Chapter 44 – Making a Parasol That Prevents The Light Attribute

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“This item that prevents [Ultimate Vivid Light] is interesting! I’ll get you the materials you need.
Please by all means make it, Thor-dono!”

 The next day, I was in General Reisenga’s office, explaining the [UV-cut parasol] to him.

 After I explained it in detail the general was happy to provide me with the materials I needed.

According to the [Creation Alchemy], it takes cloths, metals, an empty magic stone, and a small amount of silver to make the [UV-cut Parasol].

 I could have used silver coins as a material, but I think Rukie would be angry at me for that.

 It’s also not good to destroy the currency that was minted with hard work.

 When I mentioned this, the general gave me a piece of silver.

 He said that he found it while he was investigating the mine.

 Of course, I was going to pay for it, but…

“Impossible! Do you know what you’re talking about, Thor-dono?”

 He became angry.

“Think about the other day’s battle.
Thanks to Thor’s [Laser pointer], we were able to safely defeat the Monsters.
If it had been a close fight, some people would have been injured.
It would have cost a lot of money to treat them, and some of them wouldn’t have been able to work while they healed.”

 The general continued with a serious face.

 “Thor-dono who has prevented that from happening’s value is immeasurable.
This piece of silver is not even enough.”

“But I am going to receive a reward from her majesty.”

“That’s a matter between you and Her majesty, not my gratitude.”

 General Reisenga chuckled.

“And this is also a kind of upfront investment.
The [UV-cut parasol] seems to be a great item that blocks light magic.
As a fire general, I want to invest in it.
So please feel free to accept the material.”

“I understand.”

 It would be rude to refuse after being told so much.

I kindly received the General’s kindness.

“In order to meet the general’s expectations, I will complete a [UV-cut parasol] that is as good as the ones in the hero’s world and also for the sake of UV prevention measures of the Demon Territory.”

I’m looking forward to it.

“By the way how is Agnis doing? I haven’t seen her this morning…….”

 She was not at the breakfast table either.

 I was hoping to see her at the general’s office, but she’s not there.

 I wanted to say hello to her since she’s been treating me well.

“Is she out by any chance?”

She’s out in the neighbourhood with her guards, looking for a user of the light attribute.”

 Speaking of which, I made a request yesterday.
I was wondering if she could help me find a user of the light attribute

 It’s amazing that she’s already moving.

“I’m sorry that I’ve asked her to do something troublesome.”

“Don’t worry about it.
Besides, Agnis seems to enjoy going out in normal clothes now.”

 The general laughed in amusement.

“The townspeople are still a little uncomfortable with Agnis wearing clothes instead of armor, but they will get used to it eventually.
The request from Thor-dono was a good excuse for Agnis to go out.”

I’m glad to hear you say that.

 General Reisenga is a really nice guy.

 I’m jealous that you have a good father, Agnis.

“I’m going to get to work then.”

I look forward to seeing your results, Thor.”

 Then, with a bow, I left the general’s office.

“I’ve been waiting for you.

 When I returned to my room, Mabel was waiting for me.

 She was wearing a larger apron than usual so that her clothes wouldn’t get dirty.

 There was a pot of tea on the table, and some dried fruits and cookies in case we got hungry because we might be working for a long time.

“As expected of Mabel.
That’s very thoughtful of you.”

“It’s my job to make sure that Thor-sama can concentrate on your work.”

“Thanks, Mabel.
Then let’s start the alchemy.”

 I’ve prepared all the materials.

I opened the page of the [UV cut parasol] in the [Mail order catalogue] and put it on the table.

 The drinks and desserts are ready.

 The preparations are perfect.

“It might take a little longer this time.
I’m sorry, but can you stay with me until the end?”

“Yes, Thor-sama.
Please leave it to me”

 Mabel patted the chest of her maid’s uniform.

 I’m more nervous then usual because I’m making an item that prevents the Hero’s strongest magic.

The strongest light magic, [Ultimate vivid light] or [UV].

 I’m thinking of challenging that

 …… Thinking about it, I’m getting nervous.

 But I’m also excited.

 What kind of parasol will prevent the light magic?

 Let’s proceed with caution and concentration.

“Activate, [Creation Alchemy].”

 I activated my skill.

 The first step is to check the structure of the [UV cut parasol] in the [Mail order catalogue].

 The length of the parasol’s handle is about 90 centimetres.
The diameter is about 140 centimeters.

 The parasol must have been made large enough to cover the entire body.

 The surface of the parasol is white, and the back is black.

 The explanation says, “The new sparkling material we developed scatters and prevents the falling light.”

 It seems to prevent light attacks by scattering and reflecting the light.

 The backside is black to catch the light that reflects off the ground.
As expected, it’s well thought out.

 But it’s a bit confusing to prevent it by scattering the light.

About magic.”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

“You can’t use a mirror to bounce back a light magic attack, can you?”

“That’s right.
Light magic has the same power of “erosion” as dark magic.
I don’t think a mirror can prevent that.”


 The magic power of darkness means ‘nothingness’ or ’empty space’.

 This is the reason why it has the power to erase others and bring them back to nothing.

 The magic of light is the opposite, meaning ‘existence’ or ‘existence itself’.

 Its source, the sun, can be seen from anywhere in the world.

 The sun is an insanely assertive being.

 That’s why those who are subjected to ab aggressive light magic will have their own existence eroded by the existence that is too strong.

 Since two things cannot exist in the same place, the weaker one disappears.

 That’s what the light magic used in attacks is all about.

 That’s the reason why you can’t prevent it by reflecting it on a mirror.

 But the [UV Cut parasol] in the [Mail Order Catalogue] has accomplished that.

 The key is this [new sparkling material]?

 I wish I could decipher how it works against the light magic.

It’s okay.
Let’s start with what we know.

 First, I developed an image in the air.

 It looks just like it does in the picture.

 Then, let’s make the frame part.

“Mabel, prepare the metal material and the magic stone.”

“Got it!”

  Mabel moved the metal lump and the magic stone to the center of the table, and after overlapping the image on it, the frames of the parasol began to form.

 The problem was how to make the fabric for the parasol.

The [UV-cut parasol] is probably designed to reflect light magic, thereby nullifying magic.

 The parasol’s fabric would probably scatter the light magic power thus nullifying the magic before it can be eroded.

 The problem is how they are doing it.

“…Hmm? Mabel, can you open the [Mail order catalogue] and hold it for me.

“Like this?”

If you look closely, you’ll see something like a picture in the corner of the page.”

“I see it.
There’s an parasol, an arrow, and something shiny.”

“‘How the New Shiny Material Works……?”

 This is it.

It illustrates how the [UV cut parasol] repels the light magic.

 In the center of the diagram, there is a picture of an parasol.

 The light that falls on it is represented by arrows.

 On the surface of the parasol, something shiny is drawn.
They are like sparkling grains.

 And – the light that is falling is being bounced off the glittering things and scattered in different directions.

 There are also letters on the side.
It says, “UV protection with the power of the new sparkling material.

 I see.

 So the parasol generates particles of light to scatter the light magic.

 In magic, magic power is manipulated by chanting to create fire and ice.

 If these particles break up the flow of magic power, the effect of magic will disappear.

 They break the magic power up, reflect it, and scatter it.

 In this way, the flow of magic power is obstructed and the magic itself is nullified.

 This is what the [UV cut parasol] is capable of.

“As expected of an item from the Hero’s world.
It’s terrifying.”

“The reason why the Hero’s didn’t bring this with them was probably because the Demon Lord used dark magic.”

 Mabel trembled a little.

“If they had an parasol that nullified dark magic, there might not be a Demon Territory today.
Maybe the structure of the world itself would have changed…….”



“If Mabel is afraid, I’ll stop here.”

 I said.

 My alchemy is not meant to make people unhappy.

There’s no need for a thing that scares Mabel this much.

“No, I’m fine.
The items that Thor-sama makes aren’t scary.”

 But Mabel shook her head.

“I know that Thor-sama’s items make people happy.

“Thank you, Mabel.”

“No, no.
Thank you for your concern.”

 Mabel pinched the skirt of her maid’s uniform and bowed.

“I apologize for interrupting you.
Please continue your work.

“All right.
Then I’ll try to make a material similar to this [new sparkling material].”

 I asked Mabel to prepare the cloth for me.

 We’re still going to use the [Magic cloth].

 It’s a good idea to have some sort of attribute added to it.

In the [Mail order catalogue], the parasol is made with a layer of fabric, but I can’t do that yet.

 It seems that I’m still no match to the Hero’s world.

 It looks like I need to use two …… no, three layers to block it.

 For the first one.
This one is transparent, just like the [Light Magic Cloth].

 I’ll also add a powerful water attribute to this one.

 Water has the ability to slow down the passage of objects.
The magic of light should be caught in here.

 For the second piece, I embed silver in the form of grains.

 The light magic caught by the first piece of cloth will be scattered and reflected here!

 I’ll give this layer the light, water, and wind attributes.

 The third layer will be the same black colour as the backside.

 Let’s make this layer absorb the light magic power that couldn’t be scattered

This is why the handle of the parasol has a magic stone embedded in it, to store the magic power from the third layer.

“……This should be it.”

 It’s okay.
I can always make another one.

 I’m still running behind the backs of the hero’s world, that even I know.

 But Rukie and Mabel all trusted and helped me

 The General prepared the materials, and Agnis is looking for a user of the light attribute.

 So, I’m not afraid of failure.

 I’ll remake it again and again.
I’ll do it until I can do it.

 I’m an alchemist for Her Majesty the Demon King, you know.

 To make Rukie’s magic sword ……, I have to take proper countermeasures against the empire’s power of light.

 So I took a deep breath and declare.

“Execute it! [Creation Alchemy]!


 A pure white parasol appeared on the desk.

 The length of the main body is about 90 centimetres.
The reason why the handle is transparent is that there is an empty magic stone embedded in it.

 The diameter of the opened parasol was about 160 centimetres.
It’s quite large.

 The surface of the fabric is white.
The back is black.

 The cloth is made up of three layers of fabric.

 The first layer is a fluid with enhanced water properties.

 The second layer is a magic reflection system with silver woven into it.


 The third layer has the ability to absorb magic power, and the handle uses otherworld technology that opens the parasol with the touch of a button.

 This is the [UV Cut Parasol], an item that prevents light attacks.


UV Cut Parasol

(Attributes: Light, Dark, Water, Water, Wind) (Rarity: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆)

 The first layer with the added light and strong water attributes captures the light magic.

 The second layer, with light, water, and wind attributes, reflects the light magic and scatters it.

 The third layer, which is dark, absorbs the excess light magic power.

 The absorbed magic power is stored in the magic stone on the handle.

The [UV Cut Parasol] will defend against any attack that is based on light magic, whether physical or magical.

 If it cannot be blocked, its power will be reduced by 90 percent.

 Physical Destruction Resistance: ★★★ (Can only be destroyed by magic-enhanced weapons.)

 Lifespan: 3 years.

 Comes with 1 year of user support.


“…… It’s surprisingly light.”

 I opened the parasol and lifted it up.

 It doesn’t weigh much.

 Although it doesn’t weigh much, the large size makes it difficult to handle.

It’s impossible to enter close combat with this

The surface is pure white.
…… It’s beautiful.

 Mabel is looking at the parasol with great interest.

“Thor-sama, how do you block light attacks with this?”

“It changes when you put magic into it.

 I grabbed the handle of the [UV cut parasol] and put some magic power into it.

 And then…

The surface turned into a mirror! And it’s moving.”

“The second layer has silver embedded in it.
That’s why it looks like a mirror.
The reason it moves is because of the water attribute.
It’s supposed to be able to capture the magic of light, reflect it around, and scatter it.

 But it’s moving grossly.

 It’s as if someone pasted a live slime on the surface.

 I wonder what kind of taste the people of the other world have.
I don’t think I’d feel comfortable walking around with one of these.

“Oh well.
More importantly, let’s test it out.”

 There’s a magic lamp by the bed.

 Let’s use that.

“Mabel, can you please hand me that lamp.”

“Do you want me to turn it on?”

“Yes, please.”

 A magic lamp is a light source commonly used in this world.

 It’s a reproduction of rudimentary light magic and is powered by a light magic stone.

“Then, I’m turning it on”

 Mabel touched the magic lamp.

 The light magic stone reacted, and the lamp emitted a faint light…


The [UV cut parasol] reacted!

 The surface of the parasol, which was still open, began to ripple.

 particles of light started to emerge out of the part the light touched.

 That thing should capture the light and reflect it.

 It’s as if the particles are breaking up the light.

“…… So this the power of the [new sparkling material].”

“Look at this, Thor-sama.
The magic lamp is going to go dark.”

 Mabel was right.

 The light particles that emerged from the parasol dismantled the light produced by the lamp.

 On the surface of the parasol, silver grains are flying around.

 They reflect the light of the magic lamp and broke up the magic power into pieces.

 And then, the light went dark.

[Successfully broken up the Light attribute magic}

 A faint voice came from the parasol.

“The moment the light touched the parasol, it even broke up the magic that was the source of the light”

“Yes, it’s as if it’s dispelling the magic.”

 Mabel said, her eyes wide open.

 She’s staring at the [UV cut parasol] as if she’s looking at something incredible.

 The maid outfit and white parasol looks cute together, but her expression is very serious.

“The new sparkling material that has been given the light attribute – no, the silver grains – is interfering with the magic power of the same light attribute.
This is why the light magic is reflected and broken apart.”

“So, instead of using walls and barriers to prevent it, it cancels out the magic itself?”

“But that’s weird.”

“What do you mean?”

“This [UV Cut Parasol] reduces the power of the Ultimate Vivid Light by 90 percent, right? And yet, it cancelled the light magic.”

“It probably only cuts the Hero’s ultimate magic by 90 percent and anything under that will be cancelled out.”




“It’s an item that prevents the strongest magic.
It’s not surprising that it can do that.”

 I’ve made a lot of otherworldly items in my time, but this one is an order of magnitude more impressive.

 When it touches the light of light magic, it cancels out the magic itself with no questions asked.

 As expected of an item that prevents the Hero’s ultimate magic.

 The other world’s UV Cut is terrifying.

“But this parasol can only protect you from the light attribute.”

 So it’s not that strong.

 If the opponent takes out fire or ice magic, they’ll be able to damage it as usual

I thought it would be a strong protection item because it was called [UV cut], but it doesn’t seem to be that strong.
Thank goodness.

 With this Rukie and the Chancellor should approve this


“What’s with the troubled face, Mabel?”

“Let’s say that if a foreign army invades the Demon Territory, and camps out in the wild.”

“Yeah, suppose that they camped there.”

“Naturally, they would light the camp up at night.”

“Of course it’s probably going to be magic lamps.”

“What if the night-visioned people from the Demon Territory approach them and activate the parasol?”

“The moment the magic lamp touches the parasol, it will be dispelled and the camp will be completely dark.”



 This is weird.

 I’m pretty sure that I made an item to prevent the [Ultimate Vivid Light], but it became an item that brought darkness.

 Even though the parasol itself has the light attribute.

“But the Demon Territory wouldn’t have conflicts with other countries so we can leave that at the back of our heads.”


“This is just a countermeasure item against the light attribute for making the holy sword.”

“It’s just an experiment”

“The only time it will be used is when the Empire brings in a holy sword user or a light magician.
It’s a rare occurrence for that to happen.”

“Yeah, after all, we just finished the Monster Subjugation.”

“And we don’t even know if it can defend against light attacks.”

“After all we don’t any light users, so that’s not an option.”

“Then, let’s have some tea.”

“Yes, Thor-sama.
Would you like to have some sweets too?”

“I’ll have them.
They’re delicious.”

“Right? It’s delicious.”

 We folded up the parasol for now, and Mabel and I decided to settle down.

The tea is delicious but It’s cold, though.

 So far, this parasol’s only ability is to turn off the light of lamps.

 It’s not doing much at all.

 I’ll have to try it to see if it can really dispel the [Ultimate Vivid Light].

 The only thing left to do is to actually ask a light magician to do some experiments on it.

 It will be a while before we can do that, I guess.

 I’ve heard that there were not many light magic users in the Demon Territory because light magic is weak here.

 Agnis is looking for light users, but there’s no hurry for that either.

 We’ll take our time, and if we find a light user, we’ll experiment with it.

 If we can’t find one, I’ll thank Agnis and put the [UV-cut parasol away] for a while.

 Just when I was thinking that…

“Thor-sama are you there? It’s Agnis.”

 I heard a knock at the door and Agnis’ voice.

 As soon as Mabel opened the door, an Agnis with heavy breathes rushed in.

“I’ve found a light-attribute user!”

“Really? That’s great, Agnis-san!”

“I can’t believe we found her so quickly…….”

 What a surprise.

“Thank you, Agnis-san”

I thought Thor-sama would be ready to make the item immediately.
I wanted to be in time for that.

 Agnis saw the [UV cut parasol] on the table

“-I was thinking about that, but it seems like you’ve already made it …….”

“I’m sorry, …….
I just accidentally did it.”

 I averted her gaze and mumbled to myself.

 Agnis is holding onto the [health-enhancing pendant] and smiling.

“And then about the light user… After asking around we found such a person that was part of a tribe that lived quietly in the western forest.”

“I’ve heard about the western forest before.”

It is a forest inhabited by a small number of tribes that have been granted autonomous regions by Her Majesty the Demon Lord.”

 A few tribes?

 Well, the Demon Territory has a lot of different tribes living in it.

 I’m sure there are people who use the forest as their home.

“Even my father doesn’t have authority over them.
We can only ask them nicely.
My father is writing a letter of introduction for you.
Thor-sama, what should we do?”

 An Agnis with an embarrassed face said that.

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