56 – Talking About The Item's Weakness And Ways To Strengthen It

Chain Lock

(Attributes: Earth, Earth, Water) (Rarity: ★★★★★★★★★★★☆)

Its strong earth attribute increases its strength to the limit and amplifies its affinity with the earth.
This allows it to use the ability [Land Lock], binding the chain to the world through auxiliary chains.

The auxiliary chains, possessing an additional water attribute, can move through the earth with ease, like water.


On each end of the [Chain Lock] is a locking mechanism, activated through magic power.

By connecting the two ends and channeling magic power into it, it forms a closed loop.

When the person that locked it channels magic power into it again, the locking mechanism releases.



[Land Lock] mode.

When a person activates the [Land Lock] ability by channeling magic power into the chain, the auxiliary chains will burrow into the ground.

After automatically seeking out rocks and bedrock underground, the chains will tether themselves to them through magic.

Due to their strong earth properties, they become a part of the rock or bedrock, ensuring that they are extremely difficult to remove.

Removing them forcefully is only possible by digging underground and severing the connection between the rock and the chain.


The only drawback is that if there are no rocks or other hard materials underground, the force binding it to the earth will be weak.

If the chain is left dangling, it will automatically attempt to burrow underground and seek rocks and bedrock, so care is required when selecting a location to place it.

Physical Destruction Resistance: ★★★★ (Can only be destroyed by weapons enhanced with advanced magic)

Lifespan: 2 years.

Comes with 1 year of user support.




“”…… Oo!””


They all sighed in admiration as I detailed the [Chain Lock].


“I see… so it had this kind of ability.
That explains why Reisenga and Kelve couldn’t lift it.”

Rukie eagerly nodded her head.


“With this item, we won’t have to worry about theft.
Thor, good job.”

“Thank you.
However, it has a weakness.”


“It isn’t effective against the heroes who can destroy the ground itself.”


Heroes can alter the terrain with ease.

All they require is a fireball to create a crater in the ground, or a large rock to shatter a mountain.

They were extremely relentless and destructive, so much so that people believed that they enjoyed destroying the environment.

This [Chain Lock] would not hinder such people.


I wonder if it is possible to modify this chain so that it connects to the world itself.

Every time I create an item, I can’t help but be amazed by how astounding the heroes are.



“It possesses other weaknesses as well.
For example, a high-level magic weapon can sever the chain itself.
A single blow from the holy sword used by the Imperial Princess would likely shatter the chain and any item it is bound to.”


I sighed as I explained this.


“I’ve come to realize that I’m not skilled enough.
I’m still nowhere near the level of those in the heroes’ world.”

“No, I believe this [Chain Lock] is powerful enough.”

“No, no, it is still lacking due to my lack of skill.
A hero isn’t even necessary to break the [Chain Lock].
Anyone desiring the item it binds can instead dig through the ground with dozens of people and destroy the rocks connected to it…….”

“No, no, no one would go that far, would they?”


Would they really do that?

Other than the fact that it can’t connect to the world itself, it’s a perfect locking system.

“That’s why I would like to consult Your Excellence and Your Majesty about something.”

“Consult us?”

“Yes, I would like your opinion on new features I would like to implement in the [Chain Lock].”


I looked around, examining the face of each of them.

General Reisenga, Rukie, Chancellor Kelve, Agnis, Mabel, even Soleil and René, they had astonished expressions.


I’m just trying to improve this [Chain Lock].


The intention is to improve this incomplete item.



“Which do you think is better: the item self-destructs and flames burst out if it’s forcibly unlocked, or the chain constricts and crushes the item… and the whole chain self-destructs afterwards?”

“You’re going that far, Thor!?”


They were dumbfounded.


“Um…… Thor.
The purpose of this [Chain Lock] is to prevent items from being stolen, right? What benefit does it provide if it destroys the items that it’s supposed to protect?

“It’s as Kelve said.
It’s too much of a waste.”


Chancellor Kelve and General Reisenga offered their opinions.

I think I should explain it more.


“Your Excellency, I would like to ask you a question.
Under what circumstances would the item be stolen?”

“Yes, it would be a situation where the person possessing the item is attacked by bandits or enemy soldiers.”

“In other words, the person from the Demon Territory would be in danger, right?”

“T-that’s correct, but……”



I heard a soft voice.

Mabel was nodding her head continuously.

She seemed to understand what I wanted to convey.


A little later, Rukie also added, “I see.”

I guess they both understood my intentions.


“Thor, so [Land Lock] mode is also a means for the person to escape.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty.”

“The only way to forcibly break through [Land Lock] mode is to either continuously unleash magic and destroy the ground or to dig up the ground with dozens of people.
In other words, the item can only be obtained through great effort……”

“Yes, and the Demon Territory resident will be able to escape amidst all that.”


If someone tries to steal an item, it means that the person possessing it will also be attacked.

If [Land Lock] is activated, then that person can escape without worrying about the item falling into enemy hands.
If the enemy is distracted by the item, that person will have a head start.

“With this [Chain Lock] that tethers itself to the ground, the carrier will have peace of mind.”

“That’s true.
It draws the enemy’s attention, and if it is forcibly released, the item will be destroyed.”

“That’s right.”

“However, the item you created will be lost, won’t it?”

“The reason I create items is so that people can live comfortably.
If people come to harm or die to protect my items, it’s meaningless.
This [Chain Lock] is also meant to prevent that.”


I said.


“I can always make the item again, but people are irreplaceable.
Therefore, this security system was created to save lives.”

“You even thought about the residents of…… the Demon Territory…”

“Of course.
I’m an alchemist hired by Your Majesty herself.”

“…… I see.”


Rukie slowly took a deep breath.

Then she turned her back to the others.

She removed her mask and put a finger to her lips, as if saying, “It’s a secret.”


“In the name of…… Rukie Evergard, I will offer you a reward personally.”


She said this softly, audible only to me.


“I want to reward you, not as the…… Demon Lord, but just as Rukie.
When I see your determined and sincere expression while talking about saving people…… Ahh, a reply isn’t necessary, just think about it.”


Rukie replaced her mask.

Then, in a happy voice, she said.


“The [Chain Lock] you made will be used in the Demon Territory.”


Rukie said in an authoritative tone befitting a Demon Lord.


“If [Land Lock] is broken…… explosions and flames are dangerous.
I think it would be better if the chain constricted and crushed the item before shattering as well.
We will test it after the feature is added, and then it will be officially implemented.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!”

“Is that alright with you, Kelve?”


Rukie turned towards Chancellor Kelve.

“I didn’t know that Thor-dono thought about the Demon Territory this much.
This Kelve misunderstood Thor-dono.
Without a doubt, he’s not impulsive, which is surpri──cough cough.”


It seemed like Chancellor Kelve wanted to say something else, but it was drowned out by his coughing.

He raised his head and met my gaze.


“A-anyways, I admire your desire to protect people even at the cost of destroying the items you created.
I have made up my mind.
I will allow Thor-dono’s [Chain Lock] to secure other items.”

“Thank you, Chancellor Kelve.”


I bowed deeply to Chancellor Kelve.


“I am truly grateful to Your Excellency.
If it weren’t for your words, I wouldn’t have even considered creating this [Chain Lock].”

“Right? It’s like that, isn’t it…….”

“Thanks to you, I learned about the Earth Lock and realized that my skills weren’t sufficient to make it a reality.
To be honest, it may have been too arrogant of me to consider myself capable of replicating the items of the heroes’ world but…”

I looked at Chancellor Kelve.


“But Your Excellency pointed out my flaws.
I am still not on par with those of the heroes’ world.
I need to continue my research.
That’s why I’m thankful to Your Excellency.”

“………… I….
see…… good luck with your……”


Saying that, Chancellor Kelve turned away.

I became a bit too passionate about it.

I rudely stared at the Chancellor of the Demon Territory.

I will reflect on it.


“A-anyways, the [UV-Cut Parasol] and the [Chain Lock] will be provided to the Demon Territory’s soldiers.
This is the official decision of Her Majesty the Demon Lord and myself.”


Chancellor Kelve declared after turning his back to me.


I did it.

With this, the people of the Demon Territory will be able to use my items.


The only issue remaining is that the [Warehouse] is too sturdy.
It won’t shatter without being exposed to high-level magic.
When required, I don’t think that the [Chain Lock] will be able to destroy it.

However, it might be possible with the [Ultra-Small Simple Warehouse].

I’ll attempt it later.


“By the way, Thor, I have a simple question.”

Demon Lord Rukie tilted her head before asking, “What happens if this [Chain Lock] is used on an enemy soldier or hero?”


“I-I mean, what if we use this to restrain others?”

“……They wouldn’t be able to move.”

“If the heroes were to escape by forcibly tearing it out of the ground…”

“They might be caught in an explosion or perhaps they will be further restricted by the constricting chains.”

“It will probably turn out like that…”


Rukie and I looked at each other.

That’s weird.

I created an item to prevent theft, but it became an item that restrained people.


“… If they sever the chain forcefully, it will explode.
If it doesn’t, the chain will tighten.
If the chain is coincidentally wrapped around the neck or the body…”

Rukie mumbled with a surprised face.

This [Chain Lock] is just a chain with a [Land Lock] mode, but it has many uses.

I had already begun devising a handful of traps for the Empire considering various ways to use it.



“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“You’ll be under my supervision for the time being.”


“I will now travel with Kelve to the border to see what the Empire is intending, and you will accompany me on this journey.
Is that alright, Mabel?”

“Y-yes, Your Majesty.”


Mabel knelt down on one knee and answered hastily.

Seeing her figure, Rukie replied in a tender tone.


“You have negatively influenced Thor lately, but for now, I will allow you to join us.”


She looked like she had just discovered the main culprit.


“I would like to request that the pixies scout the area during their border patrol.
Is that possible?”

“Yes, of course!”

“We will do our best for Alchemist-sama and Demon Lord-sama!”


Soleil and René happily flew around me.


“Then this concludes the test for the [UV-Cut Parasol] and the [Chain Lock].
Both of those items will be provided to the soldiers and generals.
We’ll process that after we return from the border.
Do you understand, Kelve?”

“Y-yes, I’ve already decided regarding the matter.”

“Now, let’s return to the mansion.
We’ll rest until dinner.
I’d like to drink some tea.”


This was a signal to me that she wanted to hold a tea party.

Mabel and I exchanged glances and headed to the house together.

Soleil and René sat on my shoulder, both of them seeming to want to join the tea party as well.

There was the issue of what Rukie said to me after removing her mask.
I guess we’ll discuss that later.


And so, the experiment with the [UV-cut parasol] ended successfully…

Rukie and I were going to attend the Empire’s military training.

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