Ren Yiqing, the two big men, spent most of the day in the mall, entangled and at a loss, until finally choosing cufflinks with a suitable price, that has plain colors and a unique design.


Ren Yiqing jokes, “After Mr.
Min receives this, he will surely wear it every day.
When that moment comes, I will say a few words of praise and he will definitely be happy.”

Shao Mingwei also went to learn how to bake a cake so he could make them for Min Yu’s birthday.
He tried to make it twice at home and because Shao Rong couldn’t eat more, almost all of it got into his and Aunt Jiang’s stomach.

For the first time, he planned to surprise someone on their birthday, and the object was his sweetheart, so he was inevitably nervous.
But he was well prepared so the feeling of excitement prevails.
Everything is ready, just waiting for the arrival of December 12th.


However, there will always be inevitable twists and turns in the things that we anticipate the most.
One week before his birthday, Min Yu suffered the bitter fruit of his willfulness – he had a fever. 

The temperature dropped sharply the day before.
Min Yu himself didn’t watch the weather often, and silently ignored Shao Mingwei’s advice that he add more clothes, thinking that it’ll only be a short distance from the parking lot to the company building without a heater.
But who would’ve thought that just after being blown by the freezing winter wind, he wouldn’t be able to get up from bed the next day? His throat was dry and painful, like it was on fire.
He couldn’t speak, and his head was dizzy.

It was Saturday.
Shao Mingwei was in Professor Xue’s laboratory when he received a call from Min Yu.

“Mingwei, where are you?” Min Yu’s soft but dispirited voice came through.

As soon as Shao Mingwei heard it, he knew that there was something wrong with him, and anxiously asked, “In the laboratory.
What’s wrong? Are you sick?” 

Min Yu seemed to be terribly uncomfortable, or perhaps when he’s sick he would become more frail than usual, and his voice had almost become a whimper.
“En, I seem to have a fever.
Head hurts, throat also hurts… I’m so uncomfortable… Can you come over?”

“Okay, I’ll come over right away.
Do you have any antipyretic medicine there… Forget it, wait for me to arrive instead.
Just wait at home obediently, and drink a cup of hot water if you can to make your throat a little comfortable.” Shao Mingwei urged in a small and warm voice.

“En… but I’m so dizzy, I can’t get out of bed.” Min Yu put the phone under his ear and coquettishly whispered into the microphone.

Shao Mingwei smiled helplessly and comforted, “Wait for me to come, all right? I’ll be there soon.” 

“En, I’ll ask the driver to pick you up.”

Just as Shao Mingwei was about to say no, he thought of how fast Min Yu’s driver could drive.
He no longer felt any hint of refusal.


After hanging up the phone, Shao Mingwei immediately asked his senior sister to help him record the data, then looked for the assistant advisor to ask for a leave, packed up his things, and hurried to Min Yu’s condo.

Translator’s corner: I don’t know if it was because I was reading it with MTL or am I just too dumb that I haven’t guessed what the gift was until it was revealed .
What do y’all think the gift was? 

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