Chapter 7 – Improving Magic Circulation

The water source of the castle was in the basement.
It seems like there is a clean water vein in the basement, and water is pumped from there.
The tea I drank earlier’s water came from here too.

“I will explain how to use it.”
“But why do we have an audience?”

In the water source, besides me and Mabel, there was the blue-haired Chancellor.

“I also wanted to see your item.”

The chancellor (apparently named Kelve) squinted and said that.
Oh well.

I pumped the water and put it in the [Foot Bath].
Next, I poured magic power into the fire magic stone and waited for a few minutes.

“Steam is coming out of the tub.”
“Then Mabel-san.
Please put your feet here.”

I brought it to the bottom of the stairs.
Mabel-san sat on the steps of the stairs and took her shoes and thick socks off.

Her thin legs and toes are exposed.
Mabel was rubbing her feet together to generate heat, but as soon as she put her feet into the [Foot Bath]-

“… Wow.
It’s warm.”
“There is a wind magic stone at the front of the tub.
Please pour magical power into it.
It should be activated after that.”

Mabel puts her fingertips on the front of the [Foot Bath] ──

Shuwawawawawawa ────!
“Ha, hawawawawa!?”

Water started to flow and bubbles are generated in the tub.
The flow of air created by the wind magic stone, creates fine bubbles and a violent stream of water.
The water is warmed to a reasonable temperature by the fire magic stone.
It should be massaging Mabel’s cold feet right now.

“This is … yeah.
It’s amazing …”

“M, Mabel? Are you okay?”
“Yes, I’m fine.”

Mabel looked at me with drowsy eyes.

“My body feels warm and comfortable.
The magic power inside my body feels like it’s circulating.”
“Magic power!?”

The Chancellor opened his eyes widely.

“Wait a minute.
What Thor made was a [Health Good] in the world of heroes, right?”
“That’s right?”
“The chancellors of the Demon Lord territory have passed down information about the hero orally from generation to generation.
Thus I have some knowledge about them too.”
“Your amazing”
“T, thank you.”

Chancellor Kerve bows lightly and continues.

“Anyway, according to the oral traditions, there is no record of a hero using a magic item called [Health goods].
As the word [Health goods] mean, the items should usually heal exhaustion, but why does it affect Mabel’s magical power? “
“It can’t be helped.
After all, It’s an item in the Hero’s world.”
“It can’t be helped!?”
“Think carefully, Chancellor Kerve”

I looked at the eyes of Chancellor Kelve and said,

“The heroes were those who had powerful skills and magical powers, right?”

They used their skills to help rebuild the human empires that had been suppressed by the demons.
Eventually, they pushed the demons back into the current demon lord’s territory.
The heroes had that much power.
No, even the people of the current empire have unimaginable power, but they were more unimaginable.

“The item in the Hero’s world couldn’t just be something that “heals fatigue”
“That’s right.
“No way.
Even the doctor couldn’t improve Mabel’s circulation, but it was cured by the a [Health Good] from another world … “

The Chancellor is trembling.
I guess it can’t be helped if he’s surprised.
What we are seeing is the effect of an item from the Hero’s world after all.

Even so, I wonder how proud the heroes were of their technology.
I’m sure they are making more amazing objects.

I still have a long way to go…

“h, hauuuuuuuu”

With the tub turned off, Mabel sighed.

“I’ll stop at this point.
No more … I feel too comfortable …”
“Mabel, how are you?”
“Yes, Kelve-sama”

Mabel sways her legs while sitting on the stairs.

“I feel that my body has been refreshed and the flow of magical power has improved.”
“Try using magic now.”
“Yes, in the name of wind and darkness ──[Dark wind]


A cold wind blew through the room.
It flew past the chancellor.

“… I can use magic.
From my hands, magic”

Tears spilled out from Mabel’s eyes.

“From my hands that were told by my elf friends to be useless, I shot out win magic for the first time.
“I see.
The [Foot Bath] in the world of heroes had the effect of improving the circulation of magical power.”

Such a thing was not written in the [mail order catalogue].
It must have been a matter of course for the hero’s world.
People wouldn’t normally record common sense.

“Thank you! Thor-sama!”


Mabel suddenly hugged me.

Because Mabel-san was standing on the steps of the stairs she was a bit taller than me.
Because of that, when I was hugged, my face was buried on her chest … Excuse me, Mabel-san!?? I can’t breathe…

“I’ve been worrying all this time because I couldn’t use magic.
Now I can go to subdue monsters with everyone.
I can help my friends …”

Mabel was in tears.

“Thor is my benefactor.
I will definitely return this favor.
Please order me anything.”

“anwishwing (anything) !?”
“Yes, Mr.
Thor has given me new possibilities, so ──”

“── Mabel.
Thor looks a little troubled?”

Chancellor Kelve interrupted Mabel with a cough.
In a hurry, Mabel separated from me.

“I’m sorry, Thor-sama.”
“No, no.
Thank you.”
“…For what?”
“Um …”

Mabel and I involuntarily look at each other.
Then at the same time, I started laughing.

“Aways, Please use this [Foot Bath] as you like Mabel-san.

“No, this is under Her Majesty’s control!”

Chancellor Kerve interrupted my words.

“But … I made this to treat Mabel’s poor circulation.”
“Of course, if Mabel wants to use it.
I can permit her to use it.”

Chancellor Kelve takes a breath and then said,

“However, an item that can improve circulation of magic power cannot be freely used by individuals.
If it ends up in the wrong hands, it could disturb the power balance of the Demon King’s territory.

“Wrong hands?”
“… Why are you surprised there, Thor?”
“No, I don’t remember meeting any malicious person since I came to the Demon Lords’s territory.”
“There is.
There are more people than you think living in the Demon Lord’s territory.”
“Is that so”

It can’t be helped.
If I argued with the chancellor right now, Mabel will be troubled.
Also, that [Foot Bath] is just a prototype anyways.
Let’s secretly make something easier to handle for Mabel.

“Of course.
I will buy this item at an appropriate price.
Is it okay to pay for it in gold coins? Since it is the currency of the Demon Lord’s territory, Thor-dono can only use the coins in the Demon Lord Territory.
Of course, if you wish, we can exchange it for an item of equivalent value.
“I can get money for making something with alchemy!? “
“What did you say Thor-dono?”
“N, Nothing.”

I was excited.
I see.
I get paid if I work as an Alchemist.
I don’t know why, but I’m happy.

“Then, can I get magic stones?”
“Magic stone?”
“Magic stones with the attributes of Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.”

A magic stone is a stone that contains one of the four main elements.
It is often formed naturally or found inside monsters.
Also, I might be able to replenish magic stones that have been used up.

“Thor-dono, what are you going to do with magic stones?”
“I’ll make something useful”
“Did you know that magic stones can also be made into weapons too?”
“Then, how about applying when I need it and I get as much as I need?”

I know that magic stones can be used as weapons.
There was also a shield using magic stones in the warehouse that was broken.

“In short, I want to make an all-you-can-use magic stone plan.”
“An all-you-can-use magic stone plan?”
“What I make can be freely used by the Demon Lord’s territory.
Instead, the Demon Lord’s territory will provide me with clothing, food, shelter, magic stones, and the materials in the warehouse.
How about that?”
“… Thor Regus-dono?”
“Yes, Chancellor Kelve-sama?”
“Aren’t you uncomfortable with letting non-human’s use what you made?”
“Am suppose to feel that way?”

I do not understand what he’s talking about.
No matter how great an item it is, it’s not an item if you don’t use it.

“I just want to make what I like.”

I said.

“I would like to have various people use what I made and listen to their impressions.
Then I will find and improve the defects.
I will also study the items of the hero’s world and finally exceed the hero’s world.
That’s all I want.”
“… I understand.
I will consult with Demon Lord-sama.”

Chancellor Kelve replied, holding his head.

“Anyways, I understand how amazing your ability is.
I will consult with Demon Lord-sama about the future.
So, please take a rest first, you just came to the demon Lord Territory after all.”

With that said, Chancellor Kelve left the room.

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