Min Yu was putting on his usual soft smile.
He was saying something to the young man.
His eyes curled, and he seemed to be in a good mood.



Shao Mingwei’s post was located in the mobile phone section.
However, after they entered, they went straight to the watch section, which was on the opposite side, bypassing Shao Mingwei.

“Then let me take this one, ba… Hello? Excuse me?” 

Shao Mingwei regained his senses, and said with an apologetic smile, “I’m sorry, have you chosen? Do you want this one?”


Shao Mingwei swiftly and adeptly packed the phone, checked out the bill, then handed over the package to the customer.
When he looked again at the direction where Min Yu’s was, the other party seemed to have chosen something that he liked.
He looked satisfied with it because he was looking back and forth at the watch, then at the young man he was talking and laughing to.

Shao Mingwei retracted his gaze and put the phone samples that the last customer had looked into inside the transparent cabinet.
It just so happens that there was another customer coming in, so he showed a professional smile.

“Is there anything I can help you with?”


After leaving work at 5:30, Shao Mingwei hurriedly ate dinner and took a bus to Nights to start his night shift.
The guests had left early today, so he caught the last bus and returned home before 12 o’clock.
After he finished taking a bath, he laid down on the sofa.
It’s only at the end of his busy day that he could relax a little.

He was exhausted, but kept on tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep.

The scene where Min Yu was talking and laughing with another man appeared before his eyes.

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Shao Mingwei felt that he’s really strange.
He didn’t understand why he cared about who Min Yu was with and who he was gently smiling at. 

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Shao Mingwei, a young and spirited youth, had once watched a film with his friends in the dormitory and had a reaction.
Although he wasn’t very enthusiastic about it, he was indeed a straight man, and he had never felt anything in particular with other men.

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Finally, Shao Mingwei, who was lying on the sofa, covering his eyes with the back of his hand, had to admit in frustration that he’s a hypocritical and despicable person.

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He’s aware that he did not like Min Yu, but he subconsciously didn’t want the other party to cast his eyes on other people.

It turns out that he’s also such a vain person… 

Shao Mingwei rubbed his face with his hands and stared at the lone LED bulb above the ceiling in a daze.

After a while, Shao Rong’s small voice sounded from the bedroom.
“Brother, you also can’t fall asleep, ma?”


“En,” Shao Mingwei replied.
He got up and walked inside the room, then said with concern, “Why haven’t you slept yet? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

He sat beside Shao Rong’s bed and tested the temperature of her forehead.
He fixed her blanket and covered her body with it.
“Don’t expose yourself to the cold air, you’ll easily get a stomachache.” 

“Not uncomfortable, I sleep a lot during the day.” Shao Rong looked at him dependently.

Shao Mingwei was silent.
He was afraid that something would happen to Shao Rong’s body when she goes outside, so he’s unwilling to let her out alone.
During the day, he had to do his part-time jobs, and Aunt Jiang was not there to take care of her.
Shao Rong stayed inside this small room all day long by herself.
She probably felt bored, but she never said anything to him to not burden him.

Shao Mingwei felt guilty and distressed.
He touched her head and thought for a while, then said, “The day after tomorrow, Brother will ask for a day off so I could take you out to play.
Where do you want to go?”

Shao Rong’s eyes lit up.
“Is it possible?” Then, somewhat hesitating, she asked, “Will it affect your work, ya?” 

Shao Mingwei smiled and comforted her.
“It’s alright, brother also wants to take a break.”

“Then I want to go to an ocean park.” Shao Rong’s eyes were bright but also full of longing.

“Okay.” Shao Mingwei looked at Shao Rong’s face.
It was a little swollen due to the frequent dialysis, and said softly, “Should we go to the hospital for a checkup?”

The moment she heard the word “checkup” Shao Rong’s eyebrows drooped down, and said unwillingly, “There’s still a month left before the next checkup, ne.” 

Shao Mingwei took out his mobile phone and glanced at his memo.
“There’s one month and eight days left.
When that time comes, I’ll accompany you.”

Shao Rong pursed his lips and said, “I don’t want to have a checkup.” Maybe after the checkup, the doctor will say that she’d gotten worse again and needs to change into a more expensive medicine.
She doesn’t want her brother to work so hard.
Lately, her brother has gone out at 7 in the morning and comes back home at 12 in the evening and has no time for himself.
Mei Zi said that her cousin was also a sophomore student.
Aside from attending classes, he also plays games, occasionally attends parties, and is living a leisurely life.
When Shao Rong thought of her brother, she felt sad and wanted to cry.

Shao Mingwei knew what she was thinking, and patiently persuaded her, “If you don’t go to the hospital for a checkup, you will only make your brother worry.
Brother now has money on hand.
Not only does he go out during the day to work, Brother also goes to his professor’s laboratory to help.
Brother is also very happy, you don’t need to think too much.”


“Really.” Shao Mingwei promised, “So do your checkup obediently, nothing will go wrong.”

Shao Rong had no choice but to nod.

Shao Mingwei gently gathered the hair scattered on her forehead, tucked it behind her ears, then whispered, “It’s late, go to sleep, brother will be here to watch you.”


This afternoon was Qi Jingchun’s last make-up class.
The sun was so bright, and Shao Mingwei, who walked from the bus station to the gate of Qi’s house, rang the doorbell.
Most of the fabrics of his T-shirt on his back were covered with sweat.

The door opened quickly, and Min Yu stood behind, smiling softly and delightedly at Shao Mingwei.
“You’re here.
Is it too hot outside?” Then he went to the living room to get him plain water at room temperature and a towel.


Min Yu was dressed casually today, like Shao Mingwei, he’s dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans.
His shirt was loose underneath his body, his bangs were not combed up but were scattered loosely.
He also wore thick black rim eyeglasses.
If you look at it from a distance, he looked like a frail college student.

Seeing Min Yu again, Shaped Mingwei still felt emotionally troubled.
But after probing himself that night, he had calmly faced his strange behavior towards Min Yu. 

After changing his shoes, he watched Min Yu approach and said in a calm manner, “It’s a little hot.”

Min Yu handed him the water and towel, eyes shining brightly and his voice gentle.
“Drink some water at room temperature.
You just got here and had been exposed to the heat.
You’ll get a stomach ache drinking cold water.”

Shao Mingwei paused, then said, “Thank you, Mr.

After tidying up himself, Min Yu was sitting beside him.
Shao Mingwei pursed his lips, then asked, “Jingchun is on the second floor, right?” 

Min Yu was a little disappointed, but still said, “En, she’s in the study room.”

Shao Mingwei pretended not to see the disappointment on his face.
He stood up then said politely, “Then Mr.
Min, I will go up first.”

Min Yu had to smile, trying his best to cover up the faint grievances he’s feeling, and said dryly, “Okay, you go, ba.
Hurry and don’t let Jingchun wait.”

Shao Mingwei: I’m not gay.
I don’t like Min Yu. 

Hoho, that day will eventually come, my dear.

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