A few days afterwards, Rukie returned to the Demon King’s castle.

The trading post in the border region was to be built while consulting Princess Sophia.

The one tasked with overseeing the site was General Reisenga, while Chancellor Kelve’s subordinates would be dispatched to assist him.

Until then, my responsibility would be to communicate with Princess Sophia.

The timing was perfect.

I had many questions I wanted to ask Princess Sophia, the most important one relating to the magic circle.

The magic circle found in the monster’s dwelling, the one that had almost faded, likely had some connection to the appearance of the giant centipedes.

It is necessary for us to discuss the matter in person to prevent the information from circulating.

Besides, I wanted to witness the process of Princess Sophia using the [Footbath] and the changes in her magic power circulation firsthand.
I recall that she also requested additional underwear.

Therefore, after receiving her permission, I decided to visit Princess Sophia.

“Then, I’m off to the town of Nosa.”

“Agnis will protect you, Thor-sama!”

That day, Agnis and I left the general’s mansion.

We intended on visiting Princess Sophia.
Our purpose was to deliver a pair of undergarments, receive her input regarding the [Footbath], and discuss the magic circle we had discovered in the monster’s lair.

After the battle, we corresponded with the Imperial side and decided on a date for our visit.

However, they presented us with several conditions.

Firstly, those from the Demon Territory must arrive in the guise of human merchants and enter through the western gate.

This was to avoid being seen as a danger to the residents of Nosa.

Secondly, someone with a human-like appearance needs to accompany the party.

Finally, anyone who approaches Princess Sophia must be a woman, with the exception of me, Thor Canaan.

That was all.

Therefore, it was decided that Agnis would accompany me to the town of Nosa.

Agnis was a descendant of Ifrit, the flame giant, but her appearance was identical to a human’s.

Two others, also descendants of Ifrit, would also accompany us, acting as escorts.

“Please look after Thor-sama.”

“It’ll be fine.
Agnis will protect Thor-sama even at the cost of her life.”

Grasping a worried Mabel’s hand in her own, Agnis said so.

“Agnis will never forgive anyone who hurts Thor-sama.
It doesn’t matter if the other party is the Imperial princess or an army of a hundred people…”

That’s quite the resolve.
You sure have grown up, Agnis.”

“Yes, Father.”

“However, do not forget your role.
You are Thor’s bodyguard.
Do not act without permission.
You are to be Thor’s hands and feet, and you will do what he desires.

“I understand.
Agnis is delighted to obey Thor-sama’s orders.”

Then, you may go.”

General Reisenga nodded.

Then he took my hand in his big hand and said.

“Thor, take care of Agnis for me.”

“I will.
I’ll be leaving then, general, Mabel.”


Thus, Agnis and I left for the town of Nosa, situated in the northernmost area of Imperial territory.

This was an important role entrusted to me by Demon Lord Rukie.
I will fulfill it well.

“I have heard from Her Highness and Commander Isaac.
This way please.”

The next day, we entered the town of Nosa without incident.

Princess Sophia and Commander Isaac already had the gatekeeper informed of our arrival.

We, with our wagons, were able to pass through the gate without issue.

The gatekeeper even informed us of Princess Sophia’s location.

“Between you and me, I was saved by the Demon Lord in the fight against the giant centipedes.
If your side had not defeated the largest giant centipede, both the Princess and I would have been in danger.”

The gatekeeper told me in a hushed voice.

We waved at the smiling gatekeeper and entered the town, where Princess Sophia was waiting for us.

“Only Thor Canaan-sama and the lady are permitted to enter.”

The housemaid said.

It seems they had arranged everything on their end.

“I apologise, but please wait here for a while.”

“I will return shortly.”

Agnis and I asked the two guards.

The guards serving under General Riesenga nodded calmly and replied with, “Yes sir,” and, “If you need anything, please call upon us.”

Agnis and I then entered the mansion.

I knew that Princess Sophia’s room was on the second floor, as Soleil had paid her a visit many times.

Of course, the pixies were with us today, too.

They were clothed in cat-shaped onesies and hiding in the wagon.

They would come to our rescue in case of an emergency.

“Your Highness, visitors have arrived from the north.”

The maid came to a halt in front of a room at the far end of the second floor.

She reported our arrival while knocking on the door.

“Shall I ask them to wait downstairs?”

“No need.
Please enter.”

Princess Sophia’s voice sounded from beyond the door.

“Please empty the second floor.”

“Your Highness, I hope that you will exercise more caution in the presence of these visitors from the north…”

“Those from the north have come because they trust us.”

Princess Sophia replied without hesitation.

“If that is the case, courtesy dictates that we reciprocate their trust, correct?”

“Your Highness.”

“I will bear complete responsibility.
I will inform Isaac of the contents of the meeting later.
You may withdraw.”

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Flustered by her dignified voice, the maid withdrew.

As soon as her footsteps disappeared down the stairs, the door opened.

“I have been expecting you! Thor Canaan-sama and Agnis Frazard.”

Princess Sophia appeared, clad in a dress.

She smiled and invited Agnis and me into her room.

We were welcomed by a large room resembling a living room, a tea set, and baked goods lining the table.

It was clear she had prepared especially for our arrival.

“How are you feeling, Your Highness.”

“I’m fine, thanks to you.”

Princess Sophia nodded as she offered us chairs.

“I am happy to see you.
According to your letter, Thor Canaan-sama, you have a question you would like to ask me?”

First of all, I would like your feedback regarding the [Footbath] and the changes in your physical condition.”

So far, Princess Sophia had been using the [Footbath] secretly.

Therefore, after using it, I could not listen to her input.

However, this time, I had more time at hand.

Therefore, I intended on letting her use it slowly and carefully, clearly determining the changes in her body’s magical power.
The number of times she would need to use the [Footbath] each month would be determined based on that.

“I would also like to ask you about the magic circle I found in the cave.”

“Isaac informed me about it.
Your people discovered some suspicious inscriptions in that place, and Thor Canaan-sama believes they are magic circles, right?”

“Isaac told me to ask for your insight, Your Highness.”

“Yes, there were texts regarding magic in the archives of the palace in which I stayed.”

Princess Sophia nodded.

“I understand.
But first, I would like to pay my respects to her.”

“…… Eh?”

Agnis’s eyes widened.

The first thing she did was to request a few minutes of Agnis’s time.

“How do you do, Agnis Frazard? Thanks to your father, General Reisenga Frazad, and his men, there were no casualties amongst the Imperial soldiers from the giant centipedes’ attack during the meeting with the Demon Territory.
On behalf of the soldiers, I would like to offer my gratitude.”

Thank you for your courtesy!”

She probably didn’t expect the conversation to shift towards her.

Agnis rushed to her feet and returned the bow.

“I am A-Agnis Frazad, Thor Canaan-sama’s escort.
It is an honor to meet you, Your Imperial Highness Princess Sophia Dolgaria.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.”

Princess Sophia smiled kindly.

“I am honored to meet the daughter of the brave general.
I look forward to working with you in the future.”

“Thank you very much.
I am sure my father will be pleased to hear it.”

Agnis lifted the hem of her crimson dress and bowed.

It was the Imperial greeting she had practiced before her departure.

Princess Sophia, seeing this, did the same.

“I prepared some tea.
Please take your time.”

Saying this, Princess Sophia lifted up the teacup.

She poured tea into the cups for Agnis and me with practiced motions.

“There was no need to prepare the tea yourself.”

“It’s alright.
It used to be necessary for me to do everything myself.”

Princess Sophia brushed her cherry-red hair.

“I keep it short so that it isn’t a hindrance when I have the doctor examine my body.
In fact, I would like to grow it to a beautiful length… like Agnis Frazad.”

“You can do that when your condition improves.
I brought this with me for that purpose.”

I pulled out the [Footbath] from my [Ultra-Small Simple Warehouse].

“I’d like to hear your detailed feedback regarding its effects on your condition.
How does it affect the magic in your body, where is the stagnant magic and how does it flow? I will then decide how often you should use the [Footbath].”

“Understood, Thor Canaan-sama.”

“And Agnis, that thing too.”

“Yes sir.”

Agnis took out a small package.

She held it out to Princess Sophia with both hands.

“This is a pair of underwear made of light-attribute [Magic Cloth].
Please try it on and check the size.
Also, if you would allow me to take your measurements later…”

“Thank you very much.
Of course, I will allow you to take my measurements.”

Princess Sophia nodded readily.

Agnis was surprised by her reaction.

“Is that all right, Princess Sophia?”

“What is the matter, Agnis Frazad?”

“I heard that the Imperial family was wary of demi-humans.”

“You are a friend of Thor Cannan, are you not?”

“Yes, I am.
Agnis is loyal to Thor-sama.”

“Then there is no issue.
I aim to be Thor Canaan’s fiancee.
I can’t be uncomfortable with Thor Canaan-sama’s friend touching my body.”


Agnis was surprised.
The other party was a princess of the Empire.

“Firstly, you need to use the [Footbath].
We can discuss taking your measurements and the magic circle after we settle down.
Is that all right?””

“Yes, but I would like to make a request regarding the use of the [Footbath].”

Holding the [Footbath] in her hand, Princess Sophia said.

“May I use this in my bedroom, if possible? I believe that I will be able to better perceive the changes in my magic power and the state of my body in a quiet environment.”

Please go ahead.”

“Then, I will see you soon.”

Saying that, Princess Sophia entered her bedroom.

When the door closed, Agnis sighed in relief next to me.

“Are you nervous?”

“Yes… this is the first time Agnis has been outside the Demon Territory.”

That reminds me.

Naturally, she had rarely even left her home.

However, this time, she offered to be my escort.
She said that she wanted to experience the outside world.

“Thor-sama sure is amazing.”

“…… Eh?”

“When I am with Thor-sama, it is as if my world is expanding.”

“Thor-sama helped me reconnect with Mabel, and now you’re showing me the world outside of the Demon Territory.”

“…… Agnis-san.”

“So, I want to return the favor.
Agnis swore to Thor-sama in the name of the
Primordial Flame.
I don’t expect much, but……”

“I’m curious about the meaning of swearing ‘in the name of the Primordial Flame’.
Isn’t it about time you told me?”

“…… I’ll tell you on my birthday.”

Agnis clutched her [Health Promotion Pendant] and shifted her gaze.

“In a short while, Agnis’s birthday will arrive.
I’ll be…”


Well, if that’s how it’s going to be, I don’t blame her.

Since it’s called the “Primordial Flame,” there must be circumstances involving someone possessing the blood of Ifrit, the flame giant.

If she wants me to wait until her birthday, I’ll wait.

I should remember to bring a present.

As I was thinking that…

“I apologise, Thor Canaan-sama.
Could you please come help me?”

I heard Princess Sophia’s voice from behind the bedroom door.

“I’m afraid the [Footbath] isn’t functioning properly.
Could you please have a look at it?”

“Ah, yes.
I’ll be right there.”

The magic stone was probably depleted.

…… Ah.
Come to think of it, I hadn’t ever replaced it.

I had decided not to replace it until it was depleted in order to determine how long it could be used.
It seems that it ran out of magic power faster than I estimated.

I walked up to the bedroom door and knocked.

“It’s Thor Canaan.
May I come in?”

“Yes, please come in.”

I opened the bedroom door after confirming Princess Sophia’s response.

“The magic power of the magic stone seems to be expended.
I’ll replace it immediately.”

“Please, Thor Canaan-sama.”

Princess Sophia looked at me and smiled.

She was clad only in her underwear, sitting on the bed in a relaxed position.

The room was dimly lit and the curtains were shut.

In the faint light, her white skin attracted my gaze.

Princess Sophia tilted her head as she met my gaze, her cherry-red hair swaying above her shoulders.

She said her hair was short in order to avoid being a hindrance when the doctor examined her.

However, because her hair was not covering her body, I could distinctly make out her figure.

Princess Sophia’s underwear only emphasised her figure further.

Her underwear was made of light-attribute [Magic Cloth], so over half of it was transparent.

Princess Sophia sported a slender body.

Her skin was white, likely due to a lack of exposure to light.

Even so, the curves of her body were pleasing to the eyes and her feminine bulges were distinct.

I should properly take the measurements for her underwear.

I had made them in Mabel’s size, who was closest to her in height, but it seems they were slightly oversized.

I’ll call Agnis and have her take her measurements…

─ ─ No, that’s not it.

I couldn’t help but take a closer look.

I mean, why is she in her underwear?

“Your Highness.
Your figure…”

“I have arranged it so that you can clearly examine the flow of magic power in my body.”

“I see.
If you were wearing clothes, it would interfere with perceiving the flow of magic power.”

“As expected of Thor Canaan-sama.
What wonderful insight.”

“I am honored by your praise.”

“However, the underwear you gifted me will not interfere with the flow of magic power.”

“That makes sense.”

“So, would you please fix the [Footbath]?”

“But more importantly, Your Highness…”


“Since I’m here, you might as well wear your clothes.”

“Eh? But, this is a medical procedure, is it not?”

Princess Sophia tilted her head, curiosity apparent in her expression.

I see.

Princess Sophia was sickly.
That’s why she even trimmed her hair so that it would not interfere with her medical treatment.

For her, removing her clothes for medical treatment was a matter of course.

It was an oversight on my part, and it made sense.

“Besides, I am striving to become Thor Canaan-sama’s fiancée.”

Princess Sophia placed her hand on her chest and murmured.

“I should not conceal that I am wearing undergarments gifted to me by my fiancée.
I believe courtesy demands that I have them examined properly.”

She was very brazen.

I felt like it was wrong of me to be discomposed.

(…… I wish this was the Demon Territory.)

Princess Sophia, wearing only translucent underwear, was stunningly beautiful.

I wanted to continue staring at her, and if this was the Demon Territory, I would have been fine with the situation as it was.

While Princess Sophia was using the [Footbath], I would be able to ask her to explain how the light magic power travels through the body.
It would have been an invaluable reference for my alchemy.

However, this was Imperial territory.

There were Imperial soldiers stationed outside, and maids on the first floor of the mansion.

If they burst into the room, it would cause a grave issue.
Even if Princess Sophia agreed to it, the Imperial people would not allow me to be in a room with an Imperial princess in her underwear like this.

Agnis and I were here as messengers from the Demon Territory.

If we caused any trouble, Rukie would be implicated as well.


“I apologise.
Agnis-san, would you come here for a moment?”

I decided to call Agnis.

“Yes, Thor-sama.”

“It seems circumstances have changed.
I’ll replace the magic stone for the [Footbath], and you, Agnis, take her measurements.”


I confirmed Agnis’s reply as I quickly took the [Footbath].

I explained to Princess Sophia, who was looking at me with a puzzled expression, that the order in which we were going to do things had changed.

Then, I went straight to the living room.

“Then, Your Highness, I’ll see you later.”

“I’ll see you later as well.”

“U-um… Your Royal Highness…… Do you have to be in your underwear while your measurements are taken……?”


I shut the bedroom door and took a deep breath.

“What a dangerous person Princess Sophia is.”

I can’t leave her alone.

I can’t let her return to the capital.

With that thought in mind, I began to replace the magic stone in the [Footbath].

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