48 – Thinking About How To Return The Favour

The second candidate was located in a place where the magic powers were very unbalanced.

Flap, flap, flap, flap, flap!

On the roof were fire attribute pixies.

And there were three of them.

The red-haired pixies were shaking their arms stretched toward the sky.

Perhaps they were inspired by the image of fire.

There’s also a yellow-haired earth pixie next to them but just a little bit of her head was sticking out.

The other pixies did not show themselves.

In other words, the fire magic power is very strong in this place.
There is also a little bit of earth magic power, but the other magic powers are too weak to be even felt.

This place is near a hot spring and a volcano.

Maybe that’s why the fire magic power here is so strong.

The building was still relatively new and could be used without any renovation.

The hot springs and the town are just around the corner.
The location is great, but……

“Can you put this on hold for now and take us to the next place?”

I asked Agnis and Randel-san.

“I’m sorry to tell you this, but I don’t think a place with too much of a kind of magic power is suitable for an alchemy workshop.”

So, we moved on from the second house and headed straight to the last potential workshop site.

“This will be the last place.”

Randel-san said, stroking his beard.

In front of us was a two-story mansion.

It’s big enough.

It even has a large garden and a well.

This time, the well is maintained regularly and filled with water.

“This is an old house with no record of who used it before…….”

“We don’t know who used it before…….”

“Yes, it is the property of the general, and the person in charge regularly maintains it, but I’m not comfortable recommending a place of unknown origin to Thor Canaan-sama.”

“But it’s a solid building.”

“Of course it is.
It’s the general’s property, and I took good care of it.”

Randel-san said proudly

According to the floor plans, there is a large hall inside that could be used as a workshop.

There is also a lot of water in the house.
This makes it easy to cook and do laundry.

It’s also nice to have a large bathroom.

I was planning to use the [Footbath] to create a fluffy and bubbly bath.

If we can make an item that can make the entire large bathtub bubble, we should be able to make the bath at the Demon Castle bubble as well.

I’m sure Rukie will be happy to hear that, and it will be good for the health of the people in the castle.

The bathtubs in the house are large, so naturally, the boiler room is also large.

The boiler room is highly heat resistant, so we should be able to research fire-related stuff there.

It’s not bad.”

There are no monsters in this area so there’s no problem with safety.

The only thing I’m worried about is that it’s a bit far from the town.

It takes about an hour to reach the town by foot and it takes more than twice as long to get to General Reisenga’s mansion.
So it’s not very accessible.

However, it’s close to the forest and the mine, so it’s perfect for collecting materials.

I can also go and visit the pixies since it’s close to the western forest.

“And the pixie’s opinions?”

I looked at the roof of the building.,

As usual, they are poking their heads out of the roof.

This time, there were two of each of the earth, water, and wind attribute pixies and one fire attribute pixie, so seven pixies in total.

Among them, two girls are holding black flowers.
I wonder what that means?

“Could it be that they represent dark magic power?”

Nod, nod.

The pixies holding the flowers nodded their heads.

The only dark attribute pixie is René, but she’s taking care of Soleil.

Does that mean that René also came to sense the magic power?

Or is the flow of magic power in this area common knowledge to all the pixies.

Either way, the important thing is…

“This piece of land has strong earth, water, wind, and darkness, and a little fire right?”

Nod, nod, nod, nod!

The pixies nodded their heads in turn in a horizontal line.

It seems that I guessed correctly.

Out of all the potential locations for the workshop, this is the one with the most balanced magic power.

The first location has good access, but the water and earth’s magic power are weak.

The second location has too much fire magic power.

This place has a good balance of all five attributes, so it’s perfect for a workshop.

The problem is the distance to the town but I think that we should prioritize magic power.

“The pixies sure are amazing aren’t they?”

Mabel whispered in my ear.

“It’s hard even for the elves to find out the magic of the land, but the pixies sensed it easily.”

“I think Mabel is more amazing for noticing the pixies though.”

“No…… I was looking at you, Thor-sama.

Mabel mumbles in embarrassment.

“I wanted to see what Thor-sama was seeing, and then I noticed the pixies.”

“S-so that’s what happened……”




“L-leaving that aside, about the pixies”

About the pixies.”

“Why do you think that they’re following me?”

“I think that it’s because when we went to the forest a while ago, Thor-sama told them about your workshop.”

I knew it.

While Mabel and Agnis were making clothes, I had a little chat with René.

I told her that I was going to visit the plot of land where the workshop would be.

“After that, you helped me.
You didn’t have to…….”

When I said that, Mabel laughed.

“We can’t help it.
The pixies possess a very strong sense of duty.

I understand that.
Although they were shy they still came with us.

Even now, the pixies are hiding behind the roof, but there are some of them whose clothes are stuck in between the shingles.

“I wonder if the reason they don’t go out in public is that they’re embarrassed about their tree leaf clothes.”

I said.

René also said that the clothes withered quickly and had to be re-tailored with new leaves.

“That’s right, she also said that they all want to live together with the people of the Demon territory.”

“You know, Mabel…”


“I have to get permission from Chancellor Kelve before I give away my items to many people.
But I want to give it to a few acquaintances, is that a problem?”

Hearing my words, Mabel made a difficult face.

I continued.

“What about giving clothing to people who help me with my work?”

“It barely qualifies……”


“But I think that’s very you, Thor-sama.”

Mabel smiled at me.

“One for each of the pixies of earth, water, fire, wind, and darkness, right?”

“Two for each of the pixies, since they have laundry.”

“Two for each……”

“This way, they will be able to live freely with the people of the Demon Territory.”

“I understand, but…”

Mabel nodded her head.

To get permission or not, I guess I’m right on the border.


I have already given the pixies a light attribute of [Magic Cloth] and [Footbaths].

If I want to give them more items, I’ll have to ask for permission.

“It will take some time to get the application to the castle, right?”

It will take a day to get it to the castle even if it is delivered using a fast horse.
It will take about two days to get there and back.”

Flap, flap, flap.

“It’s also troublesome to prepare a fast horse…the general will probably agree to it, but we shouldn’t trouble so many people.”

“I think that there are regular deliveries to the castle from the general’s territory.
How about taking advantage of that?”

“It’ll take a while, but that’s the most passable option.”

Flap, flap, flap! flap, flap!

“I’ll go back, fill out the application, find out where the regular mail service is, and send it to… because I don’t have someone to send it privately – ”

「「「「「「「We’ll deliver it 」」」」」」」

It came out of nowhere.

The pixies hidden behind the roof simultaneously revealed themselves.

“Why are the pixies here?!!!”

“Th-the pixies are like this? I’ve never seen them before.”

Both Agnis and Randel-san were surprised by the sudden appearance of the pixies.

But the pixies didn’t pay any attention to them.

Or rather they aren’t making eye contact with them.
Maybe because they’re embarrassed…

The hair colors of the pixies were yellow, yellow, blue, blue, red, and green, green.

Each of the pixies – earth, water, fire, and wind – are flying around my face, staring at me.

Each one of them is talking to me…

“Alchemist-sama is Soleil’s benefactor.”

“If you are ever in trouble, we will help you unconditionally.”

The calm and polite ones are the earth attribute pixies.

“…… Letter, I’ll take it.”

“…… It’s not troublesome, I want to do it.”

The cool ones are the water pixies.

“If it involves pixies, it would make my day! L-e-t me do it!

The one who is eagerly tugging on my sleeves is the fire pixie.

“Throw the letter to me and I’ll send it to the castle with a zoom!”

“I-I’m embarrassed to show up in front of people.
…… Ah, m-my clothes are coming undone again…….”

The ones who are going with the flow of their feelings are the wind pixies.

“-wait a moment.”

The pixies all suddenly stopped talking.

Then they looked at Mabel beside me.

Then at Agnis, and then looked at Randel-san.

They began to panic when they realized that they were not hidden.

And then…

「「「「「「「 Go! 」」」」」」」

The pixies simultaneously flew into my shirt.

I thought that it was impossible, but they made it happen.
4 of them crammed into my shirt while the other 3 stuck on my back.

…Um, what should I do now?

“First is thank you, I guess.”

I bowed to the pixies hiding in my jacket.

“Thank you for your advice and guidance on the magic power of the land.”

「「「「「「「 Not at all!」」」」」」.

The pixies replied in unison.

“Thanks to you, we have found a land full of magic power.
I think that this is the best place to have a workshop.”

After I said that, Agnis and Randel-san also said the same thing.

Out of the three locations, I’ll keep this one.

After this, let’s discuss how we can renovate the building.

“I think I’ll go to the western forest again.”

I said after looking around at everyone.

I would like to give pixies some of my [Magic cloth].

I saw how frequently the leaf clothing falls off, and they helped me with the magic power detection of the land too.

But I can’t do that without getting permission from Rukie and the chancellor.

Even though I did submit an application, I don’t think it is possible to give all the pixies a [Magic Cloth].
The impact is too great, and I can’t make a lot at once either.

I can’t make it…… no, I don’t think there is such a thing.

It’s a big job, but it sounds fun.

Yeah,  I can probably make 100 outfits in three days…


I noticed that Mabel was looking at me with a worried look on her face.

“I have been instructed by Her Majesty not to let you work all night.
If Thor-sama tries to stay up all night, you are to use any means to put him to sleep, she said.”

“Mabel, how did you know what I was thinking?”

I don’t know why Rukie is also giving such instructions …….

“I- I have been entrusted by Her Majesty to take care of Thor-sama’s health.
For that purpose, I-I have been looking at Thor-sama, and observing your actions.”

Mabel insisted while looking at me.

It can’t be helped if she says so.

I can’t let Mabel and Rukie worry about me anyways.

For the [Magic Cloth] we need earth, water, wind, and fire attribute ones.
2 for each person.

Another 2 dark attribute ones for René and another light attribute one for Soleil.

I’ll get permission from Chancellor Kelve to make them.

The application form is in the [Ultra-small simple warehouse]

I’ll fill out the necessary information and have the pixies deliver it.

“But first, I’d like to go check on the condition of Soleil.”

I said to the pixies clinging to me.

The yellow-haired and blue-haired pixies nodded their heads in agreement.

“I would like to check up on things such as comfortableness of the [Magic cloth] and see if there are any side effects.
That’s why can you please ask if I can go into the forest and see Soleil.”

I continued.

“If it’s not possible, I’ll just talk to René at the entrance of the forest.”


Okay …… “,

“Leave it to me!”

“I’m going back with the speed of a flaming arrow!”

“La la la~”

” Wa-wa-wait, wait, waitー”

「「「「「「「 Then…! 」」」」」」」


The pixies all flew towards the western forest leaving behind Mabel, me, a dumbfounded Agnis, and Randel-san who was shocked by the sudden appearance of the pixies.

“What exactly happened, Thor Caanan-sama?

Agnis finally managed to squeeze out some words.

“How long have they been here?”

“Actually, they’ve been here all along.”

I said.

“They have been following us from the western forest.”

“The mysterious race followed Thor Caanan-dono?”

Randel-san spoke up.

He was scratching his beard as if he couldn’t hide his surprise.

“How did you gain the trust of the pixies!? I have never seen them get that close to a person before! How much trust does it take to hide behind the clothes of a person…”

“It’s because they’re a really loyal race.”

I’m sure they feel indebted to me for giving Soleil the [Footbath] and the light attribute [Magic Cloth].

It seems that the whole tribe has decided to help me.

“They came to help me choose a plot of land.
That’s why I said that “the well was dry” and that “it might be hot”.”

I explained to Agnis and Randel-san.

“So, it’s not because of my ability.
It’s just that the pixies told me…”

“No, to receive the help of the pixies is also an ability of Thor Caanan-dono.”

Randel-san trembled as if he saw something incredible.

“I never thought that I would see such a mysterious thing at my age…….
It’s amazing.”

Then Randel-san took a moment to catch his breath and looked at me.

“F-for the time being you have finished selecting the land right?”

“Yes, I would like to choose this location.”

I looked up at the building and said.

“The pixies told me that this place has earth, water, fire, wind, and dark magic powers.
This is the best place to do alchemy.
Please let me live here.”

Then let’s talk about the renovation of the workshop.”

“Please do”

“I will be going back to boy Reisenga, no, I’ll be going back to the general to report about the land selection.
What should I do with the matter with the pixies?”

“Agnis will handle that.
I would like to keep it a secret until then.”

Agnis said, holding the chest of her dress.

“Because this is Thor Caanan-sama and the pixies’ mutual trust, so Agnis would be happy if you would let me decide how to make it public.”

“I understand, miss.”

Randel-san bowed.

“If young miss believes in Thor Caanan-dono, then I will believe in him.
My role is to introduce him to the land.
I will keep the matter of the pixies to myself.

“Thank you very much Randel-san.”

“No, no, you’ve shown me something very rare.”

Laughing, Randel-san said.

“I have never seen the pixies happily flying around a person in the history of the Demon Territory.
I think I know how the Alchemist Thor Canaan-dono will change the Demon Territory in the future.
I can’t believe I’m going to live long enough to see that happen.”

“I’ll try not to cause too much trouble…”

“No, no, don’t worry about it.
I’m looking forward to seeing you again!”

Randel-san proceeded to return to the mansion

After he was out of sight,

“Then let’s go visit René and Soleil.”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

“It’s my pleasure to work with you Thor-sama!”

We headed to the Western Forest once again.

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