Did you just hear something?


I looked down at the shoes with cold eyes and carefully stepped forward again.






No, no matter how old I am.


These shoes, my actual mental age….


I stopped, feeling dizzy.


However, the reaction of the adults was the complete opposite of mine.


“My God, lady! They are so cute!”


Nora looked at me with her hands clasped across her chest.


“Look, I told you it would look good on a kid, didn’t I? I can’t believe you would think that this Kirios would have picked a random item!”


Kirios had a strangely proud face.


“For some reason, Kirios picked out the right thing.”


Even Cesar, who was basically ruthless to his teammates, gave Kirios a compliment.


“You are pretty, Tatiana.”


Even Siegfried, who just a moment ago had been furious, was smiling faintly!


‘……Yes, if the peace of the townhouse can be preserved just by wearing a pair of ridiculous shoes.’


With a relieved expression on my face, I moved towards the door.


Pok-pok, pok-pok.


The sound of my shoes echoed loudly as I walked.


Ha, Demon King, you’re losing face….


Seriously, if there is a mouse hole somewhere, I want to crawl into it right away….


However, I steeled my expression, my resolve resting on my face like armor.


Smiling brightly at the adults, I exclaimed, “Tati is going for a walk!”


So, let’s reconcile now, okay?




I walked through the well-kept garden with the three warriors.


It was a sunny day, perfect for a walk.


However, I couldn’t fully enjoy this good day.






Pok-pok, pok-pok. 


It was because every time they heard my clattering footsteps, the eyes of the people around us were drawn in my direction…


Everyone smiled happily, whispered among themselves, and looked at me with affectionate eyes.


I’m honestly grateful that they like me.




‘I’m really ashamed to death!’


Being grateful and being embarrassed are two different things!


In the end, I couldn’t overcome the shame and pulled Cesar’s collar.


“Tati’s legs hurt.”


“Oh, is that so?”


Cesar gave me a hug.


Then he stared at my shortened hair with pitiful eyes.


“Miss Tatiana’s hair.”




“You said your hair was so damaged that you had no choice but to cut it, right?”




I quietly glanced over.


I’ve seen this before with Kirios, Cesar, and even Siegfried.


Every time they see my bobbed hair, they make a vague expression…


‘Why the hell are they doing that?’


Just in time, Cesar changed his expression and smiled.


“Well, Miss Tatiana looks good with both long and short hair.”


“I’m embarrassed that Cesar said that it looks good on me.”


“Is that so? I think we should talk more often in the future.”


Cesar chuckled and slammed his forehead against mine.


Well, it didn’t hurt at all.
Slammed may have been an exaggeration.




The problem, however, was that I could feel the hot stares ardently reaching the back of my head.


I secretly turned to Siegfried and Kirios.


Two people were staring at the tender scene with their eyes open.


“Hey, are you secretly trying to monopolize the kid?”


At the time when Kirios couldn’t stand it and tried to argue with Cesar–


“Pardon me, my Lord.”


–Nora, who had been waiting nearby, approached cautiously.


“What is going on?” Siegfried asked with a puzzled face.


“That is…..”


Nora hesitated for a moment before continuing.


“There was a call from the imperial family.”


“From the Imperial Palace?”


Not only Siegfried, but the other two were also a little surprised.


I also felt bewildered.


‘Eugh, why the imperial family all of a sudden?’


Nora also felt that the current situation was very strange, so she concluded with a subtle expression.


“To celebrate the successful subjugation of the three warriors, they say they are holding a victory celebration party.”


Huh? All of a sudden?


Now that we’ve been back here for over a month?




In response to the sudden news from the royal family, we hurriedly moved into the townhouse.


“Why is there a victory party all of a sudden?”


Kirios was the first to speak.


“Since when was the imperial family interested in us subduing the Demon King?”


Although it was a crooked remark, it was honestly true.


When the three warriors advanced to the Demon Castle, the Empire was only interested in looking after themselves.


No support was given to the three warriors.


Even when the neighboring countries of the empire were being captured by the demons every minute, they stood still and stood by.


Even knowing that when the neighboring countries collapse, the blade will eventually come to them.


Not being able to just stand by and watch that, the three warriors stood up and achieved an overwhelming result of subjugating up to five demon lords…


‘If the imperial family really wanted to show at least a bit of sincerity to the three warriors, they would have held a victory ceremony for them right away.’


What did they do when we first returned to the empire? Nothing.
And now they’re holding a victory party?


Of course, the three warriors who hated annoying things would have refused on their own.


But there’s a difference between talking and shutting your mouth completely and staying still, right?


“They should’ve rather supported us in the fight, not come to us afterwards, bothering us by telling us to come to some party….


“I agree with you.”


Cesar nodded in agreement with Kirios’ sharp words.


Siegfried also had a rare, irritated face.


“Everyone, stop it.
You’re not going to turn down the invitation anyway…..”


However, Siegfried chose to change the topic rather than add another word to the imperial family’s gossip.


“The child is listening.”


Saying so, he pointed at me with a wink.


Cesar and Kirios immediately shut up.


Siegfried shrugged.


“It would be better to start with Tatiana’s dress right away.”


Eh? Me?


At the sudden mention of my name, I stiffened my flinching shoulders.


“That’s right.
Even if we have clothes, we don’t have anything for children though.”


“Wouldn’t it be better to arrange a fitting from the dressing room first? In order to meet the schedule as quickly as possible…”


Kirios and Cesar each chided in unison.


Oh, no.


If I am taken to the royal family like this….!


“Why is Tati going?”


I asked urgently.


At my question, the three warriors, on the contrary, became bewildered.


“Of course, the kid should go too, right?”


“You’re right.
How could we leave Miss Tatiana alone?”


“That’s not it!”


I was desperate.


That’s right, the male protagonist in this world is a genius prince with a tragic past.


Where does the prince live?


He lives in the Imperial Palace!


In that case, if I go to the imperial palace…


‘I might run into the male lead!’


But since I couldn’t be honest about this, I squeezed out as many excuses as I could.


“The people invited by the imperial family are Kirios, Siegfried, and Cesar.”


What about that?”


“The three of you saved a lot of people, but Tati didn’t do anything like that.” I clenched my fists and concluded my words.
“That’s why Tati is a nuisance if I go.”


A heavy silence fell.








The three warriors each kept their mouths shut and stared at me with pitiful eyes.
What, why is everyone reacting like this?


Didn’t I give you a pretty reasonable reason?


I quietly looked into the three warriors’ eyes.


At the same time Siegfried declared, “Then I guess I’ll have to skip the party too.”




There was an earthquake in my pupils.


However, Siegfried continued with a very natural expression.


“Why are you looking like that? I am your guardian.”


“No, that’s……”


“It goes without saying that a guardian should prioritize their charge.”


Then he lowered his voice and whispered in my ear as if he were telling a very big secret.


“Honestly, that’s great, because I was too lazy to go to the party.”




I was at a loss for what to say.
Just in time, Kirios intervened in the conversation.


“Then I won’t go either.”


He made eye contact with me and smiled.


“Because it’s more fun to play with a kid than to attend a boring party held by the imperial family.”


“Kirios, it’s a bit surprising these days.” At the same time, Cesar narrowed his eyes and looked at Kirios.
“Why do you keep saying the right thing so often lately? They say that if you do something that you usually wouldn’t do, you’re about to die…..” Cesar smiled brightly and made fun of Kirios.


“What?! I take good care of my health.
I returned after subjugating even the demon lords, so it would be a waste to die here, right?”


“Come on, should I send you to the other world first?”


Watching the two of them arguing, somehow, my heart felt tight.


If they leave me alone and attend the party, I’m afraid that I will feel left out.


But I’m afraid it would be burdensome to force me to attend the party.


Because I didn’t know the hearts of the warriors who cared for meticulously…




I sighed inwardly.

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