’s stable instead?”

“Beasts—as in monsters?”

In the bad ending of the game, there had also been a really hardcore one during the moment of being eaten after Estelle was attacked by a monster.
She immediately recalled having been shocked as she nearly dropped the game console.

Revenna resolutely shook her head at Julia’s question that was mixed with concern.

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“First of all, since it is a beast that lives in the Demon Realm, you may call it a monster.
However, it is not unconditionally ferocious like how humans had stereotyped.
Besides, the ones that have been quietly locked in the stable as instructed are only those young ones who were just born.”


“Working in the stable will be rather hard on your body, but it will at least put your mind at ease.
A young individual is always adorable regardless of its own species.
Is it perfect for you now?”

Julia gently nodded her head.
It was due to the fact that she was reminiscing back on her memories before she had fallen to the Demon Realm.

She was always on the edge of human relationships, but animals had approached her without any sort of hesitation at all.
As she could only sit on a cushion of thorns like this, if she were able to take care of even just a young animal, then it was clear that—as Revenna had said before—her mind would definitely be at ease.

As she agreed, the corners of Revenna’s eyes began to crease brightly.

“Then, is that a yes?”

As Revenna stroked her fingers just like she did before, Julia’s vision began to distort as if she was flickering.
When she finally woke up, she was already standing near the entrance of the stable that was on the one side of the Demon King’s Castle.

‘Call for me if you happen to face any kind of difficulties.
So, let’s all work hard.’

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Revenna’s high, chirping voice echoed through the air before it slowly faded away.

* * *

Julia then steadily took a look around the stable, which seemed to have nothing to be done about.
She didn’t know if there was another manager or whether they would have utilized magic like Kimaris did.
All she had to do was to fill up the empty feeding bin as she played with the young but bored beasts instead.

The ‘newborn’ beast that Revenna had talked about was roughly around the size of a large dog and she was able to spend her time playing without the need to worry about being hit during that time.


Julia, who was dragged along under the guise of playing around, had eventually missed the rope.
The wolf cub, who had then been enjoying itself happily, could no longer restrain its strength as she tumbled onto the floor.


“I’m sorry.
I lost my strength for a second there!”

As she was about to get up in a hurry, she suddenly slumped onto the ground at the dizzying tingle that struck in front of her eyes.
Upon reflection, ever since she arrived at the Demon Realm, she hadn’t been able to even take a sip of water—let alone, to eat.

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