Chapter 10: Wild Mandarin Ducks under the Tree (2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

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Cuihe had no choice, so after thinking about it, she came up with the thought of Zhao Dalang.
She thought, as long as her belly got big, could Zhao Dalang still watch her marry far away? As for the fate of Zhang-shi after repenting of the marriage, Cuihe didn’t take it to heart at all.
Her mother didn’t think about her daughter, why should she think about Zhang-shi?

However, for a man, you couldn’t do what he wanted immediately.

“Dalang, don’t be like this.
It’s not good if someone sees…” Cuihe pretended to push Zhao Dalang, and secretly used her proud chest to rub against the other’s chest which was also expected because of his obesity.

At this touch, the two of them shuddered at the same time.

Zhao Dalang grabbed Cuihe’s hand and shoved it into his crotch, “Good Cuihe, touch me, how can your brother wait! Hurry up and give it to me, then I will go to your house to propose marriage, your mother will definitely agree!”

Cuihe blushed with shame.
Thinking was one thing in her heart, but live ammunition was another thing.
As soon as her hand touched the hot and hard object, her body immediately softened by half.
How could she resist? Zhao Dalang was waiting for this opportunity and pushed her to the ground in the blink of an eye.
He quickly untied his belt and pulled down his trousers, kissing and touching her up and down.
When Cuihe flowed out some water, he didn’t say a word, picked up his gun, and went in.
Only heard Cuihe let out a miserable howl and her eyes turned white, but he ignored it.
He swayed back and forth and shouted cool in his mouth.

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After a while, Cuihe was relieved from the heart-piercing pain, crying and begging Zhao Dalang to slow down.
She said she was in severe pain, and her tears fell like beads with a broken thread.
She regretted that she shouldn't have obeyed this person.
He didn’t understand the slightest tenderness.

“Don’t be scared, just bear with it.
You are young and it’s your first time, it will inevitably hurt a little bit, but you will feel better later!” Zhao Dalang gasped.
He was not the kind of person who had pity for jade.
He only wanted pleasure.
Regardless of the fact that it was Cuihe’s first time, each time he went heavier and deeper.
Even with an iron body, Cuihe couldn’t stand being tossed like this and fainted while screaming.

Zhao Dalang seemed to have long been used to the fainting of women, and there was no surprise on his face.
Instead of stopping, he put Cuihe’s legs on his shoulders and fiercely pushed in.
His two fat claws held Cuihe’s chest and kneaded them and the obscene words in his mouth were even worse.

Xiao Lang could see clearly from the tree, but after watching it for a while, he withdrew his gaze.
All the words of Zhao Dalang were circling in his mind.
It turned out that a woman would be hurt when she did this kind of thing for the first time.
Cuihe was 16 years old and Zhao Dalang also said she was young.
Wouldn’t it be more painful for Shu Lan?

Glancing at the half-dead appearance of Cuihe under the tree, Xiao Lang secretly decided that even if he wanted to eat Shu Lan, he would have to wait until she was older, otherwise relying on her body that was afraid of pain, she would hate him to the bone at that time.

As soon as this thought came up, Xiao Lang frowned.
The two of them already had a deep hatred, how could he still care about this?

Lowering his head, the lazy girl in his arms slept soundly.
The sound of rapid breathing from his ears gradually disturbed Xiao Lang’s heart.
His eyes were firmly fixed on Shu Lan’s rosy and tender lips.
He finally couldn’t help it, he leaned over and pressed on them.

Mm, soft, and sweet, as delicious as he imagined.

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The person in his arms twitched uncomfortably.
Xiao Lang was afraid of disturbing the two under the tree, so he simply clamped her legs tightly between his legs and put one of his hands behind Shu Lan’s head, so she couldn’t break free no matter what.
With a hand slipped quietly under her pink shirt and rubbed it along her waist.

Mm, her chest was only slightly bigger than when she was a child, but it didn’t matter, it would definitely be big in two years.

Shu Lan’s curled eyelashes moved.
What was wrong? Her waist was itchy, and her mouth seemed to be bitten…


She opened her eyes suddenly, just to see Xiao Lang’s equally fine black eyelashes.
He was rubbing her lips, looking like he was enjoying it.
Did he want to eat her while she was asleep?

Shu Lan wanted to shout out nervously, but Xiao Lang tightly blocked her mouth.
Just as she was about to struggle hard, she heard a gruff roar from below, which made her stunned.

Taking advantage of this short time, Xiao Lang leaned beside her ear and whispered, “Don’t move, don’t shout, the bad guys are below, don’t believe me look at it!”

Shu Lan just let him hold her like that.
Looking down through the branches and leaves, the sight was not trivial, and she was so shocked she almost fell.

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However, after Zhao Dalang vented, he lazily climbed off Cuihe, fell to the side to gasp with his eyes closed, and reminisced about the thrill of just entering the sky.
Therefore, Shu Lan saw Cuihe lying straight on the grass at a glance.
Under her dark body, there was a pool of red and white stains.

“That red is blood.
If you speak, the bad guy will do the same to you!” Xiao Lang threatened in Shu Lan’s ear.

Shu Lan blinked blankly, unable to understand the situation in front of her.
She had never seen so much blood in her previous lifetime or this lifetime.
She couldn’t even imagine where the blood came from, and why the bad guy wanted to bully this girl? When she was a child, she asked her older brother if human flesh was delicious, but her older brother said that people couldn’t eat people.
Since they couldn’t eat people, why would the bad buy make the woman bleed? She didn’t move, could she be dead?

Full of doubts, Shu Lan forgot about the rest for a moment and stared at the two of them without blinking.

Zhao Dalang lay down for a while and slowly calmed down.
He turned around and saw that Cuihe was still not awake, frowned, and took a handkerchief to tidy up for the two of them.
He raised his head and pushed Cuihe: “Hey, wake up, wake up, we have to go back!” It was a shame to be so dark and tall.
How delicate was she? She couldn’t even compare to those white and tender little girls.
Bad luck!

Her body was constantly being pushed, and Cuihe finally felt conscious.
Just as she was about to move, she felt unbearable pain below her body.
Thinking that her innocence was gone, Cuihe couldn’t help crying: “Zhao Dalang, I hate you!”

Zhao Dalang leaned over with a smile on his face and hugged the person in his arms to make amends: “Good Cuihe, I didn’t mean it.
I can’t control it.
Who makes you so tight below.
Don’t cry.
After returning and people see it, it will not look good.
After a few days, you will be well.
I will take good care of you, and keep you thinking about that ecstasy every night!”

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“Humph, you only coax me!” Cuihe covered her face and thought to herself, for the sake of her happiness for the rest of her life, she had to endure this time.

Zhao Dalang kissed and touched her for a while, and when Cuihe was no longer angry, he coaxed her to leave this place.

This time Shu Lan could see clearly, “Older brother Wolf, why is she crying and smiling?” Unconsciously, she called out his childhood name.

Xiao Lang was delighted when he heard this, touched her small hand, and said, “Never mind them, think about yourself, your mother is still mad at you!”

Shu Lan immediately pulled down her face and glared at him fiercely: “It’s all your fault or else my mother would be reluctant to let me work!” She pulled out her legs with all her strength, slipped her hands out, slid to the ground, and raised her feet to go home.

Xiao Lang stood on the tree and looked at her, “I have a way to help you avoid be lazy without being beaten.
As long as you promise to be obedient in the future, I’ll tell you, how about it?”


Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.
If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.

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