Chapter 06

Apparently, at the end of the second volume of the book that I read, Yvelina is found to be a fake saintess and was burned at the stake.
But why does this door, which response only to the holy power of the Saintess, opened in response to Yvelina’s holy power?

‘Come to think of it… since when did her holy power completely disappear?’

Rethinking the contents of the book, Yvelina was called a fake saintess because her holy power was claimed to have completely disappeared, but her holy power was never denied.

‘So is she a real Saintess at the moment?’

I stood in front of the aisle and looked at the hand that had reached the door a little while ago.
The blue light of the holy power that had hovered for a while was completely gone.

The passage behind the mirror had no light.
I braved to walk in this passage because I’ve seen it in Yvelina’s memory many times.
But without that memory, I would never have walked inside.

‘The road behind the mirror leads to the back garden.  The road behind the painting leads to the central square.  And the road behind the closet leads to the entrance of the Great Temple.’

In case I might need to use different paths than what I used today, I have memorized the information I saw in Yvelina’s memory.
It was not long before I came across a wall.
Just like when I touched the wall from the room before, I placed my hand on this wall and the blue light turned again and the darkly blocked wall disappeared in an instant.
A thick tree then appeared in front of my eyes.

When I walked out of the passage and looked back, I saw that the entrance was made in the corner of the wall of the back garden.
Shortly after I came out, it changed into the shape of the wall again.
Again this time, I raised my hand to see if my power was working properly.  The blue light returned, the walls disappeared, and I saw the passage once more.  I stepped back and after a while, the wall went back to its original form.

After confirming that there was no problem with how to get back to the room, I slowly walked into the garden.

I felt more comfortable rather than scared.  Even if I’m alone in the room at night, the cries of birds and the sounds of grass bugs that rang out were comforting.  It has been a long time since I felt relaxed.  I always felt like I was being watched because there were always people waiting for me outside.

There were so many eyes watching me all day.
It was amazing and nice at first, but I soon got tired.

When I was in the hospital, I was no different from the furniture there.  If you’re there all the time, it’s natural that there will come a time that nobody would care so much about your existence.  However, if you’re not in your proper place, they will wonder where you went, even just for a short time.

After getting used to such a situation, I was really happy when people reacted to me when I just slowed down a little or when they showed a little interest in me.

As I breathed in the night air filled with the smell of trees, I felt a little at ease.  Like that, I walked the desolate garden path.  As time went by, my chaotic mind seemed to calm down.

As I trudged along the back garden while enjoying the quiet scenery of the night, my soles began to hurt a little again.
After checking the surroundings, I lay down on the nearby bench.
A cool breeze brushed past my face.
The sky I looked up was full of stars, which seemed to fall anytime.
I burst into a smile.

“There are two moons.”

I can’t believe I can see with my own eyes the world that those many novels I have read on the hospital bed were written as fiction, and were said to be far from reality.
I looked at the moon and the stars in the sky for a long time as I lay down and raised my legs.
Because the clothes I was wearing were pajamas, the cloth flowed down and the long thin white legs were revealed under the moonlight.

I felt some pain in my legs because I walked all day and walked again now.

‘I tried to walk more because the pain was funny.’

I thought I’d have to enjoy this pain until tonight.
I can’t walk around like this every day, no matter how fun and exciting it is.
Besides, it’s not my body, so I can’t work it out as I want.

I raised my body and slowly pressed my slightly swollen leg.
Then the moment I looked at the inside of my thigh, I changed my posture in confusion and sat down.

“What is this?”

A strange mark dwells on the inside of the thigh.  A blue mark the size of a thumb.  It was too big and clear to be considered bitten by an insect.  I wondered if it was one of those remaining marks left on Yvelina after having relationships with men, but it was a completely different form from the other marks left in her body.

‘Others aren’t this round.’

A mark made by someone deliberately pressing down on a round object.  A single mark was strange enough, but there were three consecutive ones.
It was clear that the marks were intentionally made.

I searched Yvelina’s memories for some answers, but nothing came to mind.  Somehow, an unpleasant feeling passed through my neck.  Does this mean that you don’t have to remember it or do you not want to?

‘I want to erase it.’

Thinking so, I pressed the mark with my hand.
Of course, it couldn’t disappear.
Somehow I wasn’t happy with what was left in front of me, so I gave it a little more strength and rubbed the marks.
At that moment, a blue light hung on my fingertips.


As soon as I raised my hand, amazed by the sudden light, the light disappeared immediately.

‘Holy Power.’

It seems that holy power was something that could be used more easily than I thought.

‘Come to think of it, I haven’t tried to use my holy powers yet.’

After entering this body, I never had the chance to use my holy powers.  It is natural for there isn’t a great battle against the demons at the moment, and the story events are still not in progress.
The only time I saw my holy power work properly was when I opened and closed the passage to get here.

‘Why didn’t I think about using it?’

According to the contents of the book, after a year of Iris’ awakening, Yvelina’s holy power will decrease.  Later she will no longer be able to use her power after Iris comes to the Great Temple.

‘I should have used this first.’

Thinking so, the moment I searched through Yvelina’s memories, I bit my lips.
I couldn’t see anything just like when I traced the origin of the mark on my thigh a little while ago.
No, even though I couldn’t remember anything about them all the same, I could somehow feel some dense darkness intertwined with it.
It’s as if everything regarding holy power was purposely removed.

‘Why is it?’

Yvelina was a person who shouted that she was a saint until the moment she died.
Why didn’t she think about her holy power at all?

‘Somehow… there’s a lot of strange things.’

As for this mark, and as for the holy power.  Of course, the contents of the book were only filled with the story of the main character, Iris.  Most of the story about Yvelina was only about her evil deeds.  So there was no such thing mentioned about these.

If I keep trying to think about it, I wonder if something will eventually come to mind.  It was when I was thinking so.

“Saintess, you’re here!”


Suddenly, I heard a strange man’s voice.
As I looked at the place where the sound was heard, a man dressed as a common priest stood there.


“Oh, I’m sorry for the late introduction.
I am here to serve the Saintess under the orders of Father Carus.”

The man said so and then knelt in front of me.  I could already tell who he was just by the mention of the name of Carus.
It seemed that Carus had misunderstood my words to not bring unknown men inside the temple anymore, and went out and looked for new men again.
The man continued to say,

“When I saw the lights in the room were turned off, I was thinking of going back, but I remembered what I heard from the man who once served you.
He said you enjoy doing it in the back garden.
I took a little risk from those words and sneaked in like this… I can’t believe that the Saintess was here.
God must’ve guided me to where the Saintess is.”

I looked at the man who was talking excitedly.  As expected, I noticed that his hair was too long for a priest.  And I could see the clothes that ordinary people wear through the uniforms of the priests.  In fact, even if it wasn’t exactly that, his appearance was too groomed to be called a priest.  Pressing my sore head, I shook my hand at him.

“Please return.”

“…What does the Saintess mean?”

“Just as I said.  Return from where you came from.  And tell Carus not to send any more people.”

At my words, the man panicked and shook his head.

“I can’t do that.”

Before long, the man suddenly came close and grabbed my ankle.

“What are you…?!”

“I can satisfy you much more than those who came last time.
Please, don’t throw me out like this.”

The man said so, then swept my leg up with his hand.  In an instant, the sensation of the man stroking the inside of my thigh was so creepy that I tried to kick the man.

“I heard the story.  There were also those men who can’t make you satisfied enough.  I also heard that many people came back without receiving the Saintess’ favor.  But I’m different from those kids.”

The man who said so grabbed my knees on the bench and spread it aside.  Then, before I could even say anything, he put his body between my legs.  Then he looked at me and said.

“We can’t just blow away the hard-won opportunity from Priest Carus.
I will make sure to satisfy the Saintess, and I will also be blessed with the grace of the Saintess like everyone else.”

The man, after saying so, licked his lips.  Instinctively, a feeling of disgust flowed through my body.  Now is not the time to think about anything else.  I immediately reached out and shouted, grabbing the man’s hair as he was about to approach.

“Get lost! Is someone there? Help… eupp!”

When I screamed, the man covered my mouth with a perplexed expression on his face.

“Why?  Why are you doing this?  If you didn’t want it, you could have punished me with your holy power.  Doesn’t the fact that you haven’t done anything so far means that the Saintess also wants me?”

‘I still don’t know how to use that power yet!’

I made a sound again with my mouth closed under the man’s hand.  At the same time, I wielded my hands and feet desperately and hit the man’s body.  It was then.


The man who was on top of me suddenly groaned and released the hand that was covering my mouth.  At the same time, his body floated into the air and flew far away, hitting a tree from the back garden.


How strongly did he fly away?  The branch that hit the man broke with a loud noise, and the man also fell to the ground and rolled.  Who just threw this guy away?  As soon as I turned my head while thinking so, I stopped breathing.

The black eyes I saw during the day were looking straight at me.


One of the male protagonists in this world.
The Paladin Knight that obeys Iris.  It was Latban that was standing there.

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