Chapter 16: Spring Dream has Marks (2) Original translation is from tenderflower's blog.

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Cheng Qingran took the interaction of the three people into his eyes and did not speak.
With others present, it was inconvenient for him to get too close to Shu Lan.

Wei Da lit the lantern and followed Cheng Qingran to send everyone out.

“Wei Da, send Master Qin and the others back, be careful on the road.” Cheng Qingran stood under the red lantern at the door with his hands behind his back and there was a gentle smile on his face.

The Qin family also had a carriage, but that carriage wasn’t in the Qin family.
Just now, things were urgent, so Qin Ruhai didn’t send someone to look for it, and went directly to Wei Da’s carriage.
At this time, it troubled others to send them off, so Qin Ruhai had to bow to Cheng Qingran again, and then got in the carriage first.

Because of the crowd, Shu Lan’s two uncles offered to sit outside.

Qin-shi was not polite to her brothers either.
Her existing husband helped her into the carriage, turned around to take Shu Lan, and called Xiao Lang up.

Xiao Lang turned back, glanced at Cheng Qingran, and then jumped up neatly.

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With fewer people, Cheng Qingran’s eyes fell on Shu Wan involuntarily.
At the age of 14 or 15, her bright face was dyed with a soft light in the night, and her actions were natural and good-looking without the pretentiousness of an ordinary woman.
The moment before the curtain fell, Cheng Qingran saw Shu Wan smile softly at Shu Lan.
She stretched out her slender finger and tapped Shu Lan’s nose.

As the carriage reeled away, Fangzhu carried the lantern and reminded him in a low voice, “Master, it’s getting late, shall we go back and rest?”

Cheng Qingran silently retracted his gaze, feeling inexplicably happy.
In his mind, Shu Wan raised her eyes to look at him, but quickly lowered her head.
On this silent night, the scene kept reappearing in front of his eyes.
He even noticed with hindsight that there was a small black mole on Shu Wan’s right neck…

Strange, wasn’t it just a glance, how could he remember it so clearly?


Qin Ruhai only informed his two sons about Shu Lan’s disappearance, and the others had already fallen asleep.

Qin Ruhai asked his daughter’s family to stay at home for a night.

Shu Maoting’s meaning was that the family drove directly back to the village in an ox cart, so as not to worry Xiao Shouwang.

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While hesitating, Shu Lan suddenly emerged from Qin-shi’s arm and hugged Qin-shi’s arm coquettishly: “Mother, I want to stay at my grandfather’s house!” She didn’t want to go home, going home meant being bullied by the evil wolf.
Shu Lan saw through it.
Only those who were far away from Xiao Lang would have a good life.
Even if she couldn’t sleep in at her grandfather’s house, she wouldn’t give up.

Xiao Lang stood silently in the dark where the lantern could not reach.
No one could see the emotions in his eyes.

Qin-shi only thought her daughter was very sleepy.
After thinking about it, she said to Shu Maoting, “Why don’t you take Ah Lang back? Our three mother and daughters will stay here for the night.”

Hearing what her mother said, Shu Lan burst out laughing.

Shu Maoting patted her head fondly, “Okay, then hurry in.
Ah Lang and I will go back first.” Turning to look at Xiao Lang, he noticed he had already walked towards the ox cart.
His thin back made anyone couldn’t help but feel pain in their hearts.
This kid ran out after hearing that Shu Lan was gone.
Shu Maoting couldn’t imagine how he found Cheng’s house.


In the dark night, an ox cart walked steadily with two dim yellow oil lamps hanging in front of the cart, swaying in the night.
Fortunately, the way home was straight and flat, and this light was enough.

“Ah Lang, today, it was thanks to you!”

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“By the way, how did you know Ah Lan was in their house?”


After trying several times, Shu Maoting was completely speechless.
Ah Lang, this kid, was fine with everything, but he didn’t like to talk.
However, his actions today were too shocking.
Shu Maoting, who had been a father for many years, couldn’t help but think about it.
Ah Lang’s treatment of his little daughter was definitely extraordinary.
Was it a brother and sister relationship, or the relationship between men and women? If it was the latter, this child was not bad either…

Xiao Lang sat dully at the back of the cart, his dark eyes looking in the direction of the town.
Well, no matter what, she was fine, other things, they would talk about it after she came back.

That night, Xiao Lang had a dream that surprised him.

In the dream, he was sitting on a tree with Shu Lan in his arms.
Under the tree were Zhao Dalang and Cuihe, who were entangled together.
However, for some unknown reason, gradually, the person under the tree who kept swinging his hips became him, and what made him blush even more when he thought of it was that the person under him was replaced by Shu Lan.

The lazy girl’s face was red and a layer of tears filled her almond eyes.
Her red and tender little mouth was coquettishly calling him “Older brother Wolf”.
Her calling made him wish to rub her into his body, but he couldn’t rub her in, so he had to go deep into her body again and again, and then exchange for more soft and tender moans.

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In the dream, he didn’t know he was a visitor, and he was greedy for joy for a while.

The next morning when Xiao Lang woke up, he found there was something on his trousers.

Although he carefully put it away, intending to wash it off when Xiao Shouwang was away, he was discovered by Xiao Shouwang who was closely observing his son.

Looking at his son who was rarely embarrassed once, thinking of his running around yesterday, Xiao Shouwang patted Xiao Lang on the shoulder with gratification: “Ah Lang has grown up.”

There was another sentence Xiao Shouwang did not dare to ask: Ah Lang, do you like Ah Lan?


Original translation is from willkissonyou, tenderflower.
If you're not reading from tenderflower then it'd been stolen and posted without the consent of tenderflower.

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