“Thank you for your patience.
We will now begin testing the capabilities of the [UV-Cut Parasol]!”

Rukie announced to those assembled at the experiment site.

About an hour after the party ended, we gathered in the woods near the mansion to test the [UV-Cut Parasol].

The ones present were Rukie, Mabel, Agnis, General Reisenga, Chancellor Kelve, and myself.

From among the pixies, only Soleil and René joined us.

“First of all, Thor, please show everyone the [UV-Cut Parasol].”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”


Following her order, I withdrew the [UV-Cut Parasol] from my [Warehouse].

Holding it up with both hands, I offered it to Rukie.


“This is a replica of an item from the heroes’ world.
It can negate light magic, or diminish its power at the very least.
Additionally, according to my understanding, the “UV” portion of the name refers to the ultimate light magic [Ultimate Vivid Light].”

“”…… Ooh.””


Chancellor Kelve and General Reisenga’s voices subconsciously leaked out.

It seems both of them understood my explanation, realising the significance of the parasol.

So, I continued my explanation.


“According to the [Mail Order Catalogue], this parasol counteracts “90% of UV light”.
That likely signifies that it is capable of reducing the power of [Ultimate Vivid Light] to 10 percent.
Additionally, we have confirmed that this parasol can completely extinguish the light of a magic lamp.”

“So, it has been verified that it can oppose light magic.”


Rukie sighed in amazement and continued after me.


“──I have heard tales regarding the horrors of [Ultimate Vivid Light] since childhood.
It is the most powerful magic that was wielded by the heroes of the other world, and also the magic that destroyed the barriers of the previous Demon Lords.
It’s the magic most detested by those of the Demon Territory.”


I understood how Rukie felt.

The heroes had disappeared from this world, but [Ultimate Vivid Light] remained.
There may be those out there capable of casting it.

Since she is the Demon Lord, she must be extremely wary of that magic.


“There isn’t anyone in the Demon Territory capable of casting [Ultimate Vivid Light].
Therefore, we will use normal light attribute attack magic for the experiment this time.
That’s why I invited the light pixie, Soleil.”


Rukie looked up at the top of the closest tree.

“Y-yes, Your Majesty Demon Lord.”


Soleil answered, hiding behind a tree.

Beside her was René, dressed in black.


“I am grateful to you pixies for accepting our alchemist’s request and cooperating with us in this experiment.”


Rukie said to the two of them.


“Soleil and René.
As Thor’s friends, I hope that you will continue to assist him.”


“The pixies are indebted to Thor Canaan for his aid and our whole tribe will strive to repay his favour.”


Soleil replied in a tense voice, while René responded calmly, bowing gracefully.

Rukie nodded at both of them before turning towards the others.


“So, who will use the [UV-Cut Parasol]?”

“Of course, as its creator, I will bear Soleil’s magic.”


I raised my hand without hesitation.


“I can’t unleash magic on Alchemist-sama!”

“I too will not allow it.”

“I won’t let Thor-sama do anything dangerous.”

“Even at one-tenth of its original power, offensive magic is dangerous.”

“Thor-dono should be aware that he’s invaluable.”

“This Kelve also disagrees.”


Soleil, Rukie, Agnis, Mabel, General Reisenga, and Chancellor Kelve; everyone unanimously opposed it.

I would rather not ignore everyone’s opinions, but…


“It’s better for those who are physically sturdy and capable of using defensive magic to carry out the experiment.”


Rukie glanced between the general and the Chancellor.


“Reisenga and Kelve.
Can you do it?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, I can mitigate a certain amount of magic with my barriers.”


As a result, the parasol was held by General Reisenga and Chancellor Kelve.


“Soleil, I would like for you to first unleash your light attack magic on that rock.
That way we will be able to measure the power of your magic.”

“Is that okay, Alchemist-sama?”.
“Yes, I’m counting on you.”



Soleil shyly appeared from behind the tree.


She raised her delicate arms and began to chant,

“Great Light, strike down those who obstruct my path!”


A sphere of light formed at Soleil’s fingertips, nearly the size of a human fist.


“Go! [Vivid Light Strike]!”


With a wave of her arm, the sphere of light shot out like a bullet.

It flew in a linear path towards a large rock jutting out of the ground and…


A hole exactly the size of the light bullet was carved out of the rock.



“”…… Ohhhhhhh!””



Everyone shouted in astonishment.


So this is [Vivid Light Strike].


Light contained the meaning of “existence” and “being”.

When a mass of that type of magic strikes something, since it possesses a greater level of “existence”, it replaces what existed there before.

This is the power of light attribute attack magic.


“Soleil is truly amazing for unleashing magic of this calibre.”

“T-thank you for your praise, Alchemist-sama.”


When I said that, Soleil turned her head away in embarrassment.

In exchange, René whispered in my ear.


“Very few pixies boast this level of power.
There are numerous earth, water, fire, and wind pixies, but Soleil and I are the sole light and dark pixies.
Perhaps that is why power comparable to several people is concentrated within us, to allow us to survive more easily.”


I see.

So that’s why Soleil is so powerful.


“B-but… We pixies are petite, so we can only store a small amount of magic power in our bodies.
We become tired after casting a few spells this strong.
Soliel can likely shoot 2 or 3 more [Vivid Light Strikes] at best.”

“Okay, I understand.
Could you cast it for me once more?”

“If it’s Alchemist-sama’s wish, Soleil will do her best.”


Soleil clenched her fist, her eyes radiating determination.


“For Alchemist-sama’s experiment, Soleil will pour all of her remaining magic power into this [Vivid Light Strike]!”

“That’s the spirit, Soleil.”

“Onee-sama, I’ll do my best!”


Soleil and René stood side by side and looked at me earnestly.

It’s great that you’re motivated, but don’t overexert yourself.

“Chancellor Kelve, General Reisenga, I know you two are the most suitable to hold the [UV-Cut Parasol], but are you absolutely certain that you’re fine?”


I looked between Chancellor Kelve and General Reisenga worriedly.


“There’s nothing to worry about, Thor-dono.”


Chancellor Kelve stated assuredly.


“Being a demon, I’m confident in my mastery over magic.
Even if the [UV-Cut Parasol] doesn’t function, my barrier will intercept the magic.”

“Of course.
I’m certain that Thor-dono’s parasol will function without any issues.
I’m not worried about it!”


General Reisenga let out a hearty laugh.


Both of them were bursting with confidence.

Both the Chancellor and the general are close associates of Rukie.

As such, I’m certain they’re very powerful, as they were on the front lines in the battle against Gargarossa.

I’m likely just being overly paranoid, but…


“Just in case, can you use this too?”


I withdrew another [UV-Cut Parasol] from my [Warehouse].

I handed it directly to General Reisenga.


“Thor-dono, what’s this?”

“This is [UV-Cut Parasol] No.

2? You’ve created two items that obstruct light magic?”

“It’s simply a precaution.”


I said.


“Hold this up so that it overlaps with the first parasol.
After the first parasol mitigates 90 percent of the light magic’s power, the second parasol will also mitigate 90 percent of the remaining 10 percent.
In other words, Parasol No.
1 and No.
2 together should be able to lessen the power of light magic by 99%.”


I was worried about the words” 90 percent UV protection” in the catalogue.
90 percent protection meant that the remaining 10 percent would still pass through.
That’s still not enough.


That’s why I created [UV-Cut Parasol] No.
2 to negate 90 percent of the remaining 10 percent.

If positioned in a way that the fabric of the first and second parasols overlapped, it should be capable of nullifying 99 percent of light magic attacks.


I explained this to Rukie and the others.

“I see.
I can tell that you have considered this deeply, Thor.”


Rukie praised me.


“However, the hands of those holding it will be occupied.
They won’t be able to swing their swords or hold their shields while blocking light magic.
I wish there was a clever method to resolve this……”


I shook my head.


“I really wanted to be able to layer several pieces of fabric in one parasol, but due to the complexity of the structure, I wasn’t able to complete it in time for today’s experiment.
It’s regrettable.”

“No, this is more than sufficient for now.”


Rukie stood on her toes and pat me on the shoulder.


“The first parasol reduces 90 percent of the power, the second further reduces the remaining 10 percent, leaving only 1 percent of the original damage.
I think that is a reasonable approach.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

“I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
If there’s anything else you’d like to tell me, feel free to do so.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.
Then, this is the third [UV-Cut Parasol].”


I took out the third parasol.


“Three parasols layered on top of each other will reduce the previous 1% by 90% as well… In other words, the three parasols together will nullify 99.9% of the light magic attack…”

“Isn’t that a bit too much precaution!?”

“It’s because we cannot allow anyone to become injured during the experiment.”


If I was to be the test subject, one parasol would have been sufficient.

However, if other people were going to hold the parasol, everything needed to be perfect.

As an alchemist for Her Majesty the Demon Lord, anything less would be absolutely unacceptable.


”I have a responsibility as an alchemist.
If I’m going to ask someone else to carry out an experiment, I’ll employ all possible safety measures to prevent that person from coming to harm.
Isn’t that a given?”

“…… Thor-dono, you considered our safety to this extent?”

“…… This Kelve was almost moved…… gununu.”

“So, General Reseinga, Chancellor Kelve, please take these three parasols and hold them so that the fabric overlaps.”


I handed the parasols to them.


“Soleil, please aim your magic at the overlapping parasols.
Also, Chancellor Kelve is the one capable of creating a barrier, right? Then it would be better for his hand to be unoccupied.
General Reisenga, please hold two parasols.
Chancellor Kelve can hold one.”

“Understood, Thor-dono.”

“Let’s quickly finish the experiment before the fourth parasol comes out.”


After persuading the Chancellor and the general, the experiment began.


Chancellor Kelve held up one [UV-Cut Parasol], and the general held the remaining two, all facing the branch on which Soleil stood.

The three parasols managed to overlap and form a triple-layer protective barrier.


“……Then, I’ll start casting my magic.”


Soleil raised her arms and began to chant.


“In order to meet Alchemist-sama’s expectations! Great Light, strike down those who obstruct my path…”


A sphere of light appeared at her fingertips… hmm? It’s bigger than the last one.

The first one was the size of a man’s fist, but this one is the size of a man’s head.


“Soleil has released all of her magic power in order to be of use to Alchemist-sama!”


René shouted out beside me.

It seems that Soleil is overexerting herself.


Reacting to the light magic, the fabric of the three [UV-Cut Parasols] began to flutter.

However, Soleil’s magic continued to accumulate.

It seems that the parasol cannot completely cancel out magic this powerful.


The Chancellor and General held the parasols, their expressions showing hints of anxiety.

Rukie, who noticed that as well, adopted a solemn expression, while Mabel and Agnis were watching the experiment intently.


“I’m firing it! [Vivid Light Strike]!


As the words left her mouth, the magic was fired from Soleil’s fingertips.

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