unger sister has been expecting you to come.”

After Lan-shi’s death, Xiao Lang didn’t speak for a whole month.
He didn’t cry, but everyone who knew Xiao Lang could see that the child was in a bad mood, and Xiao Shouwang was worried for fear the child would hold back to become sick.
Later, Qin-shi thought Shu Lan and Xiao Lang grew up together.
Although her daughter had been hiding from Xiao Lang because of that misunderstanding, she was still a child after all.
Maybe Xiao Lang would feel better if she took the initiative to care.
Facts proved that her idea was correct.
Her daughter just touched Xiao Lang's head carefully and Xiao Lang's eyes regained brilliance.
Since then, as long as he was facing her daughter, the smile on Xiao Lang's face would be more.

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Therefore, every time Xiao Lang came over, Qin-shi, who was distressed about the young man losing his mother early, would ask Shu Lan to “warmly” entertain him.

Xiao Lang looked at the little girl who was struggling and twisting in Qin-shi’s arms and refused to look directly at him.
He smiled slightly: “Oh, by chance, my father just stewed a chicken and asked me to bring it to my aunt for lunch.
Ah Lan must love to eat.” He walked in after he spoke.

Qin-shi was not polite to him either, took the food bowl with one hand, and shoved Shu Lan into Xiao Lang’s hand with the other, hating iron for not steel: “Ah Lang, your sister Wan just went to town.
This child is stupid.
You tidy up for her.” From childhood to adulthood, Xiao Lang helped take care of many things for Shu Lan.
Qin-shi almost treated him as half a son and didn’t consider the harm between men and women.
She turned around to put things away and began to prepare lunch.

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“Okay, I’ll comb my younger sister’s hair.” Xiao Lang squeezed Shu Lan’s hand that was trying to break free and pushed the person back onto the low stool.
He leaned over to her ear and said, “You better be honest with me, otherwise I’ll pull out all your hair!”

Shu Lan sat there blankly with crystal tears swirling in her eyes. Mother ah mother, did you know that this person is actually a wolf in human skin?


Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.
If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.

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