54 – Joining The Party

The reception for Demon Lord Rukie began exactly at noon.


“People of Reisenga’s territory.
I am Demon Lord Rukie Evergard and I will be in your care for a few days.”


After the Demon Lord finished her initial greetings, the hall erupted in resounding applause.

The people of Generals Reisenga’s territory all stared at Rukie fervently, as if they had been deeply affected.



“──I can’t believe I get the honour of seeing Her Majesty Rukie Evergard this close.”

“──I participated in the subjugation of the monster Gargarrossa, so I have seen Her Majesty’s dark magic firsthand.”

“──I heard that Her Majesty completely annihilated the Monster Gargarrossa and the little spiders with her dark flames.”

“──I heard that she used a powerful item called a [Laser Pointer].”

“──It’s an item created by the general’s guest, Thor Caanan-sama!”






All the participants turned their gazes towards me.


No, no, it’s not necessary to stare at me like that.

Her Majesty is still talking.

It would be best to just leave me alone.


I’m not the ‘strongest alchemist in the world’ as someone claimed.

Nor the one who propels the art of magic to unimaginable heights.

I’m not a “creator of items of mass destruction” either.

I primarily create health products and hug pillows.



“Her Majesty the Demon Lord looks even more dazzling today.”



Mabel muttered next to me.

The people in our vicinity immediately turned to look at Rukie.
Thank you, Mabel.


Today, Demon Lord Rukie had removed her robe and she was donning only her mask.

As a result, the [Cognitive Obstruction] enchantment was less effective than usual, allowing the onlookers to catch sight of her elegant, black dress and radiant, blonde hair reminding the viewer of the gentle afternoon sun.
It infused a mysterious air into her already enchanting appearance.


“I have come here to experiment with a certain item and to uncover the Empire’s intentions.”


The Demon Lord continued her address.


“I’ll refrain from discussing the details of the item, the movements of the Empire are of grave importance.
They claim to only be performing military exercises near the border, but there is always the possibility that they conceal ulterior motives.
That’s why I have decided to survey the border area.”

“However, I don’t believe there will be any immediate danger.”


Chancellor Kelve continued after Demon Lord Rukie.


“Please keep in mind that we might also require the support of you all, the people of Reisenga’s territory.”



All those present, including the general, raised their voices in unison, elated by the address.

Then, Rukie softened her tone.


“On a separate note, I have noticed numerous pixies wandering in Reisenga’s territory lately.
I wonder if anyone else has observed the same.”


She suddenly changed the subject.


“The reason why the reserved pixies have been appearing is on account of my alchemist, Thor Caanan.
He provided them special clothing, allowing them to appear in public.”

“”Thor Canaan-dono did it!?””


The people around me turned towards me once more.


Additionally, the people who had gathered in the hall moved towards the wall, clearing a path for me to Rukie.


Rukie was staring at me expectantly.
Beside her, the Chancellor was beckoning me as well.

I guess I have no choice.


As I resigned myself to accepting their summons, I noticed René in the corner of the hall, sporting her dark [Magic Cloth] clothing.

I thought that she intended on participating discreetly, but René flew straight to Rukie’s side.

She was glancing at me from behind Rukie, urging me onwards as well.
…… I definitely have no other choice now.


“I’m going, Mabel.”

“Understood, Thor-sama.”


I calmly headed towards Rukie.

I couldn’t shy away when even the timid René made an appearance.

“I’m sure many of you know of Thor Canaan, the alchemist directly subordinate to Her Majesty.
With his assistance, we were able to eliminhate the Monster Gargarossa and its subordinates without any sacrifices.”


With that, the Chancellor began to introduce me.

He began by stating that although I was a guest from the Empire, I had proven myself to be a trusted ally of the Demon Territory.


He spoke about the powerful [Laser Pointer], the [Magic Cloth] that Agnis and the pixies wore, and the fact that the pixies are now able to cooperate with the people of the Demon Territory by means of the [Magic Cloth] .

He continued by saying that I was an alchemist with a passion for research, capable of creating items quickly, and that… the pillars of the Demon Castle had suffered substantial damage since I arrived? I wonder what that meant.
I don’t think that has any relation to me, but Rukie was nodding repeatedly.


Anyways, the Chancellor eagerly introduced me.

He talked about my actions since arrival until now, thoroughly, with a serious expression.
In particular, he emphasized the fact that I was frightened by the battle against the monster Gargarossa.


Since he introduced me like that…



“──I see! I’m not afraid of the monster if Thor Canaan-dono is present!”

“──How much strength would be required to trouble the Chancellor this much?”

“──I wonder if there has ever been a more capable alchemist?”



…… For some reason, they thought I was extremely powerful.

It should be fine, right? They wouldn’t misunderstand and assume I was someone who possessed strong combat ability, right?

I’m sure the people of the Demon Territory won’t suddenly initiate a mock battle like the imperial nobility, but…….


Then I briefly introduced myself.

My name, my occupation, and the fact that I was truly pleased to be in the Demon Territory.

I also explained that I was immensely grateful to be a subordinate of Her Majesty Demon Lord.

Finally, I concluded by saying, “Please treat me well from now on.”


It was extremely simple in comparison to Prime Minister Kelve’s introduction, but even so, the general, Agnis, and the people of the Reisenga territory applauded.
Of course, Mabel and René joined in as well.


That was the end of the formal greetings.

I bowed to Demon Lord Rukie and Chancellor Kelve and returned to my original spot.


After that, Rukie sat on a chair in the hall, and everyone was free to enjoy the party as she watched over them.






“That was a fine greeting.

“No, I was extremely nervous, I don’t remember exactly what I said.”


I answered Agnis.


“But it was worth the hassle since I was graced by the sight of you in your dress.”


Just with that, it made attending to the party worth it.


In front of me stood Agnis wearing a delicate, yellow dress made of magic cloth.
It suited her extremely well, perhaps unreasonably so.

Agnis smiled in return, her blushing face betraying her embarrassment.


Agnis’s dress was adorned with ribbons and frills that resembled flames.

On her chest, there was space for the [Health Promotion Pendant], a ribbon surrounding it as well.
Rather, the dress seems to have been designed to complement the pendant.


The dress emphasised Agnis’s intrinsic charm, and even the magic items were used to accentuate her beauty.

The tailors in the Demon Castle were extraordinarily talented.


“It’s beautiful, Agnis-sama.”

:…… Uu.
It’s still embarrassing.”


Agnis held the [Health Promotion Pendant] with both her hands, fiddling with it out of embarrassment.

From the cracks between her fingers, the pendant radiated light.

It appears the pendant is still operating normally.


“Instead of A-Agnis, you should also praise Mabel.
Mabel’s wearing Agnis’s mother’s dress, and it fits Mabel perfectly…….”



Mabel returned a surprised exclamation after Agnis mentioned her.

Then she looked towards me, her eyes slightly upturned.


“H-how is it, Thor-sama.”

“It looks stunning on you.”


Mabel’s dress was similar in design to Agnis’.

The only difference was the size and colour.
Agnis’ dress was a warm yellow, while Mabel’s was sky blue.

The ribbons and frills were designed to resemble flowing water, which complemented Mabel, an elf with affinity for water magic, perfectly.


While appreciating Mabel’s dress, the image of her wearing the water [Magic Cloth] clothing came to my mind.

It also boasted a beautiful sky-blue colour that suited Mabel well.

I couldn’t help but look for the differences between the two dresses.


Mabel’s body complemented the dress she was wearing now.

However, the previous dress complemented her body, so the impression was quite different.
Both of Mabel’s appearances were dazzling, but they differed in what they emphasised.


It’s embarrassing if you stare so intently at…… me.”



I felt my face heat up.

I believe the same held true for Mabel as well, as she was holding her cheeks with both hands, a deep red colouring the parts her hands left uncovered.

She had enchanting white skin, so her embarrassment was very apparent.


“I’m going to get some fresh air and cool down.
I’ll see you later.”


I grabbed my teacup and quickly retreated.


Anyways, I was able to fully enjoy the sight of Rukie, Agnis, and Mabel in their dresses.

The beauty bestowed by god and nature sure is amazing.


What was even more amazing was the expertise of the tailors.
They took the beautiful Mabel, Agnis, and Rukie and multiplied their charm.
I guess appearance is important just as functionality is.

When I create items from now on, I need to place importance on aesthetics as well as practicality.


And so, after I had enough of the party…

I decided to take a peek at the pixies’ area.








“…… Please have a seat.”

“Take a seat and relax~”


Then excuse the intrusion.”


I sat down in the chair and poured a cup of tea from the pot.

The pixies’ allotted area was located by the window, separated from the rest of the hall by plants and screens.
The entrance to the room was located in a gap in the wall, making it difficult to notice.


However, the window had been left wide open as an entrance for the pixies.


“…… It’s so relaxing.”


The golden rays of the afternoon sun trickled in through the window, inducing a warm and cozy atmosphere.

The party was still ongoing, but the voices originating from the hall seemed so distant.

It’s nice, isn’t it? Sitting in this little sanctuary, away from the party.


“Alchemist-sama, is the tea to your liking?”


Before I realized, all the pixies gathered around me.

They were all sitting on the table, staring at me ardently.


A small pot sat on the table, prepared for the pixies, but they were all glancing at my cup instead.

Maybe they’re not accustomed to drinking tea.

“Would you like to share some of mine?”


I gathered some tea on my spoon, blew on it to cool it down slightly, and offered it to them.

Then, one of the pixies slowly drew closer.


“Thank you, Alchemist-sama.”


She placed her little mouth on my spoon.



Koku koku koku.



And drank the tea.




I noticed the intense stares of the other pixies focused on me.

They were either kneeling on the table or clasping their hands together, as if wishing for something.


“Would the rest of you like some as well?”


I asked, and the pixies nodded in unison.


“Then I will help you prepare the tea and pour it in your individual cups….

Shake shake shake shake


This time, the pixie all shook their heads in unison.

It seems that wasn’t what they intended.


I gathered another spoonful of tea on my spoon, and this time they nodded their heads in unison.

It seems they wanted me to offer it to them as I did for the first pixie.


I had no other choice.

Within a few moments, the pixies lined up in a single-file line.

Some of them were bowing, some holding their chests, and some others shook their glass-like wings.

I didn’t truly understand what they were feeling, but they seemed to be excited.


“One spoonful per person, then.”

“”Thank you very much.””


They bowed their heads.

I scooped the tea with the spoon, blew on it, brought it to the mouth of the next pixie in line, and then repeated the process.


After finishing the tea, the pixies shook their wings and sighed in satisfaction, smiles marking their faces.


“If it’s too much, you can leave it.
You girls are still not accustomed to drinking tea, so don’t push yourselves.”

“No~ We’re fine~”


When I said that, the pixies stroked their stomachs contentedly.

Their complexion was healthy, and the wings on their back were still glistening, so there seemed to be no issues.

I should offer them cookies along with the tea next time.


“Wait, but if you spill the food and drinks on your clothes, the clothing that the tailors made would be ruined.”


…… shuru.


As those words left my mouth, the pixies began untying their obis.

No, wait.
You don’t have to take them off!


“Aren’t pixies supposed to be timid?”

I asked, but they replied with,

“Alchemist-sama is an exception~”


“The materials for the clothes were gifted to us by Alchemist-sama, so it is as though we are being embraced by the Alchemist-sama at all times.”

“That’s what René said before, isn’t it? Is this idea spreading among the pixies?”


She replied.

I see.
So it has already spread.
There’s nothing I can do anymore.

However, I can’t let them undress here, so…….


I took out a handkerchief from my breast pocket and spread it over my palm.
Then I placed a cookie on it and crushed it into pieces that the pixies could eat in a single bite.

This way, no crumbs should remain.


After I explained that to the pixies, they excitedly gathered around me and quickly began eating the cookie, distracted from continuing to undress.

“Now that I think about it, it would make no difference if I placed the handkerchief on the table instead of my palm…”


“Definitely not!”

“…… No!”

“That’s not true at all! It changes the meaning completely!”

“Eating it like this makes me feel all warm and fuzzy…”


The pixies shook their heads in unison.

There seems to be a definite difference between eating from my hand and eating from the table.


“Thank you for coming here, Alchemist-sama.”


As this thought crossed my mind, a graceful black-haired pixie landed in front of me.

Ah, René came as well?

Oh well.
I’ll keep them all company until they’re satisfied.


I decided to enjoy the tea with the pixies, but-








“……Say, Mabel.”

“……Agnis-sama, what’s wrong.”

“……Would Mabel be able to join them?

“……It’s impossible.
Thor-sama and the pixies have created a unique atmosphere…….”

“……We can’t intrude on that atmosphere.”

“……Right? It’s impossible.”

“……We’ll just have to watch and wait.”

“…… But Thor-sama seems to be enjoying himself.”

“……It doesn’t seem like we can disturb them……”

“Your Majesty.
Why do you keep walking between your seat and the pixies’ area?”

“It’s just your imagination, I’m just walking around and observing the hall.”


Agnis, Mabel, and even Demon Lord Rukie strained their ears to listen in on the conversation in the pixies’ area.


The other guests also paid attention to the exchange between Thor and the pixies…



“It seems that pixies have taken a liking to Thor Caanan-dono……”

“He’s amazing.
He created the powerful [Laser pointer] and he also befriended the pixies.
He possesses both strength and kindness.”

“I would like to introduce myself to Thor Caanan-dono.”

Your Excellency Chancellor Kelve, you are on good terms with Thor Canaan-dono, correct?”

“Yes, indeed.
Chancellor Kelve-dono was very enthusiastic when he was speaking of Alchemist-dono earlier!”

“By all means, tell us about him.”

“As the head of Civil Services, you must know detailed information about him, correct?”

“You should know…hmm? What’s wrong, Your Excellency? Why are you staring at the pillar so intently? U-um, Chancellor? Where are you headed?”


It would be a long time before we knew that everyone was watching over us like that.



So the party concluded without a hitch…

Shortly afterwards, we decided to begin experimenting with the [UV-Nullifying Parasol].

TL: I messed up the chapter titles, so the prev chapter (c53) was supposed to be titled “Thinking about trade and the circulation of goods in the Demon Territory”

And the title of this chapter is “Joining the party”

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