The other servants who ran over to her were also in a state no different from Mary’s.

Nisha, Sally, and Sophie.
Those who had wept when Lillian first returned to the mansion were shedding tears again at Lillian’s absence.

‘I thought they’d try to find me, but.’

I never thought I would see tears like this.

I believed that the kindness they showed was just a mask.

Adults’ laughter is easily distorted.

So she thought she could fool everyone and run away.
She said it was because she was an orphan, and she knew how to click her tongue.

But the reality was different.

“Huh, huh, I should have paid more attention, my lady…”

Lillian peered up at the ceiling over Mary’s shoulder as she hugged her and cried.

Countless balls were hanging from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

I counted to thirty-nine once but stopped when the maid called for a snack.

I couldn’t even count half of them then, so there must have been more than 50 balls on the chandelier.

The light from the chandelier stung Lillian’s eyes.
She had been looking at something so shiny for so long that she had tears running down her cheeks.

“I’m sorry, Mary.
I won’t do that again.”

Lillian closed her eyes and buried her head on Mary’s shoulder.

Thus, the commotion in the Duke’s residence came to an end.


After Lillian’s escape.

After a fairly noisy examination of Lillian—for some reason, they had to pay special attention to a dislocated shoulder—the mansion quickly regained calm when they learned that Lillian’s condition was not too bad.

The time after, the lights that lit up the entire mansion went out one by one.

“I asked the lady why she followed your Excellency.”

Cedric put down the cufflinks he had removed from his wrists and turned his head.

Mary, who still had a red around her eyes, stood in front of him.
It seemed like she was on her way out after putting Lillian to sleep.

“…and then?”

“She thought His Excellency hated her.
She said she wanted to hold onto you.
Enough to go out on a cold day like this.
Maybe I just wasn’t good enough.
Because I’m not a parent…”

Mary’s eyes flushed again as she spoke.
She doesn’t know if Lillian’s on her mind.

“While the lady is here, I think it’s appropriate to make sure she doesn’t feel anxious.
That’s why I tried, but I guess I wasn’t enough.”

“You are doing well enough.”

“No, if that was the case, the lady wouldn’t have been forced to follow, your Excellency.”

Mary was adamant.
Cedric frowned, but he couldn’t bear to refute it.
Because he felt the same way too.

“I think… To prevent the same thing, you can’t do it like this.
Your Excellency needs to help.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“How about paying more attention to the lady?”

Stefan, who was organizing his clothes next to him, interrupted with a smile.

“For example, by spending time together in the mansion.
Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep together or have a meal together?”

“Whatever it is, it will be much better than just watching.”

“It hasn’t been confirmed yet that Lillian is my child, but they are exceptional.”

Cedric turned his head away as if he was annoyed, but Mary and Stefan continued their conversation steadfastly.

“Nothing is certain, but I think it’s clear that His Excellency cares about the young lady.”

“It is clear that if you want to get to know the lady, you must spend more time with her.
If you get close to each other, wouldn’t you see at least some resemblance to Madame or his Excellency?”

Cedric frowned at the strong words of the two, but he too could not deny that when he recalled the incident in the imperial palace, the inside of his chest felt as if it had been stabbed with a knife.

“That, that… Duke… The Duke seems to hate me…”


—The duke, me, me, when I look at you, I hate it, heh heh, the duke hates me, so, heh, heh heh, so, oh, all the way, the duke doesn’t say a word, heheh, he only has a scary face… have!

I will never forget the embarrassment I felt then.
I didn’t know how to soothe the child, and the fact that the child thought such things were just embarrassing, and the time when the only thing I could do was hug the child, kept running around in my head.

I thought in my head that it might not be my daughter, so I shouldn’t keep her too close, but when Lillian was in front of me, those things didn’t seem to matter at all.

The existence of a strange and warm child always puzzled Cedric.

“… Let’s talk about it once.”

In the end, Cedric decided to accept the opinions of the two.


Dinner the next day.

“Baby, isn’t the room cold?”

Cedric made a stroke of luck bringing up the story.

Originally, he was more likely to use a direct, knightly style of speech rather than a circumlocutory aristocratic style.
This time, somehow, I couldn’t say that.
Partly because I kept thinking of Lillian, who was sobbing, saying that she thought he hated her, and partly because she was sticking her nose in her dessert bowl.

Lillian, as if the crème brûlée served for dessert, seemed to suit her taste quite well, and she worked hard to move the teaspoon while covering her mouth with custard, then looked up after hearing Cedric’s words.

My two cheeks, which had not lost baby fat yet, mumbled faster.

Gulp, Lillian’s throat moved once more before the answer came back.

It’s very warm.
The fireplace burns all night, and the blankets are thick.”

“Then I think it will be a little hot.”

“If I sleep on the blanket Oh, I don’t get hot or cold easily.
I can sleep well without lighting the room!”

Lillian said she was fine, put down the teaspoon, and waved her both hands.

No matter how well the mansion was kept warm, Cedric would often wake up from the cold in a room where there was no light on, but Lillian said it was okay.
Thanks to this, Cedric couldn’t help but think of Mary’s words again.

―She never says no.

— Furthermore… she ate dessert until she vomited.

Even if she pretended not to, Lillian was paying attention to the adults.
He had been ignorant in the past, but Cedric knew it now.

Lillian tried to watch her breathing throughout the meal.

During several servings, Lillian’s plate was collected, mostly uneaten.

The reason was simple.
Every time Lillian, who was not good at handling utensils, made a clicking sound or dropped food, the girl put the utensils down.

Thanks to this, the child was able to empty a few appetizers that could be eaten with a spoon, but barely touched the main dish, which required a little skill.

Even if I want to help you, you’re looking at me like that…’

Was it like this during the original meal? Or is it in front of me?

If I had known it would be like this, I would have told them to prepare things that are easy to eat.
Cedric admitted his mistake.

I never thought this would happen when I asked for T-bone steak or crustacean dishes that were inconvenient to eat, just to feed the child something good.

Growing up with a perfect education as an aristocrat from an early age, his table manners were not greatly restricted by age.
I’ve never really paid much attention to it, and I’ve never imagined a meal where I’m not good at handling tableware.

Cedric sighed inwardly and got to the point.

“Don’t say that.
I brought it up…because I wanted to ask you something.”

“You want to ask something?”

“Yes, baby.
Would you like to sleep with me starting today?”

Cedric imagined many things before he said this.

Lillian is surprised, and Lillian is delighted.
Or Lillian asking why.

But none of these reactions existed.

“… I have to sleep with the Duke from today?”

Lillian said with a pale face.

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