ruit him, but Her Majesty the Demon Lord rejected her.”


Princess Sophia looked at me with a serious expression.


“I was told that you were that alchemist, Thor Canaan.
Are you also the one who invented the [Footbath].”

“Yes, I did.”

“Then, let me thank you once again.”


Princess Sophia then kneeled down in front of me and bowed deeply, leaving me dumbstruck.


“I thank you for healing my body with the [Footbath].
Thank you, Thor Canaan.”

“N-no, I practise alchemy because I enjoy it.”

“Just because you enjoy it?”

“In the Empire, alchemists have a very lowly status, correct?”

“…… Yes.”

“However, the Demon Territory provided me with a job as an alchemist.
The residents are all happy to use the items I create, and I am happy making new items.
The one that Your Highness used was one of them.”

“That is the case with the [Footbath] as well?”

On that note, please use it right away.”


I pulled out the [Footbath] from under the table.

I let Princess Sophia sit down and place her feet in it.

Then, I imbued it with magic power, causing the hot water inside to vibrate.


“…… Ha.”


Princess Sophia let out a relieved sigh.


“…… Nghhhh… Ah.
It feels amazing… the tension in my body is loosening.”

“If you use it regularly, Your Highness’ body will feel much better.”


“However, that is difficult as I have no intention of providing this item to the Empire.”




I don’t feel like offering it to them.

If the Empire’s troops improve their circulation of magic power, they would go on a rampage and might even attack the Demon Territory.


“In the Empire, I was deemed weak and unwanted.”

“Just like me…….”

“So I understand why Your Highness is sparing no effort to fulfill your role as a princess.”


I said.


“The reason why I wanted to assist Your Highness was that…… with all due respect, my circumstances are similar to yours.
However, I was blessed to have everyone in the Demon Territory to support me.
I wondered if Your Highness had anyone like that.”

“Someone who would support me?”


Princess Sophia fell silent.

I lit a fire in the furnace in the [Simple Warehouse] and began to heat the inside of the warehouse.

For a while, Princess Sophia and I were silent.

Only the crackling of firewood and the water vibrating in the [Footbath] could be heard.


“Thor Canaan, you care deeply about the people of the Demon Territory.”


When the warehouse had become warm, Princess Sophia murmured,

“I am somewhat envious of you.”

“I really want Your Highness to come to the Demon Territory as well.”

“That is impossible.
The upper echelons of the Empire will cause trouble for the Demon Territory under the pretense that they kidnapped a princess.

“I understand.

“Well, if it’s Thor Caanan…”


Princess Sophia laughed.

She seemed to consider it a joke, but I was serious.


“However, it is because you are such a person that I wished to be your fiancée.”


Princess Sophia gazed at the rippling water.


“The owls who visited my room told me many things about their ‘benefactor-sama’…… about ‘Thor Canaan-sama’.
They also told me that you sent the [Footbath] to me with great determination.
It put me at ease.”

“That’s because Your Highness believed in me.”

“If you had not believed in me first, you would not have sent those owls to me, would you?””


Princess Sophia laughed, her bare, white feet shaking as she chuckled.


“It was also because the tone of the owls was so kind and warm when they spoke of you.
I thought it to be much warmer and more comforting than my own light magic.
I was confident that such a person would understand my feelings, that it would be fine for me to propose an engagement.”

“So it was like that…”

Princess Sophia sure was amazing.

She trusted me, a total stranger, the owl, Soleil, and the others.
That is how she arrived at the answer of ‘engagement’.



“If that is the case, I am willing to be Your Highness’ fiancée.”


I said.


“I am the one who healed your body.
It is not good practise for an alchemist to simply cure his patients and disregard following up afterwards.
Those are actions of a third-rate alchemist.
I wish to be responsible for creating an environment in which Her Highness can continue to use the [Footbath] properly.”


Or rather, we were currently developing an enhanced version of the [Footbath] that is in actuality a bathtub with the effect of the [Footbath].
This would cause the level of recovery to increase immensely.
Princess Sophia’s condition should stabilize quickly in that case.


“Besides, there are still three years before Your Highness returns to the capital.
Your Highness may find something else you wish to do or someplace you want to go.
You can then break off the engagement, and I will support you as an alchemist.”

“…… Thor.”

“I am as good as dead in the Empire anyway.
You can do as you please with my name, I don’t mind.”


I had no intention of returning to the Empire.



“As long as you are a ‘good neighbor’ to the Demon Territory, I will assist you.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I am in no rush.
I am confident that you will come up with some pleasant ideas in due time.”

“Yes, I am sure.”

“First of all, let us quickly establish a trading post.
Your Highness should come in the name of inspection.
I will make the [Footbath] available at that time.
Is there anything else your highness would like to do?”

“Ah, yes…… Umm.”


Princess Sophia pinched the hem of her skirt.


“I am skilled at washing and drying clothes, but it takes a long time for them to dry.”


“If I only possess…… a single pair of underwear, I will need to wash them every day.
If possible, I would like an extra pair.”


…… Ah.

That’s right.


I had only sent Princess Sophia a single pair of underwear.

There was no way she could allow her maid to wash those.
So, Princess Sophia would have to wash them herself every day…… That would be a lot of work, wouldn’t it?


“I hang them up to dry at night before I go to sleep.
So, while she sleeps, I…”


“You don’t have to say anything further.
I apologize for sending you transparent underwear.”


The light-attribute [Magic Cloth] turns transparent when magic power is imbued into it, so it can’t be helped.

Now that I think about it, sending transparent underwear to a woman was not a good idea…


“What? Why?”


Princess Sophia was puzzled.


“The underwear was necessary.”

“No, but the transparent underwear…”

“I did feel uncomfortable at first, but once I became used to it, it felt pleasant.”


Princess Sophia said that without a hint of shyness.

The royal family had maids to help them change their clothes, so they were not afraid to expose some skin…..
Is this how all princesses act?


“…… I’ll deliver additional underwear later.”

“Thank you.


Princess Sophia laughed.

I was glad to hear that.
She seemed to be fine again.


Anyway, let’s talk with Rukie and the others about the engagement and come to a conclusion regarding the matter.

If it was an excuse for Princess Sophia to remain on the Demon Territory’s side, I don’t mind becoming engaged to her.


If she loses her status as a princess because of that, then we can have her come to the Demon Territory.
If Princess Sophia, now a civilian, comes to the Demon Territory, it wouldn’t be considered kidnapping a princess.

She seemed to be ready for it, and I believe Rukie and the others will accept Sophia.

She would be like me.




The [Footbath] finally finished.

She looked at me as if she remembered something.


“I knew that Thor Canaan was a wonderful person.”


“You told me before, didn’t you? You said that if I’m dissatisfied with the [Footbath], I can unleash light-attribute attack magic on you.”

Said Princess Sophia.

“When the owls told me about it, I realized that there are such courageous people in the world.”

“The thing is, actually…”


I should tell her about the [UV-Cut Parasol].

Princess Sophia, who commands light attribute magic, might be able to help me.

Just as I was about to ask about that…


“Thor! It’s an emergency!”


Suddenly, I heard Rukie’s voice from outside.


“Monsters are here! I’ve never seen anything like them.
It may be a variant like Gargarossa.
Come out, quickly!”

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