he couldn’t eat raw, let alone people, but he always played dirty tricks against the lazy girl without pain or itching.
When he was a child, he felt satisfied, but now he felt more and more like it was not enough.
The bones and blood all over his body were clamoring, telling him there was another way, but he couldn’t think of anything.

Feeling irritable instantly, Xiao Lang pulled out the dishonest hair on Shu Lan’s forehead as if venting.

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Shu Lan finally couldn’t bear it any longer and suddenly opened her eyes.
Tears were already overflowing in her beautiful almond eyes and they flowed down in a series.
She didn’t look at Xiao Lang and she didn’t shout like she did when she was a child.
She just lowered her eyebrows and silently wept, which made Xiao Lang feel a sense of guilt, although that feeling was fleeting.

Xiao Lang raised his hand, wiped away the tears on Shu Lan’s face expressionlessly, and then began to comb her bangs, but his eyes fell on the fine eyelashes of Shu Lan like a fan.
He didn’t know when it started.
He especially liked to stare at the lazy girl.
After thinking about it for a few nights, Xiao Lang defined this kind of liking as satisfaction with his prey.

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“Ah Lang, have you eaten?” Qin-shi suddenly asked when she was about to wash the rice.

Xiao Lang looked at Shu Lan’s head and replied, “I’ve eaten, my father is going to town today, so I ate earlier.” The father and son set out in the early morning and returned after they had two pheasants.
In the afternoon, Xiao Shouwang was going to the town to sell the recently accumulated animal skins.

Since he had eaten, Qin-shi only washed a bowl of rice.
She walked to the stove, glanced outside casually, and saw the two of them sitting obediently facing her.
She calmed down and chatted with Xiao Lang while cleaning up: “Ah Lang, you’re not too young, you should study hard and get fame.
It’s not a good thing to hang out in the mountains all day.” This kid read a few books with Shu Maoting a few years ago.
Her husband said his talent was better than that of his son, but he just didn’t want to learn, and he didn’t even participate in the imperial examinations.

Xiao Lang touched Shu Lan’s face, and finally, let her go, “Aunt, I don’t like those things, it gives me a headache just looking at them.”


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