In the final pages of the two books I read, Evelina’s true identity as a fake saint is exposed, leading to her being subjected to trial.
Yet, why does this door, which only responds to the power of a saint, open in response to Evelina’s power?

“Come to think of it… When did her power completely vanish?”

Upon reflecting on the contents of the book, I realized that Evelina had never been deprived of her power to the point of being called a fake saint.
Could it be that she is now a true saint?

Standing in front of the passage, I gazed at the hand that had touched the door moments ago.
The radiant blue glow that had lingered for a while had completely vanished.

Behind the mirror, there was no light illuminating the passage.
If I hadn’t seen it several times in Evelina’s memories, I wouldn’t have even considered walking through it.

“The path behind the mirror leads to the courtyard, the path behind the painting leads to the central square, and the path behind the wardrobe connects to the entrance of the temple.”

In case I had to use different paths like today, I made sure to keep the information from Evelina’s memories stored in my mind.
It didn’t take long for me to come face to face with a wall.
Just as I had touched the door that could be called a wall within the room, I placed my palm on this wall.
In an instant, the dark wall that had blocked my way disappeared, revealing the lush scenery of the courtyard.

After walking out of the passage and turning back, I noticed that the entrance had been formed in a corner of the courtyard’s wall.
Shortly after I emerged, it transformed back into the appearance of a wall.
Curious to see if my power would work properly this time, I raised my hand, and as the blue glow returned, the wall vanished, revealing the passage.
Stepping back, the wall returned to its original state.

Having confirmed that there were no issues with the way back to the room, I walked through the courtyard at a leisurely pace.

The sounds of crying birds echoed from various places, and the buzzing of grasshoppers filled the air.
It felt more comforting than frightening.
Even though I was alone in the room, I always felt as though people were waiting for me outside, making me feel watched.

“Now I feel somewhat alive.”

Throughout the day, there were too many eyes observing me.
At first, it was intriguing and pleasant, but soon it became tiring.

When I was in the hospital, I was no different from the furniture there.
Always present, taken for granted, with no one paying much attention to my existence.
But if I were absent, someone would ask where I had gone, at the very least.

Having grown accustomed to such a position, whenever my pace slowed even slightly or I showed interest in something, people around me would react, creating a subtle feeling within me.

As I breathed in the night air, filled with the scent of trees, my mind became slightly at ease.
Walking along the deserted path in the courtyard for quite some time, my previously dizzy head began to calm down.

Embracing the tranquillity of the night, I strolled through the courtyard, relishing the serenity.
However, after a while, my soles started to ache again.
After surveying my surroundings, I found a nearby bench and reclined upon it.
A refreshing breeze brushed against my face as it passed by.
The sky above was brimming with stars, as though they were about to pour down.
In response, a soft laughter escaped my lips.

“There are two moons tonight.”

I found myself here, witnessing with my own eyes the realization that many novels I had read on the hospital bed served as devices to depict a world different from reality.
After gazing at the two moons and the star-filled sky for quite some time, I decided to lie down and lift my legs, causing my long, slender white legs to be revealed beneath the moonlight as my clothes, which happened to be nightwear, slid down gracefully.

Having walked all day long and still walking now, I could feel a slight ache in my legs.

“I tried to walk more because I found the pain intriguing, but perhaps I should only indulge in it until tonight.
I can’t possibly walk like this every day, no matter how enjoyable and exciting it may be.
Besides, it is not my body subject to arbitrary torment.”

Raising myself slightly and gently pressing the slightly swollen leg, I was taken aback when my gaze fell upon the inner side of my thigh.

“What is this?”

There was a strange mark on the inside of my thigh—a bluish mark the size of just a thumbnail.
It was too large and distinct to be a bug bite.
I briefly wondered if it was a mark left behind from Evelina’s encounters with men, but it had a completely different shape compared to the other marks on my body.

“The others are not as round as this.”

It looked as if someone deliberately pressed a round object to create the mark.
Even one mark would be strange, but there were three in a row.
It was evident that someone intentionally made these marks.

Curious, I delved into Evelina’s memories, but nothing came to mind.
A disconcerting feeling brushed against the back of my throat.
Was the lack of memory about this a sign that there was no need to remember or that I didn’t want to remember?

“I want to erase it.”

With that thought in mind, I pressed the mark with my hand.
Naturally, it did not disappear.
Feeling increasingly uneasy about its persistent presence, I applied more force, rubbing it vigorously.
At that moment, a blue light flickered at my fingertips.

Startled by the sudden light, I raised my hand, and the light disappeared instantly.


Telekinesis, it seemed, was easier to use than I had thought.

“Come to think of it, I have never properly used telekinesis before.”

Since entering this body, I had never used telekinesis.
It was only a moment ago, when I opened and closed the passage to come here, that I witnessed telekinesis functioning properly.

“Why didn’t I think of using it before?”

According to the book, Iris’ telekinesis would diminish after a year of awakening and she would no longer be able to use it after coming to the Great Temple.
Of course, it was only natural at present since there was neither a major battle nor an ongoing ceremony.
But the fact that I had never attempted to use telekinesis until now was peculiar.

“I should have used it right away.”

With that thought in mind, as I delved into Evelina’s memories, I bit my lip.
Just like when I tried to recall the mark on my thigh, I couldn’t see anything.
No, it was not just a lack of recollection; it felt like an even deeper darkness.
It was as if telekinesis had firmly decided not to reside within me.

“Why is this happening?”

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