Professor Xue Tanqi has always been known for his sternness.
With a pair of heavy eagle eyes, countless students had fallen under his hands.
The failure rate of the elective courses he offers every year ranks first in the entire Q University.
Therefore, he got the funny nickname of “learn to sigh” from the students.
Even the graduate students who followed him in his laboratory experiments were a little timid when they saw him, and wouldn’t dare to joke around recklessly. 

Professor Xue is unsmiling, but he especially likes Shao Mingwei, a hardworking, low-key, and down-to-earth student.
He has always been kind to him and even faintly favored him in the laboratory, but Shao Mingwei hasn’t shown an attitude that he requires special treatment from others, so both senior brothers and sisters in the laboratory get along pretty well.
After calling him, the professor said with a chatty smile, “It’s already May, so you should think about the future.
Have you considered it? Being admitted to a postgraduate study is definitely not a problem for you.
The subject I am intending to research recently is very suitable for the direction you want to take.
When the time comes, you will follow me.” Professor Xue was in a good mood, and made a rare joke, “If you study all the way, you will have a limitless future.”

Shao Mingwei was stunned for a while.
The movement of his hand loading the book slowed down, then said with some difficulty, “I’m sorry, professor… I haven’t considered whether to go to graduate school or not.”



The professor didn’t expect him to say this, and his body sat up straight from the seat.

Shao Mingwei didn’t say much, only smiling faintly.
“I want to work directly.” 

Professor Xue knows a little about the situation in his family and understands the reason why he wants to work, but he simply picks up a sesame seed and drops off a watermelon, and even doubted if he had a fever and was delirious.
He disagreed and said, “You’re suitable for doing research.
This is very rare.”


These are not Professor Xue’s polite words for persuasion.
He has accepted a lot of students and has sharp eyes.
After getting along for two days, he could immediately tell whoever was suitable for doing research.
There were a few people who entered the laboratory with Shao Mingwei at the same time.
Shao Mingwei and Zhao Sheng were the only two people he paid more attention to at the beginning, but Zhao Sheng seemed to be more utilitarian and might not be able to withstand the loneliness and work fatigue of doing deeper academic research.
In the end, the professor still prefers Shao Mingwei the most, and thinks that he has a great love for the subject of biology—this cannot be concealed.
In addition, his character is sincere, smart, talented, down-to-earth, and serious.
He’s a really good candidate for research, and he has always had the idea of recruiting him.
After almost two years, he’s very optimistic about Shao Mingwei.
The professor is aware of his grades and has mentioned two or three times before that he should follow him to study for graduate school.

Shao Mingwei lowered his eyes, not speaking as if he was silently rejecting, but at the same time seemed to be extremely entangled.

The professor glanced at him, silent and stubborn.
This kind of person, unless he makes his own decision, the persuasion of others is useless.
He sighed and said, “Life is not a trifling matter.
Don’t waste it because of a momentary impulse.
Sometimes you young people like to be cranky.
Saying that it doesn’t make sense is not right, but you can’t say that it’s reasonable either.
In other words, still immature.
There’s still more time.
You go back and think about it carefully, ba.”


Shao Mingwei’s vainly clenched fist moved, as if suddenly reacting, he packed up his things, pursed his lips, and said, “Thank you, Professor, then I’ll leave first.”

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“Xbbv joafgcbbc, Ugbofrrbg Wef.” 

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“Itjb Vtfcu, jt.
Xbbv joafgcbbc, mbwf jcv rla vbkc, yj.” Coafg rqfjxlcu, tlr ujhf wbnfv ab atf qjqfgr bc atf ajyif.
Lf qlmxfv atf atlcur klat tlr tjcv ab olclrt gfjvlcu atfw.

Zhao Sheng didn’t expect Shao Mingwei to be there, so he paused.

Shao Mingwei was about to nod and greet him, but Zhao Sheng glared at him provocatively while the professor lowered his head.

Despite Shao Mingwei’s gentle character and having no intention of caring about him, he wouldn’t feel good when someone glares at him for no reason.
What’s more, he is already feeling troubled at the moment, and the displeasure of being offended is even greater.
He frowned impatiently.
Without saying a word, he ignored him directly and passed over. 

“You!” Zhao Sheng felt annoyed the most when being ignored by him, as if he was deliberately being provocative and completely looked down on him.
His anger surged up, and he subconsciously wanted to hold Shao Mingwei.

“What’s going on?” Hearing the movement, Professor Xue raised his head and looked suspiciously at Zhao Sheng, who raised his hand, and Shao Mingwei, who had an indifferent expression.

Zhao Sheng quickly adjusted his expression, sat down in front of the professor’s desk, smiled, and said, “It’s nothing, it’s nothing.
I’m looking for you for something, professor…”

When Shao Mingwei saw Professor Xue who was looking at him with concern, his heart warmed.
He nodded to him and opened the door, then went out. 


Zhao Sheng noticed this small exchange.
He frowned, felt annoyed and sour in his heart.
They obviously all belonged to the professor’s laboratory…


He had no time to pay attention to what Zhao Sheng was thinking.
Shao Mingwei had a lot of things to do, so he quickly tossed him in the back of his head.

On this day, the counselor suddenly sent an announcement to the group chat and posted chat records and files.
One of the files was a notice of the launch of a large-sized company’s “Elite Program” – a recruitment program for Class A students, and the other was an application form.
There was also a passage from the head of the human resources office: “The reality is so unexpected.
This is a very lucky class of students who have more good employment opportunities than in previous years.
After a long time, XX company has fully started the 20XX session of recruitment.
I am both surprised and happy.
The above is the relevant information.
Please forward it to the students of the 20XX class, and remind everyone: the employment date has shifted to an earlier date.
Please prepare as soon as possible.” 

Shao Mingwei’s heart jumped when he saw it, and he clicked to take a closer look.
The first document was both a recruitment plan and a training plan.
The conditions were very good: customized training plans from top trainers, promising positions, high-quality student summer camps, and generous salaries together with some exclusive offers… Of course, the requirements are also very high: must have won a scholarship or won an award in a well-known intellectual contest, published a paper in a major journal, etc.

Even so, it was enough to excite the students.
A series of question marks and exclamation marks filled the screen.
Shao Mingwei felt surprised and excited.
Not only because it’s rare for a large-sized company to open the green channel for school recruitment, but if one large-sized company opens, maybe there will be other large companies in the future that will also open, and everyone can make more choices.

Shao Mingwei’s eyes were deep, mixed with different emotions.
He knows that this kind of announcement is well written and very tempting, but how it actually is to be determined.
Compared with the other option he could choose, it was even more incomparable, but fortunately, it was not unacceptable.
It’s really much better than a job that is unreliable at first glance.
It makes people feel more at ease.

After thinking about it for two days, Shao Mingwei filled out the application form and handed it in.
He didn’t say anything, nor did he ask anyone.
The school was full of posted announcements like invitations for studying abroad, postgraduate entrance examination lectures, and job fairs.
He would inevitably stop and take a look, his face indifferent, but you couldn’t tell what he was thinking. 

At night, he still lives in Min Yu’s condominium.
At about eleven o’clock, he was washing in the bathroom when he suddenly received a call from Professor Xue.

He was a little surprised.
Professor Xue didn’t often communicate with him on the phone, let alone at this point in time.
He connected the call and said, “Professor Xue.”

“Mingwei, are you asleep?” The professor’s voice was deep, but he couldn’t hear any joy or anger in it.

Shao Mingwei: “Not yet.
What can I do for you?” 

Professor: “Do you have a class tomorrow morning? If not, come to my office.
I have something to tell you.”

The professor’s tone was a bit slow, but more anxious than usual.
Shao Mingwei suddenly had an inexplicable premonition and asked, “What is it about?”

However, it seems like he couldn’t make it clear on the phone.
The professor didn’t disclose it.
He would only know if he comes.

Shao Mingwei hung up the phone, his brows frowning slightly. 

Back in the bedroom, the chandelier was turned off, and the small lamp beside the bed was turned on.
Min Yu leaned on the headboard, reading the book in his hand.
This is his habit.
No matter how long he spends every day, he has to read.

He heard Shao Mingwei’s conversation on the phone, raised his head from the book, and asked softly, “Mingwei, what happened?”

Min Yu’s upper body was shrouded in soft light, and the pair of gentle eyes looked at him with concern.
Shao Mingwei’s sudden unease was silently soothed, disappearing without a trace.

“It’s nothing.
Professor Xue asked me to go find him tomorrow.” Shao Mingwei smiled, turned off the phone, and put it on the nightstand.
When Min Yu didn’t respond, he got into the light and soft quilt and put his arms around Min Yu’s waist, who was half seated. 

Min Yu looked down at him, smiled indulgently, and said, “What are you doing?”

Shao Mingwei put strength in his arms, propped his upper body with his elbows, then buried his head on Min Yu’s belly, separated from his warm skin by a thin layer of pajamas.
His muffled voice came out.
“You’re still not sleeping…”


Min Yu put the book down, gently stroked the back of the head and neck of the big boy in his arms with his hand, and said with a smile, “Why are you suddenly being clingy?” Although he said this, Min Yu obediently dimmed the bedside lamp.

The room fell into darkness.
Min Yu lay down with the posture of embracing the young man, patted him gently on the back, and whispered, “Go to sleep, good night.” 

After a long time, Min Yu could no longer hold on and fell into drowsiness.
His hand slowly stopped its movements.
The young man hugged him tightly in his arms, rubbed against him, and made an “en” sound.

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