Chapter 46 – Solving The Pixie’s Problems

“Pixies, are born with one of the following attributes: light, dark, earth, water, fire, and wind.”

 René stood of the stump and started talking politely.

“The small size of our body makes us sensitive to the flow of magic, so we investigate the magic power of each land.”

 When the demons and demi-humans arrived in the north, it seems that the pixies were the ones who found the land suitable for farming and grazing.

 As a reward, the demon lord of the time wanted to give the pixies their own territory

 But they didn’t like to be seen, so they chose to live in hiding in a self-governing region.

“We have lived in the forest that was given to us.
This where Soleil, the light attribute pixie, and I, René, the dark attribute pixies, were born.
However, Soleil is …….”

 Then René began to talk about her sister.

 She was born with a weak body, and if she moved just a little, she would immediately develop a fever.

 She could use strong light magic, but after using it, she would be in bed for three days.

“I’m afraid that the strong light magic is having an adverse effect on her body.”

 René said.

“Light magic power means existence, the power of being.
When it is flowing smoothly through the body, it is a powerful force, but if it becomes stagnant even a little bit, it becomes a burden that will devastate the body.”

“So the stagnant light magic power will put a burden on the body.”

“That’s right.
The smaller the body of the pixies, the more susceptible she is to the effects of magic.”

“Isn’t there a solution to that?”

“There is.
Bathing in the river can temporarily alleviate the symptoms.”

 René pointed across the forest.

“By bathing in the flowing water, the pixies can improve the circulation of magic power.
But for …… Soleil, it’s only a temporary fix.
She has to bathe several times a day because her magic often stagnates.”

“I see.”

“But she’s weak and it’s hard for her to travel to the river and even when the current is gentle, she can be easily swept away.
It would be nice if there was something safe and easy for her to bathe in that would allow her to do so many times in a day.

“Then you can use this.”

 I took out a [footbath] from my [Ultra-small Simple warehouse].

“Eh? what? Wh-what is this thing.”

“This is a [Foot bath] that improves one’s circulation, it’s something like a bath.”


“For the time being, just give it a try.”

 I’m glad that I packed it as a gift yesterday.

 If they didn’t want it, I was going to give it to the General or Agnis.

A footbath is something you put your feet in, but a pixie can put her whole body in it.

And plus it uses a wind magic stone so it is a safe place to bath.

“I used this before to improve Mabel’s magic circulation, right?”

“Yes, Thor-sama……I still use it once every two days.”

 Mabel looked a little embarrassed.

“The flow of magic in my body has completely improved because of it.
I’m sure it will also help Soleil.”

“Agnis also used the …… footbath…..”

“It felt good immediately once I got in… but I think that everyone would be happy if there was a bigger foot bath.
This way Agnis, can wash the backs of my important ones.”

 …… A large [foot bath]?

 In other words, a bath with water circulation.

 ………… Yeah.
I like it.
It’s a good idea.

 Agnis is amazing, even I didn’t think of something like that

 The pixie can soak their whole body in, but normal people can only take a foot bath.
Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could soak their body in?

It’s good that the footbath improves the circulation of magic power, but it may not be enough for some people with very poor circulation of magic power like the pixie Soleil.

 For those people, it’s better to have a bath that functions like the [foot bath].

 But it’s hard to make a bath itself.

 We could put a magic item that generates vibrations in the bathtub and create the same effect as the [footbath].

 If I set it up in the bath of the Demon castle, I’m sure that everyone will be happy.

 I’ll start designing it as soon as return…

“Thor-sama, Thor-sama.”

“Please come back Thor Caanan-sama.”


 I realized that Agnis and Mabel were poking my back.

 The pixie René was looking at me curiously too.

 That won’t do, I was in the middle of explaining the item.

“I’m sorry, I blanked out for a second.”

“N-no, don’t worry about it.”

 The pixie René nodded.

 I continued with my explanation of the [Foot bath].

“This is an item that heats water with fire magic stones and creates a flow of water with wind magic stones.”

 I placed the footbath on the stump.

 The pixie René stepped inside fearfully.

 In the [Footbath] without water, she held both her legs and sat in a [Physical education sitting position] from the Hero’s world.

She poked her head out while in that pose.

 It’s just the right size as a bath for them

“Wind magic power has the meaning of circulation.”

 I said.

“You can improve the circulation of magical power by soaking in water infused with it.
Try soaking her legs first.
If she feels better, she can try soaking her whole body in it.”

“Th-thank you, Alchemist-sama.”

 Then René got out of the footbath.

“For Soleil’s sake, I will graciously accept this [Footbath].
I will never forget this favour.

 René bowed to me as she touched the footbath.

 But she still had the serious look on her face.

“Is there something else, by any chance?”

“The alchemist-sama has seen through me.”

 The pixie René, sighed, looking troubled.

“Soleil can’t fly while wearing clothing.”

“She can’t fly …… with clothes on?”

“When pixies fly, we pass magic power through our clothes and make them one with our body.
This way we can feel the flow of air through our clothes and fly using the wind.”

 René then pinched her clothing made of leaves.

“So, in order for the pixies to fly, we need to wear clothes that allow magic power to pass through easily.
And tree leaves that are still alive, are a good material for magic power to pass through.
This is the reason why pixies wear clothes made of leaves.”

“So it was like that…….”

“However, after we wear it for a few days, it will wither away and we will have to go back to the forest to get it re-tailored.”

 So that’s why Pixies find it difficult to spend time with other species.

 As soon as their leaf clothing start to wither, they have to find another set of clothes.

 They tried various other materials, but in the end, tree leaves were the easiest to acquire, and they also allow magic to pass through easily.
Also, it was free.

 If I didn’t know that was the reason, I would have thought that the tree leaves were the traditional clothing of the pixies.

 It’s surprisingly difficult to fly, isn’t it?

“But for some reason, Soleil can’t pass her magic power through the tree leaves properly.
Perhaps it’s a property of light magic power…….”

“I understand, then please accept this.”

 I took out a light [magic cloth] from my [Ultra-small simple warehouse].

“This thing is a light attribute [Magic Cloth].
Because it is the same attribute, it should allow the light pixie’s magic power to pass through it.”


 René, the pixie, opened her eyes wide.

“A cloth with li-li-light magic???? There was something like that?”

“Yes, but it has a drawback that it becomes transparent when magic is passed through it, so we need to do something about this.

 It will take time to make a new magic fabric here.

After making the [UV cut parasol] I could now make a magic cloth with 2 layers, but it’s still not tested.


Let’s borrow Agnis and Mabel’s power here.

Can you make a pixie-sized clothes here?”

As a maid, I always have sewing tools in hand!”

 Mabel patted her chest.

 As expected, I can always rely on Mabel.

“Then can you make the clothing of the light pixie using this light [Magic Cloth]?”

I can make the clothing of the pixie since it’s small, but it would turn out transparent…”

“How about layering the cloths or adding air in between?”

 When I made the tent with the light [Magic cloth] before, the transparency of the overlapping cloth was reduced and it became whitish.

 It seems that if you layer several pieces of cloth or put air in between, it becomes harder for light to pass through.

“I see.
…… You can fold the cloth to make layers, or put several pieces of cloth on top of each other!”

“Also, I think wrinkled areas are also difficult for light to pass through.”

 Then I looked at Agnis, whose eyes were shining and she looked like she wanted to say something.

“What do you think, Agnis-san?”

“I think that it will look good if you add an obi! You can also add a collar, or fold the skirt part to make many frills!”

Then can I ask you to do that?

Agnis has made clothes for dolls before, too!”

“Let’s make them together.

“Yeah let’s do it Mabel!”

 Mabel and Agnis are totally motivated.

 I’ll leave this to them.

 I can make [Magic Cloth], but I can’t make clothing out of it.

“Then I’m counting on you”

“Yes, sir!”

“I’ll try my best!”

 With that, Mabel and Agnis returned to the carriage.

“I didn’t know there was a cloth with light attribute.”

 The next thing I knew, I heard a faint voice near the ground.

 René, the pixie, was sitting on a stump, trembling.

“So because of the current Demon Lord, Rukie Evergard-sama, the Demon Territory, has improved this much….”

“No, it’s only recently that I’ve made this kind of cloth.”


“It’s only been ten days since I arrived in the Demon territory.”

“S-so it was like that.”

The little pixie looked at me and slowly flew up.

“I also wanted to leave the forest and see the …… world.”

“The world?”

I want to see the world that Alchemist-sama is changing and be a part of that changing world.
Will you help me?”

“Yes, I can.
Then, I will give you the magical fabrics of light, darkness, earth, water, fire, and wind…”

 I was about to say that but I stopped myself.

 I was told by Chancellor Kelve that okay to give it to someone privately, but if I wanted to give it to a lot of people, I have to ask for permission.

“Can you please give me some time? I need to get the Chancellor’s approval first.”

 I said.

 I can’t break my promise with Rukie and Kelve-sama.

“I’ll send the application to the castle once I get back to the mansion, so please wait until I get it back.
If I get permission, I will also give the other attributes of magic cloth to the pixies.”

“Yes, I understand!”

 She flew up in front of my eyes and kissed my forehead.

“I would like to thank you on behalf of all the pixies.
Whenever you need the help of the pixies, please let us know.
We will be your wings and fly you to anywhere on the continent.”

“That can wait until after the problem with the Light pixie is solved.”

“Yes, Alchemist-sama.”

 René, the pixie, nodded repeatedly with a serious face.

 The distance between us is so close she’s headbutting my forehead.
It doesn’t hurt, though.

 It’s kind of funny, and it made me smile.

 They really are a sincere and loyal race, aren’t they?

 A little while later, Mabel and Agnis came out of the carriage.

 The [not-so-transparent light magic cloth] that they made was perfect.

 Even when I put it on my palm and looked through it, I could only vaguely see the shape of my hand.

 This way no one would get embarrassed while wearing this, probably.

“If it is the same attribute, I think that …… Soleil can pass her magic power through it.”

The pixie René held the [not-so-transparent light magic cloth] while smiling

“She seems to have a hard time wearing the tree leaf clothes.
Maybe it’s not a good idea for those who are prone to light magic to wear ordinary clothes.
However, in this day and age, even pixies can’t fly around naked.

“Didn’t pixies wear clothes in mythological times?”

“Yes, but that was only after the heroes of the other world appeared that we started wearing clothes.
They were unleashing powerful magic all over the place, and we were afraid of the flying fire sparks and pieces of stone, so …… the pixies also started wearing clothes.”

 So that’s how it happened.

As expected the heroes are a powerful existence.

 They remained healthy even with their vast amount of light magic power.
Well, they probably used an item to keep their health in check.

 While talking about this, we carried the footbath and the [not-so-transparent clothing] to the entrance of the forest.

 In addition, I also gave them a spare light [magic cloth].

Using the [not-so-transparent light magic cloth], the pixies should be able to make their own clothing.

 Of course, I also gave them the nuts, milk, and magic stones I brought as a gift.

 It was a gift for our new neighbours, and also for Soleil, the Light pixie.

“Thank you very much Alchemist-sama and everyone.”

 At the entrance to the forest, the pixie René bowed her head.

“I’ll never forget this favour.
When Soleil is feeling better, I will come with her to greet you”.”

I’ll be waiting.

“If you ever need the help of the pixies, please leave a letter on the stump.”

 René, the pixie, flew in the air, came to the front of me and said so.

“We pixies will obey the orders of Alchemist-sama.
If there is anything you want us to do, please don’t hesitate to tell us! The pixies are a loyal race and will be happy to return the favour.”

 As she flew through the air, I waved goodbye to René…

 Mabel, Agnis, and I hopped on the carriage and proceeded to the next destination.

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