Chapter 45 – Meeting a Small Race That Has a Strong Sense of Duty

“I heard that among the Pixies that live in the western forest, there is one that can use light magic.”

 Agnis said.

 Mabel, Agnis and I are sitting around the table.

 For the time being, we put away the [UV-cut parasol] and the alchemy materials and went to drink tea.

 As we sip our tea, we listen to the information that Agnis found for us.

“After hearing Thor-sama’s request yesterday, Agnis asked around the mansion, but no one knew anything about it.
So I went to the town today.”

“I’m sorry that I bothered you Agnis-san.”

This is what Agnis wants to do.”

 Agnis pinched the hem of her dress and laughed.

“And it’s always been a dream of mine to walk around town in clothes that isn’t armoured.”

 The townspeople were surprised to see Agnis wearing a dress and seeing her face without a helmet.

 Some of them looked at her curiously, while others looked worried.

 But there were also people who came up to her, saying she was beautiful.

 Agnis asked these people about the light attribute user.

 In the meantime, one of the soldiers in the town told her about a Pixie who could use light magic.

“The Pixies are  demi-humans who is several tens of centimetres tall and has wings on their back, right?

“Yes, they’re exactly like you said.”

 Agnis nodded at my words.

 Pixies are a legendary existence in the Empire.

 The only thing they knew about them is that they lived in small numbers, and for some reason, they are only composed of women.

 They are sensitive to magic and human presence, so it is difficult to talk to them or even see them.

 This was the image of the Pixies told in the empire.

“So Pixies are living normally in the Demon Lord’s territory, ……?”

“Yes, they’re sensitive to magic power, so they’re doing magic power detection jobs in the Demon Territory.”

 Agnis said that while drinking tea.

“They can sense the flow of magic power in the earth, so they can help us choose fields and pastures.
It was also thanks to the Pixies that we were able to find the mine.
But ……”


“They’re very shy and they don’t come out to the public very often.”

“So it’s hard to ask them favours…”

“…… Yeah, but…”

 Agnis had a troubled look on her face.

 If the Pixies are very shy, it will be difficult for me to ask them for a favour.

How about we ask Her Majesty to ask the Pixie to do a favour for her?”

 Mabel said suddenly.

 But I shook my head.

“We don’t have to go that far to …….”

The [UV cut parasol] was made to experiment against light magic.

 It’s not even a request from Rukie, no one ever asked for it.

 To put it bluntly, I made it 100% as a hobby.

 It’s not something that I would go to the trouble of getting Rukie to use her authority.

I’ve found out that it can ‘disperse’ light magic, so I guess I’ll just have to experiment with it next time I get the chance.

 I’d really like to meet a Pixie, though.

 The Pixies were legendary in the empire.
I’d love to meet them and hear their stories.

 What kind of life do they lead? I’m really curious about how they live and how they see the world.

 Besides, the Pixies were not involved in the battle between the heroes and the demon lord.

 They were small and weak, so they didn’t get involved in the battle and lived in hiding for a long time.

 As a person who doesn’t have the ability to fight, I think their way of life is very good.

“I have only just arrived in the Demon Territory.
I can’t be too reckless.”

 I looked at Agnis and said so.

“I’m sorry that I made you spend your time to find them, but I think that we should leave the Pixie alone…”

“No, actually, the Pixie has asked to see you, Thor Canaan-sama.”

 Agnis said.

 Mabel’s and my eyes widened.

“Have you been in contact with them, by any chance?”

“Yes, but it’s about something else.”

“Something else”?

“Near the western forest where the Pixies are located is a potential site for Thor-sama’s workshop and residence, so I’ve been in contact with them about that.

 Oh, I totally forgot about that…….

 Speaking of which, the reason I came to the general’s territory was to do some sightseeing and get a preliminary look at the land where the workshop will be built.

 So they have already made arrangements for the workshop.

 As expected of General Reisenga, he’s quick.

“My father chose a land near the mines and the town, where there is a vein of water and a lot of magic power.
And that land is near the Western Forest.”

 Agnis said.

“But the nearby Western Forest is the territory of the Pixies …….”

“So you contacted them, saying that you wanted to set up an alchemist’s workshop in the neighbourhood.”

And they said that “If that’s the case, we would like to meet Alchemist-sama.”

 …… I see.

 I thought that if the Pixie was shy, there was no need to force a meeting.

 But if we’re going to be neighbours in the future, I should introduce myself while we’re at it.

 The Demon territory is a land of demons and demi-humans, and I’m a human.

 I want to talk to them properly so that they won’t be alarmed.

“I understand.
If that’s the case, I’ll go see the Pixies.”

 I said.

“I don’t want to ask her to come all the way here, so I’d like to go meet her.
I would also like to have a look at the location of the workshop.”

“I’m sure it will be fine, the Pixie will also feel more comfortable that way.”

“So we’ll visit the Pixie forest first, and then stop by the workshop?”

“That’s right.
Then I’ll send a letter to the Pixie immediately.”

“By the way, how do you keep in touch with the Pixies?”

“There is a stump near the forest where we can contact them.

 Agnis thought for a moment and then said,

“I leave my letters there, and before I know it, the girls take them.
And then the pattern is that I would find a response there.”

“They really are a shy person, aren’t they?”

 I didn’t expect that I would get to meet them in the Demon territory.

“Do you know anything about the Pixies, Mabel?”

“I’ve only seen them once when I was in the elven village.”

 Mabel perked up her ear as if trying to remember something.

“She was flying through the trees with leaves wrapped around her body instead of clothes.
She seemed to be talking to an elf elder but I don’t know what they were talking about.
They are a mysterious race even in the Demon Territory.”

“They do a lot of work in the Demon Territory, don’t they?

As Agnis-sama said, they are doing jobs such as detecting magic power and investigating narrow places.”

“And the way of communication too ……, where you put a letter on the stump stating what you want to ask for, and you get a reply whether they want to accept the request or not.”

 Mabel’s words were continued by Agnis.

“So the client doesn’t even know which Pixie is going to do the job.”

“When the work is done, the Pixie places a parchment on the stump with the results of her investigation, and we place their payment on the stump.”

“The payment includes milk, nuts, and magic stones …….”

“They’re really shy people.”

“It’s really rare for them to want to meet someone.
After all, Thor-sama is a very special alchemist.

 Both Agnis and Mabel were talking really fast, probably because they are surprised.

 It is really unusual for a Pixie to want to meet someone on their own.

“I think that I should bring something for them so that I wouldn’t seem rude.”

 But what would the Pixie like?

“Mabel, what do you think we should bring?”

“Milk, nuts and magic stones, I guess.”

 Mabel answered without hesitation.

“Those are the rewards for hiring a Pixie.
I’m sure they’ll find them useful.”

“Then Agnis will prepare them for you!”

 Agnis raised her hand.

“I’ll take you to the forest as your escort this time.
I’ll also prepare what you need to take.”

“I’ll help with the preparations too.

We’ll do it together.

“Please rest for a while Thor-sama”

“We’ll call for you when we’re ready.”

 With that, Mabel and Agnis left the room.

 The gifts for the Pixies became the responsibility of them

 There’s no problem with that… but it just feels unsatisfying.

 Maybe there is something that they want to ask me to do.

 If not, there’s no reason for a shy race to ask to meet me.

 If that’s the case, it would be better to prepare something that the Pixies might use.

 Since I’m aiming to become an alchemist beyond the world of the Heroes, I should be able to do that.

 The greatness of the Hero’s world could be seen just by looking at the [Mail Order Catalogue].

The [Mail Order Catalogue] has items that can solve any problem.

 This means that the way of the other world is to prepare items in advance in anticipation of problems that may occur.

 A top-notch alchemist makes the item after receiving a request.

 An alchemist that prepares and predicts the materials beforehand to make the item, is a super top-notch alchemist.

 I should become something like that.

 With that thought in mind, I began my preparations.

  The next day, we took a carriage to the western forest, where the Pixie lived.

“I think I know why there would be someone in the Pixies that can use light magic.”

 Mabel said suddenly.

“I heard that Pixies are a magic-sensitive race, born with a variety of attributes.
Most of the time they are water and wind Pixies, but sometimes fire and earth Pixies also appear.”

“So you’re saying there are also dark and light Pixies?”

“That’s right.”

 I see.

 If one person is born with one attribute, then there are also Pixies with the light attribute.
THat’s easy to understand.

“The Pixies are shy, but they do accept requests.
So, If you make a formal request, I’m sure they’ll cooperate with your [UV-cut parasol] experiment.”

“That would be great, but …… that might be asking too much.”

 In fact, just being able to meet and talk to a Pixie is enough.

 They are legendary.

 In addition to that, if I make a request and ask them to help me experiment with magic items…..

“I don’t know how to repay them as an alchemist.”

“No, if it’s Thor-sama who has contributed a lot to the Demon Territory, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

“But I’m getting more than enough already.”

 Rukie appointed me as her direct subordinate and gave me a workshop.

 In that place, I can create whatever I want.

 That’s enough for now.

 If I were to receive more things, I wouldn’t know how to return the favour.

 For the time being, I’m planning to make the Demon Territory a more comfortable world than the world of the Heroes,……, but at the moment, I don’t know how to do it.

That’s why I’m trying to remake the lost magic sword and return some of the favours.

“I think that Thor-sama can be more selfish than that.”

“More selfish?”

“Then, I’m making “making Thor-sama more selfish” my goal during this trip.”

“What kind of goal is that?”

“A maiden’s goal!”

 Mabel laughed, averting her gaze for some reason.

 I don’t understand what she’s thinking.

 …… Selfishness….

 The only thing I could think of is experimenting with the [Magic Cloth] with Agnis and Mabel.

We’ll be arriving at the Western Forest shortly!”

 I was thinking about this and that when Agnis called out from the coachmen seat.

 When I looked out the window, I saw a large forest with tall trees that stretched from the top to the foot of the mountain at the end of the road.

 This was the Western Forest, the territory of the Pixie.

 After a while, the carriage stopped and Mabel and I got out.

 The road was cut off at this point.

 At the end, there was a large stump.

 The cut has been levelled to make it easier to place things.

 Next to the stump is a large stone.
This should be a paperweight to hold down the letter so that it doesn’t fly away.

“Is this the “communication stump”?”


 Agnis nodded.

 She looked at the top of the stump mysteriously.

“I instructed the scout to place the letter here this morning, saying ‘Alchemist Thor Caanan-sama is coming to visit the Pixies.”

“…… The letter is gone.”

“……it’s gone for sure.”

 Agnis, me and Mabel were craning our necks in front of the stump.

 The Pixies should have put a response on the stump after they took the letter.

 But there was nothing on the stump.

 The stone used as a paperweight was next to the stump, so it’s not like the letter was blown away by the wind.

 As I was thinking about this…

“……I have been waiting for you.”

 A small figure appeared from behind the stump.

 White skin.
Black, straight hair.
A large leaf was wrapped around her body instead of clothing.

 And on her back, were beautiful translucent wings.

 Hiding behind a stump, the little Pixie was looking at us.

“N-nice to meet you… I’m the Pixie René.
…… U-um, ……”

“Nice to meet you.
I’m an alchemist under the direct command of Her Majesty the Demon Lord, Thor Canaan.”

 I sat down on the ground, to make sure that we were at the same eye level.

 I have learned a lot in the empire about the pressure of being looked down upon by a large opponent.

 My father and the noble warriors were all big and loud.

“I have been given a workshop and a mansion in General Reisenga’s territory by the kindness of Her Majesty the Demon Lord, Rukie Evergard.
The location of it is close to the territory of the Pixies, so I came to greet you.”

“I am Mabel Refrain, Thor-sama’s maid.”

“I’m Agnis Freizad, Thor Canaan-sama’s bodyguard.”

 Mabel and Agnis also sat down next to me.

 The three of us sat side by side, our eyes lowered, facing the little Pixie.

“I’m glad that I could meet a legendary Pixie, René-san.”

“Th- Thank you for your kind words.
I will introduce myself again.
I am René, the Pixie of Darkness.

 Eventually, the Pixie slowly appeared from behind a stump.

 As if she has resolved herself, she walked in front of us and looked up.

“I have never talked to a human before, but I’m …… surprised to see how gentle and kind they are.”


According to legends, humans are more powerful than demons and love to change the world with their great magic.

 That’s probably the heroes of the other world.

 At that time the Pixies probably lived more to the south.

 To the little Pixies, the heroes that used large-scale magic must have put enormous pressure on them.

“If ……Alchemist-sama is such a kind person, …… I can talk to him with peace of mind.”

 With her black hair swaying in the wind, the Pixie René nodded, slowly walking towards my knees.

“May I be on your hand?”


“I think that it would be easier for us to talk this way.
If you don’t mind.”

“That’s fine, please go ahead.”

I put out my hand, and René jumped onto it.

 She’s so small and light.

 I felt that if I touched her she might break it.

“I can’t believe that a …… Pixie would go on someone’s hand.

“Agnis has never …… heard of such a case either.”

“It is a sign of trust …… that we Pixies go on the hands of humans, demi-humans and demons.”

 René’s small body was trembling

 I know how she feels.

 The little Pixie would be crushed if I closed my hands.

 They’re so small, delicate and shy.

 I understand why standing on a person’s palm is trusting them but….

“But I haven’t done anything to make you trust me that much.

“It-It’s because I-I have a request for you.”

 The Pixie René closed her wings, which had been previously spread out.

With this, she wouldn’t be able to fly and her life is completely in my hands.
René, the Pixie, raised her head and looked at me.

“This is an indication that I trust you, so please help us.

“No, you don’t have to go that far…….”

 I brought the palm of my hand up to the stump and René moved onto the stump.

“I’m an alchemist under the direct command of Her Majesty the Demon Lord, so I’ll listen to any requests you have.”

“You can’t say it like that.”

 But René, the Pixie, shook her head.

“After we came to the Demon Territory, we have been given the right to govern ourselves.
But we have not gained any significant achievements, so we cannot make any one-sided requests.”

 She was very serious.

“In the first place, Pixies can only wear shabby clothes made from leaves like this.
It is rude to appear in public in such a manner.
But since I’m asking you for a favour, I think it’s only natural that I entrust you with the authority to kill me.”

 She said earnestly.

“In the first place I was chosen to welcome you because, like Her Majesty the Demon lord, I have the dark attribute and can control dark magic.
If such a person was to offer their life, they would probably accept our requests.”

 It was too heavy.

“…… Um, Mabel, Agnis-san?”

 I asked them both.

“Are the Pixies always so serious and have such a depressing personality?”

“No, I’ve never heard of anything like that…… before.”

“I know that they take their requests very seriously, but I didn’t know about their …… personalities.”

 Mabel and Agnis are also surprised.

Both of them didn’t know about the Pixies’ personalities.

 By the way, the reason that the Pixies don’t appear in public was just casually leaked.

 -The Pixie can only wear clothes made of leaves.

 -It’s rude to appear in public in such a way.

 So that’s the reason why the Pixies rarely appeared in public.

 I’m surprised.

“Please use me as a material for alchemy, in return please …”


 I raised my hand to stop René from talking.

“Let’s stop the talk about, alchemy materials, and offering your body.
I have no intentions of doing so.”

“But I can’t just ask a one-sided request…”

“If that’s the case, can you introduce me to a Pixie who can use light magic?”

 I said.

“In fact, I’m looking for someone who can use light magic to experiment with my magic items.
I’ve heard rumours that there are some Pixies who can use light magic, so I would like you to introduce me to them.”

 I didn’t mean to force you to help me.

 But I have something to request too.

“So you had business with that child too.”

 René opened her eyes wide to my words.

“To tell you the truth, I had something to request about that child too.”.

“Is that so?”

“Yes, I would like to ask the alchemist-sama to save her, who has the light attribute…….”

 René the Pixie hugged my index finger with both hands and said so.

“Because that child posses light magic power, her body is weak and she’s frequently bedridden.
Please save Soleil, Alchemist Thor Canaan-sama.”

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