53 – Joining The Party

──Thor’s perspective ──




A few days after our visit to the Western Forest.


“Sorry to keep you waiting.
Soleil has come to help with the experiment!”


Soleil, the light pixie, entered my room.

Her complexion and skin colour had improved considerably, and the enhanced circulation of magic power granted her body a faint glow, causing the light-attribute [Magic Cloth] clothing to nearly become transparent.


“Soleil will use any light magic Alchemist-sama wants.
Please give me the order.”

“Before we begin the experiment, I need to inform Her Majesty the Demon Lord first.”


I immediately requested that the messenger pixie notify the Demon Castle, as Rukie wished to witness the experiment herself.


The response was swift.

Apparently, Rukie and the others were already preparing to leave the castle;
Rukie and Chancellor Kelve should be arriving at General Reisenga’s territory shortly.

“Rukie Evergard-sama and His Excellency Kelve will be here!?”

“I-it really makes you nervous.”


When General Reisenga and Agnis received the news, they hurriedly began to prepare the reception.

It was rare for Rukie and Kelve-san to visit the territory together, so it was decided that a grand reception would be held for both of them.

Additionally, Mabel, myself, the residents of the Reisenga territory, and the pixies were also invited.


Therefore, I suggested that we prepare an area in the reception hall exclusively for the pixies.
If we allot a space for them where others would be unable to notice them, and place snacks and beverages there, the reserved pixies would be able to join the party.

If the space was near a window, they could easily enter and exit the hall.


“I see! As expected of Thor-dono.
I’ll arrange it right away!”


General Reisenga agreed without hesitation, leading me to appreciate how agreeable of a person he was.

If we entrust it to him, the reception will definitely be organized splendidly.


After the reception, the [UV-Nullifying Parasol] will be tested later on in the day.

That’s what is important to me.

According to the letter from Rukie, the Empire is planning something near the border once again.
As a precaution, I want to confirm whether the parasol can truly nullify light magic before that happens.








“Mabel, it won’t be an issue if I abstain from attending the party, right?”

“Thor-sama, why would you want to do that?”


Mabel looked at me with a surprised expression.


This is my current room, situated in one of the corners of the general’s mansion.

A few days have passed since we contacted the castle, and today is the day of the reception.

Rukie and Chancellor Kelve have already arrived at the mansion; I greeted them earlier and spoke with them.

After that, Mabel began preparing to attend the party.
I intended to skip it, but…


It seems that I can’t be absent after all.


I’ll explain why I don’t want to attend the party, so listen carefully.

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

“I once attended a party in the Empire organized for the children of nobles.”


I said.

Mabel’s eyes widened, realization showing on her face.

She seemed to understand why I was uncomfortable with parties.


“I was still staying with the ducal family back then.
Due to that, those attending consisted of the children of noble families, and they all possessed powerful combat skills.”

So that’s what happened.”

“In the Empire, those who possess great combat strength are revered.
I lacked combat skills, meaning I didn’t have a pleasant time at…… that party.
My father…… Barga Regus was present as well.”


I remember the exact remark he made when I was being demeaned by the children around me.
I greatly desired to forget it, but it was etched into my memory.

I swore to myself that I would never utter anything like that to my children when I myself became a parent.


“That’s why I’m not very fond of parties.
Of course, I’m aware that the people of the Demon Territory don’t hold me in disdain.
Yet, I just don’t feel comfortable…”

“I have a favour to ask of you, Thor-sama.
Could you create a magic device that will allow me to travel back in time?”


Mabel suddenly stated firmly.


“I will go back in time and let loose an offensive spell on those who insulted you.
Of course, I’ll show them some mercy; I don’t wish for the young Thor-sama to witness anything traumatising…….”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait.”


Mabel, your eyes are frightening.
I mean, seriously.

An item that allows someone to travel to the past….
There’s probably nothing of the sort in the heroes’ world either.

Even if there is, it’s probably far too complicated for me to create with my current skills.


“I won’t let Mabel do that.”

“It’s a shame.”

“Anyways, that’s why I’m not joining the party.”

“I understand.
I’ll let Her Majesty the Demon Lord know.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Her Majesty will likely be very disappointed…….”


Mabel’s shoulders slumped as she stated this.


“She said that she wanted to flaunt Thor-sama’s achievements at the party.”


“Thor-sama has done an excellent job of winning the pixies over after arriving in General Reisenga’s territory.
The pixies that hadn’t emerged before now, and didn’t interact with people…”

Well if you say it like that..


But I only provided them with clothing.

It was Mabel, Agnis, and the tailors from the Demon Castle that fashioned the clothing.

I believe I deserve half the credit at most.


“But if you say you’re not comfortable attending parties, then I guess there’s no alternative…”


Suddenly, Mabel looked up.


“If Thor-sama says he doesn’t like parties, it can’t be helped.
Rukie-sama’s wearing only her mask today, having chosen to wear an elegant, black dress in place of her usual robe… She was extremely excited at the idea of showing it to Thor-sama…”

“…… Mabel?”

“Today Agnis-sama is also going to attend while wearing a dress… Before today, because of her flames, she refrained from attending parties… The dress designed from Thor-sama’s earth [Magic Cloth] will surely look stunning on her…”

“…….Um, wait a moment.”

“A-and then… I-it’s embarrassing to state, but I managed to borrow a dress as well.
O-of course, it’s not to the point that Thor-sama can boast about it… but, but…”


“……………… Mabel.”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

“I give up.”


I raised my hands in defeat.

I can’t reject this.

I want to see Rukie, Agnis and Mabel in their dresses.

I don’t see how I can forgo this opportunity.


“If that’s the case, then I’ll attend the party.
Can you fetch my clothes for me?”

“Yes, Thor-sama.”


Mabel pulled out my clothes from the closet, a wide smile decorating her lips.

It was the same clothing I wore when I was sent from the Empire to the Demon Territory.
I should buy a new set when I have time.


“Originally, I was planning to create a new item during the party.”

“What were you planning to make, Thor-sama?”

“I was going to design an item that would facilitate the circulation of goods.”

I answered Mabel as I flipped through the [Mail Order Catalogue].


“I had a chance to talk to Chancellor Kelve and Rukie-sama, right? I heard that trade occurs between the Demon Territory and the human towns near the border.”


There is no official trade between Demon Territory and the Empire, but unofficial trade between towns is common.

There are some crops and minerals that can only be obtained in the Demon Territory, and others that can only be obtained in the Human World.

To exchange them, wagons are sometimes sent back and forth.


I’m not certain whether the Emperor and the nobles of the empire are aware of it.

“So, after hearing that, I proposed an idea: what if the pixies are provided with the [Ultra-Small Simple Warehouse]? That way, trading would be easier.”

I said.

Mabel’s eyes lit up.


“Y-you’re right, it would make transporting goods much easier.”



I continued.


“Even the pixies can carry an [Ultra-Small Simple Warehouse].
I believe that if we ask them to store goods in the warehouses and transport them, the circulation of goods in the Demon Territory would improve tremendously.”


If wagons travelled between the towns frequently, they might attract the attention of the Empire’s soldiers.

However, a pixie moving around with an [Ultra-Small Simple Warehouse] wouldn’t attract much attention.

Due to that, the merchants of the Demon Territory would only have to make discreet preparations before the trade.


According to Rukie, the Empire will soon begin military exercises near the border.

Despite that, I believe it is still possible to trade without being noticed by their soldiers.


“I suggested this to Chancellor Kelve, but…”

“What did the Chancellor say?”

“He said that the means of circulating goods would change too rapidly.”


In the middle of the conversation, the Chancellor began to rest his head in his hands, so I thought that he wouldn’t agree to it, and I was right.

There was nothing I could do.

The reason why it was rejected made sense to me as well.


『All the parties involved will be surprised, and if we lose the [Simple Warehouse], we will fall into a desperate situation!』


That’s how the Chancellor replied.

I understand why people would be shocked.


He also mentioned during the monster subjugation that the supply chain is additionally a means to assure the soldiers that they are properly carrying out their duties.

Furthermore, the merchants aren’t aware of how a [Simple Warehouse] functions, so they will say something like, “I don’t know how this works, but I’ve brought a lot of goods,” which would cause unease.

Of course, if a merchant, with a pixie, started spreading out a large number of goods without a cart, those watching would be surprised.

They would be concerned about the authenticity of the goods being displayed.


That’s why it’s difficult to use a [Simple Warehouse] for business.

That was Chancellor Kelve’s conclusion.


Something else that the Chancellor said was:

『If you’re going to continue to use a [Simple Warehouse], it’s necessary to use a sturdy lock.』


The [Simple Warehouse] is too convenient, and the risk of it being stolen is too great.

There are locks made in the Demon Castle, but considering the convenience and significance of a [Simple Warehouse], a stronger one is needed.


If we seal it with a sturdy lock, we can also use it to transport ordinary goods.

In case of an attack by bandits in the Human World, the merchants would want a key and locking mechanism that is strong, difficult to crack, and easy to handle.


“So that’s why, during the party, I intended on creating a strong locking mechanism.”

“Is there such a thing?”

“Yes, I have already found a matching item.”


I flipped through the pages of the [Mail Order Catalogue] and stopped at the page where there was a black chain wrapped in what appeared to be a tube.






Protect your bike or motorcycle with an [Chain Lock] that connects to the ground!


Have you ever experienced having your newly purchased motorcycle or bicycle stolen?


With our chain lock, you won’t have to worry anymore!


The special alloy chain is resistant to both heat and cold, and can be wrapped in any way you like.

It’s a dial lock, so it can’t be opened by anyone who doesn’t know the number!

The moment a bad guy touches this chain lock, he will despair because of its durability.

Of course, if you know the number, you can lock and unlock it easily.

It’s long enough to be tied to a street tree or a building’s pillar!

You can also use the [Chain Lock] to bind your precious belongings to the Earth.
Your favourite car, which is strongly tethered to the earth, will not budge unless someone can move the Earth itself.

It is truly the most powerful locking system!


Please enjoy a safe and secure life with the [Chain Lock] that can also lock down to the earth!








“I’m not sure about this ‘motorcycle’ and ‘bicycle’ thing…….”

“Maybe it’s something similar to a wagon? Let’s look into it later.”

“Besides that, I’m more interested in the term, [Chain Lock].

“I know, I was curious about that too.”


I nodded.


“I’ve read about this ‘Earth’ before in documents.
It’s apparently what the heroes’ world was called.”

“There are records of it in the Demon Territory too.
It seems that all the heroes came from a world called Earth.”

“And this catalogue says “You can also use the [Chain Lock] to bind your precious belongings to the Earth.
Your favourite car, which is strongly tied to the earth, will not budge unless someone can move the Earth itself,” which means…”

“…Thor-sama, wait a minute.”


Mabel was staring at the catalogue, her eyes wide and mouth hanging open in shock.

I understood her astonishment.

If what is written in the mail order catalogue is true, then this [Chain Lock] is extraordinary.


“That means… this [Chain Lock] has the ability to bind things to the ground.”


I could hear my voice trailing off.

The chain lock is the most powerful item, one that can secure and fasten things together.

The world itself can be used as part of the item.


“Will this [Chain Lock] really be able to bind objects to the ground itself?”

“It should.
The chain part of the name probably means to chain the world and the object together.”

“I still find it hard to believe.
There’s no way that it’s possible.”

“Right? But there is a saying in the Empire about the heroes.”


I read out one of the legends of the heroes in the Empire – a passage that Mabel could understand.

The passage went something like this:



“They took a single step, and no one could answer the heroes’ advance.”


Heroes have explored every locale and fought against monsters and demon tribes.

High mountains, deep valleys, and even the Demon Territory, no terrain could impede the hero’s progress.

In other words…


“The only way to stop the heroes is to literally tie them to the world.
So I think this [Chain Lock] is an item designed to restrain the rampaging heroes.”


In the world of the heroes, such an item must have been necessary.

It’s not unreasonable since they also have the [UV-Nullifying Parasol].

In a world where people fight with Demon Lords and dragons every day, a restraining device is necessary.
That’s what the [Chain Lock] is for, I guess.

In order to stop the heroes from moving, they needed to borrow the power of the world itself.

Otherwise, even something as large as a wagon would easily be seized…… The world of the heroes is terrifying, isn’t it?


“It’s not just about binding something to the world, of course, this [Chain Lock] can also be used as a normal lock.
This is why I thought it would be a good idea to lock the door of the [Simple Warehouse] with it.”


With that, I closed the mail order catalogue.

I placed the [Ultra-Small Simple Warehouse] on my desk into one of the pockets of the clothes that Mabel had prepared for me.


“But I won’t be able to attempt creating this lock until after the party and the [UV-Nullifying Parasol] experiment.”

“I understand…… Huh? Thor-sama, what do you mean by ‘attempt’?”

“A-anyways, more than that, I’m looking forward to seeing Mabel wearing her dress!”


I quickly changed the subject.


“Mabel is cute in the usual maid uniform, but I would like to occasionally see Mabel in a normal dress as well.
That’s also one of the reasons I decided to attend the party today.”

“…… Thor-sama is flattering me.”

“Speaking of which, when we decided to hold a party, I gave you a water [Magic cloth].
Did you sew a dress using it?”

“N-no, that’s …….”


Mabel suddenly blushed.


“I was going to use it to make a dress, but…… I messed it up slightly.”

“You failed?”

“……Water magic cloth changes its shape according to the wearer’s body, right?”

“Yes, it does.
Water changes its shape according to its container, and I added that characteristic to the [Magic Cloth].”

“That’s why the finished clothing clearly showed the body’s curves.”

“I see.”


The water magic cloth indeed changes its shape according to the wearer’s figure.

If you make clothes with it, it will outline the shape of the wearer’s body…….


“I-it’s my fault.
I asked the tailor to use the magic cloth I received from Thor-sama and create a dress that would please you.
He ended up making me a dress that looked like a swimsuit.”

Let me check it out.”


“Maybe we can improve it.
For example, we can weaken or strengthen the water attribute that is added when making the [Magic Cloth].
If there is a flaw, I want to mitigate it as much as possible.
So, I want Mabel to wear that dress.”

“I-I understand…… If you say so, Thor-sama.”


After stating that abashedly, Mabel left the room.


A few moments later, she came back with a sky blue dress in her hand.

She told me to turn around and began to undress in a corner of the room.
I heard the sound of my maid’s dress falling at her feet, followed by the rustling of clothing.


I remembered the words of the tailors from the Demon Castle.

They also said that I had to be careful with the water-attribute magic cloth.

If clothing was made with it, the lines of the person’s body will show clearly.
That’s why it was necessary to decorate it with ribbons and frills.


The pixies love ribbons and frills, so it wasn’t a problem.

But I didn’t take into account the idea that Mabel would be making her dress with it as well.


I should have thought more about Mabel, she’s the person closest to me.

I’m still not mature enough…


“Thor-sama, it’s okay to turn around now.”


Mabel’s voice rang out behind me.

When I turned around, I saw Mabel clothed in her dress.

The sight was breathtaking.


The sky-blue dress looked dazzling on the fair-skinned Mabel.

The skirt only extended to her knees, presenting a bolder and more enticing appearance.

I mean, Mabel really conserved the magic fabric, didn’t she? There were no ribbons or frills decorating the dress at all.
Even the shoulder straps were thin.
It looked like a swimsuit.

The shape of her breasts and even her navel were apparent…… because the water attribute magic cloth changed its shape to fit Mabel’s body.


“Please say something, Thor-sama.”

“I think it’s beautiful and breathtaking, and it looks great on Mabel, but…”


“I don’t like the idea of Mabel wearing this…… in front of other people.”


The words left my mouth naturally.

I was surprised myself.




A wide smile bloomed on her face, a heartfelt happiness radiating from her expression.


“I-I understand.
So, I will only wear this dress in front of you.
It’s more like a bathing suit now, so I’ll wear it when I swim, or when I’m doing something that might dirty my clothes.”

I think that’s a good idea.”



“…… U-understood.
I’ll do that.”


Anyway, it turns out that there is still room for improvement for the [Magic Cloth].
I’ll look into it later.


While thinking about this, I continued to inspect Mabel’s water [Magic Cloth] dress…

Mabel spun around in front of me and fluttered her short skirt, as if she couldn’t hold back anymore…


Before long, it was time for the party to begin.

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