Like raindrops, the light magic scattered.






The light magic bounced off the parasol, scattered, and then… disappeared.



The remaining pea-sized light magic passed through the second parasol and some of it scattered again.


By the time it passed through the second parasol, it was the size of a grain of sand.

When it passed through the third, the light was longer visible.


J-just in case, [Anti-Magic Barrier].”


Chancellor Kelve deployed his barrier behind the parasols but there was no indication that the barrier was struck by anything.

This should have negated 99.9 percent of [Vivid Light Strike]……


“Are the two of you fine? Is there anything wrong with your bodies? Do you feel any pain?”


I shouted out to them.


The Chancellor and the general looked at each other and said,

“…… We’re fine, or rather, we simply held the parasols.
Nothing seems to have passed through.”

“…… There was no issue with them at all.”


“Did you feel the light magic strike you? Also, how much magic power did the parasol consume?”


“I didn’t feel it strike the barrier, and I also don’t think it consumed any magic power.”

“I poured some magic power into the parasol, but it was a negligible amount that was used.
A common person could continuously release that amount of magic power throughout the whole day.
It would be no problem to hold the parasol for extended periods of time.
On the contrary, the barrier consumed far more magic power.”


They both nodded their heads.


“Rather than that, were we really hit by the attack?”

“I didn’t feel an impact either.
What amazing protection…”


I’m relieved they’re safe.

The portion of the parasol that was struck by magic is still intact, it wasn’t burnt or torn.

I checked with [Appraisal] as well, and nothing appeared to be damaged.

In that case, we can continuously use it.


“René, how is Soleil’s condition?”

“She seems a little exhausted, but she’s fine.”



Soleil had dropped herself onto a branch and started leaning against René.

It seems that she overdrafted her magic power.

It would probably be best for her to rest in the mansion for the rest of the day.


“Agnis, has the pixies’ area been left as it was?”


I asked.


“It will be difficult for them to return to the forest this late, so I’d like for Soleil and the others to rest there today.”

“There is no problem, the space is still being maintained.”

“And…… Mabel.
I’m sorry, but could you lend me your [Footbath]? Soleil overdrafted her magic, so I think she will need to soak in it to recover.”

“Of course.
It was created by Thor-sama, so please feel free to use it as you wish.”

“Thank you.
Thank you…… Would you like to join us, René?”


When I asked, René replied happily.


“I will gladly accept your hospitality.
Thank you very much, Alchemist-sama.”


She bowed deeply to me.

Then I turned to Rukie.


“That was a demonstration of the capability of the [UV-Cut Parasol] that I created, Your Majesty.”


I kneeled down on one knee and reported to her as her alchemist.

To my left and right, Mabel and Agnis mimicked my action.

Soleil and René were kneeling on my shoulders, displaying their incredible dexterity.


“If I were more skilled, I could have designed a single parasol that reduced the power of light magic by 99.9%.
Instead, General Reisenga and Chancellor Kelve were forced to hold 3 parasols.
I apologize for my lack of ability.”


“In the future, I would like to further research and improve this parasol so that I can combine the cloth of three parasols into one.
Until I have prepared an improved product, please use this inferior [UV-Cut Parasol].”


“I would also like to emphasise the role of Soleil, who helped me with the experiment.
Although she has just recovered, she didn’t hesitate to immediately assist us.
I believe it’s a manifestation of her loyalty to Your Majesty the Demon Lord.”


“…… Your Majesty?”

“…… Thor…”


“…… I have told you earlier about the horrific tales I have been told since childhood regarding [Ultimate Vivid Light], the ultimate light-based magic that demolished the barriers of previous Demon Lords.”

Rukie gazed into the distant sky.


“That’s why I was uncomfortable with, or rather, was afraid of light attack magic.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“You quickly pacified my fear.
I’m sure you’re aware of that.
Even if [Vivid Light Strike] isn’t at the level of [Ultimate Vivid Light], it’s still undeniably powerful magic.
However, you completely nullified it with a single parasol.”

“It was 3 parasols, Your Majesty.”

“That’s besides the point, isn’t it?”


“We were speaking of my apprehension towards light magic.”


Rukie laughed.

I couldn’t see her expression due to her mask, but I intuitively knew what kind of expression was adorning her face.


“Very well! I’m going to implement the [UV-Cut Parasol] that you created in the Demon Territory! I’ll use it as a countermeasure against light magic.
Let’s provide parasols to the soldiers patrolling the border first.”

“No, that’s dangerous, Your Majesty.”


Chancellor Kelve suddenly interrupted Rukie.


“The [UV-Cut Parasol] is far too extraordinary.
If it’s stolen and the technology is leaked to the Empire, we will fall into danger.
Especially now, when the Empire is behaving strangely.
It would be best to keep this item inside the country and avoid using it outside the Demon Territory.’

“If we do that, what is the point of the [UV-Cut Parasol]? Most of those who use light magic reside outside of the Demon Territory.”

“If we want to use it outside the country, we need to find a way to prevent it from being stolen.”


Chancellor Kelve turned and looked at me.


“Do you understand what I’m saying, Thor-dono?”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

“Thor-dono’s items produce amazing effects and possess unbelievable abilities…… They should be an impossibility.
I haven’t ever heard of anything similar to a [UV-Cut Parasol].”


Chancellor Kelve resignedly rubbed his forehead.


“It is precisely because it possesses such extraordinary capabilities that it should be used with the utmost care.
To allow the soldiers to use it, there must first be a method to prevent it from being stolen…”

“I understand.
That’s why I created an anti-theft [Chain Lock].”


I removed a black chain from my [Warehouse].

It was several metres long, with a locking mechanism on both ends.

The surface was wrapped in tube-shaped earth [Magic Cloth].


I made it in secret before the party.

I couldn’t resist the urge when I discovered it in the [Mail Order Catalogue] after discussing finding a means of securing the items with Chancellor Kelve.
I apologize for not informing you, Mabel.


“Firstly, you place the [UV-Cut Parasol] in the [Warehouse].
Then, you wrap the chain lock around it…”

“Eh? Hmm? E-ehhhhh?”

“Finally, if you pour magic power into the lock…”


The two locking mechanisms connected with one another.

The chain does not budge because of the locking system built inside.


Then I placed the [Warehouse] wrapped in a [Chain Lock] in front of the Chancellor.

The door of the [Warehouse] was completely obstructed by the chain, leaving it impossible to open.


“Your Excellency mentioned that an anti-theft mechanism was necessary.
What are your thoughts regarding this?”


“Your Excellency always provides ideas for new items.
This time as well, your words inspired me.
As a result of my research based on that idea, this [Chain Lock] was created.”

“F-from my words? No way……”

Thank you, Your Excellency.’


I bowed to Chancellor Kelve.


“Please take a look at this [Warehouse] .
The door is completely obstructed, so you don’t have to worry about the items inside being stolen.
You can even wrap this chain lock around the parasol.”

“B-but…… there is still the possibility that the item itself will be taken!”


Chancellor Kelve raised his voice.


“No matter how unusable the item is, this still doesn’t prevent the item itself from being stolen.
As long as the [Warehouse] and parasol are valuable, we need means to prevent them from being stolen!”

Then, activate [Land Lock] mode.”


I touched the chain lock and declared.
More chains appeared and burrowed into the ground…






It sounded as if they struck something.


“Now, Chancellor Kelve, please try to lift the [Warehouse] in front of you.”

“Eh? O-okay”


Chancellor Kelve bent down and grabbed the [Warehouse] .


“Look carefully, Thor-dono.
Such a light object can be stolen easi──”


Chains wrapped around the [Warehouse], with more of them stretching out and embedding themselves into the ground.

It looked like it could be lifted easily, but…


“I-I can’t move such a small box!”


Chancellor Kelve was shocked.

His back stiffened as he bent further backwards.

The [Warehouse] didn’t move an inch, as if it was bound to the ground.


“Gununu! It’s not budging.
How can this be!?”

“No, Chancellor Kelve, no matter how you put it, you must be exaggerating.
Such a small box── O-ohhhhhhhhh.”


General Reisenga also tried to lift up the [Warehouse] but the results were the same.

Even with General Reisenga and Chancellor Kelve combining their strength, the [Warehouse] didn’t budge.

This is because it’s attached to the ground with the [Chain Lock] that I made.


The [Chain Lock] in the [Mail Order Catalogue] was meant to bind the items to the world itself.

That’s why it was also called [Earth Lock], to clarify its additional function.


However, what I’ve created falls far short of that.

I only strengthened the earth attribute in the [Chain Lock] and caused the magic power to connect to the earth.


The chains bury themselves into the ground and connect to a deep, hard layer of the earth because of its strong earth attribute properties.
If you don’t possess the power to lift and move the ground itself, you will be unable to move anything secured by this [Chain Lock].

That is the security system present in the heroes’ world.


The heroes are a group with transcendental skills.

Without this item, the security of the heroes’ world would be meaningless.


“With this [Chain Lock], I believe you can let people use the items without concern.”


I told the Chancellor and the general.


“Whether it’s the parasol or a [Warehouse], anything bound by this chain cannot be moved without breaking it.
If they break it, it won’t be usable and they won’t be able to analyze it either.”


In the first place, if you don’t possess the [Mail Order Catalogue], you won’t know how to use it.


On the other hand, as long as I have the materials, I can recreate the same item repeatedly.

I dislike the idea of it being broken, but for security purposes, it can’t be helped.


“The locking mechanism is attached to the end.
When you pour magic power into it, one end of the chain connects to the other end, and it disconnects when the same person pours magic power into it.
The original item from the other world was unlocked by matching numbers, but I decided to use magic power to make it easier to create.
When I made the body pillow, I was able to confirm that magic contains each individual’s personal information.”

“………… Ah, yes.”

………… It won’t budge.
It really doesn’t…… work.”

“As an anti-theft measure, after four unsuccessful attempts to unlock the lock, it will be locked forever.
In that case, it seems that I can act as the master key.
If I pour my magic power into it… see, it unlocks.”


Then I looked at Rukie.

In front of her, I kneeled on the ground again.


“This [Chain Lock] prevents theft and also prevents the [UV-Cut Parasol] from being stolen when someone carries it.
By all means, please let everyone use it.”

“…… Thor.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Why don’t you tell us the details of this item?”


Rukie removed her mask slightly and stared at me with her large eyes.

She looked angry, but also a bit happy.


“Tell us, when did you make this item, how powerful it is, any precautions, any issues with it, and… let’s discuss whether I should keep an eye on you.”


──Demon Lord Rukie said as such to me.


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