Then, I continued my explanation.

My alchemy was not yet able to create life-like objects or items possessing strong vitality, and as an alchemist directly subordinate to Demon Lord Rukie, I wanted to overcome this shortcoming and become someone she could rely on.

Mabel and Rukie were listening to me attentively, their expressions serious.

Soleil and the other pixies…

“”””We will ensure Alchemist-sama’s privacy!””””

Then, they turned around.

Thankfully, it seems they won’t be observing us.

“Initially, alchemy entailed exploring the mysteries of the world by hand.
That’s why I believe it is necessary that I continue exploring and awakening my abilities.”

I continued to speak to Rukie and Mabel.

“Ever since I arrived in the Demon Lord’s territory, I’ve been awakening and developing my [Creation Alchemy] by absorbing dark magic.
My skills are deeply intertwined with magic power.”

That was the key.

In order to create something containing vitality through alchemy, it is necessary to possess a deep understanding of magic power.
Magic power is also involved in the physique of living beings.

In fact, Mabel and Soleil’s physical condition had improved by ameliorating their circulation of magic power.

Therefore, one of the quickest methods to perceive someone’s life force is to sense their magic power.

Mabel, an elf, possessed powerful water-attribute magic power, so I wanted to hold her in order to observe and comprehend her magic power.

I believe it is necessary to perceive the magic of a living person in order to create an item possessing vitality.
Coming into contact with people like Mabel and Rukie, who possessed a vibrant and beautiful life force that seemed like something divinely crafted, would be beneficial to that end.

By doing so, I would be able to imbue my items with a similarly vibrant life force as well…

I thought about it and then realized.

“I’m sorry, Mabel.
Hugging you isn’t necessary, holding hands will be enough.”

“…… E-ehhhhhh!?”

Mabel squealed in surprise, her outstretched arms stiffening.

I’m really sorry.

“I apologize for startling you…….
I wasn’t thinking clearly.”

Thinking about it again, all that was required to perceive her life force was to come into contact with her.

Hugging her wasn’t necessary……

“I’m sorry, Mabel.”

“…… I-its fine.”

“Oh well, just hold hands with him, Mabel.”

Rukie, who was standing beside me, was staring at me.

I think I saw her sigh in relief.

“Isn’t holding hands fine? I’m sure that you yourself would prefer that, wouldn’t you Mabel?”

“…..Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Thor as well.
You were the one who requested this, so extend your hand.”

I presented my hands to Mabel.

Mabel was still extending her arms to hug me.

Her white skin was flushed pink, her breathing ragged.

I could clearly see her large breasts rise and fall.

“Excuse me, Thor-sama.””

Mabel extended her hands and interlaced her fingers with mine.

“Please perceive my life force and magic power…….”

“Yes, Mabel.”


Mabel’s body temperature was very hot.
It should be similar to my own, but it felt much more fiery.

She was very close, the sound of her breathing and pulse resounding in my ears.

Her pulse was so rapid that I began to wonder whether she was fine.

As I moved my gaze to her violet eyes, I found them staring back at me.

Above her eyes, her long elf ears were tinged red.

We were holding hands, staring at each other at a distance where we could feel the breath of the other.
I could vividly see Mabel’s expression, her flushed face, and even her lips moving as she breathed.

That means that Mabel could see me blushing as well…

“I think this may be more embarrassing than a hug.”

“I-I guess so…”

“We’re staring directly at each other.”

“T-that’s true.
I would like to move closer to Thor-sama.”

I noticed that Mabel was gradually drawing closer to me.

Half step, one step.
Our linked arms gradually folded.

The distance between us was becoming smaller and smaller.

“…… Thor-sama.
Um…… it was fine for you to…… hug me.”

I kind of knew that.”

“…… If this doesn’t awaken your skills, will you…… do it?

“…… Yes, I’ll have to rely on you.”

We whispered to each other.

Mabel’s magic power was transmitted through her palm.

I felt like I was starting to comprehend something.

I was beginning to understand how I could use alchemy to create something that resembles a living being…

“That’s enough!”


Rukie wedged herself between Mabel and myself.

“I’m sorry, but Mabel, I think we should take turns.”


“Your Majesty?”

Mabel and I released each other’s hands reflexively.

My hands, still warm from Mabel’s touch, were grasped by Rukie’s own.

“Y-you wanted magic power full of vitality, right? It’s too much for Mabel by herself.
And I’m a Demon Lord too.
I have confidence in the strength of my magic power and life force!”

Ruki puffed out her chest proudly.

“Thor, you said this is what is needed for alchemy.
You said that you needed to perceive a living being’s magic power to learn about vitality.
If so, you need to come in contact with magic power belonging to different people.”

Just like Mabel, Rukie entwined her fingers with mine.

“This is a great opportunity for you to sense my magic power and..


“That’s why, sorry Mabel.”

“No, no, I’ve had enough…… from you, Thor.”

Mabel looked very embarrassed and turned her head away.

“I was also thinking that it’s about time for Your Majesty’s turn.
Please go ahead.”

“So be it.
Give it up, Thor.”

“یا-yes, since it’s become like this…”

I looked down at Rukie’s face, still holding her hand.

Rukie’s body was petite and slender, but she was the Demon Lord that governed this region.

That heavy responsibility rested on her small shoulders.
I honestly felt that she was amazing.

I knew I had to protect her.

As an alchemist serving her, I need to properly assist her and the Demon Territory.

This is what I vowed to do once again, but…

“…… Th-Thor, how is it?”

“Even if you ask me that…”

“I can see that you’re very nervous.”

Rukie said, observing me closely with her flushed face and moist eyes.

“You can feel the magic power of living things by touching them.
This is what you need for your alchemy, isn’t it?”


I have allowed you to touch me because I am convinced of your explanation.
Alchemy is the art of exploring the mysteries of matter and life.
If that’s the case, then it’s necessary to experience vitality… Umu, that makes sense.”

As expected of Rukie, she understood my thoughts.

Originally, alchemy also entailed discovering how the world was created.

Alchemists created items in order to learn the ways of the gods who created the world.
By imitating the act of creation, they also sought to discover how the world came to be.

“That’s why alchemists like to create items that possess life or something resembling it, so that they can create their own pseudo-life and learn how the creatures of this world came into existence.”

“So, it is necessary to touch the creatures and feel their magic power and life force?”

“That is what I meant.
I’m sorry that I said extraneous things.”

“I said that I would reward you, didn’t I?”

Rukie interrupted me.

“Let’s say that that reward was for me and my subordinate Mabel to help you improve your alchemy skills.”

“Thank you very much.”

“So, how are your alchemy skills, have they changed?”

I nodded at Rukie’s words.

I could sense my [Creation Alchemy] skill reacting within me.

In order to create life through alchemy, it is necessary to come into contact with other life forms and experience their life force.
I understand that.

But this is still not enough.

I haven’t yet awakened the power to create life.

What else do I need to…

“……W-why don’t we end it here.”


Mabel pulled my collar backwards.

“If we take too long, Chancellor Kelve may come.”


Both of us returned to our senses.

We glanced at each other and nodded.

“R-right? We should do it in moderation.”

“Thank you, Mabel.”

Rukie and I thanked Mabel.

It was a close call; we didn’t know when to let go of each other’s hands.

We still need to report the results of the reconnaissance to Kelve and Reisenga.”

Rukie nodded.

The Chancellor and the general were also waiting for the information obtained by the pixies.

The pixies were reserved, so they spoke only to us.

I didn’t want to keep the Chancellor and general waiting for too long.

So, what happened to your alchemy skills?

“Thanks to Rukie-sama and Mabel, I have discovered how to manipulate vitality.”

I knew the exact method for controlling life force thanks to Mabel and Rukie.

[Creation Alchemy] is definitely capable of handling life.

And the way to awaken that ability is…

“It seems that in order for me to create something life-like, I must come in contact with beings possessing the attributes of light, darkness, earth, water, fire, and wind, and perceive their magic power.”

It was the same when I awakened [Creation Alchemy].

I absorbed the dark magic power that I lacked and became a creation alchemist.

In the same manner, it seems that I need to come into contact with people of all attributes in order to become an alchemist capable of imbuing life.

“…… I see.”

“Then you’ll need the assistance of others.”

“If I recall correctly, Kelve possesses the earth attribute.”

“We should ask Agnis for the fire attribute.
She would gladly help out.”

“That leaves light and wind.”


Rukie, Mabel, and I cried out at the same time.

We all thought of the same solution.

It seems that the girls had also realized it…

「「「「 Go! 」」」」

Four pixies jumped on me, all at once.

“… Please hug me”

“…… Please stroke me passionately!”

“…… Rub rub rub.”

“For the sake of the Alchemist-sama, I, Soleil, will also do my part.”

The earth and fire pixies stuck to the palms of my hands, one of them flattening her torso against my palm.
Soleil hugged my arm.
──The wind pixie, is she trying to crawl into my shirt?

“With this, all the attributes have gathered~”

“Her Majesty possesses the dark attribute and Mabel-sama the water attribute, so we’ll provide the rest.”

“It’s warm inside your clothes, Alchemist-sama.

“Hey! Get out of Alchemist-sama’s clothes! You, why are you digging around Alchemist-sama’s clothing, and you, what are you doing snuggling there.”

Soleil was flying about in front of me.

She flew into my clothing to chase out the wind pixie.

“While saying that, you yourself went into Alchemist-sama’s clothing as well.”

“Soleil was entrusted by René to supervise the others -”

“Wait, Soleil.
If you expend too much energy, you’ll need to use the footbath again…”

I grabbed Soleil’s ankle and said so.

『Magic power and life force of all attributes have been acquired』

『[Pseudo Life Grasp] has awakened』

『You can now create an item that imitates life』

“It awakened!”

[Pseudo Life Grasp]

You are now able to create items that mimic life.

The item you create can be imbued with a vibrant life force.

The pseudo-life you create is indistinguishable from actual life.

It can also be made to function for a prolonged period of time by being supplied with magic power.

This is a skill that can be used to create life-like or life-imitating items.

It seems that it is impossible to create a living being itself, but it is possible to create a [Body Pillow] that moves as if it were alive, or [Onesies] that transform into a creature whose appearance resembles a real animal.

In order to handle life through alchemy, it was necessary to sense the magic power of living beings possessing the six basic attributes.

All that was necessary was for me to come in contact for a period of time.

Hugging them wasn’t necessary, but my idea was almost correct.

“Thank you Rukie-sama, Mabel, and the pixies.”

I bowed my head to everyone.

“Thanks to you, I have awakened the skill [Pseudo Life Grasp].
I can now create items capable of transforming into other lifeforms.”

That’s great, Thor!”

“Congratulations Thor-sama!”

Mabel and Rukie nodded as they tried to peel the pixies off of me.

The wind pixie is…… ah, asleep in my clothes again.

Soleil’s body heated up because she got carried away and went on a rampage.

I’ll place her in the foot bath later.

“Let’s make the [Onesies] first.
I’ll experiment with them, and if they work, we should be able to deliver a message to the Imperial Princess.”

“If we can speak to her, we will know whether she is an ally or not.”

Rukie nodded, her expression serious.

“If she really doesn’t intend on antagonising the Demon Territory, we can ask her to relocate the military exercises.”

“That’s right.
I also want to hear what the princess has to say.”

If my prediction is correct, Princess Sophia does not possess the right to inherit the throne.
In other words, she is a princess whose existence has been denied.

I want to know her opinion regarding the current state of the empire.

Also, I would like to learn more about the [Smartphone] by any means.

If I can recreate it, it will revolutionise this world.

“If the princess is hostile, we should protest to the Imperial Guard through the Demon Territory, or dispatch a negotiator… but we should try not to antagonize the Empire.
Regardless of who the opponent is, we must learn from them.”

Rukie said in a grave tone and serious expression.

I wished for the people of the Empire to hear those words.

Demon Lord Rukie and the other residents of the Demon Territory were not intending on becoming enemies with humanity.

On the contrary, they intended to learn many things from humans.

So, please don’t be a hindrance.

Because, when something doesn’t go well with the humans, they might need to learn from the Demon Territory.

“Then, I’ll start making my [Onesies].”

I’ll finalize things with Kelve and the others.”

“I’m going to see the pixies off then.”

Rukie finished her tea and stood up.

Mabel placed the exhausted pixies on her shoulders and scooped up Soleil.

This was the signal for the end of the tea party.

“Speaking of which, Kelve said that he wanted to execute a strategy to lure out the enemy.”

Rukie suddenly said.

“Didn’t Thor come up with it? You asked if there were any unneeded swords.
Then you thought of a strategy to lure the Imperial soldiers with it.
Kelve and Reisenga decided to adopt and implement it.”

“You mean you’re going to use the modified version of the [Chain Lock]?

If it works, it might halt the advance of the Imperial soldiers.”

“Are you really going to use that strategy?”

I was indeed the one who suggested it, but…

I don’t know if I would fall for that trick.

The great men of the Empire are usually influenced by the legend of the heroes.
They desired to be like the heroes, to the point of obsession.

This is why I thought of this strategy, but I’m not sure…

“If it is a strategy created by Thor-sama, then it will surely work.”

Mabel’s eyes were glimmering.

“If it fails, only a [Chain Lock] will be lost.”

“We will first use a rusty, battered blade, but through your idea we can make it seem like an amazing greatsword.
It won’t take much work, so we might as well attempt it.”

With that, we nodded to each other.

Then, Rukie went to her room to complete her work.

Mabel went to her room to allow the pixies to soak in the [Footbath].

I decided to start creating my [Onesies].

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