───Late into the night of the day Princess Sophia and the owl met (Thor’s point of view)──

“We’re back!”

At dawn, the pixies who had left to complete an errand returned.

They were all donning owl-shaped [Onesies].
They had removed their hoods and were now in normal pixie forms.

At the forefront was Soleil.

She was wearing white, puffy owl-shaped pajamas.

Her arms were adorned with petite wings, which transformed into large ones when the hood was pulled down.

There was an opening in the back of the pajamas that allowed the pixie’s wings to extend out.

When in ‘owl mode’, the wings were concealed by a cognitive blocking device.

This was how the [Onesies] I created functioned.


[Onesies] (Rarity: ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★☆)

(Attributes: Changes depending on the magic cloth used as the material)

Pajamas made with [Magic Cloth].

Thor Canaan’s [Pseudo-Life Grasp] instills in the pajamas themselves the ability to transform, as if they were alive.

They look like ordinary hooded pajamas.

Parts of their design precisely represent the characteristics of the living creatures they are modelled after.
As such, they can be identified as an ‘owl,’ ‘lizard,’ or ‘cat’ at a glance.

The materials used include owl feathers, lizard scales, and cat hair (approximately one feather, scale, and hair per piece of clothing).

This adds the characteristics of the creature modelled to these pajamas.

When the hood is lowered, the ‘Onesies Mode’ is activated.

When in ‘Onesies,’ the pajamas change form, transforming the wearer into an owl, lizard, cat, etc.

The face of the wearer is disguised by an illusion that resembles the creature in question.

The wearer’s breathing is not hindered.

Some parts of the body are also affected by the illusion, rendering the nonliving parts invisible (the wings of a pixie for example).

Additionally, some of the abilities of the model creature can be used.

They are excellent pajamas, known for their comfort, texture, and durability.

Resistance to Physical Destruction: ★★ (Cannot be torn by sliding on a rocky surface).

Transformation Duration: As long as the wearer’s magic power lasts.

Durability: 3 years.

Comes with 1 year of user support.


However…… These pajamas were still incomplete.

Even the pixies who transformed into an owl weren’t flying by using the pajamas’ wings.

The wings were just a decoration, the pixies’ own ability allowed them to fly.

Perhaps these [Onesies] were nothing more than an inferior counterfeit compared to the abilities of a hero.

It was recorded that heroes summoned from other worlds transformed into various forms and used the abilities of those creatures.

In fact, I wanted to be able to fly by using owl wings.

Yet, all I was able to replicate was the appearance and the fluffy sensation.

This was the limit for the current me.

Ultimately, I intended on designing them so that anyone who wore bird-shaped pajamas could fly, and anyone who wore fish-shaped pajamas could swim without holding their breath.

I had no idea how to bring that idea to fruition as of yet, but it was worth attempting.

Let’s keep up the hard work and surpass the heroes’ world!

“Good work.
Did anyone detect you?”

I called out to the pixies.

“It was all right, Alchemist-sama!”

“No problem, Soleil and the rest of us accomplished our mission.”

“Please praise us!”

Soleil, René, and an earth pixie all bowed in front of me in unison.

I gently stroked their heads with my index finger.

After a few moments of this, they were satisfied and began their reports.

Sophia, the Imperial princess, used the [Footbath] and received the light [Magic Cloth] underwear that I had sent her.

“Was there anything she was displeased with?”

“”She said that she was completely satisfied.””

I see.
Thank god.

But it’s…… slightly regrettable.

I thought I would have to assume responsibility as an alchemist if even the slightest discomfort was felt.

Princess Sophia didn’t find anything remotely unpleasant?

Then the light attribute offensive magic……

“Why do you look so disappointed, Thor?”

Suddenly, I heard a voice.

I turned to find Rukie standing amidst the trees.

She was in her pajamas with her hood removed, staring at me in disbelief.

“Did I wake you, Rukie-sama?”

“I couldn’t sleep.
I’m not accustomed to camping in the wild.”

“I understand.
We’re in the midst of the forest, and the birds are very noisy.
It’s difficult to fall asleep.”

This was the forest located between the Empire and the Demon Territory.

Rukie, Mabel, Agnis, myself, and some minotaur soldiers are setting up a tent in this forest to establish a temporary base of operations.

From here, we will send the pixies to the town of Nosa.

Also, it allows us to respond immediately in case Princess Sophia makes a move.

It was necessary to contact Princess Sophia while the defense of Nosa was lesser.

So, we decided to use the border forest as our base of operations.

However, I didn’t expect Rukie to come as well.

“Too much time would be expended if a swift horse needed to be sent to and from the Demon Castle every time I needed to make a decision.
It would be quicker if I stayed here.”

Rukie said.

“Kelve and Reisenga are also in the border mountains.
I can’t just sit back and relax in the castle.”

“It’s true that if Rukie-sama is here, she would be able to reply to Princess Sophia’s letter immediately.
That would be a great help……”

I looked around the forest, and then, “If possible, I would like Rukie-sama to stay in a safe location.”

“There is no danger.
We have soldiers stationed in the forest.
I am also wearing my [Onesie] in case I’m discovered by the Empire.
If the need arises, I can pull up my hood and…… do this, right?


Rukie transformed, taking on the likeness of a pitch-black cat.

With glossy fur and triangular ears, Rukie, the ‘Black Cat Demon Lord’, arrived in front of me, wagging her long tail.

She really is a cat.
I almost pet her.

“Demon Lord-sama has turned into a cat!”

“It looks just like the real thing.”

“Your Majesty is so beautiful!”

The pixies were flying around Rukie the black cat while Rukie waved her long whiskers and looked unconcerned.

Seeing this, the pixies also donned their hoods and, with a plop, transformed into owls.

A wonderland of animals had just been created.

“No one would ever imagine that someone from the Demon Territory is hiding here.”

“Thor’s [Onesies] are truly amazing.”

“Thank you, Rukie-sama, Soleil, the rest of you.”

I bowed my head to everyone.

This item was made possible thanks to Rukie, Mabel, and all of the pixies.

Because everyone offered me some of their vibrant magic power, I was able to awaken [Pseudo-Life Grasp].

Thanks to this, I am now able to create magic items that are alive.

“But you can’t change the size of your body.
Even if you take the form of a cat, Rukie-sama’s height will remain the same.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad either.”

Rukie, in black cat mode, curled up under the tree and cleared her throat.

“But, you can’t use all of a cat’s abilities, can you?”

“I can push my claws out.

Rukie held out her pawed hand in front of me.

“It allows me to climb trees more easily.
It also makes my body more flexible.
I’ve tried it and I can even hide under the bed or in a box.”

“I see…”

“So, Thor.
Don’t be discouraged if you can’t reproduce the creature’s abilities perfectly.
I also appreciate that aspect of you.”

With that, Rukie removed her hood.

The transformation was disabled, and Rukie appears in cat-ear pajamas.

“By the way, Reisenga had something to tell you.
‘Agnis said my lizard pajamas are cute! May I ask Thor-dono to make me ten more?’.”

“That’s fine.”

“Don’t agree so easily! It’s just a selfish request on Reisenga’s part!”

No, no, no, I’m happy if you use it, okay?

I’m indebted to the general, so that’s fine.
About 10 pairs of pajamas.
I’ll stay up all night making them.

“…… Well, that’s that.
We’ll talk about that later.”

Rukie turned to the pixies.

“Thank you for your hard work as messengers.
I heard what you said.
The Empire’s princess used the [Footbath] safely, correct?”

“Yes, I’m sure that she’ll be fine, just like Soleil.”

“Princess Sophia has requested a meeting with Your Majesty.”

“She would like to see Your Majesty!”

“I understand.
I’ll send a letter in the morning.
Did she say anything else?”

“”I respect the courage of Thor Canaan.
I look forward to meeting you.””

“…… Hmmm.
I see.”

Rukie looked at me sideways, staring intently.

“It seems you have succeeded in gaining the princess’s trust.
Well, it’s understandable.
You told her, ‘If you feel even the slightest discomfort, you are free to unleash your light attack magic against me.’ You even went as far as requesting my permission.”

“To gain her trust, I thought it would be a good idea to have someone from the Empire as an intermediary.”

“…… Is that really all?”

Rukie looked up at me, her cat ears wagging in the night breeze.

“You were fine with either result, weren’t you?

“W-what do you mean?”

“If you can gain the trust of the Princess, all the better.
If the Princess was displeased by this incident, you were planning to conduct additional experiments with the [UV-Cut Parasol], weren’t you? The Imperial princess of the Empire wields powerful light magic.”

“I’m responsible for ensuring that the items…… work.”

The [UV-Cut Parasol] nullified Soleil’s [Vivid Light Strike].

But, I don’t know if it can prevent a more powerful magic.

We have no way to test it.

If a princess capable of casting powerful light magic came, it would be best to conduct an experiment, wouldn’t it? It can’t be helped, can it?

“If the Imperial princess were to turn against us, it would be important to be certain whether my parasol would be able to block her magic.
For that reason, I thought we should conduct an experiment.”

“You just admitted it.”

“But, it doesn’t look like I’ll get that chance.
The Imperial princess seems like an agreeable person.”

“From what I’ve heard, yes.”

At Rukie’s words, Soleil and the others nodded their heads.

Princess Sophia was also polite.

“I hope that Princess Sophia will be a good neighbor to the Demon Territory.
If she rules over the town of Nosa, the border region will continue to remain peaceful.”

“I agree.
To be honest, I didn’t believe that such an Imperial princess existed in the empire.”

Maybe that princess was in the same position as I was.

I heard that she possesses strong light magic power, but her body is frail.

Since she is unable to fight, just like me, she would have been forced into an unwanted political marriage or sent out of the country, if not banished.

If that is the case, I want that princess to stay near the Demon Territory.

If she rules the border area, at least this area’s peace will be maintained.

I would also like to speak with her and foster a better relationship with her.

Rukie also seems to like the princess, nodding her head repeatedly.

“Let’s start preparing for the meeting immediately.
If it turns out that Princess Sophia will be a good neighbor to the Demon Territory, we will spare no effort to support her.”

“Then, I will support Rukie-sama so that you can speak with Princess Sophia without any worries.”

“I’m counting on you, Thor.
I want to speak to her alone if possible.”

Rukie nodded emphatically.

Princess Sophia is also a member of the Empire.
If her subordinates remain around her, she might not be able to speak frankly.

She would likely want to speak to me alone in order to convey her true feelings.

Rukie had no prejudice against others, and she would say what needed to be said.

When I first arrived at the Demon Territory, she asked me what she could do and provided me with a job.

It is my job to ensure that she can meet with Princess Sophia without any worries.

“Then, I have a favor to ask of you, Rukie-sama.”

I said.

“I have an item that I want Princess Sophia to use, so that Rukie-sama and your friends can speak to her without worrying.
Would you give me permission to allow the Imperial Princess to use my item?”

Even if Princess Sophia agreed to speak with Rukie alone, it did not mean that others would allow it.

The other side is wary of the Demon Territory.
There is likely to be a supervisor monitoring the princess.

In order for Rukie and Princess Sophia to talk freely, we need them to speak to each other secretly.

Of course, this is only if Princess Sophia agrees to speak to Rukie alone.

“I will allow it.
What kind of item are you intending on having her use?”

“In fact, I was able to create a superior version of a certain item by awakening [Pseudo-Life Grasp].
And so…”

I explained my plan to Rukie.

With Rukie’s help, I gave her a demonstration.

The item, with its increased power and effect, confused all the pixies.

However, when Rukie witnessed the effect, she seemed to be convinced.
If I use this item properly, she would be able to speak to Princess Sophia privately.

I tried to bring the item back to the tent in its original state, but she got angry with me.

After that conversation, we settled down and…

For a while, Rukie, the pixies and I sat on the ground and continued talking in a daze.

Rukie told us about what kind of nation she desired for the Demon Territory to become henceforth.

I conveyed to her that I wanted to help her, and then I told her what kind of items I wanted to make.

The pixies told me about the places they wanted to visit in their new attire.

During the conversation, I asked her if she had any complaints regarding the items I had made.

Rukie cheeks flushed crimson and she said, “It’s a problem that you can only wear underwear under the pajamas.”

This was unavoidable because of the item’s structure.
The [Onesies] used the wearer’s magic power to transform.

I wonder if it can be improved.
I’ve got a request, so I have no choice but to complete it.

Afterwards, Rukie asked me, “Is there anything you want me to do?”

So I asked her to ask for Princess Sophia’s measurements during their meeting, so that I could make her underwear.

If Princess Sophia suffered from the same symptoms as Soleil, she should wear light attribute clothing.

However, It would be inappropriate to make an Imperial princess wear half-translucent clothes.

So, the underwear would do for now.

“So, during the meeting, I would like for you to ask for Sophia’s measurements.
That way we can make underwear that fits her body perfectly.”

With a serious expression on my face, I asked Rukie to do so.

Rukie said, “O-okay.
I just have to ask, right?”

She was turning bright red because of…… I guess she misunderstood why I wanted to know Princess Sophia’s measurements.

There may be opportunities to make items that fit the body, not just underwear.

I need accurate data on the wearer for those occasions.

── While we were talking about this, before I knew it, dawn was breaking.

Rukie, who had begun to doze off, transformed into a black cat and stealthily returned to her tent.

The pixies were sleeping on my lap.

I, too, decided to take a nap in my tent with them.

The next day, letters began to be exchanged between the Demon Territory and the town of Nosa.

After several exchanges, it was officially decided that a meeting between the Demon King Rukie Evergarde and Princess Sophia Dolgalia would take place.

The location was near the border forest.
The date was the day after tomorrow.

The participants would be Demon Lord Rukie Evergarde, Princess Sophia Dolgalia, their escorts and several attendants.

And at the behest of both Demon King Rukie and Princess Sophia, it was decided that I, Thor Canaan, would also be present at the meeting.

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