Chapter 1 Prologue: The White Wolf and the Sloth Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

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The Chen Group recently announced that they would record a series of unprecedented special animal programs called “Hunt Game” which artificially migrated ferocious wild animals to completely different environments, giving viewers a picture of how the animals were adapting to new environments and how they were battling unfamiliar prey.

All the hunters in the tracking shooting came from the national zoos of various countries.
Chen Group promised to return the hunters to their rightful owners after the program was completed.

There was still a week away from the official broadcast of “Hunt Game”.
Although Chen Group had made all preparations, the newly appointed chairman suddenly decided to hold a trial broadcast ceremony, and the audience was all the shareholders of the group.

After everyone was seated, Chen Haodong looked at the 20 meters long HD display screen in front of him and said in a deep voice: “Start.”

As soon as his voice ended, the auditorium which was originally as bright as daylight fell into darkness in an instant while the front display screen flickered with a piece of intense and exciting music.
Several strokes jumped out one by one on the black screen and the sharp characters were exactly “The White Wolf Hunts Game”.

“White wolves also known as the Arctic wolf is the largest member of the wild canid family in the world and a subspecies of the gray wolf.
It is distributed in northern Eurasia, northern Canada, and northern Greenland.
White wolves have very good endurance…
Today’s hunt game, let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of the white wolf in the tropical rainforest!”

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On the display, a military truck slowly stopped outside the power grid of a natural environmental protection zone in South America.
The robust staff quickly lifted down a large cage.
Inside the cage was a white wolf about two meters long.
The white wolf’s eyes were closed tightly.
It should have been given an anesthetic.
Its snow-white fur was unusually dazzling among the dark green surroundings.
Suddenly the camera turned and clearly showed the white wolf’s nose oozed sweat beads.
You know, white wolves usually lived in the Arctic region with sub-zero temperatures.
Now it was moved to a tropical rainforest with a high temperature of 40 degrees celsius, one could foresee whether its first difficulty could be successfully adapted to the environment.

One day was actually the shooting time.
Chen Group edited the most exciting hunting stories into a film of only one and a half hours.

As the camera lens changes slowly, the white wolf’s white fur had been deliberately covered with mud in order not to easily expose its body.
The tropical rainforest was a paradise for poisonous insects.
After several small losses, the white wolf already knew how to explore the way and even could identify the poisonous frogs on the bark.
It was a pity that it couldn’t use these poisonous insects as its food.
From early morning to dusk, this white wolf just drank water by the river to fill its hunger.

In the blink of an eye at dusk, the white wolf finally found a living creature.
Unfortunately, it was hanging upside down on the tree and seemed to be sleeping.
The white wolf thought for a while and slowly lurked in a bush.
Its physical strength was about to reach its limit now.
It needed to take this opportunity to slowly rest while patiently waiting for its prey to come to the ground.

The camera lens slowly moved up and finally stopped on the white wolf’s prey.
It was actually a monkey sleeping with its eyes closed.

While waiting quietly, the voice of the narrator sounded.

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“This creature is called a sloth.
Although it has feet, it can’t walk.
It moves forward by dragging its body with its forelimbs and its crawling speed is slower than that of a tortoise.
Sloths live in the dense tropical forests of South America.
They don’t see sunshine all their lives.
They only go down the tree every week when they have a bowel movement.
They feed on tree leaves, soft shoots, and fruits.
When they are full, they hang upside down on the branches to sleep in.
It can be said that they take the tree as their home.”

“Sloths is a kind of mammal that is extremely lazy.
It is lazy to do everything, even to eat and play is lazy.
It can endure hunger for more than a month and is extremely lazy when it has to move.
Even when they are chased and caught, they crawl slowly as if nothing happened.
According to observations, when facing danger, the sloth’s escape speed was no more than 0.2 meters per second.”

“I don’t know if this white wolf is lucky or very unlucky so he picked a sloth.
If the sloth soon climbs down, it will become the food of the white wolf with its speed.
But if it had just eaten and fell asleep, I’m afraid it will have to wait a week for it to get down the ground…
Whether the white wolf can succeed or not, let’s wait and see!”

As time passed, the board members below unexpectedly didn’t feel impatient.
Instead, they were aroused by the curiosity of this wonderful sloth animal.
They have heard of animals that were intelligent, fierce, fast, and capable of generating electricity, but they never knew that there were still such lazy animals.

About five minutes later, the narrator’s excited voice suddenly came on the screen: “Moves! The sloth opens its eyes.
Hmm, good.
It starts to crawl down.
Then let’s look forward to the white wolf showing his might.
Just a reminder, sloth’s claws are very sharp!”

Sure enough, the sloth on the big screen had slowly climbed to the ground.
After looking around lazily, it began to slowly crawl towards the east.

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The white wolf’s eyes flashed with fierce lights at this moment and then it suddenly rushed out of the bushes like a flash of electricity and pressed the sloth under its body in the blink of an eye.
The wolf’s mouth opened wide, facing the sloth’s long neck.

The sloth was stunned, and then it violently waved its super long forelimbs from both sides to the white wolf.
The white wolf tilted its head and escaped the critical point, but its neck was still cut by two lines by the sloth’s claws.
A piece of sticky fur fell and blood flowed out, but the white wolf wasn’t injured in vain.
Its two strong front paws have firmly pressed the sloth.
Its whole body fell on the sloth, biting at the sloth’s neck regardless.

When the board members secretly expected the sharp fangs of the white wolf to pierce the sloth’s neck, the motionless sloth suddenly raised its head, stretching its neck under the white wolf’s mouth to hit the white wolf’s shoulder with its head.
And when the white wolf didn’t hesitate to bit down, the sloth suddenly broke free a forelimb, and its sharp claws plunged into the white wolf’s neck!

When the life and death of both parties were unknown, the screen suddenly froze.

“Audience, please rest assured.
The white wolf has been sent to the rescue center.
It was later confirmed that it was only slightly injured.
It wasn’t a major problem.
Look, now it is alive and well.”

The camera lens switched to the rescue center.

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Chen Haodong stared at the white wolf on the screen.
Except for the loss of two strands of fur on its neck, it was almost exactly the same as the previous white wolf.
However, he knew it was because of the white wolf's accidental death that his father felt guilty so he proposed to stop continuing the recorded program.
He didn’t want to be ousted from the stage by other board members.
Now he wanted to steal the show.

In a week, he would personally expose these board members who were inspired by their interests!


Translations for this novel are still in progress.
Each chapter will be posted once it is completely translated.
The prologue has been translated now and published so you can check the novel out~

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Just a reminder that the FL of this novel is extremely lazy so if you can't bear it please don't read! You might have a heart attack because she's too lazy to even move!! SO DON'T READ IF YOU CAN'T BEAR HER LAZINESS!!!

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