”


“Is Thor-sama is convinced that there is an item in this [Mail order catalogue] that prevents attacks of the light attributes?”

“… Amazing Mabel”

I nodded.

“That’s right.
I think this [Mail order catalogue] has items that prevent light attribute attacks.”

“Can I ask why?”

“Because the Hero from another world used to use light attribute attack magic and sword skills.”

I read it in a book when I was in the empire.
Many of the Heroes from the other world used light magic power.

So there are many records of the light attribute attacks they used.
Magic that shoots innumerable bullets of light and sword technique that shoots waves of light.
Of course, the blade of light of the holy sword was also frequently used.
Or rather, they named it [Photon Blade].

It seems that the Heroes liked to shout the name of the techniques they used or write them down.
That’s why the names such as [Photon Blade] (Isekai) and [Photon Blade] (English) are left in various in the books of the empire.

“It seems that more than half of the heroes used light attribute techniques.”

I continue to explain.
Mabel had a serious face, nodding,

There are records in the Demon territory.
For example, [Photon Arrow] and [Unlimited Photon Blast] are used by the heroes.
They seemed to like things related to the light magic power.”

“That’s because it’s flashy.
Also, because the Demon Lord has the dark attribute, I think it made sense to counter it with the light attribute.”

“In ancient times, such techniques and magic were common.”

“If I was born in that era, I would be dead instantly.”

“At that time, I will be born at the same time and protect Thor-sama.”

Mabel said with a serious look.

“I will protect you from the Hero and take you to the first Demon Lord, so Thor-sama will not die.”

“Thank you.
I’m sorry, that we got off-topic”

“No, no.
I’m sorry that I got so serious…”

Mabel shyly turned her eyes down.
We’re so absorbed in the story that we’re holding hands before we knew it.
Well, that’s that.
Let’s continue talking.

“The important thing is that more than half of the heroes summoned from another world used light attribute techniques.”

I went back to the story.

“In other words, people from the other worlds could handle light magic normally.
Then, it is natural to think that the people their world would also be able to use light attribute techniques.”

“……I see”

“Maybe the world of heroes was full of light attribute techniques.”

“Because a Hero has transcendent powers.”

“They probably used light-based techniques and magic instead of greetings.”

“Something like [Good morning, Photon Blade] or [Good night.
Ultimate Vivid Light]?”

“Otherwise, I can’t explain why the Hero would use a powerful technique of light attribute.”

“The world of heroes is … a terrifying place, isn’t it?”


Mabel’s hand quivered slightly.
I am the same.

For us living in this world, the power of heroes is immeasurable.
Perhaps the items in this[Mail order catalogue] are only part of their power.

“Anyway, the Hero used light-based techniques as a matter of course.
Then, there must be a way to prevent light-based attacks in the world.”

“Got it”

Mabel claps her hand.

“There was a natural way to prevent light-based techniques in the world of heroes, so the heroes who were accustomed to it used light magic without reserve.”

“That’s right.
There is a record of the hero’s skill in the Demon territory, right?”

Especially, the ultimate mysterious [Ultimate Vivid Light] that destroyed the barrier of the first Demon Lord.”

“That thing-“

The ultimate magic of light [Ultimate Vivid Light].
It is the strongest light attribute magic that condenses and emits a large amount of light magic attack.
It is said that the strongest hero in the past destroyed the defensive barrier of the Demon Lord with this magic.

Every imperial aristocrat knows about [Ultimate Vivid Light].
Or rather, I’ve been taught about it since I was a kid.
I was also forced to write down the name [Ultimate Vivid-light] ──.
It seems that aristocrats should be able to write the name of the hero’s ultimate mystery using the heroes’ letters, but … I remember that there was no use for it …

“Well, even in catalogues from different worlds, there are no items to prevent that …”

While turning the pages of the [Mail order catalogue], I said.

“So first, let’s find something that can counter the light attribute.”

“Got it”

“I will read the text in the catalogue.
Mabel will check if there is a word that seems to be related to Light magic.
Let’s make the item with the most related words.”

“What words should I look out for?”

Words like “Light”… especially “strong light”.
The word “prevent” and … be careful if you come across words related to the light magic and techniques used by heroes.”

“Yes, something like [Photon Blade] and [Ultimate Vivid Light].”

And the Heroes sometimes abbreviates the name of the swords and magic.”

“That’s right.
Sometimes it’s just the initials.”

“It may be a hassle, but be careful there too.”

“I understand!”

Then Mabel and I started reading the [Mail order catalogue].
We checked each item while reading the explanation of the item.
It takes time because we are reading it out loud.
I thought that we would have to read multiple pages today, but that wasn’t the case.
This is because the item that contained the keywords were found immediately.

“To find it this quickly …”

“In the world of heroes, items for light attribute countermeasures were so common…”

Mabel and I looked at each other.
We found two items.
Both are related to the light magic [Ultimate Vivid Light].

“The correct way to write [Ultimate Vivid Light ] (Isekai) in the hero’s world is [Ultimate Vivid-light] (English), isn’t it?”

“In this catalogue, this acronym was used …”

“That’s right.
Strong light, Prevent, and the acronym for [Ultimate Vivid Light]-” U “and” V “.
These two items include all of them.”

We were staring at the items on the same page.
This was written there.


A bare body that would not lose to the sun!
This company’s product has finally overcome the sun!

Let’s block the strong light!
Introducing an item that can cut apart the dangerous UV!
Don’t underestimate the power of the sun!
Every time the light hits, the damage to the body would accumulate.

But don’t worry.
Here’s a secret weapon against the terrifying UV!
Maintain white skin and a healthy body with this new product!

UV-cut umbrellas cuts 90% of the dangerous UV rays.

UV cut lotion is safe for sensitive skins, so it is safe for small children.
However, the UV cut-rate is the same as the umbrella! You can enjoy playing outside even in the light in the middle of the summer.

The umbrellas is a two-colour type with white on the outside and black on the inside.
White has the property of reflecting light, and black has the property of absorbing light.
Please enjoy the feeling of freedom of working freely even in strong light!



“Yes, Thor-sama”

“The source of light magic was the sun isn’t it?”

I found my voice trembling.
“Bare skin that cannot be defeated by the sun” ── To prevent light magic without a robe or armour.
Does that mean the Humans of the Heroes’ world could prevent light attribute attacks with just their skin?

“Thor-sama, I think that you’re right.
The sun is … said to be the source of the light magic power.”

Mabel’s voice was also trembling.
I understand her feelings because the Demon Lord was defeated by the hero’s light attribute power, so she could understand the power of this product.

“When this world was created and the sun illuminated the world for the first time, day and night were created.
At that time, the sun gave this world a great amount of light magic power.”

“And even now, it continues to shine as the source of magic power… “

“The light magic power of the Demon territory is weak because of the short daylight hours.”

“The Humans in the hero’s world have already overcome the source of the light magic power…”

Therefore, the Hero from another world must have mastered the light attribute techniques.
Perhaps in the world of heroes, light magic were flying around
Taking on light magic calmly.
So that’s the human of the other world…

Scary… or rather, those people that summoned them, that’s a scary thing to do …

“And what’s in this catalogue are lotions and umbrellas that prevent light magic?”

Two products are listed in the catalogue.
One is an umbrella-shaped [UV cut umbrella].
The other is a type of [UV cut lotion] that is applied to the body.

It seems that the umbrella will prevent the magical power of light just by holding it over your head.
The Lotion seems to be applied to the body.
By doing so, even small children will be able to play while light magic is flying around.

“Mabel … about this UV”

“Yes, I think it’s the same as what Thor-sama is thinking.”

“Does Mabel also think that UV is the strongest light magic [Ultimate Vivid Light] used by heroes?”

“I can’t think of anything other than that acronym for that magic.”

“[Ultimate Vivid Light] (isekai).
In other words, UV, which is the first letter of [Ultimate Vivid-light] (English).”

“[Ultimate Vivid light]..
That magic must be the same as the “dangerous UV” said in the description.”

Mabel made a clear statement.
I agree too.

The Hero wrote down their skills with weird characters.
That information has been handed down to this era.

In addition, they liked to use nicknames and abbreviations.

Of course, everything Mabel and I are saying is pure speculation.
There is no evidence that UV in the [Mail order catalogue] is [Ultimate Vivid Light].
I don’t think that the ultimate magic that broke the DemonLord’s barrier can be prevented with umbrellas and lotions.
But ──

“It’s worth trying”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

“For the time being, let’s prepare the materials and think about the necessary attributes…no, that’s not possible today”

It’s late already.
I can’t ask General or Agnis “Please give me the material” at this time.

“… Let’s make something that would take a long time to make.”

For the time being, I tried to convince myself.

“Let’s do it tomorrow.
Good work today Mabel”

Thank you for your hard work too Thor-sama.”

Mabel stood up with the tea set and tray.

“Then, I’ll bring you a change of clothes.”

“Thank you.

“And … it’s hot today, so I think it’s better to wipe your body before you go to bed.
Should I prepare it?”


I’m sweating because I’ve moved a lot today.
The dinner was also hot and because I’m coming to a person’s house, so it’s better to be well dressed.

“Please do.

I have been asked”

Then Mabel left the room.
After a while, she came back with hot water and a tub of hot water.

She said she would help wipe my body, but I refused.
I wanted to concentrate on whether to make [UV cut umbrella] or [UV cut lotion] first.

In terms of strength, [UV cut lotion] is superior.
Holding an umbrella would be really inconvenient.
Since the lotion is applied to the body, you can hold a sword and a shield while being protected against light attributes.
The lotion is more versatile.
Thinking about that, I tried to wipe my back but, I noticed.

“There is a place that I can’t reach on my back … If there is any place without lotion, it will take damage …?”

Lotions require someone’s help before they can be used.
If I get magic on the part without lotion, I will definitely take damage.

If I reach out like this … yeah, I can’t reach the top of my shoulder blade.
It’s okay if you’re in a party, but if you’re alone it’s easy to miss a spot.
When I put the cloth on my whole body like this, there are quite a few places that I can’t reach.
Umbrellas are more stable when it comes to that.
In other words ──

I came to collect the hot water.”

“Just the right time mabel.
Please come in”

“Excuse me.

The door opened and Mabel came in.
As expected of Mabel, she has good timing.

“I’ve just noticed that the first thing I should make is the [UV cut umbrella] rather than the [UV cut lotion].
Applying lotion has the advantage of freeing both hands but there is a risk of missed areas.”

“…Y, yes”

“So, tomorrow I’ll ask Mabel and Agnis to prepare the materials for the umbrellas.
Will Mabel help too?”

“Of course.
That’s fine but…”


“It’s been a long time since I brought the hot water, but Thor-sama… why are you still shirtless …?”

Mabel turns bright red and looks down.
While I was wiping my body, I was drawn into my thoughts and my hands stopped.

Moreover, the hot water is getting cold.



“No, don’t worry.
I’ll get the new hot water.”

“I’m sorry.

“Yes, leave it to me.”

Mabel nodded with a serious expression.

“Also I will wipe Thor-sama’s back.”


“Her Majesty has told me to take care of Thor’s health.
For that reason, I have been given an exclusive item by His Majesty.”

“Exclusive item?”
“It’s… It’s the water [Magic cloth].
Clothing that would be fine even if it gets wet.
Her Majesty told me to it when I needed it … “

It’s nice preparation.
Water [Magic Cloth] is a cloth that emphasizes ease of movement.
It’s okay to get wet, so I thought it could be used for swimming.
I see, did Rukie and Mabel think about how to use it like this …?

“This is from Her Majesty.
I have been given permission for the health care of Thor-sama.”

Mabel said so and bowed to me.

“I can’t let Thor catch a cold.
Please at least let me wipe the sweat.”

Mabel loosened her maid’s clothes collar and revealed the clothing made of water [Magic Cloth] that she was wearing underneath.

“I, I said earlier, I think you should wipe your body before you go to bed.
Should I prepare? And Thor-sama said “Sure” “

“U, umu”

“That’s why I … I went and wore the clothes of the water [Magic Cloth]…”

Mabel said with the tips of her ears turning bright red.

“Can you please allow me to take care of Thor’s health …?”

I surrendered.

In the end, I asked Mabel to wipe my body (of course, only my upper body) ──
From now on, I promised to take care of my body and slept ──

The next day, I talked to the General and Agnis about the [UV cut umbrella] and the materials needed to make it.

The difference between [Ultimate Vivid Light ] (Isekai) and [Ultimate Vivid Light ] (English) is that the Isekai one is written in Japanese in the raws which is Thor’s Isekai world’s language and the English one is written in English which is the Hero’s world’s language.

UV cut umbrella also called a parasol

UV cut lotion also called Sunscreen

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