The door to Duke Maynard’s mansion was violently opened.
There was only one person in the world who could handle the supreme Maynard’s door so carelessly.

The owner of the Maynard family, Duke Cedric Maynard.

He was expressing with his whole body that he had come running as soon as he was contacted.

As soon as he entered the mansion, he strode across the living room without even having time to take off his coat, and a clear shadow of anxiety and nervousness was cast over his face that seldom lost his composure.

Calming his breath is something he’s done countless times in the 10 years he’s been on the battlefield, but why does it feel so difficult right now?

He felt the depth of the water in the beautiful eyes, and the hopeless hope hanging in the shadows.
Stefan, the butler of Duke Maynard’s residence, approached Cedric, who unreasonably pulled off his tie in frustration.

“Here you are, sir.”

“Yes, where is the child you mentioned?”

“I took her to the resting room in the back.”

“Are you sure this time?”

“… It would be good to see and judge for yourself.”

Stefan had served the Maynard family for three generations, a man who would sometimes speak up for Cedric if necessary.
When he answered like this, Cedric felt his mouth dry up.

‘Please, this time.’

Be sure this time.

The shadow under Cedric’s green eyes following Stefan’s became thicker.
He washed his face dry to hold himself together.

About 10 years ago from now.
The child of Duke Maynard disappeared.

There was an uproar when the newborn baby disappeared, and the mother lay down in shock without even having time to recover.
Since the child was lost and the hostess was bedridden, the Duke’s mansion was in a commotion, but Cedric couldn’t even participate in the commotion.

The reason is simple.
At that time, he had been granted the post of the commander-in-chief by the Emperor and was away on the battlefield to end the long conflict.

Even when he was told that his child had disappeared and that his wife passed away in the end, she could not overcome the shock, and Cedric, the commander-in-chief, could not escape the battlefield.
All he can do was send an order to the Duke’s residence to find the missing child at all costs.

Less than three days had passed since he returned after completing the rotation.
Meanwhile, Cedric saw countless children claiming to be his lost daughters.

Cedric’s black hair and green eyes, and the news of the children’s mixed blonde of his dead wife, knocked on the door of the Duke of Maynard every day for their own reasons.
There were children whose parents deliberately brought them by deceit, some children who lied to them for their own comfort, and even some children who looked quite a bit like his dead wives.

―This room feels somehow familiar.
I miss you…

When I heard that child, I thought I had found my lost daughter.

No, maybe that’s what I wanted to believe.
Even though he knew in his head that it couldn’t be real, in the end, Cedric could only shake his head after looking at all the fakes.

Many times to look forward to and be disappointed.

In the process, Cedric was drying up.

He had never slept well even on the battlefield, but when he returned to the mansion, his depression deepened.
As much as his love for his wife was so great, the fact that he lost both his daughter and wife in an instant has been bothering him.

It was impossible to find a child who had not been found for 10 years now.
Since it is still unknown whether the child is alive or dead, perhaps the child is really dead.

But if you quit now, you may not really be able to see your child forever.
With that single thought, Cedric went out today and met a child who was presumed to be his daughter.
It was bullshit this time too.

Then, as he was about to move the wagon to the candidate’s house, an urgent call came from the duke’s residence.

I think I found the Duke’s child.

Stefan was reticent, but he was not easily convinced as he had visited the child for 10 years on behalf of Cedric, who had gone to war.
If he is in a hurry to contact him, he must have a basis.

The distance in the corridor, which never seemed to narrow, was shortened, and the door to the common room was fin

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