Chapter 1: My Perfect Life

In this world, the aristocracy reigns supreme.
As the granddaughter of a Duke, I knew from the moment I was born that I was a winner.

“Do you even know who you’re talking to, you mere viscount’s daughter?”

Duke’s daughter Aliseteen Quatra was a name known to all in this royal academy.

The Duke family is a prestigious household that has served as close advisors to the royal family for generations.
They have four outstanding sons and one daughter.
Aliseteen has been pampered and spoiled by her parents and brothers to no end, and she firmly believes that she is the heroine of this world.

With beauty and intelligence to match, she always wears a confident smile on her beautiful face, striding elegantly through the academy with her followers in tow.

If there is one flaw to speak of, it would be——

“Come on, pick it up.
Bow your head and crawl on the ground like the pathetic person you are!”

It’s an incredibly twisted personality that Aliseteen has, and that is her only and biggest flaw.

That’s why she was famous in many ways.

Entering this academy at the age of thirteen and spending just over three years here, Aliseteen had become a tyrant who ruled this small society.

“I apologize, Quatra-sama.”

“No, I won’t forgive you.
You used flirtatious gestures towards Julian-sama, who is my fiance and that’s unacceptable!”

She bullied the only daughter of a Viscount, accompanied by a few followers.
Her behavior was truly that of a “villainess.”

“How despicable of you to approach him asking for advice.”

“No, that’s not it! His Highness Stratis just gave me some advice while I was studying in the classroom.
Please believe me, Quatra-sama!”

Covered in mud, the Viscount’s daughter begged for forgiveness, tears streaming down her face.

Oh, how embarrassing.
It’s so unsightly that I can’t even imagine doing something like that.

If you were born as a Viscount’s daughter, you should act with awareness of your position.

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