──Thor’s point of view ──





“It’s done!”

“It’s finally done, Thor-sama.”

“Now we’re ready to go!”


Mabel, Agnis, and I shared a high-five.


We were in General Reisenga’s territory, a two-story mansion standing in front of us.


On the wall of the mansion was a large wooden sign that read ‘Alchemy’.

On the first floor, we designed a reception desk and a counter for visitors.

The cleaning had been completed.
The bathroom, bedroom, and living room, everything was complete.

It was the perfect place to live and work in, both a workshop and a residence.


“This is my home and my alchemy workshop.”


The official workshop was supposed to be established in the Demon Castle, so this was called the ‘Reisenga Territory Branch’.

The one in the Demon Castle was where items were made for Demon Lord Rukie and other dignitaries.

This one was intended to be an open workshop to resolve the issues of the normal residents of the Demon Territory.


I was deeply affected by the scene.

In the Empire, it would have been a distant dream to have my own workshop.

There, alchemists possessed a trivial status, only a handful able to own a workshop.


However, the Demon Territory was different.
I was able to establish two workshops here.

It truly seemed like a dream.


“I should thank Rukie-sama and Chancellor Kelve.”

“Her Majesty and the Prime Minister are also grateful to Thor-sama, aren’t they?”

I’ve been blessed with wonderful superiors.”

I nodded at Mabel’s words.

Once I arrived in the Demon Territory, I began to produce results.

I’m extremely happy that they appreciated that.

However, I am still far from the goal I am aiming for.


My goal is to surpass the heroes and turn this territory into a place as wealthy and developed as the world of the heroes.


“To achieve that, I want the people of the Demon Territory to come here as my clients.
I want to hear what they need, the things they lack.
There are still many things I’m unaware of regarding the Demon Territory.”

“That’s the reason Thor-sama built his workshop outside the castle, isn’t it?”

“Agnis also wondered about the purpose of the reception counter.”

“Of course, it’s so that the people of the Demon Territory can visit casually.”


The ‘Alchemy’ sign was also for that purpose.

Since it was clearly visible, people passing by will be aware that there is an alchemist here.

If there is a reception counter, people are able to visit without an invitation.

I hope that the people who visit in that manner will inform me of what they need in the Demon Territory.


However, I won’t be stationed here at all times, as I’ll be at the castle occasionally.


“Thor-sama is truly thinking about the Demon Territory…”

“I would like to learn from the people of the Demon Territory, just as Rukie-sama is attempting to learn from humans.
For that purpose, I would like to learn about various things.”

That’s just like Thor-sama.”

“Is that so?”

I’m happy to be able to assist you, Thor-sama.”


Mabel smiled shyly as she said that.


“I will always accompany you, so please tell me if you need anything.
Please don’t hesitate to tell me anything at all.”

“…… Yeah.”


Speaking of which, only Mabel and I will live in this workshop.

Rukie said she would send assistants when she had settled her affairs.

Living alone with Mabel, huh……

…… I’m beginning to feel slightly nervous.


“O-of course, Agnis will be here too!”


Agnis suddenly exclaimed.


“My father said that I can stay here for t-today.
We still have a lot of cleaning to do today.
I will be intruding!”

“Y-yeah, I’m counting on you Agnis-san.”

“You can just call me by my name…”


“Agnis is an assistant for Thor-sama when he is in the workshop.
So, i-it’s fine to call me without honorifics…”


“Yes! Thor Canaan-sama!”


Agnis nodded, looking satisfied.


The initial members of this workshop were three.

Myself, the alchemist, Mabel, the maid and receptionist, and Agnis, the support personnel.












Soleil flew in, coming from the forest high-speed.


The pixies dwelt in the nearby forest.

Therefore, I asked her to act as a messenger with Demon Lord Rukie and Princess Sophia.


“I came to report a matter.”

“There’s no need to be in such a rush.
Take it easy.”

“I’m not overworking myself.
Soleil is completely healthy now.”


She then swayed and somersaulted in the air before puffing out her chest proudly.



“I use the [Footbath] every day, and it has made me very healthy.”

“Did you replace the magic stone properly?”

“Of course.
I’ve learned how to replace it from benefactor-sama.
And since other pixies are also using the [Footbath] these days, everyone is looking for magic stones on a daily basis.”

“I see.”


So, the other pixies were also using the [Footbath].

I’m glad to hear that, but…… the pixies are using the [Footbath] as a normal bath, so only one or two of them can use it at a time.

I should design one that they can bathe in at once.


For now, let’s remodel the bath in the workshop.

If the bath itself boasts a [Footbath] function, dozens of pixies should be able to bathe together.
Yeah, I think this is the second item I’ll create in this workshop.

I’ll make a note regarding it to avoid forgetting.


“So, Soleil, what’s the report?”

“Yes! A while ago, I went to the town of Nosa to listen to what the princess had to say.
According to her, the Imperial side is also investigating the monster and magic circle.
However, nothing new has been found yet.”

“Does this mean there are no monsters or magic circles?”

“Her Highness Sophia said, “It seems that there are no new kinds of monsters near the border.
However, we are unsure regarding magic circles.
We have no indication as to where they are.””


Soleil displayed a troubled expression.


I see.

We can’t expect the magic circles to constantly emit light, as they’re simply drawings on the ground.

If we search for them without any clues, we won’t discover them at all……


“Can the pixies sense the magic power of a magic circle?”

“If we get close to it, we can sense the leftover magic power.”

According to Soleil, the magic circle had a faint residual magic power, similar to that of a monster.

Therefore, the pixies were able to notice the magic circle in the dormant monster’s cave.

However, they had to draw very close to the circle itself to sense it.


“The pixies can sense many different types of magic power.
But because the monster’s magic power is special, we have to get closer to sense it.”

“Father is investigating the magic circles as well.”


Agnis interjected after Soleil’s words.


“He’s directing the soldiers to investigate the area near where the monster Gargarossa was located.
However, they haven’t found anything that resembles a magic circle yet.”

“It’s quite difficult, isn’t it?”


Agnis and Mabel were both pondering over the matter.

If the monster Gargarossa was what was summoned, the magic circle should be situated nearby.

The general would likely want to locate it before development of the mine begins.
It would be far too dangerous to leave it be.


“Anyway, my father is doing his best, but the investigation will require some time.”

“General Reisenga sure has it hard.”

“No, my father’s job is to safeguard the territory.”

“I’ve been busy preparing the workshop lately as well.
Perhaps I should have supported him.”

“It’s not your responsibility, Thor-sama! Please don’t worry about it…”

“But, if I had created a magic circle detector earlier, the investigation might have progressed much faster.”

“It wouldn’t help much! E-eh?”

“Thor-sama, what did you just say? What did you just say?”



Mabel, Agnis, and Soleil turned their eyes toward me.

Eh? Did I state something so strange?


“I’ve had my hands full building this workshop lately, but I should have built a magic circle detector sooner..”

“A magic circle detector?”

“Is there such a thing?”

“What is it, benefactor-sama?”


Mabel and Agnis both approached me.

Perhaps Soleil was too shocked, as she simply bit her lips.


I was also quite surprised when I saw the [Mail Order Catalogue].

I was surprised to see such items in the heroes’ world.


“Mabel, Agnis and Soleil, can you come have a look at this?”


I opened the [Mail Order Catalogue] in front of everyone.

This was what was written in it…







Today’s world is full of dangerous items, such as wiretapping devices and 5G signals.

Perhaps they even exist in your neighborhood.

Eavesdropping and tracking devices are everywhere.


Let’s live a safe and secure life with this [Radio Detector]!


This [Radio Detector] developed by our company reacts to even the faintest radio wave.

It shows you where the signal is originating from with a light and an arrow.

With this [Radio Detector], you can locate dangerous items such as wiretaps, transmitters, tracking devices and much more.

Cut off the flow of radio waves and sever any connection between you and strange places.


Our state-of-the-art technology results in our radio wave detection being 20 times more accurate than conventional products.

Regardless of how distant you are or how well they’re concealed, nothing can escape this [Radio Detector]!






“I see…”


Mabel, Agnis, and Soleil nodded.


“So, Thor-sama, you think that this ‘radio wave’ is something like magic power?”

“Yes, I do.”

“So that’s why it says ‘sever any connection between you and strange places.'”


Mabel mumbled, sounding convinced.


“Indeed, it is similar to summoning magic, which uses magic power to connect the magic circle to the person to be summoned or a place.”

“I think the ‘radio waves’ in the heroes’ world do the same.”

“So the magic power that Soleil and the others felt must be similar to that.”

“In other words, “wiretaps” and “transmitters” are items as formidable as summoning magic circles.”


The people of the heroes’ world even designed magic items as countermeasures.

That’s how frightening these two items must have been.


“But, Thor-sama, the ‘eavesdropping device’ is an item for eavesdropping, isn’t it?”


Agnis nodded his head.


“Agnis can’t believe that the heroes would eavesdrop…”

“Maybe the ‘eavesdropping device’ has some connection with transcendental powers.”

“Transcendental powers?”

“As Agnis said, the heroes summoned from other worlds used amazing swordsmanship and magic.
In other words, I think they were secret techniques.”


They were being studied in the Empire, but some of them could not be reproduced.

Perhaps that was the trump card of the heroes.


“The heroes must have cherished those techniques even in their original world.
It is likely that there would even be conflicts over secret techniques.
In order to become more powerful, the fastest way would be to obtain the secret techniques of others.
I believe that is why they used eavesdropping items.”

“So that’s how they were trying to steal secret techniques…”

“I believe that’s how it is.”


There were disputes between heroes even in this world.

The heroes used all their cards to fight each other.
I heard that there was a lot of resulting damage at that time.

I don’t even want to imagine what would happen if that were to occur in a world full of heroes.


“The heroes’ world is literally filled with heroes.
What do you think would happen to the towns and villages if all those heroes were to clash with one another?”

“… They might all just disappear.”


Agnis’s face paled as mumbled.


“That’s true.
However, I believe that if they fight too fiercely, ‘Omawarisan’ will appear.”

“That’s the guardian spirit of the other world, right?”

I believe the heroes were attempting to steal secret techniques without being noticed by Omawarisan.”

“In other words, that’s what the ‘eavesdropping device’ was used for.”

“It was to observe the location where others practiced and eavesdrop, so that they could become more powerful heroes.”

“After all, the other world is a scary place…”

“If it were me, I wouldn’t last three days.”


That’s the kind of world that needed countless magic items.

This [Mail Order Catalogue] is several hundred pages thick.

I can’t even imagine what kind of place this world is where that many magic items are needed.


“… It seems like a world where transcendent people frequently fight one another.”

Soleil murmured.

Yeah, that’s a fitting description.


“Of course, I will not make this Demon Territory a scary place like the world of the heroes.”

“I know, benefactor-sama.”

“Also, all of what is in this [Mail Order Catalogue] is to improve comfort.”


This [Mail Order Catalogue] may be something special in the heroes’ world.

Perhaps it was a book to encourage the heroes who fought each other to lead a relaxed life, saying, ‘Let’s relax in the footbath’ or ‘Let’s sleep well with a body pillow’.

It is a book designed to help live a leisurely life in a bleak and brutal world.

Maybe that’s why there is no mention of swords or offensive magic in the book.


“Oh well, I won’t know if I don’t research it.”


I’ll just make copies of the items in this [Mail Order Catalogue] and have everyone use them.

Then, the Demon Territory will be at peace.

If everyone leads a peaceful life, Princess Sophia could visit as well.

At the same time, as long as the Demon Territory develops into a place where the hands of the Empire can’t extend, Princess Sophia defecting wouldn’t be an issue either.

I suddenly went on a tangent.


“Now, to create this [Radio Detector] into a [Magic Circle Detector], I should take out the leg of the monster Gargarossa…”


I took out a piece of Gargarossa’S corpse from the [Ultra Small Simple Warehouse].

Then I began to explain to Mabel and the others how to create a [Magic Circle Detector].

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