He undid the first button of Min Yu’s pajama with one hand.
Pulling the collar aside, he couldn’t help but kiss the delicate white collarbone there.

Min Yu raised his head and panted with his eyes closed.
He felt Shao Mingwei sticking out his tongue to lick the socket of his collarbone, his thin lips pressing onto the bone, and even slightly grinding his hard teeth on it.
Then a wet sensation spreads into his shoulder.



A short moment later, the smooth and round white shoulder was covered with water stains.

Shao Mingwei acted like a wolfdog, sniffing wildly against his neck, but he never forgot to wrap Min Yu around a blanket, fearing that he would catch a cold and have a fever again. 

The numbness softened most of Min Yu’s body.
He grabbed Shao Mingwei’s hand and placed it on the second button.
He exhaled through his mouth and said, “Do you want to see it?”


Shao Mingwei clenched the button tightly, his breathing hoarse, and was unable to speak.

Min Yu approached him and raised his hand to turn on the light behind him.
Suddenly, the dim light enveloped the two people on the sofa.
Before his eyes, Min Yu’s exposed skin was white and bright, his lips were rosy, his eyes were soft and seductive, Shao Mingwei couldn’t help but slightly squint his eyes.

Min Yu took his hand to unfasten the second button and slowly pulled it open…


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Shao Mingwei stared at his sunken nipple and the flat pink color embedded in the white chest in surprise.

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“Pr la euis?”


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Every time he touched it, Min Yu’s upper body trembled.

Shao Mingwei said in a hoarse voice, “Can it come out?”

“I don’t know…” The two of them looked at the sunken nipple.
Min Yu was very ashamed.
He closed his eyes slightly and moved forward, stumbling and whispering, “You… kiss, maybe you can, you can make it come out.

“En.” Shao Mingwei’s eyes were deep.
He opened his hand to hold the white flesh on his chest.
With a little force, his areola was squeezed to the top.
He leaned forward, opened his mouth to suck, then flick his tongue on it. 

“Nng—” Min Yu muffled a soft and charming moan.
The place where he was bitten was sucked and lapped by the two lips and one tongue.
The numbness and itchiness were unbearable.
He held Shao Mingwei’s head, unable to decide whether to hide or to pull closer.

When Min Yu’s moans reached his ears, Shao Mingwei could no longer endure them.
His tongue swirled around his areola, and he licked hard against the depression.
He put one hand behind Min Yu’s back and pressed Min Yu’s chest against him.
His lips were completely pressed against Min Yu’s ravaged and swollen breast as he kept sucking it.
Finally, when Min Yu wasn’t able to hold on and was about to cry, a small crimson fleshy bud glistening with saliva stood trembling in the air.

Shao Mingwei became excited.
“It came out.”

Min Yu nodded unconsciously, eagerly feeding the other side into Shao Mingwei’s mouth, impatiently saying,”… On this side too…” 

Shao Mingwei chuckled in a hoarse voice, then sucked the other side.
The nipple that had just shyly emerged was not left out.
He kneaded it with his fingers, twisting them back and forth.
The bud that has not come out for years was very tender and lovely.
Right now, it was being played without mercy, and Min Yu couldn’t tell which side of his chest was more comfortable.

Min Yu was only sucked and played with by his nipples, but the thing below his body had already stood up high.
Because of the thin trousers, it bumps against Shao Mingwei’s hard genitals.
He stretched out his hand and pulled Shao Mingwei’s pajama, revealing a small part of black underwear that had been already wet with semen.
He licked his lips subconsciously.
Suddenly feeling thirsty, he asked, “Can I?”


Shao Mingwei nodded, then watched him slowly pull down his underwear, revealing the hard and fierce-looking cock inside.

Min Yu seemed to be frightened.
After a while, he asked, “Why are you so big?” 

Shao Mingwei was a little embarrassed.
“I also don’t know…”

“What did you eat to grow up?” Min Yu playfully asked him.
Not waiting for him to answer, his fair and slender fingers gently caressed the youthful and vigorous penis from its root to its head.
Seemingly as if he hated to part with it, he said rather fondly, “It’s so cute.”

Shao Mingwei, however, could not figure out what was so cute about this ugly-looking thing.

But Min Yu seemed to be really hungry for his spirited cock, staring at it fascinatedly, his hand unceasingly sliding up and down, gently caressing and stroking it.
He swallowed hard, bit his lip, and said, “… I want to taste it.” 

Shao Mingwei’s eyes widened slightly.
Just with his words, he felt like he was going to ejaculate.

“Don’t…” Min Yu quickly blocked the small hole in the cock’s head.

Shao Mingwei’s face turned red, completely unable to resist Min Yu at all, he said in a muffled voice, “What did you say?”

Min Yu glanced at him.
With a gaze in his eyes similar to seducing, he leaned closer to his ear.
“I want to taste your…” 

“Cock.” He didn’t say those two words out loud, but Shao Mingwei read the vulgar statement by the shape of his lips.
His lower body was held by Min Yu and teased by him like this, it’s natural that he would feel the heat surging, but there was nowhere to vent.

He hadn’t had any experience with anyone, after all, he was inexperienced and confused, but his body felt like it was ignited by a raging fire.
He finally couldn’t help but pull off Min Yu’s underwear and rubbed himself against him.
He didn’t have much technique, directly bashing sideways and colliding straight on.
Min Yu was so stimulated that he couldn’t speak anymore, only moaning incoherently.

Shao Mingwei didn’t seem to be able to touch him enough.
He tenderly rubbed the soft flesh in his body, stroked his chin, nipples, and belly button, and finally stayed on his fleshy buttocks, kneading them into various shapes.
The soft meat of the buttocks seems to be overflowing from his fingers.
The two kissed, their upper bodies clung to each other, as if they were in heat. With all the majesty of an emperor, Shao Mingwei inserted his cock between Min Yu’s legs.
Min Yu swayed his buttocks back and forth and used his perineum and thighs to stimulate his stiff and hot erection. 

There was a small wet hole sucking his hard shaft from time to time, and it was like a burst of electric current passing through.
Shao Mingwei’s scalp felt numb.
His breath was racing, as Min Yu’s waist was tightly bound with his.

Min Yu hooked his neck, feeling as if he was riding a horse, and at the same time, inside of a furnace, burned to the point of being dizzy.
His erection was taken care of by Shao Mingwei, so he couldn’t resist but ejaculate first.
He lost his strength and collapsed in the opponent’s arms, allowing the young man to caress him frantically.

Even so, Min Yu was wrapped tightly, for fear of being touched by a thread of coldness.

After a long while, Shao Mingwei also shot out, white and transparent liquid was everywhere, there was even a little trace of it dripping in Min Yu’s slightly opened hole. 

Translator’s corner: Wahhh forgive me if there were some inconsistencies, this is my first time translating mature content.
I’ll do better next time I promise! (Eheh yes, there will be a next mah loves).



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