ny alchemists in the empire that they can send them to other countries.
It’s a terrifying country.
What is the Dolgarian Empire?”

The alchemists just deal with unnecessary things.
──I almost argued with her, but I kept quiet.

“Okay, let’s prepare your own workshop.
You can swing your arms freely there.
Is there anything you need for Alchemy?”

Said the Demon King.
It was the first time I was told that.

“Please give me a place to work”
I’ll prepare that.
What else?”
“Alchemy also requires equipment.”
“Well, then you should submit a list of what you need.
What else?”
“Especially the material.
A lump of metal would do or some old and broken equipment would do too.
“I see … Kelve.
Certainly, there was a warehouse that was used by the previous demon lord? “

Demon King Rukie looked at the blue-haired man.
The Chancellor nodded.

“His Majesty the previous Demon had a habit of collecting things.
He collected things such as rusted swords, broken armor and shields.
He even collected books that we couldn’t read.”

“He liked to collect Junk.”
“From a standpoint, I can’t agree with those words… Anyways, if it’s materials, it’s best to give him the warehouse.”
“Is the pile of junk useful?”
“We’ll let the alchemist judge if it’s useful or not.”
“── Umu”

In response to the Chancellor’s words, the Demon King Rukie turned to me.

“There is a guest room next to the warehouse.
Let’s give it to you as your own room.
There is junk in the warehouse that the previous Demon King collected as a hobby.
You can use it freely as a material.
The things in there are from the time of the “Hero summoning” so the use of many things is not clear.
“From the time of the “Hero summoning”?”
It’s from an era when our Demon territory was defeated by the human world.”

The Demon King nodded.

“You should use your abilities as an alchemist to make what you like.
If it is good, we will buy it.
If it is useful for the Demon territory, we will consider mass-producing it.
In that case, it would be helpful if you could help us.

“… It’s something I can’t imagine.”
“Why do you guys go that far?”

It was too kind.
It’s unbelievable for me, who was treated as useless in the empire.

“I’m from the empire.
I don’t know why you go that far for a messenger like me.”
“Because we want to learn from the human world.”
“To learn?”
“We, the demons, were defeated by human wisdom and heroes from another world long ago.
Do you know that?”

I know.
In an era when humans and demons were fighting, humans summoned heroes from another world to confront the demons.
The summoned hero mastered his powerful skills and fought for humans.

All the heroes were aiming for the “strongest” at a scary level.
They fought monsters and raised their skills and levels.
Their thirst for “strength” was eventually transmitted to humans in this world.
The empire’s thirst for strength also came from the heroes.

Then the hero became stronger and defeated the Demon Lord.
The demons and their co-workers were banished to the north.
Then the world became what it is today.

It seems that the hero of another world who defeated the Demon Lord returned to their original world with satisfaction.

The Hero summoning are no longer being done.
However, the knowledge and items left by the Hero remain.
The distance and time units used on the continent were also left by the heroes from another world.

“The demons were defeated by humans.
That’s true, so we demons decided to learn from them.”

The Demon Lord muttered while touching her mask.

“Now we’re not going to contend with humans anymore, but we have to continue learning from humans, or those who died in that war will have died in vain.
Heroes may be summoned from another world at any time.
If we don’t learn by that time, we could be possibly be destroyed.

When I looked at Mabel and the chancellor, they nodded.
This really seems to be the policy of the Demon lord territory.

“That’s why we invite guests from the empire.
We invite people, interact and get the latest knowledge, otherwise, we will never catch up to the empire.”
“Is that why you treat me well?”
My strength is also for the Demon Lord Territory.”

The Demon Lord nodded.

“It is also the policy of the Demon Lord to place people in places where they can demonstrate their abilities.
Because the number of people in the Demon Lord is small.
There is no room for unsuitable work.
That is only a luxury for places with large populations.”

I understand the story of the Demon Lord.
The purpose of inviting guests from the empire is to acquire the skills and knowledge of the human world.
The reason for preparing the workshop and materials for me is to be able to fully demonstrate my abilities.
What is created in this way becomes the property of the Demon Lord territory, and the Demon Lord’s territory can know what can be done by alchemy.

I’m excited.
A workshop and materials that can be used freely.
It was something that was never available in the empire.

I also liked the policy of the Demon Lord.
The Demon Lord does the exact opposite of the Empire.

The Empire summoned a powerful hero from another world and defeated the Demon Lord.
Therefore, they maintain the policy of “we are right” and “strength is everything”.
On the contrary, the Demon Lord is defeated by heroes and humans.
Therefore, they have adopted the policy of “learning from humans.”

I have decided what to do.

I will cooperate with the Demon Lord territory as an alchemist hired by the Demon Lord.
I will use my “creation alchemy” skills in this place to create something that transcends the empire.
If possible, exceed the items used by the hero.
I will create an item that would show the empire that strength is meaningless.

“Thank you for the kindness shown by Her Majesty the Demon King.”

I gave a formal thank you as an aristocrat.

“Then, first of all, I would like to show you what I can do with alchemy.
I will use it as a reward for the welcome.”
“… Oh, oh”


It seems that the Demon King leaked a confused voice for some reason …?
With that in mind, the Chancellor cleared his throat.

“You must be tired because of the long journey.
Someone, escort Thor to his room – No, let’s leave that to Mabel.
Then, Thor, there are many rough people in Demon Castle, please don’t go out alone as much as possible.
Then, Demon Lord-sama…”
“This concludes the audience with the guest, Thor Regas.”

The Demon Lord concluded the meeting after the Chancellor talked rapidly.
After that, I was led by a maid different from Mabel out of the throne room.

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