Chapter 7: Cannot Afford to Offend (2) (Part 2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

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Qin-shi hated iron for not steel and sighed: “You child, you have great thoughts since you were young, and I can’t persuade you.
Your father and son should have saved a lot of money over the years.
You’d better buy a few acres of fertile land.
It will be easier if you get married in the future.”

Xiao Shouwang’s mother had been married for 3 years and had no children, and his father Xiao Yongjiang quietly hooked up with a widow in a neighboring village.
The widow was also lucky and soon had a big stomach.
Just when Xiao Yongjiang was about to bring the person home, he found out his wife was also pregnant.
After all, a decent lady was more important, so Xiao Yongjiang persuaded the widow to wait.

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The widow was also cruel and pretended to accept it.
After giving birth to the child, she went directly to the Xiao family.
Xiao Yongjiang’s wife was so angry, she gave birth to her son prematurely and left.
Xiao Yongjiang was not only not angry but pushed the boat along the river and married the widow.
As the saying goes, if there was a stepmother, there would be a stepfather later.
Xiao Shouwang’s life at home was not as good as a day.
In the end, after marrying a daughter-in-law, he was separated to live alone.
Except for the three broken houses, there was no land.

Marriage? Marry a woman and have children?

Xiao Lang instinctively shook his head.
He had never thought about this.
Even though he had become a human, he was not very interested in the opposite sex.
Except for his mother and the familiar Shu family’s mother and daughters, he despised all women.
Either they were too vulgar or pretended to be coquettish.
In short, as long as he smelled the disgusting smell of cosmetics, he wanted to turn around immediately.

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Among these women, what Xiao Lang disgusted and hated the most were his titular aunt Zhang and her 8-year-old daughter Xiao Lianhua.
Of course, if it wasn’t for the widow as a stepmother died of illness, she would have been included.

Oh, by the way, there was only one person who tops his hatred list, and that was Shu Lan.
Xiao Lang hated Shu Lan but didn’t feel disgusted.
As for the reason, Xiao Lang didn’t delve into it.
Probably before the age of 5, Shu Lan was a cute little sister carved in pink jade in his eyes.

Qin-shi saw Xiao Lang sitting in a daze and Shu Lan had already run to play on the swing set by her husband for her, so she cleaned up the scraps of firewood outside the kitchen, walked out, and squatted in front of Xiao Lang.
She used her hands to measure him.
The boy grew fast.
He was a lot taller than last year.
She had to make him two summer shirts again.

This was not the first time for Qin-shi to make clothes for him.
Xiao Lang knew the meaning of her actions.
Seeing Qin-shi's gentle face so close, Xiao Lang’s heart is sour and warm.
He didn’t want his thoughts to be seen by others and simply closed his eyes.

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There was a faint fragrance lingering on the tip of his nose.
This was the smell of Qin-shi.
Shu Wan and Shu Lan also had it.
It was also the only kind of woman’s fragrance that did not disgust Xiao Lang other than his own mother.

In the distance, Shu Lan had been secretly paying attention to the movement here.
Seeing her mother was going to make clothes for the evil wolf, she couldn’t help shouting: “Mother, I also want to wear new clothes!” In fact, she didn’t ask for anything other than food, but she just didn’t want to see Qin-shi being good to Xiao Lang.
This kind of possessiveness was always with her.
She didn’t allow Qin-shi to hug Xiao Lang and didn’t want her to kiss him because Qin-shi was her closest and dearest mother.
Why did Xiao Lang rob her?

Qin-shi also knew her daughter’s possessiveness, so she turned her head and glared at her: “It’s no use making new clothes for you.
You hide in the house and sleep all day.
Who will see it even if you wear it!”

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Xiao Lang grinned at Shu Lan, “Aunt, you can make it for the younger sister, at least I can see it.”

Qin-shi got up and looked at her daughter, who was pouting and expressing dissatisfaction with a smile yet not a smile: “Ah Lang doesn’t need to speak for her.
From today on, she won’t have to sleep in anymore!”

She said these words in a whisper.
Shu Lan didn’t hear them.
The little girl didn’t realize that the good days were coming to an end.
She just stared at Xiao Lang angrily.
The hypocritical guy pretended to be a good person in front of her mother! Who wanted to wear new clothes to show him!


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