portunity to know a person of Min Yu’s status.
The only possibility is because of the tutoring job he found.
Xue Tanqi knew that some of these leaders in the business circles were very open, and both men and women were not taboo, but Mingwei was so young that he was afraid that he wouldn’t know if he was taken advantage of or deceived.
He hadn’t slept well all night, annoyed that he might have done something bad with the intention of doing good.
Mingwei was his favorite student, and because he knew Min Yu, Xue Tanqi suddenly felt that the responsibility on his shoulders was even greater, and the more he pondered, the heavier it became in his heart.

“Why do you think this way?” Shao Mingwei lifted his eyes in surprise and couldn’t help smiling.
At the same time, because of the professor’s sincere care, a warm current surged in his heart.
Feeling embarrassed, he explained, “Min Yu… He didn’t force me.
Really, we are in love with each other.
It can also be said that…” his voice lowered, “I am inseparable from him.” 

Hearing that, Professor Xue smiled and said in his heart: as expected of youths nowadays.
He breathed a sigh of relief.
“It’s me who is thinking too much.
It’s good that it’s not.”

It’s also true that there seems to be no room for a third person in that photo, and his dazzling and passionate love showed that he cares and thus unrestrained.


“Professor.” Shao Mingwei hesitated, “If you feel awkward or uncomfortable.
I will leave the laboratory after finishing the most recent stage of work.
I’m sorry for not telling you, but I can’t change myself and I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.”

“No, no, where do you think you’re going?” Professor Xue quickly waved his hand, as if he found the way Shao Mingwei defended his love with a straight back very touching.
He said sensibly, “What things do you young people say to me when you start dating? I’m not old-fashioned.
I’ve been teaching for so many years, what things haven’t I seen yet? As long as you don’t break the law or violate morality, does it matter? The matter about your relationship is your own business.
I won’t interfere with it.
I just want to remind you that this photo was sent to me anonymously.
You have to pay attention.
Think about whether you’ve had a conflict with anyone.
Find it as soon as possible and don’t let it spread out.
After all, not everyone accepts it.
You’re now in a critical period, and you should try to handle this matter as properly as possible.
If you have any difficulties, you must tell me.” 

Because Professor Xue didn’t look at him in a strange way, Shao Mingwei relaxed a little and was very grateful to him.
After all, the professor was the first person to know about him and Min Yu in the true sense except for his family, and he cared very much about the professor’s opinion.
He said, “I understand, thank you.”

“It’s nothing.”

Shao Mingwei: “Professor… I hope you can help me keep it a secret.”

Professor: “That’s for sure.” 

“… Don’t tell Min Yu either.” Shao Mingwei added hesitantly.

“… I won’t.” Professor Xue, who was planning something else, was speechless and couldn’t help but answer vaguely.
He quickly brought up another topic.”I told you to come today because, in addition to this matter, I also want to talk to you about your postgraduate studies.
Have you thought about it? Mingwei, you know that if you want to have good development and a future in this major, you absolutely need to pursue further studies.
Besides, your qualifications are very good.
Not going to graduate school is a pity.
Teacher hopes that you must be very careful.
After all, this is a lifetime thing.”

Shao Mingwei’s slightly relaxed heart sank again.
He remembered the application form he had submitted and was extremely entangled.
He didn’t know what he was resolutely insisting on, what he was struggling with, and how he should explain it to the professor.

Fortunately, Professor Xue did not force him, but only repeatedly advised him to make decisions carefully and solemnly. 

After Shao Mingwei left, Xue Tanqi was about to delete the email.
When he clicked on the cross of the enlarged picture with the mouse, his gaze inadvertently swept across the corner of the second photo.
There was a very unobtrusive small reflection on the car’s glass, and there seemed to be a figure on it.
He stopped the closing operation at once, zoomed in on the picture, frowned, and carefully looked at it.

As night fell, the lights on the basketball court “snapped” open and were turned on all at once, illuminating the two people on the court.

“I’m not playing, I’m not playing.” Liu Yang threw the basketball away and collapsed on the floor.

Shao Mingwei picked up the basketball, walked beside him, and kicked him on the leg.
“Get up and play for a while.” 

Liu Yang shook his head in exhaustion.
“Not playing anymore.
I’m exhausted.
Mingwei, what’s the matter with you today? It’s like you’ve eaten gunpowder, so fierce, and you don’t even have a smile on your face.
Who provoked you?”

Shao Mingwei turned his back on the light of the basketball court, his expression unreadable.
He didn’t want to say more.
His voice was different from the usual.
It was deep and cold, and he was a little irritable.
“No one.
If you’re not playing, then let’s go, ba.”

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