Chapter 38: The reflection in his eyes

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Posted on August 1, 2022by Soafp

Storms happen out of the blue.
There is no such thing as advance notice.

 I even think that typhoons are better than storms because they are more predictable.

 I am not talking about the weather, of course.

 ”Oi, spill it out”

 It was Shinohara who started to get involved with me early in the morning.

 Shirakawa was behind him.

 ”I don’t want to.”

There was no way I would go along with such an invitation, so instead, I turned it down with an open and proud refusal.

 ”Hmm? Do you think you have the right to demand a refusal?

On the contrary, why do you think I don’t have it? What? Have you stopped thinking? I want him to be launched into space as soon as possible.

“Obviously there is.
Don’t be so anachronistic.”

 It’s 2025.
He should at least have the right to veto.
No, this has nothing to do with the times.

 Anyway, I was not going to take a step back, so I said so clearly with a stronger tone of voice.

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So, what does he want from me?

 ”Are you sure? I know things, you know? I know what you did back in the day?”

 Ah, yes, that’s right.

 Shirakawa is dating Sonoda now, right? It’s no wonder he’s heard so much about it.

 Well, I can’t help but have a hunch that Sonoda has an agenda.

 And maybe I’m not wrong.

 ”It doesn’t matter.”

 Because that’s not true.

I mean, even if it was a threat now, you guys have gone on enough of a rampage, so it’s not even a threat anymore.

Do you think it’s just a threat, by any chance? In that case, I will…”

 Shinohara says this in a way that can be heard by those around him.

“You said that, as I recall? Why don’t I ask you then? Let’s hear? Why did you bully Emi?!”

 Shinohara’s comment caused a stir in the classroom.

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 Well, that’s what I thought.
After all, you are her boyfriend.

“I knew it he really did it….” “…..You’re the worst”

 I hear those words from everywhere.

 The words of a different boyfriend must be very credible.

 If it’s not too much of a stretch, my guilt will be confirmed.

 At least from the point of view of those who have nothing to do with it.

 Now, it’s easy to speak up here.

 I didn’t do it.
This is a misunderstanding.

 It’s easy to say that.

 But that would be a bad move.
The Miyajima card is only effective against Sonoda and the other parties involved.

 In the end, no matter what I said, the suspicion against me could not be wiped out.

 Even if I could wipe out the suspicions, I would still be left with a nagging feeling of guilt.

 That is the essence of bullying.
There is no way for a grudge to truly disappear.

If it is possible to turn a blind eye to it, there is nothing better than that.
No one wants to get involved in trouble.

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 I’ve heard it said that pretending not to see something is complicity.

 That’s not true, and it’s 100% the bully’s fault.

 I don’t think it’s wrong to do so out of self-preservation.

 And the result is isolation.
Being treated like a tumor.
Essentially, no resolution will ever come.

 If the end result is the same, I’d rather take a different path.

 Remember the terms of victory.
But victory is not a pretty thing.

 … I’m sure they will be angry with me.
I’m sure they’ll complain a lot.

 But I’ve made up my mind.
I decided to go through with it.
So I won’t make any mistakes.

 This is not self-sacrifice.

“—What if so?”

I told him.
As if nothing was wrong, as much as possible for everyone to hear.

Arrogantly, as if to say that I am not at fault.

 ”Wha, not showing any remorse huh….”

He would have wanted to see me suffer.
He wanted to see me in trouble.

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 I glanced at the expression on the guy next to Shinohara’s face.


 There was Shirakawa with an indescribable expression on his face.

 I’ve been thinking about this for a while… could it be?

 Either way, as long as Shirakawa is over there, I won’t give in.

“Are we done talking?”

I say to Shinohara, who is standing looking down at me as I sit down.

Shinohara must have thought I was a little weird.

He was supposed to be cornering me, but he was so weak.

“You’re the worst kind of scum, you know that?”

 With these words, Shinohara left the classroom.
Shirakawa followed him.

 As if remembering, the classroom regains its bustle.
But their gazes remained focused on me.

 It wasn’t hard.
That’s not a strong word or anything.

 —Because I am not alone.

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