Chapter 1: The little chicken fell into the wolf den.

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“Hey, why doesn’t he speak?”

Two birds flew high in the sky above the forest, with a wolf on their backs.
One of the flying birds also held a little chicken in his right claw.
The question was asked by the noble wolf, who had been playing tricks on Qiao Xi for half a day.

“Maybe he was scared, haha.” This voice was filled with fawning, and it was spoken by someone from Qiao Xi’s race.

Qiao Xi stared at the forest underneath, pursing his lips into a straight line, determined not to let the others make fun of him again.

Half a day ago, he’d walked out of the school gate alone, as usual.
He’d never expected that he would be caught by a group of men in black and stuffed into a car.
They were the people that were sent by his royal father and mother; both of them didn’t even give Qiao Xi a chance to see them.
They just seized him and directly sent him to the wolf race palace.

On the way, a man in black had conveyed the message of the Bird King and the Bird Queen to him: The Third Prince of the wolf race wanted to find a bird playmate; you are the youngest one, so you should go.

However, His Royal Highness, the Third Prince clearly didn’t look for a ‘playmate’ but a ‘plaything’.
Qiao Xi believed that his royal father and mother knew about this matter pretty clearly.
Hence, he was just abandoned by his parents as a fatality.

At this moment, the Third Prince of the wolf race was already tired of Qiao Xi and he was planning on bringing him to the big one.
Therefore, the guards of the bird race, who were ordered to accompany Qiao Xi to the palace with him, were now taking Qiao Xi to the forest.

It was said that the forest was the territory of the most bloodthirsty prince of the wolf race.
And the prince’s beasts also resided in the forest, these being: the tiger, the black bear and the python.

Outsiders, who were not allowed to enter the forest, would be killed by the three beasts.
Thus, even if he was the Third Prince, he only dared to fly above and did not have the guts to enter.

Presently, they were planning to throw Qiao Xi into the forest and witness the ‘gobbling up’ process.

Qiao Xi didn’t utter a word and the noble wolf wasn’t interested in this kind of thing either, so he mumbled: “Forget it.” Then he turned around and said excitedly: “Your highness, we’re almost there, let’s just throw him down?”

A young and unhurried voice came from behind: “Well, throw him away.”

Qiao Xi’s heart couldn’t help but tighten, he directly held his breath.

Above him, the guard from the bird race said in a depressed tone, yet there was also a hint of indifference in it: “Your highness, you’re on your own now.”

After he finished saying this, he immediately released his claw!

The wind was smashing every corner of Qiao Xi’s body, blowing through all parts of his feather coat.

Qiao Xi’s heart beat rapidly, he closed his mouth airtight while his breathing was in chaos.
He flapped his wings in panic, however, Qiao Xi couldn’t stabilize himself in the air like the others from the bird race.
Nevertheless, it was better for him to fly twistedly than be tangled by the wind.

After colliding with many branches and leaves, he finally landed on the fallen leaves…

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Fortunately, he didn’t fall into the mud.

Qiao Xi’s breaths quickened, his heart was beating like a drum.
Then, he hurriedly got up and observed the surroundings vigilantly.

After staying in the wolf palace for half a day, he remembered that name extremely clearly—Jing Yan.

This was the name of the wolf prince, the most vicious one.

According to the rumors, Jing Yan would bite others whenever he saw them.
He liked to eat raw chicken the most.
Furthermore, he was also very excited when he saw blood splashed everywhere.

Qiao Xi…Qiao Xi was not afraid.
He, he, he looked like a chicken, but he wasn’t a real chicken.
He didn’t even believe that Jing Yan could eat a beastman!

He was not afraid, not afraid…

Qiao Xi comforted himself without much confidence.

Inside the forest was quiet, the light was also dim in the place where the green trees were.

Qiao Xi watched everything around him nervously.
Suddenly, there was a gust of wind behind him, making Qiao Xi’s body stiffen.

No, he wasn’t afraid, wasn’t afraid…

He turned back slowly.
A huge tiger was watching him quietly with its green eyes.

Qiao Xi: “…Oh1.”

Not a beastman, but a real tiger.

Qiao Xi stretched out his neck, his feathers exploded, and he immediately screamed: “Oh—oh, oh, oh!!”

The tiger opened its eyes, tilted its head and grinned, revealing its sharp teeth.
Qiao Xi even suspected that there should be some meat stuck between the teeth: “Oh?”

Qiao Xi turned his head and flew to escape.
His bird feathers scattered everywhere, while he was shouting and yelling along the way: “Bwok, bwok, bwok!!!”

In the air, the noble wolf saw the tiger chasing Qiao Xi through the gap between the leaves.
He clutched the bird under him with his paws.
The other party felt pain but didn’t dare to voice it out.

The noble wolf complained: “Bad luck, the chicken was blown by the wind and fell into the tiger’s mouth that was raised by Jing Yan, what’s more, we can’t see them at all since they are blocked by the trees!”

Jing Yu, the Third Prince, didn’t say anything.
However, he kept on staring down at the forest.
Suddenly, the two flying birds noticed something strange and cried out: “Your highness, there are bees!”

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“You two are afraid of just bees, you guys—” The noble wolf was annoyed and wanted to curse, only to notice the grey things gathered together in one place in the air.
There was also a ‘buzzing’ sound around their ears.
That was a swarm of bees! The bees’ target was obvious, they were approaching them!

The noble wolf was so frightened that he couldn’t help but swear several times.

Jing Yu was shocked when he returned to his senses.
He hid on the bird’s back, and if it weren’t for the bird under him, he would have already slipped off.
Jing Yu shouted: “Run! Hurry up! Run!!”

Under the attack of the bees, the two birds had already become unstable, they flew up and down.
If they were really to become surrounded by this swarm of bees, they could guarantee that the two wolves would definitely fall!

The two wolves also lost the mood to watch the show, they hurriedly urged the two flying birds to escape quickly!

Inside the forest, the black wolf looked up at the two fleeing birds, the surrounding air temperature suddenly dropping by a certain degree: “They escaped.”

At the black wolf’s side was a member of the butterfly race with four wings: “Sorry, the time was too short, and I haven’t trained these bees thoroughly.”

If he had trained those bees perfectly, he was confident that those two birds certainly wouldn’t have escaped.

Jing Yan gave a ‘tsk’ in an extremely irritated mood.
He was awakened by the chicken’s screaming sounds halfway through his nap.

And now, he still heard the ‘bwok, bwok’ sounds from both a distance and nearby.

The black wolf’s expression was really gloomy, he strode directly towards the source of the sound angrily.

The butterfly didn’t dare to say a word, after pondering for a moment, he also followed.

Never in his life had Qiao Xi tried to escape so desperately like this.

He couldn’t fly and could only walk with his two miserably thin legs, flapping his wings while screaming through the forest.
The tiger still chased behind him endlessly.

Qiao Xi was really frightened.
His breathing was continuously heavy while feeling a little dizzy.
He really didn’t want to die here—in the tiger’s mouth!

No, no, not only the tiger but also the black wolf that everyone talked about—

As soon as Qiao Xi thought about this, he tripped over the stems under his feet and fell onto the ground, feeling light-headed.

But…he really didn’t want to die…

Qiao Xi’s eyes and nose turned sour.

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…He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and got up with difficulty.
He was already out of breath, Qiao Xi didn’t dare to look at the situation behind him.
He stepped forwards with his thin legs, intending to continue escaping, however, there was suddenly a dark figure that came out of the bush and appeared in front of him.

Qiao Xi was horrified.
Yes, it was a huge, black wolf!

The black wolf exposed his teeth and stared at Qiao Xi viciously.
Each fang was sharp and visible to the naked eye, accompanied by a pair of silver pupils that revealed a fierce light.

A chicken and a wolf stared at each other for a while…then, the black wolf opened his mouth, twitched his tongue, and roared at Qiao Xi.

Black wolf: “Auwoo?! Auwoo! Auwoo! Auwoo!” Are you the chicken that was thrown by Jing Yu?! Are you a rooster or a hen?! That ‘bwok, bwok’ was so noisy!

The roar had engulfed the current air, making Qiao Xi take a step back.

Black Wolf: “Auwoo! Auwoo! Auwoo!” You look pretty cute, but you were too noisy! Really noisy!

Qiao Xi even wondered if there was any saliva splashed on his face.

The butterfly flew out from the bush, looking at Jing Yan bursting into anger and roaring nonstop while…the little chicken hesitated to speak.

The black wolf continued to roar: “Auwoo?! Auwoo?!” By the way, is Jing Yu sick?! Throwing down the chickens every day, does he really think that I like to eat chicken?!

Seeing that the little chicken was staring at him blankly, Jing Yan’s body softened, he shuffled to not sit on the ground.
The butterfly still tried his best to interrupt the black wolf: “Jing Yan, this doesn’t seem to be a real chicken…it’s a member of the bird race.”

The members of the bird race were described to have red feathers, with a bunch of golden feathers forming a crown on their heads.

However, the chicken in front of him, no, no, the bird in front of him.
Almost all parts of its feathers were yellow and black, furthermore, the bird was also small.
Its appearance was no different from a chicken, but it did have a golden crown on its head and a bright red feather on its tail.
So this should be a member of the bird race, even if the beast shape didn’t look like it.

Jing Yang’s vigorous ‘Auwoo’ was stuck in his throat, his eyes widened, and he turned to look at the butterfly: “Auwoo?!” Huh?!

At the same time, Qiao Xi suddenly grunted.

He sensed that there was something wrong with his body—because he was extremely terrified just now, his body uncontrollably changed.

He stretched out his little limbs.
Then, a little chubby chicken immediately transformed into a white and slender human body, with long, light brown hair scattered behind his back.

The movement attracted the twos attention, and they turned to look.
The black wolf was taken back: “Auwoo?! Auwoo? Auwoo? Auwoo—” This guy is really from the bird race?! Not a chicken? How could this be? I have never seen—

Halfway through his speech, the black wolf’s roaring sound came to an abrupt end.

The little chicken, now laying on the ground, had already successfully transformed into a human.
He raised his head while trembling with fear.
His complexion was pale, his peach blossom eyes were filled with panic and the rims of his eyes were red, thus making him look especially pitiful…

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However, he was really beautiful.

‘Putong’ was the sound that came from the black wolf’s chest.

Jing Yan was frozen on the spot.
The atmosphere became still.

The tiger who was sitting obediently on the side blinked, while the butterfly stared at the black wolf suspiciously.

On the contrary, the black wolf was looking straight at the human in front of him…

Qiao Xi was shivering, he didn’t know if the black wolf would bite his neck or his head first.
And whether the black wolf would maul him fiercely.

Under the three pairs of eyes, the black wolf finally moved.

He lifted his paw…and touched Qiao Xi’s pretty, little face.

Not only was Qiao Xi shocked, the butterfly and the tiger also reacted the same way.

Following, they heard the black wolf use a deep, yet calm and magnetic voice, and he gently said: “Don’t be scared, from today onwards you’re my little brother, big brother will cover you.”


Tiger:” ?”

Qiao Xi: “…?”

After he finished speaking, the black wolf retracted his paw and turned around handsomely.
Then he said with a solemn voice: “Come on, ride on my back.”



Qiao Xi: “…”

Qiao Xi looked at the black wolf with tears in his eyes.
He was stupefied, thinking to himself, so this wolf can also speak the human language?

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