Chapter 14: Give You a Stick (1) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

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Shu Lan was used to having two meals a day, so the consequence of not having lunch was that her stomach was round at dinner, and propped up the new shirt Cheng Qingran had specially bought for her.

Cheng Qingran was sitting at the desk on the side.
His peach blossom eyes reflected with the light as he looked at the child who was rolling over and over on the bed with a smile.
When Shu Lan lay facing out again, he finally couldn’t help walking over and looking down: “Can’t sleep?”

Not being able to sleep was harder for Shu Lan than climbing to the sky.

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“I can’t sleep, something seems to be falling down in my stomach.
I’m lying on this side, and it’s also facing this side.
I fall over, and it falls over too.
It’s so uncomfortable…” Shu Lan rubbed her stomach pitifully and blankly.
It was round and bulging.
She suddenly thought of when her second aunt Xiao was pregnant with a baby.
She couldn’t help but widen her eyes: “Big brother, I’m not going to have a baby, right?” It was scary.
Her father said the second aunt Xiao died because she couldn’t give birth to a child.
She didn’t want to die!

The little face was full of worry and fear, and the big eyes blinked anxiously.
Cheng Qingran saw it and his heart turned into water.
He reached out to hug Shu Lan up and began to dress her: “What nonsense.
How old are you, how could there be a baby? You ah, you just ate too much for dinner.
I told you to eat slowly, but you didn’t listen as if someone was going to snatch with you!” And still drank aid digestion tea.
If you didn’t drink it, you couldn’t stop feeling uncomfortable.
Alas, blamed him for being soft-hearted.
He didn't persist when he saw her little appearance of hugging the plate and not letting go.
Even he was like this, her parents should spoil her indefinitely.

Bending down to put the soft-soled embroidered shoes for her, Cheng Qingran led the inexplicable Shu Lan out: “Let’s go for a walk in the garden, it won’t be uncomfortable after a while.”

Shu Lan pouted.
She didn’t want to leave, but who kept her from falling asleep.

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When they went out, Fangzhu wanted to carry the lantern to follow, but Cheng Qingran waved his hand lightly and told her to go back and rest.

The sky hadn’t completely darkened, and there were still dark blue stratus clouds on the west horizon, which looked a little hideous in the last two bleak sunlight.
Shu Lan lowered her head after only one look and looked boredly left and right.
Everything was dark, the trees were dark green, and the flowers were all withered, only the cool wind blew the faint fragrance of flowers.

Slowly, the fragrance became stronger, and it was Cheng Qingran who brought her under two lush lilac trees.
The strings of elegant white lilacs were very beautiful.

“Sit here for a while,” Cheng Qingran took out the handkerchief, wiped the bamboo chair that could accommodate one person to sleep soundly, and turned back to Shu Lan.

The wind blew, and two pieces of lilac floated down in a whirl.
One fell on Cheng Qingran’s head, and the other fell on his black lapel embroidered with orchid leaves.
The moment he smiled and turned around, Shu Lan only felt like her mind was blank, “Big brother, you are so beautiful.” She raised her hand and took away the petal.

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Cheng Qingran was stunned, and then smiled more happily and picked up Shu Lan and placed her on his lap.
He touched the top of her head and said, “You will look better than your big brother when you grow up.” When he said this, a strange feeling suddenly rose in his heart.

Before the old man died, he kept talking about him marrying a wife and having children quickly, so that he could have children for the Cheng family, who had a single lineage.
Seeing that he was really old, Cheng Qingran also thought it was time to think about marriage.
It was a pity.
Maybe it was because of his outstanding appearance.
Ordinary women saw him, and they all showed expressions that were similar to dementia.
Once or twice was acceptable, but Cheng Qingran couldn’t tolerate it more often.
Of course, there were also women who pretended to be dismissive on the surface, but once he turned around, Cheng Qingran could feel the clinging gaze coming from behind.
Thinking of facing this kind of person every day in the future, Cheng Qingran suddenly lost the idea of ​​getting married.

So far, the only woman who could make him pleasing to the eye was probably this little girl who suddenly appeared, right?

Cheng Qingran lowered his head, looked at Shu Lan who was sitting obediently on his lap and sighed regretfully.

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Alas, if the little girl was a few years older, it would be good to marry her home and stay by his side all the time, but unfortunately, she was too young to let him have the slightest love between men and women.
Moreover, she was naive now, nothing more than because she was not familiar with the world.
If she really grew up, she may be the same as those women.

“Big brother, why are you sighing?” Shu Lan raised her head and asked doubtfully.
Mother said that only those who were troubled would sigh.
Big brother was so gentle and good-looking, he had no worries about eating and drinking and no one had forced him to do this or that.

Even if I say you won’t understand. Cheng Qingran smiled gently and his jade-like face brightened again.
He patted Shu Lan’s back like a child and said casually: “Little sister, you have been away from home for a long time.
Now, have you missed your mother? I’m afraid they’re going crazy now when they can’t find you.”

Shu Lan’s eyes dimmed.
She lowered her head, watching the lilac petals being crushed between her thumb and index finger.


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